August 2015 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for August 2015

August 1: The new month arrives with an exuberant, celebratory spirit. An Aquarius Moon sees countless social events and quite a few reunions under way. While most gatherings proceed happily, a late afternoon lunar square to dour Saturn can briefly dampen enthusiasm or test one's faith in the future. Because the ringed planet is stationary and about to turn direct in late Scorpio, some partnerships may face a long overdue status change. A karmic lesson could be complete, a debt repaid. Be honest, but also thoughtful and kind. Ask for what you want. In the long run, change is for the better if endings are made with awareness and essential interests are served.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:02PM-6:36PM Moon enters Pisces.

August 2: Saturn's post-midnight return to forward motion could trigger a review of finances, investment strategies and other commitments. However, don't spend too much time looking into the rear view mirror today. Dwelling in the past is a losing proposition. Power is in the present. Mental Mercury's fabulous trine to inventive Uranus clearly points to a more promising future. It also suggests that friends with technical know-how are here to inspire and help with new ideas and different perspectives. For those who are facing weighty decisions, as well as those who are not, mother nature offers sylvan refuges and shoreline vistas to renew weary minds, bodies and spirits. Intuition also shines brilliantly.
Moon in Pisces, Saturn Direct, Mercury trine Uranus.

August 3: Jupiter's early morning square to Saturn launches the day on a serious note. Imagined shortcomings can loom large. Responsibilities need defining. Don't blame yourself when at least part of the problem lies with others. Figuring out who is in charge and how to best proceed is facilitated by the Pisces Moon's trine with Mars. The early afternoon alignment provides strength and energy to get past resistance from critics and naysayers. Be persistent. Satisfaction with a job well done is one of today's great rewards. An early evening void of course Moon period is the cosmos' signal to slow down and decompress. Leave job cares behind and make time to enjoy yourself.
Moon in Pisces v/c 4:35PM-7:24PM Moon enters Aries, Jupiter square Saturn.

August 4: The 'in a hurry' Aries Moon forms a fine trine aspect with the Leo Sun this afternoon. The energizing angle gives courage, energy and initiative. Progress is also facilitated by Venus' conjunction with Jupiter. This is considered one of the happiest, most auspicious planetary pairings, fostering spiritual, emotional and material well-being. With Venus currently retrograde, old friends and lovers are likely to come calling. Generous acts may also be rewarded as good karma is repaid. Hearts swell with love, pride and the pure joy of existence. Talents are on display, and greatly appreciated. The lavish, party-like atmosphere changes noticeably late in the day as the Moon ventures into a less stable zone of the Zodiac. Mind your surroundings if you're out late tonight.
Moon in Aries, Venus conjunct Jupiter.

August 5: Today requires skillful handling of others as well as deftly shifting gears with several changing ebbs and flows. A quick spurt of early morning ingenuity is followed by a confrontation with a stark, sobering reality; agreements come with limitations for many reasons. Venus is testing Saturn. Trust, reputations and successes must be earned and dutifully maintained. Thoughtful analysis and clear communications can win over doubtful minds, saving some alliances. Other relationships may be karmically complete and have come to an end. Loyalty and persistence lead to an evening of fun, fulfillment and harmony with loved ones. The recounting of happy memories and well-embellished tales make dinnertime gatherings all the more delectable. Moon in Aries v/c 7:29PM-9:29PM Moon enters Taurus, Venus square Saturn.

August 6: Mercury cruises by retrograding Venus this morning, creating a happy vibe. Among the many pleasing encounters, long time pals may make surprise appearances. Later this afternoon the Winged Messenger stumbles, testing Saturn. A pause to consider the best travel routes and dates is recommended. It may also be time for a new strategy. Listen to a partner's recommendations as you consider alternative options. Tonight the Last Quarter Taurus Moon is at odds with the Leo Sun. There may not be enough time or money to pursue every pleasure but with Mercury approaching jolly Jupiter, saying "no" requires a discipline. Thoughts are on the future as sleep beckons.
Moon in Taurus, Last Quarter Moon in Taurus 10:03PM, Mars trine Saturn, Mercury conjunct Venus, Mercury square Saturn.

August 7: Mental Mercury is a busy bee today, making an exhilarating pass by Jupiter during the wee hours of the morning and slipping into practical Virgo this afternoon. The thought provoking, dream-inspiring conjunction keeps night owls wide eyed and mentally alert but the lack of sleep may catch up with some folks later in the day. An earthy Taurus Moon fosters a sense of tranquility during the daytime hours. Come evening, the action picks up. A quick flurry of lunar aspects animates tonight's social scene but when the Moon opposes Saturn, enthusiasm is dampened and fatigue can suddenly be a limiting factor. Avoid pushing boundaries with partners or burning the candle at both ends.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mercury enters Virgo.

August 8: This is a low key, low energy day. The waning Gemini Moon edges into a late afternoon square with dreamy Neptune. The angle sees many folks feeling lazy. Flights of fancy are more likely to be in the mind rather than actually embarking on a grand tour, packed suitcase in hand. Travel light and plan a relaxing outing to a neighborhood playing field, parkland or beach. Mars' evening arrival in fiery Leo raises more ambitious party spirits. With harmony between the Sun and Moon increasing, nighttime gatherings are likely to be spirited, and good fun.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:46AM-1:40AM Moon enters Gemini, Mars enters Leo.

August 9: Harmonious trends prevail. The Gemini Moon and Leo Sun provide a mood elevating dose of early morning good cheer. Brisk walks and heart to heart talks are most enjoyable. Afternoon social events are charming affairs. New ties are forged and older ones strengthened. Inject something unique, untried or revolutionary into the proceedings. Technological gadgetry adds to the fun. The good vibes continue into the late night hours as the Moon settles into a comfortable alignment with Venus, the planet of love, affection and pleasure. Make no excuses. Enjoy your self!
Moon in Gemini.

August 10: Jupiter, the planet of excess, is poised at the last degree of Leo, the sign of royalty and drama. Let's see the planet of prosperity on its way in heartwarming style! Make this day special by extending boundless good will to everyone you meet. The outgoing Gemini Moon's early morning sextile to Jupiter launches the day with positive attitudes and high hopes. After a brief void of course period the Moon enters Cancer where she favorably aligns with mental Mercury and mystical Neptune. Protective and maternal instincts grow sharper, as well as the urge to improve the world in some way. Giving without expectation is encouraged. So is tidying up at work or around the house. Let your heart savor and be inspired by simple summer pleasures tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:45AM-8:08AM Moon enters Cancer.

August 11: This morning Jupiter, our solar system's largest planet, long associated with prosperity and good fortune, arrives in Virgo for a thirteen month visit. This is good news for those born under the Harvest Sign, suggesting a year of notable achievements lies ahead. For all signs, the purity of our food and water supply is going to be of increasing concern. The Cancer Moon is at odds with Pluto and Uranus. Stress levels are likely to spike as conflicting urges, powerful rivalries, unexpected complications and other uncertainties keep many folks on edge. Those who stay calm and committed to reaching solutions can make admirable progress. Despite clear intentions, evening plans are apt to change. Be ready to improvise.
Moon in Cancer, Jupiter enters Virgo.

August 12: Take pride and comfort in capably dispensing with routine business, attending to the needs of family members and learning from experience. A midday or early afternoon meeting with your parent, boss or other authority figure can be fruitful. However, mental Mercury's opposition to Neptune raises the possibility of a confounding miscommunication. Avoid trouble by carefully reviewing all facts, timelines and assignments. Details do matter. Avoid taking unnecessary risks. On the other hand, moments of inspiration and apparent divine intervention may also be in the works. A few quiet afternoon hours are followed by the Leo Moon's conjunction with fiery Mars late tonight. Hook up with frisky playmates and make a party.
Moon in Cancer v/c 1:44PM-4:52PM Moon enters Leo, Mercury opposite Neptune.

August 13: The waning Moon sallies quietly onward through regal Leo, boosting confidence and inviting everyone to participate in activities that bring smiles and laughs. The Leo Sun forms an early morning trine to Uranus, the visionary and altruistic planet of new inventions, egalitarian ideals and social unity. The trine raises hopes and some folks have actual visions of the future. Somewhat ironically, this is also the final full day of the lunar cycle, not the time for new beginnings or getting ahead of yourself. The lunar energy is actually far more appropriate for wrapping up projects. You may want to keep today's bright ideas under wraps for now. There will be more auspicious indicators for putting plans in motion tomorrow.
Moon in Leo, Sun trine Uranus.

August 14: Ready, set, go! This morning's initiatory New Moon in Leo finds the usual Sun/Moon duo joined by retrograding Venus. The cheerful trio is in turn influenced by Uranus and Saturn, two planets that are as stylistically different as can be imagined. Lovers, mavericks and geniuses hold center court most of the day. Live large, and passionately. Make social plans. Reconnect with old loves or rekindle the spark that launched an ongoing relationship. Good vibes dominate into early afternoon. Tonight sees the Moon moving into a somber square with Saturn. The angle may deflate party spirits and set off a sobering round of worries. Keep tabs on spending and a watchful eye on partners. Early to bed may be appealing option.
Moon in Leo, New Moon in Leo 10:53AM.

August 15: The Leo Sun overtakes retrograde Venus today and the possibilities are tantalizing. Long ago friends and sweethearts may reunite. Conversations can have unusual depth and provide meaningful, perhaps transformative insights. Realizations into one's own personal history or the forces that molded partners are facilitated by Mercury's late afternoon trine with Pluto. Be sure to emphasize the positive aspects, how you've grown, what you've learned and how deeply you feel. As evening falls a relaxed mood takes over. A lunar opposition to mysterious Neptune is lovely for quietly communing with nature, wishing upon stars, romancing, watching movies and other escapes.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:36AM-3:46AM Moon enters Virgo, Sun conjunct Venus, Mercury trine Pluto.

August 16: The now waxing crescent Moon continues on her path through diligent Virgo. Relaxing may not be a first choice option. Many folks feel actively inclined to make things ship shape this morning. Projects such as closet and garage clean-outs and household decluttering may turn up lost or forgotten treasures. Going through old papers, letters and files could reveal valuable information. Shoppers at flea markets and yard sales can acquire interesting items, and at good prices. Health conscious living is promoted by the Moon's placement in the discriminating sign of the harvest. Make time today for the pillars of good health; exercise, rest, relax and eat well.
Moon in Virgo.

August 17: The start of the work week gets ample assistance from the industrious Virgo Moon and dutiful Saturn. Harmony between these two stars encourages getting to work on time and facing all tasks with focus and determination. The morning and early afternoon hours are extremely productive. Talks with co-workers pay dividends but then the Moon goes void of course. A mid or late afternoon break can be a thing of beautiful timing. Relax, especially if you've been over exerting yourself during the first part of the day. By evening the Moon is in Libra where she promotes social affairs, peacemaking, artists and design experts. Those who happen to be flying solo tonight might consider buying an elegant item for a special someone.
Moon in Virgo v/c 1:16PM-4:23PM Moon enters Libra.

August 18: The Moon is in Libra, making many folks naturally more sensitive to the needs of partners and associates. However, co-dependent behavior can get on others' nerves over the course of the day. You can't expect to make everyone happy or meet every need that arises. This will be increasingly apparent during the afternoon when the Moon tests Pluto. Kindness can be misplaced, unappreciated or ineffectual. Because partnering is always a two way street, willing participation and cooperation are required from all members in a healthy relationship. It may be necessary to cut ties with an uncooperative or abusive partner. Don't deny the obvious. Say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.
Moon in Libra.

August 19: The word serendipity was coined by Horace Walpole back in 1754 and is defined as "the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way." Sit back this morning and welcome magic enter your life. Follow up on a whim or fancy. Retrograde Venus is in a joyful trine with retrograde Uranus. The planet of love and happiness is encouraging impulsive actions as well as taking a second look at far out ideas and intuitive hunches. A long lost love could reappear or some other out of the blue experience, a gift, a gesture or note of appreciation, may leave you head over heels breathless and excited by possibilities. In any case, most people feel likable, friendly and outgoing. Many relationships thrive. Moods stay upbeat long into the night on this mostly upbeat and enjoyable day.
Moon in Libra v/c 10:56PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Uranus.

August 20: A morning sextile between the Scorpio Moon and Jupiter in Virgo is a plus for travelers on the move as well as ambitious business people. Teaching, learning and transformational healing are also supported. Moods become more pensive as time passes. Mixed trends could see some evening irritability. Resentments may surface and tempers grow shorter. It's best to remain cooperative and accommodating tonight. A kind word or thoughtful act cools tensions and can help forge stronger, more durable ties. Focus on pursuing ideal solutions and many problems will simply cease to be a bother.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-5:24AM Moon enters Scorpio.

August 21: While the early morning hours bring an innate sense of knowing, the Leo Sun's square to Saturn, today's major alignment, precipitates numerous obstacles. Delays afford time for reassessing priorities and needs. Thoughtful analysis is always a good idea but it's particularly appropriate now. Some "reality checks" are humbling. Fears and worries can loom large. Actual responsibilities could increase or it may just feel as though they are growing more burdensome. Consider dreams, ambitions and long range plans. If a new strategy or different personnel are needed, this is the time to decide on changes. With the Moon in Scorpio teamwork is preferable to going it alone. Experienced elders and history can be instructive.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun square Saturn.

August 22: Moods can be gloomy this morning. The Scorpio Moon is passing by Saturn and both stars are at odds with the Leo Sun. Each mistake, disappointment, loss or setback can weigh heavily on hearts and minds. Grieving and letting go are unavoidable parts of life. Facing losses and insecurities squarely is a necessary stage before one can move forward. Learn from the past. Clear your mind of negative thoughts. Let go go heartaches. Remove unwanted clutter from your living and work space. Practice gratitude and forgiveness. Resolve to do better next time. The late afternoon hours see much of the heaviness disperse. The Moon arrives in Sagittarius and moods brighten. New hopes are born and a pleasant evening follows.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 3:31PM-4:41PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

August 23: The Sun reaches earthy Virgo early this morning and the shift from summer to fall is foreshadowed. Not only are summer days dwindling, it's harvest season and it will soon be time to go back to school and think about career plans. But first there's time for fun and games today. The Sagittarius Moon is in an energizing morning trine with Mars in Leo. The alignment supports taking on all sorts of competitive challenges. Personal best performance records may be set at the gym, track or on playing fields. Motivation may also include day trips to locales that hold fond memories. Reveries can be especially touching tonight when Love arrives in strange and wonderful ways.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun enters Virgo.

August 24: An early morning trine between the Moon and Uranus is a passionate wish to be on the way to something new, something bigger and better. The angle eases the way for smooth traveling and visionary thinking, and may also help launch new friendships. A gradual slowdown makes the bulk of the day seem comparatively mellow. This afternoon be sure to maintain a view of the big picture. Fretting over minute details can be a seductive trap, leading to missed opportunities. By evening the Moon is in relaxing void of course mode. Put your feet up and expand your horizons with an interesting book or television show.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 6:04PM-12:00AM.

August 25: A gritty Capricorn Moon supports getting ahead in the material world, and more. There are also emotional as well as spiritual and artistic dimensions to investigate today. Awareness of the connections between people and other living creatures, things, the impact we have on the Earth and one another can lead to healing changes. More equitable and sustainable relationships are possible but change begins within. Feelings follow thoughts. The perception of outer circumstances reflects one's inner consciousness. Tonight's conjunction of the Moon and Pluto plainly shows who is on board and who opposes transformation. Internal resistance may be more subtle and complicated than imagined. Don't point fingers, work on understanding yourself.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-12:22AM Moon enters Capricorn.

August 26: The waxing Capricorn Moon's late morning square to excitable Uranus generates plenty of nervous energy, and with good reason. Schedules may change. It's tough to stay focused when there's a world of uncertainty. Luckily, mental Mercury is harmonizing with Saturn at midday, providing a solid, "one step at a time" counter-balance to the scattered energies. The Virgo Sun's evening conjunction with Jupiter can set off a fresh round of worrying. Don't pick nits or engage in endless hashing of details. Be patient. Keep big picture ambitions in mind throughout the day. Slow and steady is the sure way to reach the heights.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury sextile Saturn, Sun conjunct Jupiter.

August 27: The approaching full Moon is starting to make it's presence felt. The rising lunar tide sweeps one and all into a sharpened awareness of things to come. Goals come into focus. If one is to succeed, assistance from friends and associates is crucial. Mental Mercury's midday arrival in the relationship sign of Libra underscores this point. We often travel further and faster when accompanied and supported by agreeable, like-minded people. Under the Aquarius Moon, team building is favored. Cultivate new relationships and also touch base with familiar companions. Tonight can be a good time to begin mapping out strategies that serve the greater good of your community.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 3:20AM-4:03AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury enters Libra.

August 28: The nearly full Aquarius Moon faces beginning and end of the day challenges and also makes a wonderful midday sextile to Uranus. The several hours before and after lunch are today's brightest. Seek technical assistance, employ twenty-twenty foresight and enjoy the camaraderie of adventurous and irreverent pals during this part of the day. A lunchtime gathering can be memorable. Tonight the Moon is at odds with worrisome Saturn, which is not very promising for parties and other social affairs. Mind your manners and lower your expectations. Fatigue and limited financial resources may be factors, or a friend could be a no-show. Make the best of things.
Moon in Aquarius.

August 29: The super sensitive Pisces Moon is exactly Full this afternoon. Conjunctions of the Moon with mystical Neptune and the Virgo Sun with Jupiter add layers of delight and excitement to the day's plentiful activities. If it wasn't for a restraining influence from sobering Saturn, many of us would let imagination take us floating away. Get out in Nature. The healing, restorative powers of the Sun, blue skies, mountains, trees, lakes and oceans are immense. Students of meditation and the occult are likely to enjoy deep moments of higher consciousness. Of course there will be 'realists' who find untethered mysticism, idealism or fantasy not their cup of tea. For those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and a little inventiveness, the world is alive with magic.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:03AM-4:51AM Moon enters Pisces, Full Moon in Pisces 2:35PM.

August 30: The drop off after yesterday's Full Moon excitement is notable. A quieter, more introverted side of the Pisces Moon is apparent. Time spent alone, tackling personal chores, reading or just relaxing and whiling away the day, is hugely appealing. Walks down memory lane can stir hearts and minds. For other folks, dreaming of the future is alluring. Parks and other summer hot spots are good places to indulge appetites and be inspired. A late night lunar alignment with Saturn inclines some folks to get busy and diligently prepare for the work week or an upcoming vacation.
Moon in Pisces.

August 31: The early morning arrival of the Moon into Aries clears away physical inertia and mental cobwebs. However, there are planetary influences that challenge powers of observation and rational thinking today. One, a noontime lunar opposition to Mercury, requires the use of tact and diplomacy. Don't allow impatience to stampede reason. Invoke the spirit of cooperation as independent action is far less effective or can even be counter-productive. Communication problems are exacerbated by the Sun's late night opposition to dreamy Neptune. It's woefully easy to misread people and situations under this alignment. On the other hand, for those who live and love deeply, some dreams are on the verge of coming true.
Moon in Pisces v/c 2:53AM-4:33AM Moon enters Aries, Sun opposite Neptune.