August 2014 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for August 2014

August 1: The lively heavens stimulate conflicting urges. Many of us will find this a trying day. With Mars square Jupiter, opinions are loud and passionate. Sudden arguments and other unexpected complications can disrupt plans. Action taken may fail to produce desired results. Be tactful. Don't get distracted. Keep an open heart and mind and focus on the greater common good, beyond self-interest. Sow seeds of peace  whenever possible.
Moon in Libra v/c 19:58pm-12:00am, Venus square Uranus, Venus trine Saturn, Mars square Jupiter.

August 2: A void of course Libra Moon makes this a good time to explore shared interests with lovers and friends and make peace with foes. Impromptu get togethers and enthusiastic discussions are the order of the day. Brilliant ideas flash on like Las Vegas neon signs. Mental Mercury is powerfully augmented, conjunct optimistic Jupiter and square fiery Mars. Judgment may be alternately confident, over stated or ill-timed. Shy away from hyperbole if you would minimize offending sensitive ears. Offer heart felt encouragement when appropriate but think twice before making major commitments. With the Moon in uncertain territory, things are unlikely to go exactly as planned.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00am-10:57pm Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Mars.

August 3: The Scorpio Moon forges steadily ahead today. Early risers feel energized due to a lunar conjunction with Mars. The pairing, trined by Neptune, may elicit competitive as well as kindly humanitarian urges.  Focus on improving your own performance, rather than topping a competitor. You could set a new personal best. Lend a helping hand, if a situation warrants it. Mother Nature's beaches, forests and mountain tops call out to some. The evening's First Quarter Moon phase generates tension. Privacy urges clash with the need for attention and approval. A head clearing, heart to heart talk can be powerful, transformative medicine. The deeper you dig and the more openly you share, the more you'll gain.
Moon in Scorpio, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 8:50pm.

August 4: Early today the Scorpio Moon passes by dutiful Saturn. Rules must be followed, karmic bills paid and commitments kept. Happier trends take hold by mid-morning. When loving Venus makes her soothing presence felt relationships flow more smoothly. Agreements are more easily reached. The pleasurable period extends into early afternoon, when the Moon goes void of course. The rest of the day feels less engaging. If possible spend time alone. Get lost exploring the endless nooks and crannies of your own subconscious. These inner voyages of self-discovery can be curiously entertaining as well as enlightening.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 1:43pm-12:00am.

August 5: We're off to the races this morning as the Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter. Under this mood enhancing alignment, taking the high road and seeing only good are quite natural. Speak your truth but also travel slowly enough to hear and digest new information. Late afternoon ushers in a less confident mood. Be careful to avoid a misunderstanding around the dinner table. Everyone has their own unique point of view. Each is to be respected. Mental clarity returns and communications flow smoothly as the hour grows late. In many cases, intellectual insomniacs accomplish great work as the midnight oil burns.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00am-6:19am Moon enters Sagittarius.

August 6: The waxing Moon is in fattening mode. Now in Sagittarius, Luna forms an impressive Grand Trine in fire signs along with the Leo Sun and Mercury, and Uranus in Aries. The positively stellar configuration may dazzle minds and hearts. Fateful "coincidences," providential meetings, brilliant hunches and profound observations make this day fun and educational on many levels. The morning is best for business and other practical matters. The day's second half loses verve and luster as the Moon wanders void of course. Tend to routine chores in a relaxed manner. A long held dream may come true.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:52am-12:00am.

August 7: Partly because the Moon is void of course early today but also due to a wonderfully inspiring Mars/Neptune aspect, there is an inexhaustible supply of great ideas worth exploring. These mental gems may be prompted by practical, artistic or spiritual needs. Once the Moon enters Capricorn during the mid-morning, it's time to stop daydreaming, become more ambitious and concentrate on actually getting things done. With the Moon nearly full, there's no shortage of energy. Ideas and conversations continue to enthrall late into the night. Go ahead; be entertained, renewed and refreshed by beauty, music, films and dare I say it, television.  
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00am-9:39am Moon enters Capricorn, Mars trine Neptune.

August 8: Today's stars sizzle, hypnotize and in the end leave us with weighty matters to ponder. Mental powers of reason and persuasion are strengthened by the Sun, made more adventurous by Uranus and tempered by sober Saturn. With compelling and competing influences in play, much rides on one's point of view. Faced with outrageous news or preposterous statements, nerves may be skittish, especially this morning. Don't try to do or fix everything at once. The afternoon brings more soothing and productive trends. Welcome friendly overtures. Evening social life can be exhilarating. However, a secret worry can be tough to shake off later tonight.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury trine Uranus, Sun trine Uranus, Mercury square Saturn.

August 9: The Leo Sun's late morning square to Saturn in Scorpio is a message from the Cosmos to slow down and steal a few minutes for a reality check. Review goals as well as the apparent limitations and obstacles keeping you from them. We all face lacks, delays and disruptions from time to time. These are designed to make priorities clearer. Concentrate on fewer, more essential commitments. Once things are sorted out, it's back to full speed ahead as the nearly full Moon enters Aquarius. However, avoid bumpy rides and argumentative folks tonight.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:09am-9:52am Moon enters Aquarius, Sun square Saturn.

August 10: It's Full Moon time. Agitated emotions can make it hard to see clearly or think straight. The engaging Leo Sun and more aloof Aquarius Moon are both at odds with dour Saturn. The resulting T-square configuration may trim the sails of some overblown egos. As the old saying notes, pride often leads to a humbling stumble and  fall from grace. Fortunately, the Moon is in harmony with her own North Node as well as Uranus. Put the needs of friends, partners and community before individual glory and the celestial energies facilitate peacemaking and friendship along with liberating shifts in consciousness. Those are good things to howl about.
Full "Sturgeon" Moon in Aquarius 2:09pm, Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:12pm-12:00am.

August 11: There's little energy available early today. Many folks are still trying to make sense of yesterday's Full Moon-fueled events. The Moon's mid-morning launch into watery Pisces inflates imaginations and sets countless fantasies in motion. Devious plots, quirky flirtations and acts of saintly selflessness are all possibilities. Pay attention! Which type of experience you have depends on your composure and intentions. The world of appearance mirrors inner consciousness swiftly and accurately. Many heartfelt and long desired dreams are made manifest late in the day. Untie the strings that bind you to the past and embrace your present passions.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00am-8:56am Moon enters Pisces.

August 12: Venus enters Leo today. The Goddess of Love, Beauty and Grace will spend the next three weeks in the sign of fun, romance and self-expression. What a good omen for the young at heart! Raconteurs will find the next few days fantastic for sharing their stories. As for today; tune out distractions this morning and take care of business. A happy angle between the Pisces Moon and Saturn fosters a strong work ethic. The extra dose of realism helps decision makers. After noon, the Moon begins a void of course period that lasts into tomorrow morning. Be prepared to meander with the eddies and flows of a far less focused, but intuitively rich period.
Moon in Pisces, Venus enters Leo.

August 13: As if on cue, the Moon enters Aries just in time for the start of the work day. Energy levels shift from languid to fully charged. Lunar trines to Venus and Jupiter then keep the day moving briskly and happily along. Friendly, hopeful vibes dominate the action until evening. Begin new ventures under these stellar "full speed ahead" auspices. It's also a fine day to test your own abilities. The likelihood of achieving a personal best performance is high. Late night denizens may find a tricky situation benefits from a new approach. Consider alternative methods of boosting resources and working with others.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00am-9:00am Moon enters Aries.

August 14: The first half of the day can be physically as well as emotionally trying. The Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus and activating the chaotic square with Pluto. Little seems certain but guard against impatience. Don't be heavy-handed or dictatorial. Put yourself in the other person's shoes before making judgments. The second half of the day is a very different story. Helping aspects between the Sun and Moon and Mars and Pluto facilitate inner calm. Cooperating is easier, too. Join forces with your significant other or close pals and set the world right. A tried and trusted technique or clever stratagem could save the day.
Moon in Aries.

August 15: This morning, a lively, chatty atmosphere supports doing myriad mental tasks, running errands and exchanging messages. As midday arrives the Moon enters Taurus. Shortly after, fleet-footed Mercury moves into Virgo. With the new emphasis on earth signs, focus narrows. A power lunch could address financial issues or just as plausibly, medical advances or the pleasures of the day. After noon, be careful not to promise too much or binge to excess on food. The evening hours can be quite delightful, provided indulgences are held within reason.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:50AM-11:58AM Moon enters Taurus, Mars sextile Pluto, Mercury enters Virgo.

August 16: Things settle in and settle down while the Moon transits through Taurus. The calming effects are most noticeable early this morning. Upon rising, first impressions and ideas are likely to be spot on. A little later, a lunar opposition to Mars can prove disruptive. The challenging aspect requires extra patience and care with cars and other machines This is followed by another testing alignment, the Moon's opposition to Saturn. Financial woes and strained relationships can depress some spirits. Luckily, an approaching conjunction of Venus and Jupiter brightens the weekend. Faith sees heavy hearts through the toughest tests. Try to see the best in people and situations. Trust and optimism attract goodness.
Moon in Taurus.

August 17: The First Quarter Moon in Taurus greets the new morning. Coming early in the day, it will be easy to sidestep any potential friction generated by the stressful configuration. From morning until evening the Moon then travels void of course. If you feel like exerting your self, tend to material plane matters like tidying the manse, toiling in the garden, food shopping or improving your wardrobe. Save life-changing decisions and major purchases for another day. Less ambitious activities can be quite satisfying, too. I'm thinking of lazing in hammocks, barbecues, beaches, reading and other sensorially rich experiences. Welcome news arrives with the Moon's evening entry into Gemini. Venus' post-midnight conjunction with Jupiter adds an especially celebratory glow to friendships and romances.
First Quarter Moon in Taurus 8:26am, Moon in Taurus v/c 8:26am-6:41pm Moon enters Gemini.

August 18: Two beguiling alignments adorn this day. Just after midnight Venus overtakes Jupiter in Leo. Uncork the champagne! The exuberant pairing confirms there is much to laugh about while celebrating and giving thanks. At the end of the day, just minutes before midnight, mental Mercury opposes mystical Neptune. This delicate aspect may trigger outpourings of creative genius and spiritual recognition. On the other hand, delusional ramblings are also a possibility. As the Fates would have it, the vivacious Gemini Moon is in harmony with Venus and Uranus, so the odds favor a pleasing conclusion to a delightful day.
Moon in Gemini, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury opposite Neptune.

August 19: A sympathetic angle between the Gemini Moon and Leo Sun creates a daylong climate of inner calm and certainty as well as easy-going amity with partners and associates. With so much seemingly going right, enjoy your companions. Be generous with words of praise and appreciation. Get creative. Express your artistic gifts and unique talents. Be sure to let your love light shine! Travelers and vacationers can cover a lot of territory and find the going smooth.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:54pm-12:00am.

August 20: Before the Sun rises in the east the Moon arrives in her own home sign of Cancer. The placement arouses fiercely protective urges but also allows for some useful emotional detachment, due to the currently balsamic lunar phase. Before defending your turf or going on the offensive, consider other options. Try to see where the other person is coming from. A word of sympathy and a willingness to compromise will ease any friction. Staying even-keeled is especially helpful at home. The late afternoon hours are best for peacemaking. Evening discussions may also promote better understanding.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00am-4:45am Moon enters Cancer.

August 21: At work or home, the morning hours feel energized due to a lunar trine with Mars. This go-getter alignment sputters a bit as the Cancer Moon squares off with Uranus after lunch. Mechanical failures, computer glitches and other unforeseen events can disrupt routines and require a hasty change of plans. Fortunately, Mercury's trine with Pluto enables quick thinking and the clever use of available tools. This is good news for those able to improvise. In truth, some adjustments may be long overdue. Unfolding under a void of course Moon, the final third of the day is good for relaxing at home or on a favorite beach. No heavy lifting this evening.
Moon in Cancer v/c 3:34pm-12:00am, Mercury trine Pluto.

August 22: A lengthy void of course Cancer Moon dominates more than half of the day. As a result, little of lasting significance occurs before evening. Moods are pensive and overly sensitive. Life moves in gentle cascades, then ebbs and flows again. Respect the feelings of others, and be careful not to impinge on another's privacy. After work a more festive atmosphere gradually takes hold as the Moon reaches flamboyant Leo. The late stage of the lunar cycle helps keep things mellow, but hopeful signs abound everywhere. Relax and enjoy your life tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00am-4:49pm Moon enters Leo.

August 23: Less than an hour into the new day, the Sun enters Virgo, signaling approaching changes. It's time to focus, adjust priorities and get ready for the coming "back to school, back to work" fall harvest season. But first, there's time for fun. When morning arrives a big, happy stellium composed of the Leo Moon, Jupiter and Venus elevates hearts, minds, and spirits to the stratosphere. The prospering trio works to spread joy and build confidence all across our fair planet. It won't take much to spark a celebration. Deeply felt gratitude or a mere stitch of good luck is reason enough to dance up a storm and party.
Moon in Leo, Sun enters Virgo.

August 24: After a less than restful night, the Leo Moon ventures void of course into the breaking dawn. She remains that way until midnight. The resulting calm is fitting for the last day of the lunar cycle. Many things have run their course. It's time to complete projects and digest recent events. Content yourself with relaxing. Favorite hobbies and low key recreational activities are a perfect match with today's heavenly influences. Hold off on beginning projects or making major purchases and investments until tomorrow's New Moon gives its blessing.
Moon in Leo v/c 4:26am-12:00am.

August 25:  As this morning's New Moon in Virgo quietly ushers in a fresh activity cycle, other powerful planetary alignments dot the sky. Be sure you know what you want, personally and professionally. Have your route clearly thought out, with back-up plans in mind, too. Testing squares between the tandem of Mars conjunct Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Venus can throw the best laid schemes off kilter. Partners may balk when push comes to shove. A series of challenging alignments continues until the end of the week. Proceed slowly and carefully as great intentions will surely require great efforts.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00am-5:33am Moon enters Virgo, New Moon in Virgo 10:13am, Mercury sextile Mars, Venus trine Uranus, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mars conjunct Saturn.

August 26: The Moon journeys through the healing environs of Virgo, making several supportive aspects which help keep the day on a steady track. Beginning with an early morning sextile to Pluto and continuing with sextiles to Saturn and Mars, the celestial trends support progress. Negotiations may be painstakingly drawn out, especially with Venus also testing Saturn. Thoughts of scarcity and fears of rejection have to be overcome. Dogged determination and perhaps a change of strategy will be necessary before reaching ultimate success. Tonight, look back at the day's accomplishments and give your self or a pal a well-deserved pat on the back.
Moon in Virgo v/c 10:29pm-12:00am, Venus square Saturn.

August 27: A void of course Virgo Moon holds sway until late afternoon. The detail oriented Moon favors making things ship shape, but resist any temptation to nitpick or give unwanted advice. Tend to routine chores and health regimens. Seek ways to improve performance levels and increase skill sets, but don't try anything too strenuous. The disengaged Moon may rob us of energy, make staying on track difficult and cause a distinct lack of perspective. A tiny matter could be blown out of proportion. Shortly before sundown things change as the crescent sliver of a Moon settles into Libra. Attention shifts to partnering, and clarity returns.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00am-5:54pm Moon enters Libra, Venus square Mars.

August 28: There are many reasons to feel grateful this morning. The Libra Moon is in a sextile with Jupiter, offering hope and boosting confidence. Life appears to be a grand adventure! Travel proceeds smoothly. Words come easily and many partnerships benefit from frank discussions. Talks may turn contentious after noon. By then the Moon is at odds with Pluto and Uranus. Don't overreact during the second half of the day. Listen carefully and search out points of agreement. Being considerate and helpful is a surefire way to ease any tensions, just as long as basic principles are not compromised.
Moon in Libra.

August 29: After a restless night the early morning hours see a wonderful, almost spiritual calm take hold. The Virgo Sun is opposite mystical Neptune and all manner of things, stones, clouds, trees, the Earth we stand on, may seem to speak to us, as though suddenly quite alive. Compassion for our fellow human beings also increases. The Libra Moon forms a noontime sextile angle with Venus, increasing and enhancing the loving vibrations. Because Neptune almost always bears careful watching, it's best to keep an eye out for inclement weather and also be on the lookout for a possible misunderstanding. After lunch the Moon is traveling void of course, good for going with the flow. Don't force the pace. It's time to relax the second half of the day,
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00pm-12:00am, Sun opposite Neptune.

August 30: Dive in to your feelings. Emotional awareness is both captivating and enriching. The Scorpio Moon, always a harbinger of intense sensitivity, is favorably disposed towards Neptune and the Sun today. Rather than get hung up on old hurts, let imagined scenarios serve as instruments of healing. Forgive and forget. Visualize peace. Use kindness. Have a go at a creative activity; paint, take photos, dance, sing, or go for a stroll in nature. The potential for healing and transformation is immense. Dinnertime brings genuine rapport between friends. Late night party scenes see an interesting dynamic develop between those who want to be the center of attention and those who prefer to observe and stay out of the limelight.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00am-4:53am Moon enters Scorpio.

August 31: A Scorpio stellium, consisting of the Moon, Saturn and Mars, dominates the heavens. This is no time for trivialities. Everything done or entered into today requires a conscious, full time commitment. The path ahead is likely to be slow and arduous, but the rewards promise to be great. The Ringed Planet, sometimes called the Lord of Karma, keeps  unerring track of our actions, both good and bad. If the opportunity presents itself, make amends for a past mistake. Cleaning the karmic slate is a fine use of today's Cosmic energies. Keep long range plans and ambitions clearly in mind before taking on any new responsibilities.
Moon in Scorpio.