August 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for August 2016

August 1: Night owls are enjoyably entertained by friends and eccentric new acquaintances. The early morning hours continue to see good times roll as the Cancer Moon sextiles the ‘anything is possible’ planet of optimism and good fortune, Jupiter. Be prepared to adjust schedules during the late morning. Slow down and safeguard irreplaceable data. Gritty resolve takes hold after noon. A solar trine to Saturn and a lunar trine to Mars keep the day on a productive track. However, bear in mind we are at the end of the lunar cycle so focus on completing projects rather than starting them.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:44PM-9:12PM Moon enters Leo, Venus trine Uranus, Sun trine Saturn.

August 2: Mars’ entry into Sagittarius could trigger a new round of saber rattling and pompous talk. The New Moon in passionate Leo adds to the competitive atmosphere. Fortunately, the Sun/Moon tandem is in harmony with Saturn. In most cases, mature heads prevail. Wise folks give serious thought to long range goals and hold basic principles of honest, trustworthy behavior in high regard. If you haven’t thought about your heroes and heroines recently, it’s a good time to do so. Emulate those great and inspiring souls who have gone before us, respect the ways of the past and do right by others, now and in coming weeks. Today’s new projects have the celestial DNA to endure a good long time.
Moon in Leo, New Moon in Leo 4:44PM, Mars enters Sagittarius.

August 3: Expect a double dose of fun while the Sun and Moon pass through playful Leo. With the Moon heading towards a liberating trine to Uranus, life is anything but dull. Some folks feel a distinct sense of adventure. Others are wrapped up in creative projects. The late afternoon hours are particularly frisky. Break free from workplace responsibilities and other humdrum routines and try new things. Visit a new to you locale or cafe. Hobnob with pals and the good times will increase exponentially. A pending post-midnight lunar conjunction with Venus inspires artists, musicians, lovers and dreamers. Follow the fancies of your heart, and think big.
Moon in Leo.

August 4: From the start today focus on key chores, paperwork and communications. The dutiful Virgo Moon is conjunct mental Mercury. The paired stars are also testing Mars, Saturn and Neptune. Powers of observation are heightened but don’t let worries, criticism or the needs of others keep you from getting on with personal goals. Afternoon conferences and meetings can be fruitful, but remain vigilant and quick to deflect any deflating thoughts or other interference. If you must attend to a needy acquaintance wait until evening. Even then, I recommend operating within clear guidelines. Set limits as far as what can be done for others. Some folks are feeling lost and hopeless but must find their own way home.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:13AM-3:34AM Moon enters Virgo.

August 5: Yesterday’s complications are things of the past. The Virgo Moon, flanked by Mercury and Jupiter, is in an empowering trine aspect with Pluto as the work day begins. On the job progress, healing and understanding are facilitated. Better communicating makes teamwork exceptionally productive. Venus arrives in Virgo just before noon. The spirit of helpfulness is also alive and well. After a day of substantive accomplishments the nighttime heavens provide excellent support for travel and partying. Celebrate good deeds, outstanding skills and special talents as the crescent Moon overtakes jolly Jupiter in the midnight sky.
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:20PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Virgo.

August 6: Thank the void of course Virgo Moon for any chance to better your health this morning. If possible pamper yourself, and get some extra rest and relaxation time. There are also competing agendas. Mental Mercury is at odds with Saturn, causing some folks to worry about differences of opinion and things they can’t control. By early afternoon the Moon reaches Libra and the day takes on new life. Worries ease. Discussions are spirited but friendly. Evening brings more tensions as Venus tests Mars. Passions flare but mixed messages can befuddle some partners. Actions speak louder than words. If you show some affection and appreciation, as if by magic, clouds of confusion are dispelled.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-12:57PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Mars.

August 7: Mercury opposes Neptune just after midday, a fine omen for dreamers, artists, psychics and empaths. Don’t judge or analyze, just trust those first impressions. However, don’t throw caution entirely to the wind. The Cosmos could take you for a costly ride via a flim-flam man or other pied piper. Neptune can also be confusing, or deceptive. It’s smart to keep a watchful eye on valuable items and steer away from risky proposals. The Libra Moon helps sustain a balanced perspective on life. However, relationships could feel strained during the early evening but disagreements are likely to be minor, and short-lived. Optimism gathers strength as the evening hours pass.
Moon in Libra, Mercury opposite Neptune.

August 8: Re-entry into workplace routines can be awkward, a case of the Monday morning blues. The Libra Moon forms an opposition with freedom-loving Uranus. The early afternoon aspect sets some folks to playing hooky. Others eye the clock and wish they were elsewhere. As nerves grow edgy, computers become finicky. Partners can be restive. Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders and your over-active mind. Make necessary adjustments. Give others space. The Moon’s void of course period extends from the early afternoon opposition with Uranus all the way until midnight. This second half of the day is calmer, and a better time to get back in synch with colleagues.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:41PM-12:00AM.

August 9: By daybreak the Moon is firmly ensconced in Scorpio. Sometimes known for boosting privacy urges, today’s Scorpio Moon promotes sociability and kindness. Friendly vibes dominate the morning.Thanks to a lunar sextile to Venus many relationships thrive. Words of advice are offered lovingly. Two heads are better than one. The cooperative atmosphere is perfect for making plans or signing contracts with partners. Empathy and compassion flourish under tonight’s stars. Relax. Take in a film or commune with Mother Nature. Artistic and spiritual interests are also well-served.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-12:51AM Moon enters Scorpio.

August 10: The early hours are fruitful. The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Mercury and Pluto. Decisions are facilitated. Tensions rise after noon, as the Moon squares the Leo Sun. Quarter Moons usually come with an attendant amount of stress and today is no exception. A prize goes to those who figure out how to manage to stay calm and use the added boost of energy. Conflicting opinions over leadership style, priorities and expenses are probable causes for a disagreement. Fortunately, mental Mercury is in a well-timed trine with Pluto. Every dispute contains the seeds of its own resolution. Keep the channels of communication open. The trine augurs well for successful negotiating. Make sure everyone goes home feeling satisfied and happy. It’s well within the realm of possibility.
Moon in Scorpio, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 2:21PM, Mercury trine Pluto.

August 11: There’s not much of consequence happening this morning. The Scorpio Moon is void of course and as a result, some folks are pensive. As you deal with routine tasks, pay attention to “inner space.” How are you feeling? Notice the quality of your thoughts. Self-awareness is the first step to making any needed change. An hour or so after noon the Moon ventures into Sagittarius. Attention sharpens and energy levels pick up. As the Moon nears fiery Mars, outsized opinions are more forcefully expressed. Some folks thirst for an adventure. Control your passions. Revealing too much information in the heat of the moment can have a long term negative impact on a personal or professional relationship.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 1:22AM-1:24PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

August 12: Besides the usual TGIF push to finish up the work week on a high note and make ready for the weekend, the Cosmos serves up an additional “wipe the slate clean” incentive. Saturn is about to end a retrograde that started back in March. The Lord of Karma has been adrift in philosophical Sagittarius. As the stern planet prepares to resume forward motion, a re-evaluation of recent political trends, facts, laws, and principles, as well as personal priorities, is appropriate. The point is driven home this morning. The waxing Moon is conjunct Saturn but their testing lunar angle with Neptune complicates matters. Boundaries may be blurred, obligations unclear. It could take longer than expected to review rules and commitments and come up with a new game plan. Be thorough, and patient.
Moon in Sagittarius.

August 13: In a brilliantly-timed move Saturn turns direct this morning with Venus in an exact square to the ringed planet. Fortunately, the Leo Sun and Sagittarius Moon are in harmony. With mixed signals from the Cosmos expect some relationships to hit the rocks while others sail blissfully on. In either case, it’s time to be realistic. If you must criticize, be sure your comments are constructive. Deepen ties or end them. Midday revelations cast many people and situations in a rosy light but don’t rush to judgment. Some hopes may be unfounded, as a lunar square to Jupiter feeds fanciful thinking. By mid-afternoon the Moon is void of course and the now low-key day begins to slowly drift along. Don’t force the pace. Go with the flow.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 1:37PM-12:00AM, Saturn Direct, Venus square Saturn.

August 14: “Love me tender” crooned Elvis and, with Venus standing in opposition to Neptune, more than one romantic heart will flutter before this day is through. The opposition has a spiritual side, too, as we are here on this Earth to grow through love. Serving others is another key component of this configuration. Some folks will discover that the more they give, the more they have. But choose your companions and gifts wisely. Saturn tests both stars, and affections may or may not be mutually felt. The Capricorn Moon joins the love fest tonight. Take advantage of a golden opportunity and let the special people in your life know you care.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-12:11AM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus opposite Neptune.

August 15: The pragmatic Capricorn Moon passes by Pluto during the early morning hours and via insights and gut hunches, uncovers secrets. Use the information revealed in positive ways. Networking and strategy sessions are good examples. An overlooked asset may be put to use. Later, after noon, lunar trines to Mercury and Jupiter facilitate communications and help keep everyone focused on tasks at hand. Mental and manual dexterity can be impressive. Nightfall could bring more surprises. Be careful during the evening commute. A change of plans may be in the offing. Given the overall planetary picture, any changes will work out for the better, so don’t worry, just come up with a better idea.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:45PM-1200AM.

August 16: Team spirit is enhanced by the early morning arrival of the waxing Moon into Aquarius. Group activities, progressive social organizations and individual quests are also enlivened by an exhilarating solar trine to Uranus. Intuitive gifts can be impressive, the prospects of meaningful change, thrilling. If you’ve been waiting to make a move, try something new or go on an adventure, today’s stars provide liftoff. Tonight the Moon aligns with Mars and Saturn. Discussion and learning are encouraged. Political decisions and other commitments can be made with quiet confidence and certainty.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-7:52AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun trine Uranus.

August 17: Full Moon Fever is upon us, and with tomorrow’s Full Moon in visionary Aquarius eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow, there are some things to keep in mind. One, Full Moons tend to bring excitement and emotional instability. Two, eclipses can be revelatory and sometimes disruptive. Three, things begun the week before an eclipse rarely proceed as planned. Given these uncertainties, today’s potent trine between Venus and Pluto, a “love conquers all” statement from on high, is a timely reminder to include partners in your planning. Feedback from others can be invaluable, and unity of purpose, unstoppable.
Moon In Aquarius, Venus trine Pluto.

August 18: No doubt many folks will have trouble sleeping as the Aquarius Moon waxes full overhead. Exact just minutes before dawn, this is also a lunar eclipse. Those who manage to sleep through the excitement are likely to experience instructive dreams. Early morning meditations can be special. Tune inward if possible and listen for guidance. After becoming full the Moon travels void of course until the noon hour. Indecision and confusion, fallout from the Full Moon, make the morning hours a challenge. There are new tests afternoon, when the Moon is in changeable Pisces. Hypersensitivity is one issue. Timing is another, especially late tonight when the sensitive Moon is at odds with feisty Mars.
Full “Sturgeon” Moon in Aquarius 5:26AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:26AM-12:34PM Moon enters Pisces.

August 19: Don’t be surprised if you’re still wondering about yesterday’s events. This morning’s stars prompt lots of speculation but give few definitive answers. An exceptionally inspired idea may also surface during the early morning when the Pisces Moon passes by mystical Neptune. As midday approaches moods become more pragmatic. The lunch hour and early afternoon are well-suited for a private conversation. Deals may be struck, and bargains found. Enjoy life, but hold the line on spending and people-pleasing. Ideally, everyone contributes something of value and leaves feeling satisfied, having also been enriched in some way. Tonight’s stars are mellow. Relax into a favorite retreat or safe haven.
Moon in Pisces.

August 20: Lunar oppositions with Mercury and Jupiter find waking eyes looking at a bright future. The early morning auspices are excellent for beginning a day trip or more serious international travel expedition. However, the Pisces Moon is soon sailing void of course and momentum may fade before noon. The laid back atmosphere is fine for enjoying a meandering summer day, but not much else. Hold off on major shopping excursions and decision-making. Do research instead. Or better yet, head to a beach or park and watch the clouds drifting by. Imaginations are well-served by Mother Nature. The Moon enters Aries during the late afternoon, infusing the day with a jolt of fresh energy. Get together with passionate friends tonight. There will be no shortage of opinions or hot topics to discuss.
Moon in Pisces v/c 8:21AM-3:18PM Moon enters Aries.

August 21: After a very active and energized early morning, a sense of poignancy may color many of today’s happenings. The Sun is at the last degree of Leo and astrologically astute readers know what follows. The Sun enters Virgo and seasonal changes will again be in the air. Be sure to make the most of the playful Lion’s last hurrah. Make this a day for fun, innocence and wonder. The late afternoon could bring a brief disagreement with a partner. Being a good listener defuses tensions. Adding to the evening’s healing potential is a pending alignment of Mercury with Jupiter. There are oh so many ways to show care and concern. Do so with love and an open, generous and forgiving heart.
Moon in Aries.

August 22: It is a day of auspicious omens and shifting priorities, with a few energetic ebbs and flows thrown in. During the pre-dawn hours mental Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, giving rise to grand visions. Among the myriad possibilities is improving the world in some way. The Aries Moon is conjunct visionary Uranus, sharpening psychic abilities and giving life to the idea, “we are all in this together.” However expansive and hopeful at the outset, good intentions could falter as the Moon begins a void of course period before the start of business hours. Look again at ongoing and prospective new tasks when the Sun enters Virgo at midday. By late afternoon the Moon reaches earthy Taurus where she harmonizes with the Sun. Good feelings and appreciation for tasty food, beautiful things, gorgeous melodies and other comforts enhance evening get togethers.
Moon in Aries v/c 7:48AM-5:19PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Sun enters Virgo 5:39PM.

August 23: Appetites are healthy under the Taurus Moon and lunar aspects to Neptune and Pluto make a wide array of sensory experiences available. Slow your pace. You’ll have more time to enjoy life. Be fully present in each moment. Absorb the beauty all around you. Don’t gulp down food or drink, really taste it. This morning, dreams, memories and other subtle impressions filter into everyday activities. Matters of the heart as well as professional interests are served. Put a new twist on an old theme or inject spiritual understanding into your work. Work closely with colleagues after noon, when joint efforts are especially productive.
Moon in Taurus.

August 24: Beliefs crystallize as Mars overtakes Saturn in Sagittarius. Don’t get hung up on the letter of the law. Intent and spirit also play a role in making judgments. There are no substitutes for wisdom. The Taurus Moon promotes sound business practices via a series of life-enhancing aspects. The fertile period ends during the late afternoon when the Moon goes void of course. Finish work early if possible, then take a breather. Evening sees the Moon enter Gemini. Near midnight the Last Quarter Moon phase then raises the likelihood of an ill-timed comment. Mind your tongue if you want to avoid misunderstandings and trouble.
Moon in Taurus v/c 3:38PM-7:40PM Moon enters Gemini, Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 11:41PM, Mars conjunct Saturn.

August 25: Today’s Gemini Moon is one hot corner of a mind-bending Grand Cross configuration. As a result of the crossed stars many folks run into morning delays and obstacles. Disagreements may arise. Patiently explain your needs and thinking. The early afternoon brings new uncertainties. With fiery Mars moving into a testing square with Neptune, there is always the hope that a dream is about to come true but there are numerous risk factors. Be on the lookout for poor judgment, missing details and unrealistic thinking. Respect the forces of Mother Nature. Weather could be a factor. Flex your spiritual muscles and use whatever tools you possess to stave off confusion and minimize dangers.
Moon in Gemini.

August 26: Last night’s Mars/Neptune square may have sparked disturbing dreams, an emotionally taut situation or an actual environmental crisis. Daybreak sees happier influences. A midday lunar sextile to Uranus directs attention to the future and fosters hopes of better, easier times. There is much to be gained from teamwork. Technology can also help immensely. The Gemini Moon provides a lively atmosphere that lasts well into evening. Choosing what to do and whom to spend time with could be the evening’s biggest challenges. After a couple of hours void of course the Moon settles into her own sign of Cancer. There’s no place like home late tonight. Be there before the clocks chime midnight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 8:30PM-11:06PM Moon enters Cancer, Mars square Neptune.

August 27: Here is a perfect day for enjoying your home and family, as well as glorious Mother Nature. The Moon is orbiting through her own sign of Cancer, and in harmony with both the Virgo Sun and mystical Neptune. The pleasantly aligned Sun and Moon are the driving force behind brisk morning workouts as well as cleaning and organizing binges. The late afternoon lunar trine to Neptune deftly attunes hearts to feelings of gratitude and wonder. As the masterful French painter, Henri Matisse noted, “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Beauty and love are made more compelling as Venus conjuncts Jupiter before sunset. Pursue your heart’s delight during the magical evening hours. Be an sensitive and sympathetic partner later tonight.
Moon in Cancer, Venus conjunct Jupiter.

August 28: Today’s stars call for a tribal gathering but not everyone can attend. The Cancer Moon warms familial and other close ties but a late afternoon lunar square with Uranus indicates Fate could intervene. Expect a surprise. A mechanical breakdown, heavy traffic or missed connection could require plans to be revised. Dinner may have to begin with some folks missing. With both the Moon and Sun in nurturing signs, adjustments are made graciously. Tonight’s atmosphere is absolutely charming. The Moon is in sextile to a happy trio of planets in late Virgo, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Because Mercury has stationed in preparation for turning retrograde, a reunion is all the more delightful.
Moon in Cancer.

August 29: During the dark, wee hours of the morning Venus conjuncts Mercury. Dreams are sweet. An old love may be on your mind, or could possibly get in touch. Insomniacs might feel inspired to try their hand at poetry. By dawn the Moon is comfortably ensconced in fiery Leo. The week thus begins with dramatic flare and passion. Venus’ position at the final degree of Virgo could facilitate healing between friends, associates or lovers. Tonight the Goddess of Love changes signs, entering her own sign of Libra. The shift inspires more altruistic souls to bring peace, harmony and beauty to the world. On another note, the winged Mercury is stationary, and set to fly retrograde tomorrow morning. If you are in position to finalize travel plans or seal a deal, get to it today and you’re likely to avoid a few complications.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:23AM-4:11AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury conjunct Venus, Venus enters Libra.

August 30: There’s plenty of verve in today’s forecast. The Moon is in regal Leo and her early morning trine to Mars boosts the fortunes of ambitious, energetic leaders, teachers and politicians. Anyone who has a story to tell or message to share does so with gusto. However, attention to detail is required. Mercury also turns retrograde this morning. Content and tone are important. Don’t say too much. Be discreet. On the positive side, a thoughtful review of recent events or philosophical positions can be instructive. Late tonight the Moon nears an exact trine to intuitive Uranus. Clairvoyance can be notable. Friendships are warm but minds may struggle in the search for correct words.
Moon in Leo, Mercury retrograde.

August 31: The first half of the day moves slowly. Motivation is lacking. The waning Leo Moon is void of course. Energy is also depleted by the Sun’s pending square with Saturn. These twice yearly Sun/Saturn tests often trigger delays and highlight obstacles which in turn lead to much soul-searching. Which commitments are most important? What things can or must be rightfully relinquished? The time has come to narrow choices and concentrate on pursuing fewer but more essential goals. A short term inconvenience is worth the sacrifice, if it puts you more squarely on track towards a desired objective.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:20AM-11:22AM Moon enters Virgo.