All May 2014 Events

5/3 — GENETICS ARE NOT DESTINY: FREE WEBINAR. Learn why the instances of chronic disease (like cancer, diabetes and heart disease) are soaring and what you can do to reduce your risk. Take back the power over your health and make the rest of your life the best of your life!  To Register visit or call (781) 629-9659 

5/10 — RESTORE YOUR DIVINE BLUEPRINT. BMG Restore Your Divine Blueprint designs empower a shift within your conscious/unconscious minds/body, because our DNA can read/respond to frequencies created by BMG Cards. Six introductory cards by Sue/Aaron Singleton help transmute critical life issues and allow us to move forward in our personal/professional/spiritual development: Inner Harmony, Peace, Joy, Connect the Heart of God to the Heart of Man, the I Am, and Release Judgment. The Singletons incorporate some of their other Energy of Life® Transformative Tools/Techniques, Rings of Oden™, timeline regression, aromatherapy, Stone Play™ and much more, for a transformative day. Workshop: Portland, CT, register (978) 834-0341.

5/10 — FAMILY CONSTELLATION SEMINAR. Jamy and Peter Faust introduce the concepts and teachings of Family Lineage Healing through The Constellation Approach. The seminar is experiential with various ways to participate throughout the day. All can benefit regardless of your relationship with family members or knowledge of family history. Saturday: 9:30-6, Waltham, MA. Information and registration:

5/10 — PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, PAST LIVES AND ANGEL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP WITH ROSS J. MILLER, psychic healer, medium, regression therapist. In this unique, experiential workshop you’ll learn how to identify your guardian angels and spirit guides by name and receive their guidance, healing and inspiration; discover your soul’s life purpose; experience two of your past lives and heal the residual karma from them; give psychic readings to others in class and more. Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm, Newton, MA. To register for the workshop or to schedule a psychic or past-life reading or healing session in person or over the phone, visit our website or call Ross J. Miller (617) 527-3583.

5/10-5/13 — KEYS TO EXPERIENCE THE KAWSAY PACHA. In the Andean Tradition there are three paths to align your personal power within the world of living energies. These workshops offer the first two aspects: Paña-mystical side of the path (May 10 & 11) Chaupi-heart catalyzer (May 12-13). Sandy Corcoran, sponsors Juan Nunez del Prado, foremost authority on the pure Andean mystical tradition, and his son Ivan, for 4 days teachings. Roots and Wings Healing Arts, Natick. Early discounts. or (508) 435-2681.

5/14 — ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO GET WHAT YOU WANT! Kate Rivera, certified life coach, will teach you a simple process for knowing the questions you need to ask yourself to fulfill your dreams and desires. Stop the frustration and get focused on well-defined goals you can actually accomplish. In Quincy, 7:00–8:45pm, $15. (617) 479–5443 or

5/16-5/18 — THE TELLING YOUR STORY WORKSHOP. Through writing, dialogue and art participants are given the opportunity to retell, rewrite and newly respond to the story of their life and by doing so draw a larger sense of themselves. Come and join the uplifting energy of this experience! Information and registration: (508) 560-6891., 
5/31: REIKI CERTIFICATION. Wilton, NH, Libby Barnett, MSW. 33 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/1

5/28 — A PATH TO RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: PSYCHOSYNTHESIS TRAINING. Come to a free introductory session from 6:30-8:00 in Brattleboro, VT, on our programs. Psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychology, offers all helping professionals and students a way to deepen and broaden your work. We have been training for more than 30 years in a powerful process of personal, professional and spiritual growth. Located in Amherst, MA. For more information or to register contact: or

5/31 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Wilton, NH, Libby Barnett, MSW. 33 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/1

5/31-6/1 — HERBAL APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM. Seven weekends. Students get hands-on experience making tinctures, teas, salves oils, herbal sprays, and flower essences, and are exposed to such various herbal traditions as Chinese, Ayurveda and Western herbalism. Each month we cover a different body system and the herbs that nourish and support it. We focus on plant identification and do medicinal plant walks each weekend. Boston School of Herbal Studies. (781) 646-6319.