Good News Headlines 10/11/16


Romanian Shelter Gives Paraplegic Dogs Love, Care, And Wheelchairs

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

This shelter doesn’t believe in euthanizing dogs just because they aren’t perfect – that’s why they not only take in abandoned pups, but they also give them a set of wheels as well… Read More



Boston School Committee Votes Unanimously Against Charter Expansion

by Tonya Mosley and Max Larkin, WBUR

The Boston School Committee joined more than 150 other Massachusetts districts Wednesday night by approving a resolution to oppose Question 2, the ballot measure that would raise the statewide cap on new or expanded charter schools… Read More



Massive Uprising By Polish Women Just Forced Right-Wing Government To Drop Abortion Ban

by Nika Knight, Common Dreams

Ruling far-right party surprised opponents by reversing position on draconian abortion ban… Read More



Why It Matters That Oregon's Governor Revealed She Had Experienced Domestic Violence

by Eric March, Upworthy

When asked about her plans to seek pay equity for women and combat domestic violence against them, in a debate in Portland on Sept. 30, Oregon Governor Kate Brown defended her record, revealing a painful, personal detail in the process… Read More



Suburban Chicago County Becomes Largest In Country To Provide Paid Sick Leave

by Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress

There are now 35 paid sick leave laws across the nation… Read More



Harrison Browne Is First Openly Transgender Athlete On U.S. Pro Sports Team

by A.J. Perez, USA Today

Harrison Browne’s name appeared on the National Women's Hockey League’s Buffalo Beauts roster this week… Read More



Colombia's President Wins Nobel Peace Prize

from WBUR

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is being honored for his work on a peace accord with the Marxist rebel group known as the FARC… Read More


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