America The Beautiful

Dear Carol Bedrosian,

Many thanks for your sustaining hand in publishing the Spirit of Change! Here is my letter to the editor.

Serve my beloved homeland America! What if America were truly America? Our gross national product would reflect our total gifts, talents, virtues, highest values and sheer potential — our combined happiness. Serve all America inclusively. We the People, sharing, caring, helping would put every American on the payroll. Each and every American would be part of a grand solution to full employment, housing, healthcare and education through ethics and ecology. Wheeling, dealing and competition would be combusted into cooperation.

In our real essence our nation is an extended family with intermingling bonds of affection and outstretched community, unity and oneness. In our true essence we are governed by higher principle, higher purpose and a higher power! The bottom line would be a fair, just, equitable and merciful system that would work and evolve for every American. Money and materialism would never rule and be exalted.

In America the Beautiful the profit motive would be transmuted to the prophecy motive. This is my America. This is my vision and hope. Serve my beloved America!

Richard Baydin
Roxbury, MA