An Ordinary Source For Extraordinary Alignment

Our sacred core of worthiness is implanted and embedded in our very DNA, which gives us a sense of complete assurance and belonging.


I’ve observed people disheartened that the changes they experience are not lasting ones. So many good people keep trying, frantically attempting to find the one right thing or way that holds the ultimate answer to bring them enduring peace.

Often, people become dependent upon and influenced by others whom they believe know best for them. However, reliance upon someone else’s recommendations or surrendering to familiar patterns to temporarily ease your disease disrupts your unique process of empowered discernment.

Ways are available to gather high vibrational energy to optimize what is good and whole within you. Supporting such key attributes by tapping into your expansive force field fosters your flow of unitive alignment. You can increase your capacity to recognize, and then choose what is true and best for you, so unbeneficial systems and old belief patterns become less impactful.

Our Sacred Core Of Worthiness

Our sacred core of worthiness is implanted and embedded in our very DNA, which gives us a sense of complete assurance and belonging. Collectively and individually, we know we are continuously sustained by an ever-present force undergirding our entire existence. This guiding force cannot be credited to any one religion or specific practice since it exists beyond systems and narrow categories. Our embodiment within this force is a universal truth applicable to all beings at all times.

We often judge people who struggle with addiction or those who continually seek immediate gratification as immature or irresponsible. Yet, perhaps, many addicts are unconsciously trying to experience a re-connection to the life force in its original form, as in utero, where all our needs are met. Our response to the deep comfort of such foundational cellular memory is often to have no response at all, a passivity that translates into allowing life to just happen to us. However, we can also move this gift of indestructible radiance to a conscious level, where it can be used as a catalytic force of empowerment and transformation.

Smile At Yourself

We live within a vast reservoir of healing frequencies that surround us. Our permission to be reachable and teachable allows the flow of these energies to positively penetrate our entire being. Esoteric practices of transcendence are unnecessary to activate one’s inherent filament of goodness. Rather, immersion and inclusion in the ordinary helps embody the awakening needed to transform the originating energy. Utilizing mundane practices, like starting the day with a glass of water or smiling at yourself when you finish brushing your teeth, allows you to engage as much of yourself as possible in the present moment, making evident the wonder that is always present within you.

This presence becomes the unshakable reliability that undergirds self-acceptance. Each compassionate choice heals the past, remedies the present, and transmits confidence to the future, harnessing what’s already wholly present in this high vibrational frequency. This gentle process of making subtle mindful changes produces an inner balance that’s congruent with balanced actions.

The Truth Of Our Belonging

What if we shifted our protective, defensive, fear-based mindset that makes life choices transactional? What if we cooperated, instead, with the infinite field that cultivates healing, allowing us to become more energetically and whole-heartedly expansive? Tapping into the benevolent universal life force to experience joy is a feeling of deep, abiding, and foundational belonging, and a truth accessible to all.

Being present is the fertile ground where unitive alignment seems most evident. Ironically and mysteriously, when you are not producing anything, you relax enough to restore, renew, and reclaim your original essence. Everything is a gateway to gratitude. Sustained stillness practices of contemplation and meditation produce mindful states to honor our positive traits.

Sometimes, we desire more active experiences of belonging to satisfy our need for safety and connection. At those times, exposing ourselves to the wonder of nature in the simplicity of taking a slow paced walk in the woods or identifying our own wonder as part of creation strengthens our values and what gives us meaning.

Practices To Help Us Linger Longer

Any practice that helps us linger longer and gently nurtures the habit of noticing, can both powerfully impact the moment and transfer to other areas of our life over time. In the Japanese custom of oryoki, Zen monks learn a prescribed eating ritual based on the concept of “just enough.” For the Jewish people, Sabbath is not just a break from daily routine, but the whole purpose of life. Many of these approaches are a sort of homecoming to our essential nature.

There is great wonder and awe all around us. Each one of us is here to learn benevolence for and through one another and all created things. Becoming the most compassionate version of yourself is the practice and through it, we get to experience  and manifest love.

Grace Conte integrates healthy religion, positive psychology and health proven scientific and medical practices in her workshops in her company, Through the Eyes of Grace, LLC. Such an embodied approach exemplifies the diversity she has acquired in her education which includes theological studies, as well as pastoral and Reiki certifications. Email Grace at

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