Good News Headlines 9/13/16


Yoga Joes Were Designed To Get Guys Into Yoga. But It’s Not Just Men Who Love Them.

by Evan Porter, Upworthy

Big news, everyone: G.I. Joe has traded in his weapon for a yoga mat… Read More



Obama Nominates First Muslim-American Federal Judge

by Allen Cone, UPI

Qureshi is a partner at the Latham & Watkins law firm in Washington, specializing in false claims, healthcare fraud and securities violations, according to the White House… Read More



Solar Cost Hits World’s New Low, Half The Price Of Coal

from EcoWatch

Chile awarded a contract to sell solar power for $29.10 per megawatt hour (MWh), the lowest ever across the planet… Read More



Bakken Pipeline Construction Temporarily Halted As Protests Rage

by Ryan Koronowski, ThinkProgress

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe agreed to the deal along with the pipeline’s builders, as well as the Army Corps of Engineers… Read More



In Madrid, The Largest-ever Bullfighting Protest

by Weston Williams, The Christian Science Monitor

The tradition seems to be on the decline after centuries of popularity in the country… Read More



Muslim Community Holds Annual Blood Drive In Honor Of 9/11 Victims

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

For the sixth year in a row since the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, this Islamic community has been saving lives one needle at a time… Read More



Number Of Hungry U.S. Kids Drops To Lowest Level Since Before Great Recession

from NPR

It’s rare to get good news when it comes to hunger. But the government says there was a big drop last year in the number of people in the country struggling to get enough to eat, especially children… Read More



Mt. Diablo: Rare Wildflowers Found Hidden In Foothills After 11-year Search

by Denis Cuff, East Bay Times

Botanists Heath Bartosh and Brian Peterson were doing a routine survey of wild plants on a hot May morning when they stumbled across a splash of pink on a hillside that stunned them… Read More



Barbara Lee's Lone Vote On September 14, 2001, Was As Prescient As It Was Brave And Heroic

by Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

Almost immediately after the 9/11 attack, while bodies were still buried in the rubble, George W. Bush demanded from Congress the legal authorization to use military force against those responsible for the attack… Read More


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