Animals in the Afterlife: Heavenly Encounters

My husband and I had identical dreams on the night we brought home our cat Lofu’s ashes in a little wooden box. As we tossed and turned that night, feeling the absence of our deeply loved pet, we each had an incredible visit from our magnetic grey tabby. In our dreams, Lofu rubbed his face all over us, purring and climbing on our laps and sharing his complete delight. He looked young and strong again and there was an understanding that he was utterly content.

We had found Lofu many moons ago when he was still small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. He had been wandering down a sidewalk near Fenway Park in Boston. We were college students at the time, and after searching fruitlessly for others, my husband (boyfriend at the time) scooped him up and carried him inside with the little kitten meowing all the way. He was our very first rescue and the first cat I ever shared a home with. The loss of Lofu was shattering for both of us and yet his synchronized dream opened the door for a continued relationship.

For anyone who has ever grieved the loss of a pet, there are inevitable questions. Did I do the right thing in letting go? Is he ok now? Is he in heaven? Does he know how much I love him? The sorrow and longing we feel is so universal and yet our understanding of what comes next is far from clear. And while there are opinions on the notion of an afterlife, many experts swear that animals who have left their physical bodies are very much alive at a soul level.

Daria Justyn is a psychic medium who earned accreditation from the prestigious Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential. She is widely regarded as one of the top psyhics in America, and although her focus is on human relationships with loved ones who have passed on, she explains that it is not uncommon for pets to come through.

“Animals come through all the time,” Daria explains. “In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone’s pet who crossed over 20 years ago to suddenly make themselves known during a reading. An opportunity to reconnect with a departed pet has such a healing affect on people and instills a sense of comfort about our loved ones on the other side.”

“The most charismatic animal I’ve connected with to date is a pig,” Daria continues. “I saw this pig sleeping happily; comfy and cozy in a kitchen. And that image completely baffled me. But sure enough, the woman I was speaking with had once taken in a pig from someone who had foolishly bought it on a whim. The young woman I was speaking with knew nothing about pigs, especially keeping one in her house, but educated herself and quickly learned that the emotional rewards were worth every moment of caring for this pig. Now the pig, called Queenie, took the opportunity to appear during this reading to show her gratitude for the life of love she’d been given.”

Oephebia is a London based animal communicator who uses her gifts to engage in telepathic conversations with pets. “Death often plays a part in my work with animals and their guardians, from helping an animal to go to the light during euthanasia or contacting a departed animal,” Oephebia explains. “Messages from beyond the veil are so varied. For instance, some animals seem to know what their guardian have been up to. They relay affirmations about things their humans are doing such has having a baby, changing their hairstyle or moving to a new home. Other animals express their wish that their guardian give a new animal a home.”

Yet one of Oephebia’s most extraordinary conversations was not with a pet at all, but with a wild animal in Africa.

“My most powerful animal communication from beyond the veil was with a wild female hippo that was living in Zimbabwe,” Oephebia recalls, “Not only did the hippo give me details about her life but also of the tragic circumstances of her killing. She conveyed that she wanted her guardian at the Turgwe Hippo Trust to continue her wildlife protection work. And she went on to portray the afterlife as a place of great peace and serenity, where all species are in perfect harmony, a place of pure love.”

In a new book titled Interviews from the Ark, interviewer Joy Ward teams up with animal communicator Missa Dixon to talk with dozens of animals in this world and beyond. They meet a Bernese mountain dog who helps children learn to read to repay a karmic debt, an opossum who wants to be human and a chinchilla working hard to keep his household calm. But among some of their most fascinating conversations, are those they had with animals who have crossed over.

“The animals all described the same place,” Joy said. “It’s a green, warm, soothing, comforting place where they go between each life to recoup and plan for the next life. We have translated it as the Mother Ooze. Almost all of the animals talked about previous lives and even what they wanted in future lives.”

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