April 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for April 2019

April 1: The day starts off sluggishly, in classic “blue” Monday fashion. The waning Aquarius Moon is void of course. Moods are on the upswing before midday. Joining Venus, Mercury and Neptune, the Moon’s late morning entry into Pisces raises energy levels and boosts emotional and psychic sensitivities. However, a testing lunar angle to Mars suggests that it may be best to sit with some ideas and premonitions instead of acting on them. Consider a range of options. Touch base with friends and allies. Welcome or extend an invitation as the Moon joins with Venus in the evening sky. The social possibilities are absolutely delightful late in the day.  
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-10:48Am Moon enters Pisces.

April 2: Mercury’s early morning conjunction with Neptune puts the day on otherworldly footing. Joining the mystically inclined duo in super sensitive Pisces are the Moon and Venus. Get out the handkerchiefs. Tender emotions, creative ideas and psychic impressions come in waves. Practice the art of being emotionally honest without feeling weak or vulnerable. Direct attention to causes that truly inspire you. The evening hours are tricky. Lunar conjunctions with Neptune and Mercury increase the likelihood of a misunderstanding, confusion or an omission. Inclement weather may also pose risks. Do everything you can to minimize dangers. On the other hand, movies and other escapes are especially enthralling.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury conjunct Neptune.

April 3: The morning hours are the most fruitful today. Use the time wisely. The waning Pisces Moon aligns with Saturn and Pluto, bestowing unwavering dedication to whatever needs to be done. Expert advice from seasoned hands is available. Make inquiries, get second opinions and research similar situations to see how they were successfully resolved. Stay on track during the late morning as overtaxed minds can quickly become scattered. The Moon’s square with Jupiter increases distractions as well as the tendency to say yes to all requests. Wishful thinking and big ideas can be tantalizing. By noon the Moon is void of course and ambitions are less compelling. Because we are late in the Moon’s cycle it’s best to stick to plans and concentrate on finishing work already under way. Save new projects for a future date.
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:36Am-10:56PM Moon enters Aries.

April 4: This last day of the Moon’s cycle is a low key affair. Focus is best put on either advancing or completing existing projects. This is not the day to begin anything new, if you want it to succeed. Conserve energy. Take it easy as the Cosmic tide is out. For those who know history, the past can be most instructive. An online search may turn up valuable information. It helps to have an open and curious mind. Late tonight the Moon draws close to the Aries Sun and New Moon energy begins to build but the celestial green light for new beginnings doesn’t shine until early tomorrow morning.
Moon in Aries.

April 5: Today’s predawn New Moon in Aries is the first of the astrological year. The revitalizing Sun/Moon union is at odds with Saturn and Pluto, complicating a great many efforts. Anticipate delays and obstacles, especially during the midday period. Put any down time to good use. Carefully consider current objectives. There may be alternate, more efficient and faster routes to success. Advice from a partner can be helpful. Be amenable to revising plans. Pluto’s involvement suggests that every forced move will arouse considerable resistance. Use your resources wisely. It isn’t until late tonight that moods become substantially lighter. Daytime frustrations are long gone as “aha” moments and laughs grace the happy hours.
Moon in Aries, New Moon in Aries 4:50AM, Moon in Aries v/c 10:15PM-12:00AM.

April 6: Sleepyheads are slow to waken as the Aries Moon lingers void of course during the early hours. By mid-morning the Moon is in fertile Taurus, where she makes an enlivening conjunction with eccentric Uranus. A month into a seven year visit to the Sign of the Bull, the planet of revolutions, technology and personal transformations also fosters team spirit, the awareness that we are all in this life together. This is a great day to gather with friends and family, and fall in love with life all over again. Be a creative genius. Act on impulse. Champion a progressive cause. Plant a tree. Egalitarian spirits are alive and well. 
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-9:06AM Moon enters Taurus.

April 7: Thoughtful early risers make sober, reality-based decisions with confidence. A balancing sextile between mental Mercury and Saturn lends itself to intelligent analysis and sound thinking. Practicality soon gives way to a more festive mood. The waxing Taurus Moon and Venus are preaching the gospel of enjoying life. Sensual pleasures and friendly companions mix well during the morning and around midday, under the harmonious lunar sextile to Venus. Savor the fruits of the earth as well as loved ones. Parks and art museums are good places to visit after noon. Spring’s transformative energies are evident in budding plants, blossoming trees and yes, April showers. Nightfall ushers in a more serious, grounded vibe. Make ready for the busy week ahead. Attend to neglected tasks and other pressing responsibilities. Early to bed is a timely idea.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury sextile Saturn.

April 8: A void of course Moon during the Moon’s own day can be a tough way to start the working week. The Moon is in Taurus, where movement ordinarily tends to be bullish, slow and steady. Void of course, it may feel as though life has slowed to barely a crawl. Energy is limited, concentration tends to wander. As with every void of course Moon period, it’s best to abide by certain rules. Avoid making major decisions and commitments, including the purchase of big ticket items. Processes that tap into the subconscious are facilitated. Make the most of opportunities to brainstorm, practice a creative art or engage in transformational inner growth work. The laid back atmosphere ends during the evening when the Moon slips into Gemini. Newly enlivened, minds digest the day’s events and varied emotional states with gusto. Words may flow without pause. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 4:28AM-5:15PM Moon enters Gemini.

April 9: On a seemingly quiet day, much is going on behind the scenes. After an early morning lunar conjunction with Mars there are no other exact aspects today. All the same, minds and senses remain alert. Hearts are also sensitive, quickly responding to both the joys and sorrows of the world. Feelings of empathy are fueled by three planets in mystical Pisces, Venus, Neptune and Mercury. During the second half of the day the waxing Moon engages the trio, boosting flights of imagination and creativity. Nighttime discussions may take mysterious routes as idealism, humanitarian causes and matters of spirit and the heart are investigated and explained. 
Moon in Gemini. 

April 10: Numerous and at times competing trends, as well as Jupiter’s retrograde turn make this day exceptionally complex. We begin the twenty-four hour period with fabulous omens for an active dream life. Night owls may trip the light fantastic while creative sorts happily burn the midnight oil. As sunrise nears the Aries Sun’s square to Saturn demands a pause to assess current realities and priorities. Because the Gemini Moon is caught up in a T-square with Mercury and Jupiter, it should be no surprise if priorities change. Political strife is sure to be newsworthy. By mid-afternoon the busy atmosphere calms as the Moon embarks on a void of course sojourn. The early evening’s Mercury sextile to Pluto sheds light on how to orchestrate course corrections and other options. 
Moon in Gemini v/c 1:17PM-11:31PM Moon enters Cancer, Venus conjunct Neptune, Sun square Saturn, Jupiter Retrograde.

April 11: When the Moon visits her own sign of Cancer, loyalties are keenly felt. Mama bear types vigorously protect their territory as well as their cubs. Some folks, resembling their ursine cousins, are inclined to hunker down, settle into familiar routines and keep things the way they are. However, the rambunctious Aries Sun is eager to explore new horizons, and if that means venturing into uncharted territory, all the better. These more ambitious souls, with the imminent square between Mercury and Jupiter egging them on, are more than willing to punch a ticket and be on their way to new adventures. Neither path is inherently better than the other. Both have merits. As the saying goes, “Just because a person takes a different path doesn’t mean they are on the wrong path.” Live, enjoy, and let live.
Moon in Cancer.

April 12: Another day of profoundly mixed trends poses challenges but also affords opportunities. The First Quarter Moon in Cancer, always a strong motivator, is part of a cardinal sign T-square with the Sun, Saturn and Pluto. The tense alignment requires tact and diplomacy, good timing and loyalty if current objectives are going to be reached. Be cooperative. Take commitments seriously. Fortunate lunar alignments with Neptune, Venus and Mercury spotlight the value of voicing kind, caring words. Venus’ midday sextile to Saturn strengthens key alliances and may see the start of important friendships. With the Sun nearing a square to Pluto, the importance of cooperation cannot be overstated. Do unto others.
Moon in Cancer, First Quarter Moon in Cancer 3:06PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 7:33PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Jupiter, Venus sextile Saturn. 

April 13: If you’re up and about early today, be careful. The Sun’s square to Pluto and Moon’s square with Uranus increase sensitivity as well as impatience. The chance of an argument or accident are both increased. Pre-empt either unfortunate scenario by slowing down and thinking before speaking or reacting hastily. Things feel more relaxed by mid-morning. The day is on an upswing. The Moon’s next aspect is an energizing evening sextile to Mars. The keyword here is fun. Mix and mingle with pals. A touch of Saturday night fever may be noted. Dust off your dancing shoes. The effervescent atmosphere can make everyone feel young at heart.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-3:50AM Moon enters Leo, Sun square Pluto.

April 14: The stars send dominant good vibes throughout the day. We start off with the Aries Sun’s mid-morning trine to jovial Jupiter. Moods are cheerful. Optimism is unshakeable and infectious. The playful Leo Moon completes the trifecta, forming a powerful fire sign Grand Trine with the Sun and Jupiter. Whatever you do for fun or pleasure, now is the time to do it with total  conviction. Passions are also keenly felt. Amidst all the spirited energy a steamy sextile between Venus and Pluto works to bring playmates closer together. By evening many souls feel as though they are lottery winners. Be sure to count your blessings. Nightfall ushers in quieter times as the Moon goes void of course.
Moon in Leo v/c 9:38PM-12:00AM, Sun trine Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto.

April 15: Early morning excitement is fostered by the waxing Virgo Moon’s trine to Uranus. Even usually cautious, conservative types are ready to try something new. As if on cue for Tax Day, Venus, the planet of money, forms a square to Jupiter. The configuration is amplified by the close presence of Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. One cannot help but wonder where our hard-earned tax dollars go? A tendency to overindulge may also be noted. Self-control is recommended while spending, eating or making promises. Because the Moon is at odds with Mars tonight, it will be easy to become frustrated. Don’t take a sense of personal inadequacy out on a loved one. Be kind.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-6:14AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus square Jupiter.

April 16: The pace of life picks up with Luna nearing the Full phase. Today’s Virgo Moon stays busy, triggering the ongoing squares between Jupiter to Neptune, Venus and Mercury. Hearts are in flux, going out to others but easily bruised. The late morning lunar opposition to Neptune can make it hard to see partners as they are. For clarity, ask two or three or more times, if that’s what it takes. Mistaken assumptions and other mental errors are easily made. Err on the side of caution. Fruitful lunar aspects with Saturn and Pluto make the afternoon and evening hours feel more solid and productive. This is the best part of the day for critically important meetings and decision-making. After nightfall the Moon is at odds with Jupiter and Venus. These motivating angles entice some souls into professing their everlasting love and affection. Others simply overindulge. 
Moon in Virgo.

April 17: During the post midnight hours mental Mercury arrives in Aries, sharpening minds and igniting competitive streaks. Eager beavers move forward, driven by a sense of urgency. The waxing Moon gathers momentum after entering Libra early this morning. Haste can make waste though as a lunar opposition to Mercury confounds some souls with the divergent agendas oftheir hearts and minds. Take a pause to figure out what you really want. Negotiate with partners as well as adversaries. Give and take conversations have potential rewards. Among the more desirable possibilities are firming up existing relationships as well as turning foes into friends. Expect to be busy.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:029AM-7:22AM Moon enters Libra, Mercury enters Aries.

April 18: Moods may be cantankerous as well as unpredictable. The Sun is nearing its annual conjunction with erratic Uranus while the nearly full Libra Moon is at odds with Saturn and Pluto. Prepare yourself for bursts of excitement and impulsive acts but also expect an occasional delay or confrontation. Motives may be questioned by more seasoned advisors as well as those with their own self-interests in mind. The extra scrutiny can be helpful. Open-minded folks are advised to stay calm and reflect on their goals and strategies. Keep emotions in check to more clearly see underlying needs, whether your own or those of a partner. Such knowledge is empowering. 
Moon in Libra.

April 19: This morning’s Full Moon sits at the last degree of Libra. Ties may be strained to the breaking point as the opposing Aries Sun is close to freedom-loving Uranus. Realizations, revelations and shocking events are likely to disrupt the patterns of everyday life. Changes are for the better, so long as one focuses on how to respond to events, rather than trying to control them. By mid-morning the Moon is in emotionally sensitive Scorpio. Full Moon fallout can feel disturbing. Stay centered. A noon hour lunar opposition to Uranus sees anxious souls counting seconds until the workday is over. Others are ready to pick a fight or upset the apple cart. Abide by the Golden Rule, even if others cannot live up to it.  More enlightened types have their sights set on the future. Slow down. Breathe and let life come to you. 
Full “Pink” Moon in Libra 7:12AM, Moon in Libra v/c 7:12AM-8:40AM Moon enters Scorpio.

April 20: Changes are afoot The Sun arrives in earthy Taurus shortly before dawn. Venus makes her entrance into Aries just minutes after noon. The Taurus Sun coincides with the heart ofspringtime, riots of colorful blossoms, trills of birdsongs and countless other sensory pleasures. Venus in Aries has a bit of a tomboy in her brashness. Today’s Scorpio Moon produces both mystical and practical magic. A midday lunar trine to Neptune generates passion as well as grace and gratitude. Mother Nature’s handiwork, close friends and artistic displays arouse deep, heartfelt responses. Appreciate beauty in its many guises. Later tonight the Moon harmonizes with Saturn, Neptune and the lunar Nodes. Conversation becomes more thoughtful, subject matter more intimate. A search for meaning is under way. Show you appreciate the support of loved ones.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 11:59AM-12:00AM, Sun enters Taurus, Venus enters Aries.

April 21: The first half of the day is picture perfect lazy, ideal for relaxing at home or if the weather is nice, taking a leisurely stroll or drive. The Scorpio Moon is void of course, which explains the lack of initiative or need for a clear destination. However, a minute before noon things change dramatically. The Moon enters vivacious Sagittarius and the day’s livelier second half begins. Lunar alignments with Venus and Mercury bring pleasant encounters with family, friends and neighbors. Affections are plainly put. Ordinarily shy souls are suddenly outspoken. Enjoy the warm social atmosphere while it lasts. Converse with loved ones near and far. It’s also a great evening for making plans. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-11:59AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

April 22: Right on schedule for Earth Day, the Taurus Sun’s annual conjunction with Uranus sets many people to thinking about our small planet. Under the influence of the egalitarian, visionary planet of eccentrics and geniuses, there’s no denying we are all in this life together. Uranus may also destabilize the status quo, so be ready for surprises. We may disagree as to what the future holds. A tricky T-square configuration of the Sagittarius Moon, Mars and Neptune stokes both hopes and fears. Tune in to your better angels. Focus in on points of agreement held in common by scientists as well as major religious and spiritual traditions. We are all responsible for the well-being of the planet we call home. Those altruists and artists who hold true to their dreams have a good chance of realizing today’s visions. 
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun conjunct Uranus.

April 23: Oh what a beautiful morning! Early birds feel positively great as the Moon and optimistic Jupiter join forces in Sagittarius. However, well before the start of the work day the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. The dialed down atmosphere includes diminished focus and intensity. Such atmospherics lend themselves to free-flowing creative work and consciousness raising processes such as meditation or therapeutic counseling sessions. On the other hand, more materialistic matters may easily run aground. Delay important meetings, purchases and decisions. The Cosmic gears shift this evening when the Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn. The nighttime environment is thus more well-suited for tackling worldly interests.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:43AM-6:50PM Moon enters Capricorn.

April 24: The Capricorn Moon tangles with mental Mercury today. Finding words that accurately convey complex feelings is often a tedious chore when these two stars are at odds. Sparring matches between strong-willed, ambitious types are also more likely. To further complicate matters, Pluto begins to retrograde this afternoon. The Lord of the Underworld is also in Capricorn, the earthy sign of big business and big government. Pluto does have a way of airing society’s dirty laundry. One can only venture a guess as to what new scandals are about to unfold. Whatever storyline you hear, whether it’s a personal matter or international news, it is probably only a small part of the whole picture. Avoid rushing to a judgment.
Moon in Capricorn, Pluto Retrograde.

April 25: A determined Capricorn Moon helps put most people in work mode. The dedication to career ambitions is strengthened by a late morning lunar conjunction with Saturn. Close to the Moon and Saturn are the lunar South Node and Pluto. The powerful configuration is a fine omen for a team meeting or serious chat with the boss. Where there are obstacles, there are solutions. Where there are questions and unknowns, there are answers. Draw on the past. Marshall resources and talents. The driven and fruitful atmosphere begins to dissipate by late afternoon, when the Moon goes void of course. Evening moods are more relaxed. After a strenuous day, most folks are more than ready for some chill time.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 3:48PM-12:00AM.

April 26: Before sunrise the Moon enters Aquarius. Typically, the Aquarius Moon fosters  easy-going, “live and let live” attitudes. Today is more stressful that usual. The Moon is forming a late morning square with “anything goes” Uranus. The challenging Last Quarter lunar phase is reached this evening. As a result the workday may seem to be a continuing string of misadventures, near catastrophes and other quirky happenings. For starters, slow down. Be ready to adapt to unforeseen events, equipment failures and tech glitches. A few deep breaths help ease the stress. Take an extra B vitamin. Drive with special care, especially during the commuting hours. After sunset there are delightful energies courtesy of Venus. Enjoy frolicking with special loved ones.  
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-5:27AM Moon enters Aquarius, Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 6:18PM.

April 27: Mars makes a tricky mid-morning square with Neptune. The testing angle warrants caution. Inclement weather may impact the day’s plans. Mistakes are more easily made so be sure to double-check all essential gear, schedules and details. Be sure your food is wholesome. More supportive trends soon arrive. By late-morning the Aquarius Moon turns the day around with timely aspects to Mercury and Mars. Clear-eyed thinking and communications with friends are facilitated. Travel delays and other snafus clear up. Enthusiasm seems boundless. The animated atmosphere lasts long into the night. It’s the perfect celestial scenario for a get together with old and new friends to share laughs and stories.
Moon in Aquarius. Mars square Neptune.

April 28: Invent this day as you go along. The waning Aquarius Moon is void of course, the Cosmos’ invitation to heed the promptings of your heart. Follow whims and fancies. Be a proverbial “Sunday driver” and explore new places at an agreeable pace. Relax with friends or attend a community event. Attempt no heavy lifting. Make no major decisions, purchases or commitments until evening, when the Moon enters a new sign, Pisces. Then, it’s once again “game on!” A lunar sextile to Uranus dominates the final quarter of the day. Thoughts may smoothly drift into considering future plans and options and/or connecting with pals. Listen to your intuitive guidance tonight. Hunches are likely to be accurate. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:44AM-6:11PM Moon enters Pisces.

April 29: Re-entry into school or the workplace goes smoothly. The Taurus Sun and Pisces Moon are in harmony, making it easier to think and feel you’re in the right place at the right time. Such inner comfort in turn lends itself to being more productive. And speaking of productivity, Saturn, the Cosmic Taskmaster, turns retrograde today. Hovering close by the lunar South Node and Pluto, Saturn’s direction shift can herald a change in priorities for both individuals and large organizations. As the Cosmic “Lord of Karma” Saturn provides the ultimate reality check. If your course is somehow off track, now is a good time to make corrections. Wisdom, hard won through persistent effort and experience, may be instructive.
Moon in Pisces, Saturn retrograde.

April 30: The final day of the month finds the Moon in Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. We bid adieu to April with an early morning lunar conjunction with Neptune. Feelings of deep loss as well as idealistic longings are stirred. Some may be searching for an escape route from dull, ordinary routines. Increasing tensions may necessitate a strategy review later in the morning. Stabilizing trends are in place by noontime, making midday meetings constructive. Lay your cards on the table. Maximize productivity by giving your all. Individuals and groups who work with singular purpose make much progress. The workday ends with spirits high. Then the Moon goes void of course at evening’s onset. A quiet, emotionally subdued mood descends but minds remain sharp. 
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:57PM-12:00AM.