Good News Headlines 6/28/16


America Is About to Get Its First Solar Roadway

by Hugh Wharton, U.S. Uncut

Solar roadways are coming to the most famous highway in the United States — Route 66… Read More



U.S. Program Lets Refugees Take Free Online Courses At Harvard, Other Universities

by Sebastien Malo, The Huffington Post

Refugees worldwide will be able to take more than 1,000 online university courses for free as part of an effort to provide education and skills training under a U.S.-based program… Read More



Obama Names First National Monument To LGBT Rights

by Katia Hetter and Kevin Liptak, CNN

President Barack Obama announced Friday he was designating the area around the Stonewall Inn in New York City as the country's first national monument to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights… Read More



Arnold Schwarzenegger Says ‘Hasta la Vista’ To Meat

by Veronica Chavez, One Green Planet

While many people have a hard time believing that people can follow a vegan diet and also complete physical feats or win titles based on strength, this notion simply has to be given a second thought when the muscle man himself endorses a vegan diet… Read More



CEO Moves Company Because Taxes Are Too LOW, Eviscerates Trickle-Down Economics In Open Letter

by Tom Cahill, U.S. Uncut

Drastic corporate tax cuts have one corporate CEO in the Midwest ready to move his company to another state… Read More



Man Rescues 1,000 Dogs From Meat Festival

by Eric Pfeiffer, Good Magazine

Marc Ching just might be a dog’s best friend. The American activist recently traveled to China where he rescued 1,000 dogs from slaughter… Read More



From The Ashes Of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Rises An Army Of Candidates

by Alice Ollstein, ThinkProgress

As of this week, 12,624 people from every congressional district in the country have signed up through Sanders’ website to say they’re interested in running for local office… Read More


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