A Human’s Purpose

A human’s purpose is to be love, to know your love makes a difference, and to make the world a better place from the inside out.

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I came into the world in the usual way. My birth mother seemed to have an easy time of it. I was among seven precious souls committed to being adopted by wonderful people. All my siblings had made agreements with their future Earth parents well before we were all born, and everyone had taken part in selecting their names, just like humans do. Yes, humans pick their parents and family, and know their names before they are born, too. Everyone does. That’s how it works — both humans and dogs (all animals) are aware of their path prior to being born and the onset of amnesia that follows an Earth birth.

Amnesia is part of the deal when you decide to be reborn on Earth, the freewill planet. It’s one of those imperatives for soul growth, and the implementation of each of our co-created plans. Earth, as magnificent as it is, remains a land of density, where life is complex and decisions and choices are many. Because of this, it provides a haven of opportunity for souls to ascend to a higher level of consciousness through the choices, decisions and directions humans are presented with and decide to take.

If humans who are born on Earth remembered what it was like back home — the epitome of love — the world would be a completely different place. They would understand that we are one, and everything they do and think creates the fabric of existence and affects all of us.

I remember how small I felt, gazing at the world in wonder. I was in physical form once again: Hey world, meet Millie! I had such happy memories of my life back home, my going away party and all my pals. Suddenly I realized — leaping litters! — my amnesia had not set in yet. Each day I would grow and learn more about my surroundings and wait to forget. Then one day I realized my wish to never forget and always remember was granted. I did not, and would never again have amnesia! With this tremendous gift comes tremendous responsibility. You just don’t land having all this information that can assist in the transformation of humanity and keep it to yourself!

You see, I have been immersed in learning the nuances of a human’s purpose for thousands of years. I have not only experienced many situations that facilitated that learning, I’ve established many friendships back home and attended lectures from masters and divine beings. When I take a look around me and listen to the news when mom and dad watch it, it appears that most humans have not recognized their purpose to date. This is clear to me from how people treat each other.

Being highly sensitive to frequencies and vibrations, all animals spend a lot more time in a higher vibrational dimension than humans. That allows us to sense, feel and hear things that humans cannot. Most of the world is actually invisible to humans. Dogs can see energy fields around people and things. Some people can see them, too. I believe humans call them auras. These auras tell us a lot about life. We can tell when humans are happy, sad, angry, afraid, etc. Many of my pals who live out in the wild use these frequencies to tell them what is okay to eat and what is poisonous, or who may want to eat them for dinner, and who would rather munch on tree branches because they prefer a vegetarian diet.

We Are Made Of Love

Dogs are highly intuitive beings capable of unconditional love because we understand that we are made of love. Our unconditional love is not an act of doing; it’s an act of being. It’s the love we exude from every cell each day that makes humans create cute sayings like, “Dogs should rule the world.”  Humans are also made of love, but they often think of unconditional love as an action that requires effort, work and practice to develop and maintain. If unconditional love were an action, it would be near impossible to love everything and everyone under every circumstance — like swimming up the most powerful waterfall. Unconditional love is being, not doing.

Every relationship we have begins with the relationship we have with ourselves. When love rules on the inside it pours out into life to create an existence of joy. It doesn’t mean an individual’s life is trouble-free — usually far from it — but it means they are not shaken by every speed bump they encounter, and they can look beyond a challenge to understand its purpose and transient nature.


If unconditional love were an action, it would be near impossible to love everything and everyone under every circumstance — like swimming up the most powerful waterfall. Unconditional love is being, not doing.


When people have contradicting thoughts about themselves, the resulting self-talk creates barriers and places a strain on their relationship with themselves and with love. This subsequently leads to strained relationships with others. It’s not unusual for people to sabotage themselves and undermine love’s power and goodness by disabling its ability with negative thoughts.

Life is crafted by love, then implemented by the thoughts and actions that resonate with our imbedded beliefs and intentions. We attract that which resonates with our most dominate beliefs. These beliefs can be true or false; either way, we are a magnet attracting to our life that which we believe, consciously or not. We express frequencies of love determined by all the choices we make, the quality of our intentions and the way in which we live our lives. The frequencies created by this framework place each person into a state of magnetism to gather more of the same, as the universe responds to these rules of attraction. It’s so important to be mindful of how we think and what we believe to be true, especially about ourselves. Life takes on a more enhanced and richer quality when a person expands one’s tolerance, widens one’s viewpoints and enriches his or her curiosity and zest for life. A human’s purpose is to be love, to know your love makes a difference and to be true to your calling and capacity to give. It’s to make the world a better place from the inside out.

Karma Is Not Optional, It’s Mandated

I hear the word “karma” tossed around a lot when humans are chatting. I think it could be helpful if I shared some information about karma that I learned back home. The garden of life has roots that retain memory — karma. The universe has to have a way to balance cause and effect, because balance in the universe is not optional, it’s mandated. In this capacity, the universe plays the role of the ultimate police officer, ensuring ethical and honest action; or the accountant, ensuring that for every debit there is a credit that restores balance. Balance that is lost must always be regained and this is karma. To maintain balance, there must be some system that resolves any and all inequity created by human intention and action. This is why we reap what we sow, as the universe has a responsibility to ensure ethical activity. It’s also the reason we don’t need to wish for the demise of others or render judgment.

Aspects of love like acceptance, tolerance, inclusion and forgiveness — not retribution — are expected from humans. An important reason to forgive is to restore love. Forgiveness should never be at the expense of anyone’s dignity or self-respect. No one should ever submit to any kind of abuse or sacrifice. The purpose of forgiveness is to release negative attachments towards people or events. This allows for greater health and clarity of mind. It frees us from the bondage of that drama, and clears the clutter and negativity that can stress the bonds of love with self and others. This negativity can also attract more of the same, and result in situations that are not conducive to the highest good of self or others.

Humans need to remember to reach for the stars and pull themselves and our world out of the quicksand. There is no avoiding the inheritance of a world flawed with good and bad, but anyone and everyone can have the courage to be the change we want to see in the world. We are one — we are all brothers and sisters in this world together to make it a better place, filled with love, compassion, honesty and accountability.

You’d be amazed at the number of humans walking on Earth today who have signed up to mitigate and help eliminate karma of the past. While you may not realize it, much karma has already been resolved, and love consciousness is expanding at a faster rate than ever on planet Earth. There are many individuals of love, including lightworkers, meditators and healers, who continue to put their efforts forth to bathe the universe in healing love and light for the benefit of all. Some special, highly evolved souls come to Earth to teach us many lessons, not the least of which is inclusion. Their lives exemplify incredible love and compassion, as things are not always what they appear to be.

Angels All Around Us

Buffy is a beautiful soul who incarnated with special needs. On Earth, one would say her external carrier had been affected by abnormalities in the structure of chromosome number 21. Buffy lives on planet Earth with a condition known as Down’s syndrome.

I say her external carrier or vessel, because I know her internal carrier, and her soul is one of the most precious and evolved souls one could meet. She has given the world a great gift by agreeing to land as a special needs kid. I was at Buffy’s going away party and I can’t even describe the send-off. She agreed to complete amnesia but she will be able to see and hear a great deal that humans cannot because of her lack of susceptibility to human domestication and the quality of her sacred heart. She will have the gift of direct communication with her angels, and she will be able to sense auras and energy fields.

The family who mutually agreed to assist the world with Buffy as their offspring and siblings are souls committed to mitigating Earthly karma, and teaching compassion and inclusion simply through their example of living and loving. These are an exceptional group of souls — if you could only see what I see and know what I know. There will be some children and adults who meet Buffy and feel sadness for her and her family. They may think she’s mentally challenged because she is talking to herself, but she’s not talking to herself; actually, they are mentally challenged regarding her gift. They may think her family has to carry heavy burdens.

Buffy will live as one of the happiest humans around, and her love will touch every heart she meets. She will find delight in the little things and teach those with incredibly high levels of intelligence that they have much to learn. During her lifetime, she will continually view the world with the eyes, heart and wonder of a child. Her love will touch every person she meets and her mission to teach inclusion will be fulfilled.

When you see or meet somebody who you think is weird or different — somebody who does not maintain the same beliefs as you do, somebody who does not subscribe to your definition of normal, somebody who has preferences that seem foreign to you — your only role is to respect them for their individuality, and love and support their co-created plan. There are many lessons that can be learned from embracing tolerance and inclusion.

Good Vibrations

Did you know that everything vibrates? Everything — thoughts included. Part of understanding how the universe keeps a record of everything and how it is mandated to ethically rebalance and resolve outstanding variances is to understand vibration. Frequency and vibration are how we communicate on Earth. When we die, we vibrate at a different frequency due to the freedom that is created from the loss of physical form and the associated density of matter. Death is merely a change of form, a vibration at a different frequency that the human eye cannot usually see. When the human body is sick, the cells and organs that are affected by disease vibrate at a lower frequency than healthy tissue and organs. As the human body begins to languish when preparing for death, the vibration of the body slows.

Albert Einstein is a terrific soul and I spent some time at his lectures back home. He’s so dedicated to the rise in human consciousness. He is so kind and humble and he has a great sense of humor, too. He always welcomes pets to his lectures because he loves the vibrations of those animals who are interested in learning this kind of stuff. He sees humans as networks of complex energy systems and energy fields that interact with everything around them. He is confident if people could truly understand that they are beings of energy, they could comprehend new ways of viewing life — especially health and illness.

Humans and pups have billions of receptors that constantly receive information. The result of this union causes a cascade of biological events in our bodies that respond to thoughts, emotions and feelings. A person can alter their physical make-up by how they think! Each cell is alive and can change depending on the signal from a receptor. It’s important to realize that consciousness does not reside in the brain; it resides in every cell of the body.

Receptors associated with everything from what a human believes to what he or she eats expand by usage. The more sugar a person eats, the more they will crave. The more alcohol a person drinks to drown their sorrows, the more they will require to fuel that habit or addiction. The more a person believes they have a dark cloud over their head that makes bad things happen, the more the same will occur. The more a person gives power away and allows another to aggravate him or her to the boiling point, the easier one’s blood will boil the next time they interact. Over time, receptors expand and humans become products of their actions and emotions. This is why it’s so important to retain the power that resides within and pay attention to what is being said to yourself and others. It is vitally important for a human to understand the cascade of effects that result from how one thinks and lives. Humans have no idea how much power they have to heal themselves.

Be Happy And Resilient

When humans choose happiness, they change their neurochemistry, and with practice they shift their perspective towards optimism, calm, awe, wonder, and most importantly, love. It’s a decision to step off the roller coaster of drama. It’s a decision to be grateful for what an individual has instead of lamenting what they do not have. It’s about having faith that creating outcomes is not only possible, it’s probable.

Happiness is a decision, so wake up each morning and decide to be happy. Decide to have a happy day regardless of life’s events. Make sure you get enough sleep and a proper diet to foster optimal health so you have the energy and fortitude to face the challenges of the day with ease. Look for the little miracles in life: Finding a parking spot in a busy lot; pressing the elevator button and having the door open immediately; parking in a spot and coming back to find the person in front of you left so you can drive straight out with no need to reverse; seeing a friend you’ve been meaning to call but have not had the time; thinking of somebody at the same moment the phone rings and they are calling you; wanting to purchase something and bumping into it shortly after; receiving the gift of nice weather for a special event; experiencing the alignment of all the stars on race day so a personal best is achieved; getting home to your pup or kitty who loves you unconditionally and showers you with licks, kisses and purrs; beating the odds when you or somebody overcomes a hardship; having a rainbow be the sign you’ve been asking for; hearing a song on the radio that provides a message; experiencing a total stranger who makes you smile, laugh or provides a helping hand; meeting a person and connecting with them immediately like you’ve known them forever; wishing for soft serve pistachio and finding it at the first ice cream stop; taking a walk and wishing for a latte or smoothie and, bam, the coffee shop or smoothie store appears seconds later; opening a book to the page that has the message you were seeking; having a book you need pop off the shelf or light up in the library or book store; needing a good laugh and having one; turning on the TV to find your favorite movie is on; and on and on. Find joy in the little things in life and you’ll always have something to be happy about. If you always need big stuff to make your day or make you happy, you’re likely to have some exhausting and unhappy days. Try to always have something to look forward to – even if it’s just tea the next morning.


If a person continues to send out messages to the universe that they need more money, that is how the universe will respond — by assisting them to create the conditions to need more money. A mindset of abundance will create more abundance.


Make it a point to share, as truly, it is in giving that we receive. A generous heart does not have to be affiliated with money — it can also be giving of your time and/or talents. The energy of stewardship is essential because it is like an insurance policy that will pay wonderful dividends. This does not mean, however, to keep assisting people you know by giving them money, if the money is consistently used like a band-aid and has no long term benefit or value. There are those people out there that abuse kindness and generosity. That is not what is meant by sharing and stewardship. That is a form of abuse and enabling that will just perpetuate an individual’s lack of accountability and motivation to improve their life on their own.

If a person continues to send out messages to the universe that they need more money, that is how the universe will respond — by assisting them to create the conditions to need more money. A mindset of abundance will create more abundance. The energy of gratitude for any level of economic security will allow that energy to magnetize more of the same. If individuals think they are poor, they will be, and if people think they are rich, they will be. How you define rich and poor is dependent on your perception of each.Putin Pray For Love And Peace 300x600 72 Dpi

A human’s words and actions are a reflection of what they think of themselves. Every relationship we have begins with the relationship we have with our self. People who are bullies or are mean to others via verbal or physical assault have various levels of clutter to clear within themselves. Although the source of this clutter may be a result of wounds from other people, each person must take responsibility and accountability to clear their own clutter and heal themselves of the darkness that pollutes the light and love that resides within. Even people who appear completely evil and perform unconscionable acts harbor light and love within, which remains dormant and rests outside an individual’s conscious awareness until they chose otherwise. It can be awakened with sincere desire and love.

Sit quietly. Close your eyes and start to play a video in your imagination that includes people, places and things that you truly love. Imagine that as each person or pet you love comes into view, one at a time, you allow your heart to swell, and you smile and laugh. Go on the next person. Do the same with beloved places or things. Allow your heart to swell with love and gratitude that you are blessed to be able to love. As time allows, after you’re feeling filled with love, visualize yourself from the earliest age you can to the age you are currently. Feel the love you have in your heart for yourself. Be proud of every accomplishment, big and small. Remember how hard you worked from when you were little — learning to crawl, walk, spell your name, learn your alphabet, tie your shoes, all your years of education, your hard work, the people’s lives you’ve touched, the imprint you’ve made on your world … everything. Fill your heart with deep love and appreciation for your blessed being. When you’re in a good place, open your eyes and seize the day!

Excerpted with permission of the author from A Human’s Purpose by Millie the Dog with Maryann Roefaro. ©Maryann Roefaro. Waterside Publishing, 2018.

Maryann Roefaro is a highly intuitive spiritual mentor, whose spiritual gifts were developed at age 14 after the death of her beloved mother, who promised she’d always be with her, and who continued to communicate daily. Dedicating her career to healthcare, Maryann has been the CEO of the largest private cancer practice in Central New York, Hematology-Oncology Associates, since 2002. She is an ordained minister, a certified Heart Centered Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master Teacher. Millie is her adorable miniature poodle with a sweet disposition and a beautiful heart and soul. A Human’s Purpose is available on Amazon.