All Clear: Healing With Your Personal Energy System

The human energy system is very dynamic, changing its patterns instantly in response to our thoughts, feelings or reactions in any situation. We all have days or moments when we feel vibrant, alive, inspired, enthusiastic and creative.

We manifest our ideas easily, and we are in touch with our joy. When in this state, our energy system is clear and aligned. We also have days or moments when we feel stuck; we can’t seem to get motivated, or we are tired, sad, irritable or angry. These conditions show up in our energy system as energy blocks.

The human energy system consists of several components. There are seven main energy centers, or chakras – invisible vortexes that take in and release cosmic energy. Each chakra attaches to the spinal column and governs an aspect of your self. For example, the 7th chakra at the crown of the head relates to your divine wisdom; the 3rd eye, your intuition; the throat chakra, your self-expression; the heart chakra, your love nature (see more about the chakras in the chart.). Your energy system also includes the seven layers of your aura, and the ida and pingala – two energy ‘tubes’ that carry energy up and down the spine to clear the nervous system.

Any aspect of your energy system can become clogged, torn or blocked, causing you to lose life force and feel less than vibrant or joyful. When blocked, you react easily to certain triggers situations or people that may cause uncertainty, pain or disempowerment. But just as your energy system responds to your thoughts, feelings and reactions, your thoughts feelings and reactions can respond to your energy system; it works both ways. When your energy system is clear and aligned, those same triggers may exist, but you react in a way that is balanced and empowered.

An energy healer works to align your energy system so you can manifest the best of who you are and who you are becoming. You can also use self-help techniques. Many healing modalities include a self-healing component, some of which require only brief training. With Reiki you can balance your chakras by directing universal energy through your hands. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has a gentle self-tapping sequence that releases emotions as well as dysfunctional patterns such as food addictions, nail biting or smoking. With Jin Shin Jyutsu, you can hold ‘energy locks’ in combination to restore energy flow, or hold the thumb or fingers to release negative emotions. Holding the thumb releases worry; the index finger, fear; the middle finger, anger; the ring finger, sadness; and the little finger, pretense. With the self-healing component of RYSE (Realizing Your Sublime Energies) you perceive and clear your energy system through visualization and affirmation. Because energy follows thought, you can raise your vibration instantly, in any situation.

The more aware you are of yourself as an energetic being, the more you can control and influence your energy system. Everyone has personal aspects that show up in different situations or with different people. One way to look at these aspects is through the nature of ‘subpersonalities’ and their positive and negative poles. The part of us experiencing fear has a resonant energy of courage. The aspect of us who is sad is the one who also knows joy. Subpersonalities can appear suddenly, even from a small event. The event triggers a memory, often unconscious, of another event earlier in life. The boss who lets your good work go unrecognized brings up unconscious memories of a critical parent. An inattentive partner may bring strong reactions of abandonment that have more to do with an absent father. The energy system then replicates the energetic patterns from that previous time: the heart chakra constricts, the third chakra clogs and loses power, your throat chakra closes and you are unable to speak your truth.

When you experience yourself in this state, remember you are an energetic being, know you can change your energy system, and then change it. What aspect of you is sad? Who is angry? Who feels abandoned? Know that it is not you, but an unfulfilled aspect of you that can be cleared. Call upon your joy, courage and personal power. Recall a time when you were happy and fulfilled. Visualize your energy system at its highest, brightest, most beautiful state. Energy follows thought. With practice, you are in control!

Other self-help techniques include yoga, meditation or conscious movement like tai chi or qi gong. Walking, jogging, healthy eating or being outdoors in nature can help clear the energy system, because our energy system responds to openness in our bodies, minds and feelings. However, an energy healing session with a professional practitioner can be very beneficial to help you deeply let go of past hurts and any ongoing dysfunctional patterns of thinking, reacting or behaving.

Once you experience yourself with a clear, aligned energy field, you begin to think, feel and respond in an optimistic, healthy way. This means you can make positive choices and move forward in a way that represents all of who you are. It’s very empowering!

Judy Christine Copp, M.Ed, RPP is a polarity therapist, RYSEÆ and massage practitioner and Reiki master in Marblehead, MA. She provides private healing sessions and conducts RYSEÆ energy awareness training as well as women’s healing groups. She may be reached at 781-639-1236 or

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