Good News Headlines 10/4/16

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Company Sets Sights On Saving Our Oceans Through Sustainable Clothing

by Susanna Leighton, Legal Reader

Bionic Yarn, an eco-friendly company whose co-founder and creative director is multi-talented entertainer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, has figured out a way to look good while still doing good for the planet… Read More



Saudi Women Petition To End Male Guardianship Laws

by Gretel Kauffman, The Christian Science Monitor

Thousands of Saudi women are petitioning to end laws requiring that a male guardian grant permission for them to marry, travel, or work, reflecting new momentum for an ongoing movement… Read More



Nevada Voters Are Taking On The NRA Because Republican Lawmakers Won’t

by Kira Lerner, ThinkProgress

Wearing “Buck the NRA” pins and “Moms Demand Action” t-shirts, roughly a dozen volunteers on Tuesday called their neighbors to encourage them to stand up to the gun lobby… Read More



This School Replaced Detention With Meditation. The Results Are Stunning.

by James Gaines, Upworthy

Instead of punishing disruptive kids or sending them to the principal's office, this Baltimore school has something called the Mindful Moment Room instead… Read More



This Store Lets You Pay What You Can For Groceries That Would Otherwise Be Tossed

Kimberly Yam, The Huffington Post

The Real Junk Food Project (RJFP), an organization that combats food waste, recently opened what it calls “the warehouse,” a supermarket in the English town of Pudsey. Unlike your typical grocer, it sells other stores’ surplus food for a “pay as you feel” price… Read More



One Nonprofit Is Proving Empathy Could Be The Key To Defeating ISIS

by Kate Ryan, Good Magazine

There are many components to HERA’s strategy, but its primary project is rescuing women and children held captive by ISIS… Read More



HB2 Inspired This Out Navy Veteran To Run Against One Of Its Architects

by Zack Ford, ThinkProgress

Captain Jane Campbell wants to overturn the anti-LGBT law by unseating a lawmaker who helped write it… Read More


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