April 2020 Astrology Forecast

April 1: In this new era of uncertainty, morning stresses arise from the First Quarter Cancer Moon’s testing angle with the Aries Sun. Sensitive feelings and protective maternal instincts can be awkward counterpoints. Real progress cannot be made without both self-control and kindness. Less tense, more agreeable energies gradually strengthen and take hold around midday. The easier-going afternoon hours are the clear winner for April jokesters. Harmony between the Moon and mental Mercury aligns hearts with minds. Words flow freely and accurately convey thoughts and feelings. The afternoon is a fine one for writing, making calls, holding online meetings and brainstorming sessions. A relaxing lunar trine to Neptune graces the evening skies, ideal for taking in the stars or a TV movie. 
Moon in Cancer, First Quarter Moon in Cancer 6:21AM.

April 2: Early birds encounter distractions and obstacles but a lunar alignment with loving Venus soon softens hearts and stirs up sentimental feelings. Word from an ex or old friend is a distinct possibility. A poignant trip down memory lane is another. During the noon hour the Cancer Moon begins a short void of course trek. Extend your lunch break if you can and even better, take time out from your everyday routines. By mid afternoon the Moon is in Leo where she tests Saturn, Mars and Uranus. The ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus is key to understanding the chaos in much of the world. Worn out, unsustainable models are crumbling. Time pressures, isolation and other restrictions can now feel stifling. Avoid rushing. Stay humble. The risk of an accident or dustup is elevated during the evening and nighttime hours. 
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:49PM-2:26PM Moon enters Leo.

April 3: The Leo Moon and Aries Sun make a heart warming and confidence building trine during the mid-afternoon. The uplifting alignment builds self-esteem in a happy, sun-splashed way. This is a favorable period for showing passion and initiative. Venus also enters Gemini during the midday period. Afternoon flirtations can feel like a whiff of springtime air. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course. A less focused, low key period follows and lasts well into the weekend. The mellow mood is fine for meandering and pursuing hobbies. It’s best to put off big decisions and major new commitments. Mental Mercury’s conjunction with mystical Neptune favors various forms of fantasy. Practice an art, hobby, or simply chill out, letting your imagination run loose and free. 
Moon in Leo v/c 3:29PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Venus enters Gemini.

April 4: The waxing but void of course Leo Moon offers numerous opportunities for exploring one’s creative side. If inspiration falters, imagine yourself as a young child. Ask her or him to make a request. This may seem fanciful to some folks but listening to the still, small voice within can make this an extraordinary day. Venus is also in a perfect trine with Saturn. Be in touch with or at least aware of elders and souls whose wisdom you respect. The Moon’s early evening entry into Virgo changes the atmosphere. Intentions become clearer. The urge to help and heal others intensifies. Soulful social connections are also facilitated by tonight’s conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. Seek out truth. Work or play with others to nourish meaningful emotional ties and maximize each other’s potential. 
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-5:18PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus trine Saturn, Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

April 5: During the wee hours of the morning the Virgo Moon trines Uranus. An illuminating inspiration or revolutionary “better” idea could give insomniacs boundless enthusiasm. Carousing night owls have raucous fun. By sunrise, quieter skies prevail. The nearly full Virgo Moon sails uninterrupted until late tonight. Caregiving impulses pair with attention to detail. However, perfectionists also contend with instability on the world stage. Saturn and Mars, both in the early degrees of Aquarius, are testing Uranus. This “question authority” alignment pits progress-minded reformers against less adventurous preservers of the status quo. Something and someone has to give, and with the Full Moon a scant two days away, it could at any time. Stay on your toes. If you must go out drive safely and be extra careful around all machinery.
Moon in Virgo.

April 6: During the overnight period dreams and premonitions infuse imaginations with vivid imagery. Spiritual planes are more accessible, thanks to a lunar opposition with Neptune. As dawn breaks the Virgo Moon’s alignments with Pluto and Jupiter inspire some folks to take on daunting challenges. Check the headlines. International news may shed new light on current issues. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course. Take a relaxed, go with the flow approach. Health conscious people as well as perfectionists quietly go about their business. Early evening sees the nearly full Moon arrive in Libra where she forms an airy Grand Trine with Saturn and Venus. Reach out to someone dear, provided you keep the correct social distance and stay safe.
Moon in Virgo v/c 9:29AM-5:16PM Moon enters Libra. 

April 7: A panoramic array of aspects adorns this Full “Pink” Moon day. The tense mid-afternoon square between fiery Mars and unpredictable Uranus warrants extreme caution if you’re traveling or using machinery. Pay extra close attention while doing even the most familiar tasks. An earthquake or other unexpected event could shake things up. The Libra Moon is full tonight. Its potent energy dominates moods and begs the question, why can’t we all get along in peace? The opposing Aries Sun and Moon are at odds with Pluto and Jupiter. Restlessness is more the rule than the exception. Anxious souls may chafe under quarantine rules but wisdom dictates the greater good must be served. Luckily, mental Mercury is harmonizing with Pluto and Jupiter, so reasoned appeals can be effective. 
Moon in Libra, Full “Pink” Moon in Libra 10:35PM, Mars square Uranus, Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter. 

April 8: There is always an energetic and emotional letdown after a full Moon and today is no exception. While early morning lunar squares to Pluto and Jupiter may trigger political debates as well as informative conversations, momentum soon fades. By mid-morning the now waning Libra Moon is void of course. A lazy, meandering mood takes hold, which can be good for reflecting on recent events. Avoid making serious commitments or decisions. Resist peer pressure or imagining you know what your partner is thinking. If in doubt, ask. Come late afternoon the Moon reaches Scorpio where she tests Saturn and Uranus. Nerves grow edgy. There is a tendency to overreact and judge in haste. Be charitable, assume no harm was intended. Take as many deep breaths as you need to relax.  
Moon in Libra v/c 8:50AM-4:17PM Moon enters Scorpio.

April 9: If your night is spent tossing and turning, the Scorpio Moon’s taut T-square with Uranus and Mars could be the culprit. Some folks are easily provoked under the tense configuration. The disquieting energies are enough to give the most stoic hearts anxious moments. Dawn brings calmer energies, although the Aries Sun’s pending squares with Pluto and Jupiter are excellent reasons to remain alert and tactful. On the upside, the Moon spends the bulk of the day moving into a trine to mystical Neptune in Pisces. The late night alignment works healing wonders, restoring faith and trust that in the end, all will be well. It also prompts creative and artistic spirits to see and make beautiful things. 
Moon in Scorpio.

April 10: In this uneasy time when so many of us face reorganized schedules, newly emerging priorities and open-ended uncertainties, the stars now offer light in the darkness, glimpses of a saner, more just world. Mental Mercury is at the final degree of the Zodiac, 29 Pisces and forming a trine with Saturn. Take a look back at the past but know there’s also a path to a better future. The Moon helps out, aligning with Pluto and Jupiter this morning, Mercury and Saturn this afternoon. Combined, these empowering stars testify to the value and rewards of caring for others, helping out where possible and working together to give birth to a world where harmony prevails. It becomes increasingly clear throughout the day that real strength lies in communities of friends, not elsewhere.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 3:35PM-4:35PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

April 11: The Sagittarius Moon helps brighten weary spirits. An early morning lunar sextile with Mars gives the first part of the waking day plenty of pep. This is a fine time for a brisk workout or getting an enthusiastic start on an ambitious project. Roll up your shirtsleeves and set to it. Mental Mercury’s arrival in Aries gives some folks a boost in courage and inspires others to take a leadership position. With the Winged Messenger forming a perfect trine to wisdom planet Saturn, judgement is sound, based in realism and solid experience. Stick to time-honored values of honesty, ethical work and fair play and you can’t go wrong. 
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury sextile Saturn.

April 12: Day breaks with the Aries Sun in a sparkling trine with the Sagittarius Moon. For early birds there is real comfort in ritual, learning and the thought of an adventure. In reality, millions are under orders to remain at home, self-quarantined. The Aries Sun is testing Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn so many souls chafe under these restrictions. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course, making the notion of another day around the house more palatable. As can be expected with any void of course period, lowered vitality favors a “go with the flow” approach to living. Evening sees the Moon arrive in Capricorn where, renewed, she triggers a good deal of reminiscing. Longings for what feels lost, loved ones and old times, are likely to increase. Don’t just sit with such feelings. Reach out to distant family and friends. Tip your hat or raise a glass to those who have touched your life.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:46AM-8:05PM Moon enters Capricorn.

April 13: Guard against impatience this week. An early morning lunar trine between the industrious Capricorn Moon and inventive Uranus feeds a tantalizing desire to move forward and dispense with challenging situations. Some folks feel ready to flaunt convention and go their own way. Pending squares between the Aries Sun to Pluto and Jupiter are good reasons to resist impulsive actions and instead move cautiously. To paraphrase my teacher, Isabel Hickey, there are Cosmic laws, such as karma for example. You have the right to break your neck trying, but the laws themselves cannot be broken. Thoughtless acts can lead to unwanted complications, legal issues or even put lives at risk. Bide your time. If your career is on hold, attend to seasonal chores. 
Moon in Capricorn.

April 14: The Aries Sun is at odds with Pluto this morning. Power struggles as well as abuses of authority are sure to rankle. Try to reduce tensions. Be quick to step up and offer help. Where cooperation is not an option, make your position known. Remain calm and be kind as you back away from any situations you cannot support. This evening the waning Capricorn Moon ventures into the Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn stellium while reaching the tense Last Quarter phase. There’s little to be gained from finger pointing or feelings of regret. If you now know better, do better. Come up with a new strategy. If you feel stuck, a talk with a trusted friend may be helpful. Look for silver linings and count blessings tonight.
Moon in Capricorn, Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 6:56PM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 7:47PM-12:00AM, Sun square Pluto.

April 15: Many early birds awaken feeling the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Worries are soon replaced by a variety of distractions. Happy thoughts and hopeful news cheer up some folks. Others feel overwhelmed by the number of items on their “to do” list. New complications arise by midday. The Aquarius Moon is in a testing square to Uranus and anything goes. Social ties as well as technological links are easily strained. Be ready to deal with communication breakdowns and computer glitches. The evening hours bring fabulous trends. The Moon, Saturn and Mars, all supported by Venus, work wonders, renewing faith and determination. It’s a perfect night to be in touch with friends, relatives and neighbors. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-3:37AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun square Jupiter. 

April 16: The waning Aquarius Moon’s post midnight conjunction with Mars can keep people awake into the wee hours of the morning. After that short-lived bit of fireworks the stars are quiet for the rest of the day. Networking is always a good idea while the Moon visits egalitarian Aquarius. Be sure to give everyone the same level of respect, regardless of position or social station. We are nearing the Sun’s bi-annual square to Saturn, a Cosmic reminder to slow down, pause and see which way the wind is blowing. These periodic “reality checks” allow us to review progress and determine whether our course is leading to to our desired goals. If you’re on the right track, it may be time to commit more deeply. If not, make ready for a course correction.
Moon in Aquarius.

April 17: Celestial harmony graces the new day. The Aries Sun and waning Aquarius Moon make a late morning sextile, promoting ease, cooperation and goodwill. Use the start of the day for building team spirit. Things move swiftly. By noon the Moon is void of course and a slowdown follows. While indecision may erode solidarity, a lunchtime conference can be a good time to float ideas. However, the path forward may remain unclear. The less focused period ends during the mid-afternoon with the Moon’s arrival in Pisces. Intuition sharpens but initiative remains minimal. Fortunately, mental Mercury is nearing a sextile to Venus, a harbinger of enjoyable encounters, artistry and peaceful minds. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:34AM-2:29 PM Moon enters Pisces.

April 18: Insomniacs and night owls are in for a jolly good time. Spirits are more amorous and adventurous than usual. Lovers are eloquent. Movies and the wonders of the internet entice and amuse. The daylight hours are dominated by the waning Pisces Moon’s square to Venus. In this era of forced home stays and hand washing, be careful. The aspect can stir lonely hearts to reach out or despair. Unrequited love could be disheartening. The square can also motivate in other ways. Artistic inspiration may be born of the aspect’s innate tension. Paint a picture or write an ode to your love. New energy and momentum come with tonight’s sextile between Mercury and Mars. Minds sharpen and discussions grow passionate, which isn’t at all surprising, considering the life and death issues of the day. 
Moon in Pisces, Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury sextile Mars.

April 19: Spring’s most fruitful chapter begins this morning as the Sun enters earthy Taurus. Most years, this arrival is a grounding influence but not this time around. The Sun is at odds with Saturn and a solar conjunction with unpredictable Uranus is a short week away. Powerful competing forces are in play, many of which will persist for months as upstarts challenge the status quo. Today’s Pisces Moon also has a say. Her mysterious influence brings empathy and compassion and a willingness to serve and sacrifice for the good of others. Creative endeavors also go well. Evening brings a void of course lunar phase, helpful for getting a good night’s sleep.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:31PM-12:00AM, Sun enters Taurus.

April 20: The Aries Moon’s early morning sextile with Saturn is an excellent harbinger for the start of a productive work week. However, there are also other factors in play. The Moon is near the end of her cycle. Readying for a rebirth, she naturally favors completing projects over making new starts. Perhaps more significantly, the Taurus Sun is exacerbating the taut square between Saturn and Uranus. This is one of the year’s key alignments as it pits staunch individualists and conservatives, represented by Saturn, against progressives championing the notion that we are all in this life together, and must do better. The outmoded values of the past are being challenged. Tonight’s square between the Sun and Saturn spotlights all that is broken or failing to meet current challenges. Join the rising tide of progress and seek new ways to fix problems. 
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-3:00AM Moon enters Aries.

April 21: This final day of the monthly lunar cycle begins with a cheerful, effervescent sextile between the Aries Moon and Venus in Gemini. Not only are moods bright, ties with partners are strong and enjoyable. The morning then plays out at an energetic pace. A lunar sextile to Mars in Aquarius facilitates chummy, all for one, “Three Musketeers” team spirit. Diplomatic overtures may lead to peacemaking or deepen affectionate ties. Thoughts and feelings are intertwined as the Moon overtakes mental Mercury late this afternoon. Don’t allow your emotions to blot out reason. Before making any commitments or plans, slow down and carefully think over the likely repercussions. 
Moon in Aries, Sun square Saturn.

April 22: Weariness can be a stumbling block today. The Aries Moon is tested early, making morning squares to Pluto and Jupiter. Financial and ethical considerations can hamper a potential move. By mid-morning the Moon is in a void of course period that lasts until late afternoon. Take a breather. Don’t force anything. The astrological omens are difficult at best. The Moon enters Taurus, overtakes the Sun and is New tonight. Both lights are conjunct volatile Uranus and in square with stoic Saturn. As we plant gardens and lay the groundwork for the fresh activity cycle, bear in mind that significant evolutionary changes are under way. The Covid-19 pandemic precipitates new understanding of how intricate the web of life is. In the emerging paradigm we are all interconnected and each of us must act to safeguard life on our planet.  
Moon in Aries v/c 8:32AM-3:36PM Moon enters Taurus, New Moon in Taurus 10:26PM.

April 23: A predawn lunar conjunction with Uranus imparts seeds of spiritual awakening and social justice. It’s not by accident that Uranus is called the Great Awakener. Tune in. Leaps of consciousness, breakthrough ideas and personal liberation are all possible. The Taurus Sun continues to trigger the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square. Current planet-wide uncertainties underscore the old order resisting the transition to healthier manufacturing and agriculture, renewable energy sources and the more egalitarian sharing of wealth and resources. Evolutionary ideas and technologies may be making headlines now but only dedicated, sustained efforts can actualize the changes needed to revive democratic government and sustainable lifestyles.
Moon in Taurus.

April 24: Ending the work week on an upbeat note is always a good feeling and today’s Taurus Moon complies with key supportive aspects. Lunar harmony with Neptune has early birds walking on lofty clouds. Flights of imagination are stimulated. Morning prayers and meditations feel deep. Get out in Mother Nature and catch the sunrise. Persistence is facilitated by a lunar trine with Pluto. The aspect favors the wise allocation of resources as well as research and favorable financial developments. Find out what you need to know this afternoon. Tonight’s lunar trine to Jupiter brings welcome levity and good news for some. It’s a good time to be in touch with pals in distant parts of the world.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:43PM-12:00AM.

April 25: The early morning square between mental Mercury and Pluto leads some folks to double down on an argument. Those who fail at logic are likely to issue ultimatums. Agree to disagree rather than engage in a no-win squabble. Potent little Pluto turns retrograde today, making this a good time to look more deeply into peoples’ hidden motivations and agendas. The Moon is in Gemini by daybreak where she makes a nifty trine with Saturn. The alignment counsels everyone to use common sense. An imminent square between Mercury and Jupiter fuels grandiose statements. Consider all possibilities but don’t be fooled or carried away by empty promises. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-3:20AM Moon enters Gemini, Pluto Retrograde.

April 26: The Sun’s annual pass by eccentric Uranus could lead to a true sense of one’s essential self. The conjunction supports the timely uses of technology, consciousness raising techniques such as meditation and joining communities of like-minded souls working as one to support altruistic causes. Be ready for miracles. Serendipity could also play a surprising role today. The Gemini Moon and Venus bring hours of afternoon fun. Word games, puzzles and neighborhood jaunts can be entertaining. Writers also excel. Count your calories during the evening meal. A lunar square to Neptune may stir up old emotional wounds. Stay present and sit with tender feelings rather than stuffing them down with food and drink. 
Moon in Gemini, Mercury square Jupiter, Sun conjunct Uranus.

April 27: Celestial changes manifest in mood swings and mental gymnastics. The Moon begins the day in talkative Gemini. Emotions are deftly analyzed and discussed this morning. If you have a personal issue you want to share with another person, this is prime time. An early afternoon lunar trine with Mercury lends eloquence to thoughts and words. Because Mercury is at the very last degree of Aries, a lingering issue could at last be resolved. The Moon then enters her home sign of Cancer, soon followed by Mercury’s arrival in Taurus. After a short period of adjustment, security issues become paramount during the latter part of the day. Attend to the needs of your nest and family. Look for novel solutions and encouraging news tonight.   
Moon in Gemini v/c 1:00PM-1:28PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury enters Taurus.

April 28: The waxing Cancer Moon is a caring and protective presence through out the day. Her sunrise sextile to the Taurus Sun sets the tone for an emotionally steady and mostly satisfying day. The big challenge is mental Mercury’s early afternoon square with Saturn. In these trying times mental toughness is a great advantage. Here’s a chance to see how well you manage your thoughts. Some only see a half empty glass, others an overflowing cup. Perspective is everything. Put your mind to work. Accentuate positives. Give in to fear or overcome fears and negativity with a steady diet of correcting thoughts. Another option is to occupy your thinking with tasks that demand full concentration. As the Little Engine That Could said, “I think I can, I think I can.”
Moon in Cancer, Mercury square Saturn.

April 29: With the waxing Moon in Cancer and in a trine to Neptune, the early morning sleep time is fine for dreaming true. For night owls and poets, it’s easy to be swept up in an inspired reverie. Gardeners take note, planting is also favored under this fertile water sign Moon. Around midday lunar oppositions to Pluto and Jupiter spotlight the physical and emotional challenges of prolonged confinement. Discussions tend to be emotionally charged. If you need to decompress or cabin fever is taking a toll on the family, step outside for a breath of fresh air. Exercise can rejuvenate and ease tensions. A quieter void of course Moon period lasts from late afternoon until after sunset. When the Moon enters Leo tonight, it’s time for a new party. 
Moon in Cancer v/c 3:39PM-9:06PM Moon enters Leo.

April 30: Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus can coincide with unexpected news. Given that this is also a waxing First Quarter Moon day, be prepared to change your thinking and your plans. Another new paradigm could be in the making. The Leo Moon makes a series of testing angles with Saturn, Mercury and Uranus, as well as the Taurus Sun. It isn’t clear who is in control or how and when the dust will settle. Those who have honed their intuitive abilities are at an advantage. Uranus governs the ability to see into the future. Trust your hunches but avoid taking financial risks or advice from unproven sources. Tonight could bring an epiphany.
Moon in Leo, First Quarter Moon in Leo 4:38PM, Mercury conjunct Uranus.