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Good News Headlines 11/29/16

When Charmian Wright, a veterinarian with 30 years of experience, heard reports of horses getting hurt during protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, heading out to help was the obvious choice for her…

Good News Headlines 11/15/16

Election Day in the United States finally came to a long-awaited close last night as Americans chose who would be the 45th president. Some of the other names on ballots across the country, however, will be recorded in the history books as “firsts” in their fields…

Good News Headlines 11/1/16

Every Thursday, Najib and his friends Sadiq Naqibullah and Farzad Bashir walk 30 minutes each way from their neighborhood in eastern Kabul to spend an hour learning how to skateboard.

Good News Headlines 10/25/16

A North Dakota judge refused to authorize riot charges against award-winning journalist Amy Goodman for her reporting on an attack against Native American-led anti-pipeline protesters.

Good News Headlines 10/11/16

This Romanian shelter doesn’t believe in euthanizing dogs just because they aren’t perfect – that’s why they not only take in abandoned pups, but they also give them a set of wheels as well.

Good News Headlines 10/4/16

Bionic Yarn, an eco-friendly company whose co-founder and creative director is multi-talented entertainer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, has figured out a way to look good while still doing good for the planet.

Good News Headlines 9/27/16

The UK is designating an enormous amount of space located around a few of its British overseas territories as protected areas, ending commercial fishing around the islands and ensuring preservation of marine life in the area.

Good News Headlines 9/6/16

Through USA Swimming’s Make a Splash program, Cullen Jones, 32, and other elite swimmers have traveled to more than 40 cities around the country, giving free lessons and promoting water safety.

Good News Headlines 8/30/16

Hundreds of Native Americans and allies from across the country have been camped near the Missouri River to join the protest against The Dakota Access Pipeline.

Good News Headlines 8/9/16

Many Muslims attended church in France this Sunday to show compassion for slain priest, Father Jacques Hamel, and solidarity with their Catholic compatriots.

Good News Headlines 7/19/16

The United Methodist Church (UMC) elected its first openly gay bishop Friday evening, a major step towards LGBT equality for America’s largest mainline Protestant denomination.

Good News Headlines 7/5/16

D.C.'s increase in the minimum wage, a major victory for organizations like D.C. for $15 and Fight for $15 campaigns, drew praise from President Obama.