April 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for April 2018

April 1: April is off to a scintillating start. Lunar oppositions with Uranus and Venus make for enjoyably captivating social gatherings. Group get togethers as well as one on one relationships sparkle. Some serendipitous midday meetings may set spirits soaring. No matter how heart-stirring or enlightening, these encounters are also likely to be brief. A middle of the day change of plans could also occur. Things quiet down during the late afternoon. The Aries Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury, so people from the past could return and unsettled issues resurface. Under a Scorpio Moon, the evening social scene provides a new round of opportunities to share love and laughs with old pals and new.
Moon in Libra v/c 2:29PM-6:57PM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun conjunct Mercury.

April 2: The determination to succeed is unshakeable this morning. Mars is conjunct Saturn in gritty Capricorn. Ambitions and desires are ironclad. With the Scorpio Moon increasing tenacity and focus, it’s time to make plans or actual gains that will endure. Some efforts may border on heroic. The second half of the day is mellower. The Moon eases into a trine with visionary Neptune. Imaginations flourish. Reveries are easily triggered by memories, sights, smells and the other senses. Stay open to telepathic or clairvoyant messages as well as messages from Mother Nature. If possible, surround yourself with beauty and relax this evening.
Moon in Scorpio, Mars conjunct Saturn.

April 3: Fit important business into the morning. The first half of the day is prime time for serious matters, including financial decision-making, shopping, travel, marketing and negotiating. The Scorpio Moon is in a productive alignment with Pluto, an excellent omen for resolving potentially difficult issues. The Moon is also conjunct Jupiter, fostering hopeful attitudes. The powerful configuration is also a good omen for students and educators, as well as truth seekers, investigators and researchers. Some folks feel lucky. The fruitful period wanes minutes after noon, when the Moon goes void of course. The latter part of the day has different advantages. Reflect on motives and needs. A realization could soon prove useful, especially if a change in tactics becomes necessary.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:06PM-12:00AM.

April 4: Mental Mercury tangles with Mars early today. The temperamental, sometimes frustrating square aspect mainly impacts night owls but be careful if you happen to be out driving. Timing and judgment can both be off. By sunrise trends are calmer and more relaxed under the upbeat Sagittarius Moon. Most of us are in for a pleasant day. A lunar trine with Mercury facilitates easy conversing. Mental faculties are working fine. A pending square between Mercury and Saturn can raise some alarms. Because Mercury is retrograde, an old disappointment or unresolved issue could require some attention. Take control of a challenging situation by studying how others have responded when faced with similar circumstances. There is a way around any impasse.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-2:55AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

April 5: A recent loss or limiting situation can be haunting this morning. Mental Mercury, still retrograding, is in a square with Saturn, the sobering Lord of Karma. With the Moon also in a testing angle to Neptune, it may seem like a “no way out” situation. Don’t give in to despair. Practice the art of positive thinking. A perfectly logical and legitimate solution soon presents itself as the ever-hopeful Sagittarius Moon and Sun form an uplifting trine. Where there is will and determination, there is a path forward. The second half of the day is quietly productive. A friendly, easy-going atmosphere encourages the telling of entertaining life stories. Others set off on inspiring learning adventures.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury square Saturn.

April 6: A late-morning trine between the Sagittarius Moon and Uranus has folks looking forward. Minds are open to progressive, even visionary thinking. It’s a fabulous time to book travel plans. Egalitarian causes are also served. Planning and brainstorming sessions are fruitful but then the Moon goes void of course for several hours. The resulting midday lull can suck the wind out of some sails. Relax into the flow of the day. Take time to reflect on recent decisions. By mid-afternoon the waning Moon reaches Capricorn and the day again switches gears. Energy levels gradually increase. Tonight’s social possibilities are excellent.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:36AM-2:01PM Moon enters Capricorn.

April 7: Do what you have to do this morning. The Capricorn Moon is conjunct Saturn and Mars. The trio is a study in fierce diligence and passion for the job done well. It also supports good timing. A sweet trine between Venus and Saturn could be the impetus to go on a shopping expedition. The same alignment encourages respect and profound gratitude for kindred spirits, especially in relationships that have stood the tests of many seasons. Be sure to acknowledge parents, mentors, elders and other authority figures. Determination remains strong through the early afternoon period. More relaxed vibes are apparent this evening. Take in a show or movie. Anything that piques your curiosity or sparks your imagination is a good choice.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus trine Saturn.

April 8: After a restless night due to the last quarter Moon in Capricorn, morning’s light brings a sobering assessment of current situations. A desire to see things change can be consuming. Don’t fall into the trap of tunnel vision. Look at the larger picture. Consider what is new and good in life. Transforming any number of situations is a real possibility with the Moon conjunct Pluto. Intention matters so get clear about what you want. Partners are likely to be supportive. Take them into your confidence and share your plans. The midday period is relatively mellow. As the hour grows late the risk of an accident or tech snafu increases, as does resulting stress. Slow down and be ready to adjust plans.
Moon in Capricorn, Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 3:17AM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:40PM-12:00AM.

April 9: While the Aquarius Moon reliably turns thoughts to the future, the past also speaks to us today. The Moon is close to its south node, the theoretical point in space representing karma and past experiences. Because Aquarius is one of the most community-minded and egalitarian of signs, the notion that we are are all in this life together is a guiding truth. Democratic principles and tolerance also have special appeal. The day’s only exact aspect is a mid-afternoon lunar sextile to retrograding Mercury. This alignment likewise prods minds to reconsider recent events and perhaps reach different conclusions. However, with Mercury retrograde until mid-month, minds may change yet again.
Moon in Capricorn, v/c 12:00AM-2:50AM Moon enters Aquarius.

April 10: Be certain that the things you want are really wanted. You can get them. The Aquarius Moon activates a pending opposition between Venus and Jupiter while the Aries Sun nears a square to Pluto. This who are tuned in to their desires feel deeply motivated and in some instances compelled to attain and possess. Challenges center on tactics, how associates are treated, and costs. Be nice. Pluto has a tendency to function by the “ends justify the means” playbook. Cooperation, respect and affection are also well supported. Harmony between the Sun and Moon as well as Venus and Mars help offset tensions. Apply the Golden Rule to all partnership dealings. Where the spirit of cooperation is lacking, take a raincheck and resolve to pursue issues another day.
Moon in Aquarius.

April 11: A post-midnight square between the Sun and Pluto can lead to sparring with partners and a restless night. Fortunately, a fine aspect between Venus and Mars induces some couples to kiss and make up. By day’s light the Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Uranus. Their upbeat sextile boosts the spirit of friendship as well as hopes. Morning brainstorming sessions and planning meetings hold great promise. By late morning the Moon is void of course. Expect attentions spans to shorten and commitments to waver. A siesta can be a beautiful thing. During the mid-afternoon the Moon arrives in Pisces but energy is slow to rebound. Rely on feelings and intuition to guide you through the latter part of the day.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:55AM-2:40PM Moon enters Pisces, Sun square Pluto, Venus trine Mars.

April 12: There’s smooth sailing today. During the noon hour a captivating sextile between Venus and Neptune casts its magical spell. Kindness abounds. Generosity and empathy are rampant. With the Pisces Moon also conjunct mystical Neptune, loving is pure, creative activities, sublime. Listen to extra sensory perceptions. Heed hunches. Be receptive to inspirational messages from animal spirits and Mother Nature. Don’t procrastinate. Friendly nods from Mars and Venus offer practical outlets for artists as well as spiritual and humanitarian souls. Romantic possibilities are wonderful tonight. Candle light, soft music and gentle caresses add to the soothing atmospherics.
Moon in Pisces, Venus sextile Neptune.

April 13: The early morning hours have almost missionary zeal. Lunar angles with Pluto and Jupiter make it seem as though all things are possible. However, the Pisces Moon soon begins a lengthy void of course run that lasts until almost midnight. The resulting vacuum sucks the life out of many projects. Wavering attention spans and decreased energy can be a fertile growing medium for visionary ideas. If you have the luxury of letting your imagination wander, breakthroughs are within reach. However, meeting routine on the job demands can require extra effort. Almost everyone is quite ready to recharge their batteries by evening time. Take it easy tonight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:27AM-11:26PM Moon enters Aries.

April 14: This last full day of the lunar cycle fosters great hopes as well as ingenious solutions. Mental Mercury is stationing and will soon resume forward motion, with tomorrow’s New Moon. This morning’s Moon/Mercury conjunction is a prime opportunity to reconsider recent events and change plans accordingly. A sextile from Jupiter to Pluto increases the likelihood that discoveries, emerging realities and resource management warrant new priorities. Dreams appear to be within reach as Mars sextiles Neptune during the early afternoon but plans could hit a snag. The Aries Moon tests Saturn and Mars later in the day. These square aspects suggest that for now it may be better to pull back and wait rather than move aggressively.
Moon in Aries, Jupiter sextile Pluto, Mars sextile Neptune.

April 15: Shortly before dawn Mercury resumes forward motion. Now in early Aries, the winged messenger is in a square with Saturn for the next week and a half. Be patient in the face of delays or obstacles. Accentuate positives. Rigorous mental discipline leads to gains this afternoon and in coming days. The dark of the new Moon in Aries is tonight’s important event. This marks the true beginning of the astrological year! Close by Uranus, the Moon/Sun combo is a formidable force for launching liberating endeavors that give birth to new paradigms. Because Uranus is evolutionary, revolutionary, egalitarian and change-oriented, striving for the highest good for all is recommended. How long tonight’s ideas and commitments will last is a critical and at present unanswerable question.
Moon in Aries, New Moon in Aries 9:57PM, Mercury Direct.

April 16: After a period of intense post midnight restlessness trends for sleeping soundly improve as the Aries Moon goes void course. By dawn the Moon settles into the comfortable niche of Taurus. After the nighttime’s emotional volatility, the calmer influences are a welcome relief. Most folks feel more grounded and in control of life as a lunar trine with guiding light Saturn gathers strength. Maturity counts, regardless of one’s years. Judgment is sound, taking into account current realities and risks, as well as potential gains. Hopes are fueled by an imminent opposition between Venus and Jupiter. The polarized pair of planets also supports partnering to advantage. Enlist pals and associates in your endeavors. Ask for advice and information from those in the know. Business and pleasure go hand in hand tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 1:59AM-4:51AM Moon enters Taurus.

April 17: Judging solely by the number of planetary alignments, this could be the busiest day of the month. Venus in Taurus dominates the early hours, aligning with Jupiter and then Pluto. Financial concerns occupy many minds. Sensual pleasures and beautiful things attract others. It is a good morning to invest or shop. The Taurus Moon reinforces the sense of enjoyment in living, loving and giving, especially this evening when Luna is conjunct Venus. An after work get together is pure happiness. Afterwards, the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period and the late evening brings more introspective, quieter moods. Saturn turns retrograde tonight and will backtrack until early September. An unfinished project or unfulfilled commitment may soon require further attention. Priorities could also change.
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:05PM-12:00AM, Venus opposite Jupiter, Venus trine Pluto, Saturn Retrograde.

April 18: A few early risers contend with void of course Taurus Moon lethargy. The mellow mood may be entirely pleasant but the Aries Sun is also making its annual conjunction with Uranus this morning. The electrify pairing jolts many souls awake on multiple levels. Hearts and minds may race. Ideas can outpace the brain’s ability to process the information. Some forward thinking concepts are brilliant! Fortunately, the Moon arrives in Gemini to help focus attention and boost communication skills before most folks start work. Remind yourself to slow down. Breathe. If you feel stressed out take extra B vitamins to help soothe frazzled nerves. The afternoon hours are excellent for travel. Conversations are on point and effective.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-8:02AM Moon enters Gemini, Sun conjunct Uranus.

April 19: A world in flux continues to change. The mercurial Gemini Moon has minds and bodies dancing and skipping from one interest or adventure to another. Conversations are lively and stimulating but a late morning lunar square to Neptune is a signal to take some precautions. Misunderstandings are likely. Facts may be missing or wrong. Guard against oversights and mistakes. Double-check all essential information and meeting times. Keep an eye on the weather. The Sun is finishing its stay in hard-charging Aries and less than an hour before midnight arrives in the calmer environs of verdant Taurus. Planting season is upon us. In addition to gardens, projects begun while the Sun visits this fixed earth sign over the next month can be expected to have staying power. Plan accordingly.
Moon in Gemini, Sun enters Taurus.

April 20: We’re quick to rise and shine this morning. Minds boot up instantly. Thoughts are nimble, sprinkled with intuitive flashes but when the Moon goes on a mid-morning void of course sojourn, attention wavers. Adjust your tempo to the slower, less energized undercurrent. By late morning the Moon is in Cancer, bringing a revitalizing second wind and a new, more feeling oriented focus. The midday hours are fruitful. Later in the afternoon, memories stir. Tonight there may be worries and regrets as the Moon moves into testing angles with mental Mercury and dour Saturn. Be wary of letting long ago events color the way you communicate and experience the present. Persist. Look for ways to make your message heard.
Moon in Gemini v/c 8:05AM-10:26AM Moon enters Cancer.

April 21: The Cancer Moon takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride. It’s easy to attain meditative states this morning. Creative juices are flowing, too. A breathtaking peak is scaled at midday as the Moon trines Neptune. Twists of fate and other events play out sublimely, as if by divine guidance. The late afternoon and evening hours see challenges arise. Lunar oppositions to Mars and Pluto require self-control and patience. It helps to keep mutual goals in mind, especially when dealing with partners. Fortunately, Jupiter helps minimize confrontational energies and points the way towards cooperating. Humor, mutual respect and a willingness to learn are good medicine.
Moon in Cancer.

April 22: Happy Earth Day!!! Let’s all celebrate our one true home! The Moon is in the fertile sign of Cancer, ideal for planting flowers, vegetables and trees and offering thanks to Mother Earth. A sweet, easy lunar sextile to Venus gets the morning started with friendly vibes. This is the most relaxing part of the day. Late morning could see mood swings and an abrupt change of plans. After a jarring square to Uranus, the Moon goes void of course and Pluto turns retrograde. A shake-up among world power brokers is likely to be announced. Policies and goals may be revised. The Moon enters Leo after lunchtime and reaches the stressful First Quarter phase by late afternoon. Stay relaxed, adjust schedules and look for the upside of current changes.
Moon in Cancer, First Quarter Moon in Cancer 5:46PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 10:58AM-1:09PM Moon enters Leo, Pluto Retrograde.

April 23: Stabilizing forces gain momentum during the coming week. The Taurus Sun’s approaching trine to Saturn works to define priorities and boost efficiency. However, today’s Leo Moon is in a testing angle with Jupiter, opening hearts to fanciful ideas and activities. Some impulses are indeed creative while others may be totally impractical. Fortunately, fiery Mars is also nearing a sextile to Jupiter. The alignment has an empowering, spiritually and intellectually compelling impact. Take a stand for the causes you believe in. Cheer on those folks who share your passions. Enthusiasm makes for animated discussions and debates tonight. Chime in, listen and learn. It’s a great night for mind-broadening experiences.
Moon in Leo.

April 24: Word from a long ago love, friend or acquaintance could arrive this morning. Venus is on the move, transition from the last degree of Taurus into charming Gemini during the noon hour. Don’t be surprised by an encounter that makes your heart sing! Lunchtime gatherings are gregarious. Moods are bouncy. The Leo Moon contributes to the flirtatious possibilities, forming a final trine with Uranus during the mid-afternoon and then going void of course. Schedule important meetings before this juncture. By late-afternoon the Moon is in Virgo where she harmonizes with the Taurus Sun. The evening atmospherics are pleasant. Take time to appreciate the fruits of the earth. Savor good food, springtime scents, evening birdsongs, sunsets and other simple pleasures.
Moon in Leo v/c 2:39PM-4:40PM Moon enters Virgo, Mars sextile Jupiter, Venus enters Gemini.

April 25: Embracing responsibilities is instinctive while the Virgo Moon trines dutiful Saturn. The morning hours feature a healthy dose of perfectionism. Concentration remains sharp throughout the workday as Mercury is at odds with Saturn. However, all challenging Saturn aspects necessitate a balanced state of mind. Fear can be a great motivator but it can also eliminate joy from many activities. Nevertheless, flighty Mercury finds it easier to focus. Just remember to accentuate positives. Daytime worries quickly vanish with the setting sun. Engage in gentle, restful evening activities.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury square Saturn.

April 26: The waxing Virgo Moon is void of course from just before sunrise until well after nightfall. While it’s best to take the usual void of course Moon precautions, avoid making major decisions and purchases, go with the flow, there is ample energy to take care of today’s chores. Mars and Pluto make an emphatic early morning conjunction. Together, the pair are an unstoppable force. Use their power for good. At best they provide the wherewithal to rethink and reset game plans, solve issues and cooperate with teammates. On the other hand the risk of grossly abusing power and position is also high. Luckily, even void of course, the Virgo Moon encourages helpful intentions. Luna shifts gears tonight when she enters Libra. Partners appreciate going to sleep with kind words, thoughtful gestures and gentle caresses.
Moon in Virgo v/c 5:49AM-9:13PM Moon enters Libra, Mars conjunct Pluto.

April 27: Today, a cardinal sign T-square is powerful motivation to face challenges head on. The Libra Moon is testing Saturn and Mercury, giving good reasons to first think things through carefully, before speaking or acting. Imagine the needs of others and how you best assist them. Don’t shirk responsibilities, especially during the middle of the day. Good timing, even pacing and a pleasant manner lead to progress. Abide by the rules. Be patient. Delays are temporary. The waxing Moon is shining light on the under appreciated contributions of partners. This afternoon, make time to acknowledge their help. Showing respect and expressing appreciation are also measures of our own self-esteem. Give compliments and praise generously.
Moon in Libra.

April 28: Now nearly full, the arousing Libra Moon faces a series of hurdles. Demanding partners may be unreasonable or even belligerent this morning. A lunar square with Pluto has many folks feeling thin-skinned, defensive and prone to overreacting to the slightest provocation. If ever there was a time to “assume no harm intended,” this is it. Look beneath surface appearances to see the real reason a colleague is upset. A lunar tiff with Mars follows during the early afternoon and late tonight the Moon is at odds with Uranus. Patiently practice your diplomatic and negotiating skills today. If you’re traveling, slowing down on the highways is advised. The slower pace makes it easier to view the rising Moon, now nearly full.
Moon in Libra.

April 29: Each spring the full Moon in Scorpio is said to bring the spirit of Buddha close to the Earth plane. On this day a most auspicious alignment of the Moon and Saturn injects ordinary activities with an awareness that something special, something transformative, is going on. The Taurus Sun is also configured with Saturn in an earthy trine. Awareness of ancient values, the wisdom of elders and respect for justice is immense. The fertile celestial climate also favors sustained growth. This is a fabulous day for planting seeds. Set plans in motion that have far-reaching, enduring goals. Create order. Set priorities. A little elbow grease may be necessary but is well worth the effort.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:32AM-3:11AM Moon enters Scorpio, Full “Buddha” Moon 8:58PM, Sun trine Saturn.

April 30: Graced by the magic and mystery of springtime rebirth, the early morning vibe is delightful. Take time to commune with Mother Nature and savor her handiwork. Spring only comes once a year. Study chirping birds and colorful blossoms. A lunar trine with Neptune opens senses fully. It also increases empathy and sympathy for underdogs as well as less fortunate souls. This spirit of kindness evolves into deeply felt appreciation and the generous sharing of blessings. The midday period is especially fortunate. The Scorpio Moon passes by Jupiter while also harmonizing with Pluto and Mars. Conferences and meetings unfold under hopeful skies. Teamwork continues to be productive into the evening. Some folks feel as though they can move mountains, and they can.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 10:56PM-12:00AM.