Author: Ashley Andrews

New Thinking To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The green-thinking consumer has already implemented a number of helpful changes. Fuel-efficient cars, better insulation in homes, and modernized appliances all play a part in cutting energy consumption for the eco-friendly individual today. 

Sun Power

Even though it is roughly 93,000,000 miles away, the energy of the sun helps us power up more and more everyday, while the technology to harness that power keeps improving in creating more ways to use it.

Benefits Of Exercise Beyond The Teen Years

Recent studies show that daily exercise can delay the onset of many diseases common to aging adults. A regular exercise regimen can also eliminate feelings of depression, anxiety, insomnia, improve memory and help to restore the focus needed for multitasking.

How Your Body Metabolizes And Uses Nutrients

Nutrients are substances necessary for the proper function, health, and support of your body and its processes. Essential nutrients are those that either cannot be made by the body at all or cannot be made in high enough amounts and must be consumed in the foods you eat.

Eating Natural For Better Health

Perhaps no health topic is subject to more controversy than dieting. There are raw diets, organic diets, and countless others, all available to any health-conscious person.

Eating Right Means More Than The Right Foods

What does it mean to eat right? One thing is indisputable: everyone has to eat something in order to live. We also know that no one lives forever. Somewhere between eating nothing and eating poison is healthy eating.