Antineoplastons Alternative Cancer Treatment Set To Make History

Mer recently released exciting news that The Texas Medical Board, which has been battling alternative treatment cancer doctor Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, for 15 grueling years against his efforts to use antineoplastons in his successful gene-targeted cancer treatment, has dismissed its case against the doctor. Moreover, government attempts to steal his patents have been halted.

According to Joseph Mer cola, MD, “in recent years, the focus for cancer therapy has shifted increasingly towards individualized gene-targeted cancer treatment, such as that provided by Dr. Burzynski for the past 10 years. Personalized cancer treatment is the future of oncology and the US government has spared no expense in trying to eliminate Dr. Burzynski from the race.…He developed a cancer treatment that surpassed all other treatments on the market and the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry knew it. They also knew he was the sole owner of the patents for this therapy, and these two fact combined, threatened the entire paradigm of the cancer industry.”

Government attempts to steal Dr. Burzynski’s patents for the antineoplastons and file copycat patents were uncovered, but only at great cost to the doctor. The long fight with the Texas Medical Board nearly exhausted him. The government spent $60 million on legal fees for just one of his trials alone.

So long as Dr. Burzynski remains able to practice medicine and defend his patents, he can prevent these treatments from being held by agencies aiming to control their cost and availability to the public, and he can continue providing life-saving non-toxic cancer treatment to patients.

Burzynski: The Movie is available for purchase to learn about the history and complete story of Dr. Burzynki’s amazing contribution to health and cancer cure.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change holistic magazine. Visit for more information.