Good News Headlines 8/2/16


Genius Solid Shampoos Use No Plastic Packaging By Leaving Out Water

by Sarah Grossman, The Huffington Post

This company wants to help you bathe guilt-free, with bath products that save water and opt out of plastics altogether… Read More



In A Huge Win For Voting Rights, Federal Appeals Court Blocks North Carolina’s Voter Suppression Law

by Stephen Wolf, DailyKos

In an extraordinary ruling, a federal appeals court overturned a lower court ruling and granted a broad injunction against North Carolina Republicans’ sweeping voter suppression law… Read More



Following Devastating Attack, More People Than Ever Are Signing Up To Join The Dallas Police Force

by Kendall Wood, Good Magazine

Following the July 7 shooting in Dallas, Texas, which killed five officers and left nine injured, Police Chief David Brown encouraged Black Lives Matter supporters to forgo the protests and do one better: join the force… Read More



ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Funding Leads To New Genetic Findings

by Gillian Mohney, ABC News

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which went viral in 2014 as a fundraiser for research, has resulted in far more than just funny YouTube videos of people dumping icy water on themselves for a good cause… Read More



The Paid Sick Days Movement Is Already Paying Off. Here’s the Proof.

by Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress

A little more than a decade ago, there wasn’t a single law in the United States that guaranteed a worker could get a paid day off if she or her family members got sick. But over the last 10 years, a movement has grown at the state and local level to pass paid sick leave laws… Read More



Morocco Bans Plastic Bags

by Katie Pohlman, EcoWatch

A plastic bag ban went into effect this month in Morocco, the second-largest plastic bag consumer after the U.S. But, officials say, its going to take some time for shops and retailers to get used to the new law… Read More



New York City Has A Plan To Keep Black Kids In School And Out Of Jail

by Rebecca Klein Editor, Huffington Post

The largest district in the country is taking steps to make sure that its littlest, most vulnerable students are not pushed out of school for misbehaving… Read More


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