Arrival Of Imbolc

Flickr user ©carriejeberhardt

February 2nd lies half way between the winter solstice (the longest night of the year) and the spring equinox (when nights and days are equal). On this date, Celtic traditions observe Imbolc, a festival celebrating that unseen beneath the snow and ice of winter, spring has already begun. If you go outside and use your higher senses, you will be able to identify an emerging aliveness stirring beneath the death of winter from this date forward. I love that sensation! Winter feels like it rules, but spring has already gained the upper hand, unseen but powerful.

I see a parallel between Imbolc and the larger cycle of change we are experiencing during this time of ascension. Looking around within our world, it seems that the old world consciousness still has the upper hand; but when you use your higher senses, you will be able to feel the emergence of something new and true, still and unseen beneath the surface of things. We call this emerging energy the new world and it is growing in power and substance every moment. You can feel it as something very alive and joyous and new.

Like the end of winter, the end of the old world energies is inevitable. The old ways of doing things will dissolve like the snow, in their own way and time. What is coming to take their place is an energy more in keeping with our eternal nature. Although the forms of the new world are still invisible, our personal bodies and souls are rising in vibration to be able to hold higher divine consciousness. Over the next twenty years, we will increasingly work in cooperation with the divine consciousness within all life forms, rather than taking from one to give to another.

Change often inspires fear in the hearts of people. So much in the outer sense says the old world has control, but underneath the new world is growing stronger. Just as the first snowdrops and crocuses of spring appear miraculously under the melting of winter’s ice and snow, let the new world energy be born inside of you, no matter how hard it is to imagine that change will come about. Its beauty will be all the greater for the winter of the old world we have struggled through to arrive at this moment.

Eve Wilson is the director of The Healer Development Program and has been a full time healer practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986. Visit for more information.