Good News Headlines 6/21/16


After Orlando, Faith Leaders Are Starting To Take Ownership Of Religious Homophobia

by Jack Jenkins, Think Progress

Coupled with the the chorus of prayers is a deep level of soul-searching among traditionally conservative faith leaders, as several are now speaking out against the role homophobia played in inspiring the gunman… Read More



8 Dolphins In Baltimore Aquarium Will Be Retired To Seaside Sanctuary

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland is implementing plans to move its Atlantic bottlenose dolphins to a first-of-its-kind maritime dolphin sanctuary… Read More



Fox News Host Goes Off-Script To Call For Assault Weapons Ban

by Nathan Wellman, U.S. Uncut

The famously ultra-conservative Fox News host Gretchen Carlson shocked many of her viewers Tuesday when she called for legislators to reinstate a ban on assault weapons… Read More



White House State Of Women Summit Focuses On Gender Equality

by Donna Owens, NBC News

The inaugural event was designed to bring stakeholders together for dialogue and advocacy around issues that impact women and families… Read More



Facebook Offers Tools For Those Who Fear A Friend May Be Suicidal

by Mike Isaac, The New York Times

With more than 1.65 billion members worldwide posting regularly about their behavior, Facebook is planning to take a more direct role in stopping suicide… Read More



Orlando Shakes Creates ‘Angel Wings’ To Block Westboro Protesters

by Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Shakespeare Theater has joined efforts to keep protesters from Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church from disrupting the funerals of those killed at gay nightclub Pulse… Read More



Court Rules Internet Is A Utility, Upholds Net Neutrality Rules

by Lauren C. Williams

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that internet providers must abide by the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality regulations, which prohibit them from blocking or slowing broadband connections, and providing special access through paid fast lanes… Read More


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