Sounds Of Healing

Sounds can heal your body and soul.

My first time camping in the United States was a combined experience of striking visual beauty and auditory shock. I was visiting from Sweden, spending time with Michael, the man who would later become my husband. I looked forward to seeing the National Forest in the Laguna Mountains of California. Being a typical Swede, where being-in-nature is the largest unofficial religion, I thoroughly enjoyed the luscious oaks, proud pines and sweet local flowers.

Our co-campers consisted of families and groups of friends having a good time. We were all enjoying ourselves in the picturesque, calming bosom of nature. When dusk came I prepared to share a magic moment viewing the stars together with my love. That was when the generators started: loud engines that supply electricity and bright lights for campers. They effectively erased the sounds of birds and crickets alike, the noise vibrating painfully through my entire being. The evening wasn't destroyed, but my content feeling was definitely lowered, the intrusive sound impossible to shut out.

The negative effect of noise pollution has been studied for many years, showing associations between exposure to loud, unwanted sounds and psychological and physical disorders. But there is another side to the coin that is just beginning to be rediscovered: the art of using sounds to heal.

The understanding that we are very sensitive to all kinds of sounds is growing. Sound can be described as transmitted vibrations. Hearing is one of the first human senses to be developed and one of the last to go before we die. We not only perceive sounds with our ears, but also feel the pressure waves of sound through our skin. In addition to this, sound travels four times faster in water than in air, making our approximately seventy percent water filled bodies very sensitive to the effect of sound waves.

No wonder that my body at the campsite, so tuned in to the natural, harmonic sounds in nature, reacted with a sense of shock at the unexpected, harsh noises from the generators. We are simply created to react strongly to sound waves, negatively as well as positively. But it goes even deeper than that. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, neuroscientist and champion of the field of epigenetics (the study of how external or environmental factors affect how cells read genes), explains in his book The Biology of Belief, how ultra-sensitive tiny antenna-like structures on our cellular membranes respond to vibrations. His studies show how vibrations, such as sound, can alter our biological make-up.

According to this fascinating field of study, certain sounds are very appropriate to help the body and mind heal on a deep level. The healing sounds of alchemical crystal singing bowls (specialized quartz crystal bowls with various gems and minerals infused) create pure tones and overtones that are not only heard, but also felt in our bodies. The high vibrational frequencies transmitted from the bowls affect people’s entire being, including our energy centers. They induce a deep state of relaxation, which allows for potent, transcendent experiences and vibrational rebalancing. Sometimes the effect can be so strong that uncomfortable emotions are stirred up, but that also means these emotions are allowed to be cleared and leave the body. It’s just energy being released, which can happen amazingly quickly – even old, entrenched patterns can dissolve easily when approached on this energetic level. Since everything in the physical universe is simply energy vibrating at different rates, yet interconnected, any change or alteration of vibration can affect all other forms of vibration.

I no longer feel silly or over-sensitive in my painful reactions to harsh and loud noises, such as the generators that seem so popular in camping sites. Today I am fortunate enough to live in a most peaceful place in the countryside in central Virginia, having crickets and the wind in the trees lulling me to sleep each night. But I have also added the sound of crystal singing bowls and other high frequency harmonic sounds to help shift the vibrational resonance of my entire being into a healthy and positive state. I know it is good for both my body and my mind.

Sofia Karin Axelsson published her first book in Sweden 2013, (translated title Nordic Goddesses – Everyday Magic for Women of Today.) Her second book will be published in Sweden in spring 2016 (translated title: Wild Runes – Magic Signs in Everyday Life). She held courses in Goddess power and women's self-empowerment for several years, is presently writing her third book which will be released in the States, as well as articles for spiritual magazines. She runs LangevinAxelsson Marketing together with Michael Peter Langevin. Contact:

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