April 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for April 2017

April 1: Need a laugh? A friendly Gemini Moon promotes chuckles and guffaws from early morning until midnight. Double-check pockets and wallets before heading out the door this morning. Warm-hearted lunar alignments to the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus unleash flurries of jokes with a message. Restlessness, impatience and irreverence also mark this April Fool’s day but there’s no question, social ties are also well-served. Like-minded pals share many laughs, smiles and hugs. The evening social atmosphere sparkles. It’s a wonderful night to attend a lecture or party and make new acquaintances.
Moon in Gemini.

April 2: If there are pressing matters that need taking care of this morning, don’t procrastinate any longer. Get on with it. The Gemini Moon is in a standoff with Saturn and the dutiful ringed planet demands attention. It’s time to meet responsibilities. By late morning the Moon is void of course. Minds drift, feelings wander. Relationships may seem to be in flux. Many are. During the mid-afternoon the Moon reaches her home base of nurturing Cancer. A quest for meaningful connections follows. Around dinnertime lunar harmony with mental Mercury facilitates satisfying conversations. Venus retrogrades back into Pisces later this evening, causing some folks to reminisce about long ago events and lost loves.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:43AM-2:27PM Moon enters Cancer, Venus enters Pisces.

April 3: We set sail this morning on a rising tide and a freshening wind. Good intentions brighten hearts and minds. A “holy communion” with Mother Nature and all things beautiful inspires artists, dreamers and imaginative souls. After the noon hour the day takes a sharply different turn. The first quarter Moon, part of a cardinal sign grand cross configuration, shatters reveries and brings folks back down to earth in a hurry. If a situation suddenly becomes untenable, don’t panic or do anything rash. Slow down. Consider the options and make strategic adjustments. While you’re at it, look for ways to safeguard assets. Do what feels right for you. In the end you will only have to answer to yourself.
Moon in Cancer, First Quarter Moon in Cancer 2:39PM.

April 4: Jittery nerves can lead to accidents and other unwanted complications early this morning. Keep yourself calm by breathing deeply, listening to soothing music and filling your head with pleasing imagery. Use your imagination to transform your reality. Steadying, agreeable trends soon arrive. By mid-morning life feels less pressured, and more forgiving. Later, the Moon, at odds with Mercury, simultaneously harmonizes with Venus. Communication challenges can arise at any time but simple kindness and understanding are perfect remedies. If someone gets the wrong idea or makes a mistake, there’s no better corrective than loving words. Minds tend to create separation, but giving hearts draw us closer together.
Moon in Cancer v/c 4:45PM-6:13PM Moon enters Leo.

April 5: Getting over the midweek “hump” may be on many minds this morning and the stars fill the need. Liftoff comes via amply energizing angles between the Leo Moon and Aries Sun as well as a powerful trine aspect connecting Mars and Pluto. Once in motion, there’s no stopping or holding back. But the cosmic stage also features another important event today. Saturn, the ringed planet of endings, responsibilities and karma, is stationary and will retrograde tomorrow morning. Now in the outspoken sign of Sagittarius, Saturn takes to task those who have failed to honor their oaths or dignify their position in life. Scholars, pundits, judges and politicians are under a microscope. Some personal relationships could falter. Before making accusations, be sure to look in a mirror. If you are thinking of committing to someone, be certain they are right for you.
Moon in Leo, Mars trine Pluto.

April 6: Saturn’s post-midnight retrograde turn may slow or bring to a halt certain projects. If you encounter obstacles this morning use the additional time to review and clarify goals and rethink strategy. Be flexible. Both friends and internet searches can provide useful information that ultimately leads to an efficient alternative plan. Midday brainstorming sessions are especially productive, possibly yielding some unique ideas. The fruitful afternoon hours rush by as the Leo Moon forms a fiery grand trine, first with Uranus and then Saturn. An after work get together solidifies ties but the Moon is soon void of course, robbing the night of vital energy. Don’t fight it. Head home, intent on getting needed rest.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:16PM-12:00AM, Saturn retrograde.

April 7: The waxing Virgo Moon and Mercury launch the day with mental clarity and astute judgment. Heed those early morning ideas. Believe what your senses tell you. Don’t ignore the path that lays before you, even though it will be tempting to dream of “what ifs” and far off places. Fanciful thinking is fueled by the Sun’s opposition with Jupiter. Be prepared to hear exaggerations and boasts. On a more positive note, share stellar moments with light-hearted, enthusiastic pals. As day turns to night the Moon moves into an opposition with dreamy Neptune. Remember to keep your wits about you during the late night hours. Don’t take risks.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-12:20AM Moon enters Virgo, Sun opposite Jupiter.

April 8: With a waxing Virgo Moon and two major planetary alignments, today will not be dull. Loving Venus tests Saturn while the Sun is at odds with Pluto. The Moon, part of a stabilizing grand trine alignment with Pluto and Mars, gamely tries to keep things together. Each person has a purpose, each thing a place. Practical affairs may thrive under the influence, but the pressure on partnerships is real and tangible. Frank discussions could prove helpful. Still, it is likely some relationships have run their course. Healing is facilitated by frank discussions and a willingness to reimagine life.
Moon in Virgo, Venus square Saturn, Sun square Pluto.

April 9: Mental Mercury stations and turns retrograde this evening. The retrograde period ends on April 3rd. The winged messenger is perched in Taurus, a placement which favors methodical thinking and learning. Practice makes perfect! As is often the case, we can expect changes of minds and hearts, as well as communication and travel snafus. The Moon, in Libra by mid-morning, is two days away from being full. The excitable atmosphere means having to wait for sluggish and possibly confused minds to catch up with quickly evolving events. Take your time making decisions or plans, and expect revisions in the weeks ahead.
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:21AM-8:34AM Moon enters Libra, Mercury retrograde.

April 10: Nearly full, the Libra Moon is also conjunct expansive Jupiter. The enthusiastic pairing leads hearts to soar. Many folks become effusive in their praise and outspoken about the issues of the day. While some partnerships shine brilliantly, the urge to over-indulge is also strong. Too much of a good thing, praise, lavish food or amounts of money spent, can have serious repercussions. Normally shy partners may strenuously voice their suspicions or even outright disapproval. With the full Moon mere hours away, passions can quickly overheat. Take the high road. Be tactful, kind, and avoid overstating the obvious.
Moon in Libra.

April 11: If you have trouble sleeping, you could be “moonstruck.” The highly energized light rays of the full “pink” Moon, exact during the wee hours of the morning, keep night owls wide-eyed and insomniacs tossing. This full Moon is conjunct Jupiter while opposite the Aries Sun and Uranus. For good measure the four stars form a testing square to Pluto. Alliances may flourish as never before or shudder, break apart and be reborn before the dust settles. It all depends on how the energy of this multi-faceted alignment is used. The powerful celestial forces can simultaneously feel exhilarating and terribly out of control. Fortunately, Saturn acts as a steadying midday influence, a reminder that even amidst chaos there is still a place for common sense, respect and decency.
Full “Pink” Moon in Libra 2:08AM, Moon in Libra v/c 2:19PM-6:42PM Moon enters Scorpio.

April 12: In contrast to yesterday’s planetary fireworks, today’s Scorpio Moon occasions a comparatively sedate atmosphere. Thoughts and feelings are magnified in the still waters of quiet introspection. Life may seem to move more slowly but with the Sun moving towards an explosive late week conjunction with Uranus, the quiet can be deceptive. In reality, anything goes. Expect the unexpected, even as you go about everyday routines. Follow up on a wild hunch or surrender to a momentary infatuation. Take the road less traveled. Tonight’s lunar trine to Neptune infuses notes of magic and mystery into the second half of the day’s activities. Movies, music, romance novels and creative pursuits are enthralling diversions.
Moon in Scorpio.

April 13: Mixed influences make today a study in contrasts. The early going is studiously productive and potentially profitable. It’s a fine morning for talking business. The afternoon hours can contain mixed and sometimes conflicting messages. Differences are likely to arise. Competition could be a factor, a clash of egos another. Out of the blue, an angel of loving kindness may arrive in the nick of time to save the day. Tonight’s conjunction of the Sun and Uranus is a harbinger of revolutionary epiphanies, technological breakthroughs, earthquakes and major shifts in the collective consciousness. With the Moon at odds with Mars yet favorably aligned with Venus, stick to the path of love. Be loving if faced with anger, impatience or uncertainty. Love is the sure thing.
Moon in Scorpio.

April 14: A destabilizing post midnight Sun/Uranus conjunction may be a source of nail biting anxiety or give rise to a ground breaking, innovative idea. Even though the status quo is challenged, calmer skies prevail during the overnight period. The waxing Moon finds her way into thoughtful Sagittarius shortly after dawn. Many of us will instinctively focus on broad concepts in such areas as philosophy, politics and spirituality. The Moon’s placement lends itself to learning so keep your eyes and ears open. Less receptive and close-minded types are likely to pontificate. Restless souls are inclined to travel. Lovers of all ages and persuasions take note, Venus is about to resume forward motion. Her six week retrograde ends tomorrow, making the coming week a time of potential reconciliation.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:17AM-6:27AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun conjunct Uranus.

April 15: Venus resumes forward motion this morning. Having backed into Pisces, the goddess of love is in a sensitive place. While testing Saturn Venus is also in harmony with Mars. Some affections simmer while others are on ice. The cheerful, freedom-loving Sagittarius Moon fosters a good deal of wanderlust today. For home bodies, a day trip is sufficient. Others may have an eye on international travel or plan extended summer vacations. Flights of fancy may also entice wandering hearts and minds, especially after noon when a spirited, playful mood carries the day. Friendships and other gatherings are scintillating tonight. Go out and circulate.
Moon in Sagittarius, Venus Direct.

April 16: It’s a busy day in the heavens. Early risers are up quickly and taking care of business. Gatherings beckon. As noon approaches the Sagittarius Moon nears Saturn and the two stars harmonize with Uranus, the Sun and Mercury. Reunions, religious observances and other time-honored traditions bring smiles to faces and quiet reassurance within. By mid-afternoon the Moon is void of course. Take a hint from the cosmos and plan to while away a few pleasantly lazy hours. Venus forms a soothing sextile with Mars tonight, a good omen for artists, lovers and pleasure-seekers. Old friends and neighbors could come calling and the stars favor a good time for all.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 2:26PM-7:05PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus sextile Mars.

April 17: Necessity remains one of life’s great motivating forces and with the Aries Sun making a trine to conscientious Saturn first thing this morning, duty and responsibility call. I can’t imagine a better aspect for beginning a work week. From her post in industrious Capricorn, the Moon concurs. At the end of the productive day, the Moon moves into a sextile with Neptune, the gateway planet leading to the worlds of imagination, spiritual realization and unconditional love. Satisfaction in a job well done brings contentment, but so do pleasing diversions. Films, concerts and other artistic performances resonate. Mother Nature may be a compelling force. Because the Moon is waning, night skies are dark and excellent for viewing the night sky.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun trine Saturn.

April 18: Today the Capricorn Moon takes on the role of spark plug, igniting the inherently unstable Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto T-square. Controversy is a sure thing. Issues-related discussions are passionate, reflecting the intensity of each person’s beliefs and interests. When the Moon forms a late-morning conjunction with Pluto the time is right for laying one’s cards on the table. Creating win-win results is always the best possible option when Pluto is active. However, some folks are unwilling to meet in the middle. In this case self-preservation dictates forging ahead with partners who share your good intentions. These powerful planetary configurations produce boundless energy. Use it wisely. Proceed cautiously.
Moon in Capricorn.

April 19: We are in a period of celestial transitions. Just before sunrise the last quarter Moon tests the Aries Sun. Then, less than an hour later, the Moon enters Aquarius where she finds herself in a square with mental Mercury. Words may fail to come, seemingly suspended on the tip of the tongue. Traffic may snarl, while messages get lost or documents misplaced. Mercury is still retrograde after all. By mid-morning the day finds a more comfortable and persistent rhythm. A live and let live approach is prevalent. Odd friendships are forged. The Sun arrives in Taurus late this afternoon. This shift signals the start of a fertile period for planting and savoring the spring season’s sensational splendors. Revisit a forgotten or neglected interest or look up a long lost friend tonight.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 5:57AM-6:52AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun enters Taurus.

April 20: Cosmic changes continue. Pluto turns retrograde this morning, bringing on a reshuffling of world leaders and power brokers as well as personal priorities. During the early afternoon mental Mercury, also retrograde, backslides into Aries. With Uranus close by, expect more surprising developments. Pay attention to instructive gut feelings. Meanwhile, the Aquarius Moon travels intrepidly on, forming an uplifting trine to Jupiter after lunch. The happy aspect instills a faith that no matter how great the challenge, there is always a pathway to success. Additional financial resources may be required in the future but help from like-minded partners is available now. Reach out. Network.
Moon in Aquarius, Sun conjunct Mercury, Pluto Retrograde, Mercury enters Aries.

April 21: Mars surges into Gemini this morning, sharpening both minds and tongues, quickening the senses and lending itself to a “hurry up” atmosphere. In sharp contrast, Venus is at odds with Saturn. A disappointment or loss can weigh heavily on some hearts. The Aquarius Moon, through a series of upbeat midday planetary aspects, encourages letting go of the past and actively constructing a better future. Early afternoon meetings are particularly productive but obstacles may be encountered later, when the Moon reaches Pisces. A late afternoon lunar square to Mars may derail some plans. Haste almost certainly makes waste so be careful, avoid rushing into new commitments or hurrying during the commute. Evening brings serene skies as moods turn more reflective and nostalgic.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:23PM-3:43PM Moon enters Pisces, Mars enters Gemini, Venus square Saturn.

April 22: What a day for a daydream! And it’s Earth Day, too. The Moon is navigating the swirling translucent waters of Pisces and making an afternoon connection with Neptune, the planet of mysticism, fantasy and illusion. Reveries take free-ranging minds on mysterious tours beyond the boundaries of logic. If you have a creative outlet, this is a great time to pursue it as artistry can approach the sublime. Outdoor enthusiasts find magic in Mother Nature’s marvels. There are those who may just feel lazy. A nap can be sumptuous. Watching grass grow, flowers bloom and birds wheel across the sky offers great entertainment. The same can be said about music, movies, art galleries and museums. More motivated types may serve Mother Earth by planting a tree. The evening hours are mellow. Be alert to sensitive feelings, your own as well as those of others.
Moon in Pisces.

April 23: This afternoon the Pisces Moon tests Saturn and then draws close to Venus. The stressful square between Venus and Saturn has persisted through most of April. Don’t ignore the reality of key relationships. The time of wishful thinking has passed. What you see and feel is it. If a parting of ways recently occurred, it was meant to end. Let it go. If a partnership has weathered these weeks of testing, the chances are good a lesson has been learned and the tie will endure. Fortunately, the lines of communication are wide open tonight. Put some time and energy into fence-mending. Identify mutual goals and get closer to loved ones.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:34PM-8:32PM Moon enters Aries.

April 24: In the still of the pre-dawn hours retrograde Mercury makes a trine to retrograde Saturn. This alignment signifies an awakening, a new way of looking at a problem or those in positions of authority. A previously unknown factor could be instrumental in changing viewpoints. In any situation, an open and inquisitive mind is needed for learning. Don’t be content with superficial answers. Seek the truth. A long term solution may be at hand. The waning Moon is in Aries, providing welcome vitality and enthusiasm. Passions gradually rise throughout the day, culminating with an exuberant late night lunar opposition to Jupiter. Moods grow merry and conversations flirt with moments of elation. See the bright side. Mingle, laugh and celebrate life with close friends.
Moon in Aries, Mercury trine Saturn.

April 25: We are at the end of the lunar cycle but even at it’s darkest hour, the Aries Moon is incredibly busy. Passing by Uranus and retrograde Mercury, the waning Moon can stir thrilling ideas or a hornet’s nest of troubles. Control your excitement and curb impulses. Avoid ill-advised moves and words. A major awakening could be in the works but knowing what to say about it and to whom is critically important. So is timing. Wait until tomorrow’s new Moon to act on any of today’s discoveries. The afternoon hours are well suited for planning. Put your ducks in a row and make ready to move with tomorrow’s fertile new energy cycle.
Moon in Aries v/c 5:53PM-9:56PM Moon enters Taurus.

April 26: This morning’s new Moon in Taurus marks a low key start of one of the year’s most fertile seasons. It’s time for both the literal and figurative planting of seeds, especially if prolonged growth and security is desired. Things may begin slowly, but the sign of the bull lends extraordinary staying power. For impatient types and overeager visionaries waiting may seem foolish but, as we often see, good things take time, care and consistent effort. Fond hopes and idealistic leanings find outlets for expression late in the day. The Moon’s evening time sextile to Neptune eases restlessness and anxieties. The calming trend helps folks unwind after a demanding day on the job. A little TLC is called for.
New Moon in Taurus 8:16AM.

April 27: Aside from Spain’s famous running of the bulls, most times these four-legged animals can be observed moving at a leisurely pace. So it is with the Moon in Taurus. Life has its flow, and the pace seldom feels hurried. A pre-dawn lunar trine to Pluto helps focused early birds prepare for the day. After noon the Moon gracefully and gradually assumes a sextile position with Venus. The angle puts most folks in a positive mood. Life is to be enjoyed. Because Venus is at the last degree of Pisces, several possibilities arise. A reunion could take place. This may be with a long time acquaintance or a déjà vu experience of a karmic nature. Another possibility is revisiting a partnership issue that arose in early February, when Venus last occupied the same degree.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:18PM-9:39PM Moon enters Gemini.

April 28: The morning is a time for impulsive acts. First, before the sunrise the Gemini Moon passes by Mars, snapping some early risers into instant waking consciousness. Next, Venus arrives in Aries where she takes a more aggressive stance. Somewhere a shy person will find the nerve to ask the object of their affections out on a date. Finally, mental Mercury backs into a conjunction with visionary Uranus. A startling realization could occur, or a chance meeting could alter the course of the day, or a life. Lethargy and confusion slow the late afternoon and early evening pace but gears soon shift again. A nighttime lunar trine to Jupiter is a party favorite. Immerse yourself in conversations with lively, knowledgeable wits. Laughs and learning combine for a memorable experience.
Moon in Gemini, Venus enters Aries, Mercury conjunct Uranus.

April 29: The morning pace is fast from the start. The Gemini Moon is in an effervescent angle with Mercury. Because the winged messenger of the Gods is still retrograde it’s an opportune day to review papers, return calls, discard unnecessary clutter and follow up on incomplete or unresolved matters. A nearly simultaneous lunar sextile to Uranus keeps the day spinning blissfully along. Impromptu meetings are happy, however fleeting. A late afternoon lunar encounter with Saturn sends a different message. It’s time to stop, regroup and perhaps take a nap. A void of course Moon period follows, sapping the day of energy. When the Moon enters Cancer late tonight, staying home may seem like the best option in the world.
Moon in Gemini v/c 5:28PM-9:48PM Moon enters Cancer.

April 30: Spending time with family members, puttering in the garden, planting and getting the house ship shape can be top priorities with the Moon in Cancer. Harmony between the Moon and Taurus Sun lends a magical aura to the feel and fragrance of freshly worked seed beds, spring flowers and cut grass. The magnetic power of sensual attraction is working overtime so be careful about what you ask for. Shopping trips are also likely to be fruitful. A more mystical element arrives as the sun goes down. Sensitive souls easily attune and respond to subtle signs from Mother Nature. The young at heart may feel drawn to stargazing, the old “wish I may wish I might…” Home and hearth are a compelling draw tonight. Get comfortable and enjoy your nest.
Moon in Cancer.