Astrological Forecast For Fall/Winter 2018

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”  — Albert Einstein

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, have much to say about where humanity is headed. Trends in the arts, culture, fashion, and politics are governed by these distant stars. The first of the three most slow-moving planets, Uranus, spends the forecast period hovering on the Aries/Taurus cusp. Neptune, the planet of dreams, remains ensconced in the heart of mystical Pisces. Transformative Pluto continues its long journey through Capricorn, the sign of big business, government and other authorities. Each plays a role in the state of our nation as well as our personal lives.

Egalitarian Uranus begins the forecast period in early Taurus. Here the Great Awakener spotlights the unequal distribution of wealth and resources. Neptune evokes idealism, deep longing for a more perfect and compassionate world. Pluto, testing the birth horoscope of the USA since 2008, strains our long-term alliances, empowers rivals, and reveals corruption as well as other abuses of power. It also triggers a renewed search for the meaning and purpose of our nation.

These processes continue for the better part of the coming decade. It is our responsibility to participate in, and when possible, improve our government. Whatever your politics, stay informed and involved. Vote this November! Contribute as you can to the people and causes you feel represent your values and interests. We all have a say in our nation’s role at home and on the global stage.

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The Labor Day weekend, for many the season’s last hurrah, plays out under mostly mellow skies. While officially summer isn’t quite done, the impending onset of fall can be noted. The hours of daylight are growing shorter. In wetlands the leaves of swamp maples change to fiery red. Overhead Venus remains the jewel-like evening star. Her sextile with Mercury on Monday the 3rd is an omen of happiness and agreeable communications.

Saturn resumes forward motion on Thursday the 6th. The Ringed Planet has been backpedaling since mid-April. On the 7th a fabulous earth sign grand trine links Mercury, Saturn and Uranus. Practical solutions are sought and found. Put the wisdom of the past to good use while embracing new ideas and the latest technology. Venus tangles with Mars on Saturday the 8th. Some couples have reached the end of their shared road. If you must part ways, do so with kindness and respect.

We’re soon on the way to new adventures. The Virgo new Moon during the afternoon of Sunday the 9th launches a fresh activity cycle. Venus arrives in Scorpio the same day and on Monday Mars enters Aquarius. In the sign of friendship, working for the greater good is one of Mars’ strengths. The Virgo Sun fosters tremendous good will on Tuesday the 11th. Some of that community spirit spills over into Wednesday when working with and for others is also supported by the stars.

Research and planning are facilitated over the weekend of the 15th and 16th. Minds are precise as mental Mercury is ably assisted by aspects with Pluto and Jupiter. A potentially dangerous square between Mars and Uranus warrants extreme caution on the 18th. Discord between friends can be upsetting. Cars as well as other machines need be used with all due caution. Pay attention and stay focused.

Fall begins with the Sun’s arrival in Libra on Saturday the 22nd. The autumnal equinox sees balance between the forces of darkness and light. Insecurities and fears may be magnified by Mercury’s square to Saturn on Sunday the 23rd. A midday delay can be frustrating. Another aspect, this one an energizing and inspiring trine between Mercury and Mars, soon follows and with the waxing Harvest Moon lighting the path, the way forward is clear. The Moon is exactly full Monday night at 10:52PM EDT. The opposing Sun and Moon are square to Saturn. Partnerships require a deft touch this week. Delayed gratification may be unavoidable if certain relationships are going to thrive. Agreements are more readily reached the last few days of the month.


A slip of the tongue could have unintended consequences as October begins. Think twice before speaking. Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on Friday the 5th. Jealousy could offend a partner’s sensibilities. Give freely and without attachment.

The Libra new Moon is exact the night of Monday the 8th. Once again the cosmos green lights projects but a testing square from Pluto suggests plans will need revising. With Venus retrograde, a lack of funds or support may delay or prohibit some activities. Mercury’s midweek opposition to Uranus changes minds abruptly but a late week sextile with Saturn points to workable solutions. Remain cooperative throughout the week as the Sun is at odds with Pluto. A winner-takes-all approach is certain to arouse long-term resentment.

More optimistic moods set in over the weekend of the 13th and 14th. On Monday the 15th Mercury joins retrograde Venus in a healing conjunction. Making amends with friends, partners and co-workers sets the stage for a fruitful working week. The waxing Moon provides plenty of energy but watch your speed and your manners on Friday the 19th when Mercury is at odds with Mars. Spiritually enriching creative and social endeavors brighten Saturday the 20th. Hearts and minds are impressionable all weekend. Mastery of many different challenges is facilitated by Mercury’s sextile with Pluto on Monday the 22nd.

The Sun enters Scorpio the morning of the 23rd. A solar opposition to Uranus occurs the same day. Personal values are questioned. Market fluctuations can be dramatic. The Moon is nearly full so the emotional tenor is at a fevered pitch. One bright spot is Venus’ sextile to Saturn. The goddess of love and beauty is still retrograde. Apply guidance from wise men and women to current challenges. A long ago love may reappear.

The full Hunter’s Moon in Taurus is exact at 12:45PM on Wednesday the 24th. Security issues are paramount. Sharing assets, whether wealth, knowledge or talents, is the surest path to lasting stability. Inequality and the vast disparity of wealth rankles many political observers. At week’s end the Sun overtakes Venus and both stars sit favorably aligned with Saturn. New alliances are forged. Friday and Saturday are good days to seek balance in all relationships. Good news comes on Monday the 29th but the month ends with many issues feeling unsettled.


Shorter hours of daylight and a waning Moon increase the inclination to reflect on the past and ponder the future. Sunset comes early as we return to Standard Time on Sunday the 4th. Election Day, Tuesday the 6th, is rife with changes and upheavals. The Moon is at odds with retrograding Uranus just as the planet of earthquakes, inventions and game-changing breakthroughs slips back into Aries. The public rebels against the status quo and election results reflect both voter discontent and the wish to see the USA move in a different direction.

The new Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday the 6th helps crystallize a clear sense of purpose. The next day Jupiter returns to his own sign of Sagittarius for the first time in eleven years. The Moon promptly conjuncts the giant planet, raising hopes and faith that truth and knowledge will prevail. Happy trends hold sway on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th. Weekend reunions are notable.

On Thursday the 15th progressive forces hold the upper hand. The first quarter Moon in Aquarius is the time to review plans and assess progress. Mars makes an energizing sextile to Uranus early in the day and then enters Pisces during the late afternoon. Keep a steady eye on chosen goals. Distractions are sure to arise.

Venus turns direct and Mercury retrogrades on Friday the 16th. The direction shifts can be perplexing. Just as social and money matters show promise, some folks are likely to renege on a promise. Mars squares Jupiter on Monday the 19th. Disagreements grow heated and loud. Be alert to ulterior motives. Anger is a cover-up, used to hide underlying fears and insecurities.

The full Moon approaches. On Thanksgiving Day, Thursday the 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius. Hearts feel lighter. A void-of-course Taurus Moon creates a relaxed and indulgent atmosphere. The late night mood is charged with excitement. As midnight nears the Moon slips into Gemini. At 12:39AM on Friday the 23rd the Moon is exactly full. Expect appetites to be large as the Sun is conjunct optimistic Jupiter. Revelers are boisterous, laughs are hearty but care must be taken. Mars is testing the Moon, Sun and Jupiter. Avoid overdoing it and use caution if you plan to travel tonight.

The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter form an enthusiastic stellium the week of the 26th. Debates are impassioned. Some argue just for the sake of being disagreeable. A well-reasoned explanation makes an excellent impression. Put your thinking cap on and make sure your positions are supported by facts. That’s the best way to avoid a future embarrassment. November ends with Venus in an opposition with Uranus. Some lovers are ready to say goodbye. Others see partners in a refreshing new light.


The Sagittarius Sun and Jupiter form testing squares with Mars and Neptune during the first few days of the month. Some folks scramble to shore up their reputations. However, the moral high ground belongs to those who serve rather than exploit others. Mental Mercury returns to forward motion on Thursday the 6th. Mars is conjunct Neptune and still at odds with the Sun and Jupiter at the New Moon of the 7th. There are many potential hazards. Bad weather, floods, toxic chemicals and other environmental risks are heightened. Overly pompous behavior can be detrimental to healthy relationships.

Constructive ideas are nurtured by the Capricorn Moon during the weekend of the 8th and 9th. This is a good time for holiday shopping and seasonal preparations. Upon arrival in Sagittarius on Wednesday the 12th, Mercury promotes positive thinking. A succession of stabilizing alignments graces the period between the 16th and 21st. The major planets are supportive of good behavior and enjoying seasonal fun.

Winter solstice is on Friday the 21st. The Sun enters Capricorn that evening while Venus and Neptune are in a trine and Mercury is conjunct Jupiter. Happiness. Love. Life is good. The Moon is nearly full and appears so at sunset. On Saturday at 12:49PM EST she’ll be exactly full in Cancer. The weekend is a whirlwind of errand running and social get-togethers. While the urge to stay close to home is stimulated by the Cancer Moon, travel is easier over the weekend than on Monday. A Monday evening square between Mercury and Neptune can be a harbinger of weather delays, missed connections, lost items and other obstacles.     

With a Leo Moon the 25th feels celebratory. Relatively calm days follow. The night of the 31st Mars enters Aries, firing up New Year’s Eve celebrations. A lunar trine to Neptune adds notes of nostalgia and mysticism as we prepare to turn the calendar page.


Happy New Year! With the Moon in Scorpio and the Capricorn Sun heading into conjunction with sober Saturn, moods are pensive on the 1st. Saturn always calls for a clear-headed assessment of where we stand, what needs are most pressing and how to best reach goals. The Sun/Saturn conjunction of Wednesday the 2nd is also a prelude to a solar eclipse at the new Moon on Saturday the 5th. Eclipses often bring realizations and changes of fortune. Hold off on your New Year resolutions until after the 5th.

A major change of pace comes on the 6th. Uranus resumes forward motion, sparking imaginations and boosting inventive initiatives. Venus enters Sagittarius the morning of Monday the 7th. With an Aquarian Moon, friendly vibes prevail. Tuesday sees Mercury at odds with Mars. Stubbornness carries risks. Be ready to revise your thinking. From the 9th through the 11th the Sun’s conjunction with Pluto dominates. The potent pairing focuses attention on power, who has it and how it’s being used. Positions on either side of an argument are firm and uncompromising.

Jupiter’s square with Neptune on Sunday the 13th leads some folks to naively trust. High hopes are fine but don’t be gullible. Double-check relevant facts. Confusion and uncertainty are widespread this week as the Capricorn Sun makes a tense square with Uranus on Friday the 18th. Impassioned and eager, restless spirits clamor for change.
The Sun enters Aquarius on Sunday the 20th. Weather can factor into travel plans. Expect delays around the time of the full Moon, exact Monday at 12:16AM EST. Open your heart to both give and receive with this powerful lunar event. A blissfully happy conjunction of Venus and Jupiter brightens the morning of Tuesday the 22nd. This is a good time to count blessings. Spirits remain high and debates lively as Mars forms a trine with Jupiter on Friday the 25th. Meetings are productive but fatigue sets in after dark.

The coldest days of winter play out under relatively mellow skies. Saturn closes the month with a sextile to Neptune on Thursday the 31st. This alignment is an invitation to apply one’s creative ingenuity. Everyday responsibilities as well as humanitarian causes are best served by consistent, dedicated efforts. Make a dream come true!


I can’t speak for groundhogs but I can tell you people are in for a wonderful time the night of Saturday the 2nd. A sextile between Venus and Uranus is a harbinger of great fun. Be spontaneous. Chance meetings as well as reunions can be memorable.

On Monday afternoon the new Moon in Aquarius jumpstarts the cosmic gearwheels. It is again time to plant seeds and begin new projects. The Sun and Moon are favorably aligned with Jupiter, adding confidence that ambitious plans will succeed. Thursday the 7th is an especially promising day for meetings and planning sessions. Hopeful and gregarious moods persist into Saturday the 9th. The night is a fine one for socializing. Hook up with your most gifted story-telling friends and share belly laughs.

While the mid-month period is for the most part mellow, the late afternoon and night of Tuesday the 12th brings challenges. The first quarter Moon in Taurus brings out stubborn streaks while Mars’ conjunction with Uranus increases the risks of accidents, falls, fires and aggressive behavior. Don’t hurry. Avoid hotheads and trouble spots. Take extra care while driving or using sharp tools and machinery.

St. Valentine’s Day sees a turnabout. The late afternoon and nighttime highlight the charms of love and affection. Let someone special know you care. The loving atmosphere continues to echo into the following weekend. Venus’ sextile with Neptune intensifies affections, inspires artists and motivates social reformers. Progressive forces rally under the Aquarius Sun’s sextile with Uranus on Monday the 18th. Later that day the Sun enters Pisces. There’s no resting as the Moon waxes and is exactly full at 0 Virgo on Tuesday the 19th at 10:53AM EST. Roll up your shirtsleeves and get to work. This can be a very productive day. Signs of coming spring may already be apparent.

Friday the 22nd brings engaging trends. Avoid afternoon distractions. Finish work and prepare for a lively evening. A party or other social event blends personal and professional interests. Discussions may continue into Saturday. Stay alert at the wheel of your car. After a tentative start to the working week enthusiasm builds as the Sun sextiles Mars on Thursday the 27th. Solid progress is made at month’s end while the hours of daylight grow longer each day.

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