Good News Headlines 7/19/16

Credit: AP Photo/Don Ryan
Attendees at the Methodist General Conference wear multi-colored scarves in support of LGBT rights in June.


The United Methodist Church Just Elected Its First Openly Gay Bishop

by Jack Jenkins, ThinkProgress

The United Methodist Church (UMC) elected its first openly gay bishop Friday evening, a major step towards LGBT equality for America’s largest mainline Protestant denomination… Read More



The NBA’s Top Stars Just Made An Amazingly Powerful Statement About Black Lives Matter

by Hugh Wharton, U.S. Uncut

Four NBA stars just made a powerful statement on the recent police killings and the general culture of anger and gun violence in America… Read More



Sacramento Group Rescues 40,000 Tons Of Food Waste, Turns It Into Fuel

by Eleanor Goldberg, The Huffington Post

In Sacramento, farm-to-table is a nice start, but it doesn’t stop there. Once the food’s consumed, it’s then turned into fuel… Read More



The Library Of Congress Gets A History-Making New Leader

by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic

Carla Hayden is the first woman and African American to serve as Librarian of Congress… Read More



Calf Saved From Becoming Veal Is Now A Gentle Giant

by Hilary Hanson, The Huffington Post

Theo is about as lovable as it gets ― he’s a little mischievous, knows basic commands and loves playing ball and getting attention from humans… Read More



India Just Planted 50 Million Trees To Take On Climate Change

by Eric March, Upworthy

Hundreds of thousands of people participated in the tree-planting drive, which began on July 11. Roughly 49.3 million were reportedly planted… Read More


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