August 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for August 2017

August 1: The early hours of the day can feel sluggish and heavy as the Moon lingers void of course in Scorpio. Things change before the start of business hours. The waxing Moon settles into Sagittarius, triggering a refreshing breeze. Friendlier, more light-hearted moods hold sway for the rest of the day. A lunar square with mental Mercury can lead to communication problems later in the day. There are many ways messages can get lost in translation. Stay present. Listen extra attentively. Be receptive. Assure others your intention is to be helpful, and strive for complete understanding. Pause to digest what you hear and feel before responding.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-8:01AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

August 2: Night owls and early birds enjoy brisk trends. Those pulling all-nighters find time passes quickly. By daybreak the outspoken Sagittarius Moon is at odds with nebulous Neptune. The truth may offend confused or overly sensitive souls. Be that as it may, the Moon is also moving closer to Saturn. Some things must be said. A helpful lunar angle to Jupiter facilitates camaraderie this evening, as well as the healthy give and take of ideas and information. Dinnertime chats promise to educate and entertain. Eccentric Uranus is poised to make a direction shift, going retrograde shortly after midnight. With the “great awakener” in flux, intellectual, political and spiritual breakthroughs are imminent.
Moon in Sagittarius.

August 3: Uranus, the maverick planet of revolutions, surprises and unexpected events, turns retrograde during the wee hours of the morning. At nearly the same time the Sagittarius Moon is close by staid Saturn. Democratic forces may seeming to go underground. Whatever the case appears to be, progressive ideals will remain in fierce competition with more conservative values. The Sagittarius Moon forms a late afternoon trine to Uranus, releasing the spirit of invention and promoting friendship. Today is an excellent time for networking and envisioning a more tolerant, egalitarian world. Relax this evening as the Moon goes void of course until nightfall. Consider long term career objectives tonight.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 5:38PM-8:37PM Moon enters Capricorn, Uranus retrograde.

August 4: The waxing Capricorn Moon fires up ambitions and promotes diligence. An early afternoon lunar trine to Mercury directs attention to mastering demanding work and successfully conducting delicate negotiations but the day’s major alignment follows minutes later. Jupiter squares Pluto, intensifying spiritual, political and philosophical debates. The aspect may also expose secrets or stories of corruption and abuses of power. For inquisitive souls, this Jupiter/Pluto aspect polishes the mirror of awareness. However grueling, self-examination can reveal inner incongruities, leading to transformative “aha” moments. Less enlightened folks grow more belligerent and outspoken. Tonight is well-suited for unwinding. A lunar sextile to Neptune is the stuff of dreams and other delightful diversions.
Moon in Capricorn, Jupiter square Pluto.

August 5: The astrological action is busiest early this morning when the waxing Capricorn Moon re-invigorates yesterday’s square between Pluto and Jupiter. Some folks feel as though they are walking on eggshells. Likes and dislikes are sharply defined. Personal relationships may feel strained. Tumult in the worlds of international relations, business and politics can be unnerving. Be practical, grounded and realistic. Tact is called for. After all, pointless debates lead nowhere and only add to friction. The latter part of the day is quieter. Tend to errands, chores and if you have the opportunity, take a needed break. Whiling away a few hours relaxing can be rejuvenating.
Moon in Capricorn.

August 6: A pre-dawn lunar square to restive Uranus produces quite a few sleepless nights. Don’t fret over things you cannot control. Let the past be in the past. The Moon then enters sociable Aquarius during the early morning, setting the stage for tomorrow afternoon’s Full Moon/lunar eclipse fireworks. But first there are today’s golden opportunities to socialize, play with pals and promote sisterhood and brotherhood. Community spirit is strong. Get in touch with like-minded people, build alliances. Everyone’s potential is enhanced through teamwork and mutual support. If you’re in the preparation stages of an important venture, consider alternative and contingency plans.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 5:22AM-8:16AM Moon enters Aquarius.

August 7: Early this morning the Aquarius Moon is in a testing opposition with Mars. Energized, desires are in the spotlight but watch out, too much hurrying can cause problems. By early afternoon the “sturgeon” Moon is exactly full, opposite both the Leo Sun and the red planet Mars. Complicating matters is a partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses are opportune times for tuning in. Meditation practices can go quite deep. However, plans undertaken near the time of an eclipse have a funny way of taking detours or being delayed. Impulsive acts are unlikely to gain the expected prize or result. Put today’s abundant energy to good use. Enlist partners in going after a goal, or lend a helping hand. There’s plenty of knowledge being exchanged. Learn, listen, swap stories and opinions, especially this evening when a lunar trine to Jupiter finds everyone in excellent, open-minded spirits.
Full “sturgeon” Moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius 2:11PM.

August 8: Following yesterday’s incendiary alignments, things cool down. The now waning Aquarius Moon forms soothing aspects with Saturn and Uranus. Both alignments contribute to a calmer, more stable and pleasant atmosphere. Good will amongst friends and co-workers is notable this afternoon. Intuitive gifts shine with the mid-afternoon lunar trine to Uranus. Follow a hunch and pay attention to mental ramblings. Some visionary thoughts have big potential. Leave work early if you can as the Moon goes on a short-lived void of course period during the late afternoon, then settles into Pisces this evening. The less focused hours later in the day are good for creative improvisation. Pursue your heart’s contentment tonight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:07PM-5:56PM Moon enters Pisces.

August 9: Let your imagination and heart flow with the sea changes of each passing mood today. The lyrical Pisces Moon is superbly supported, first by a trine to Venus and later this evening, a conjunction with Neptune. Artistry is evident in all walks of life, in the hands of designers, the words of lovers, musicians and poets, as well as the awe-inspiring handiwork of Mother Nature. A kind gesture could have life-changing impact. Although ideas may come in torrents and occasionally seem far-fetched or overly complex, putting thoughts on paper or voicing them is advisable. A pending sextile between Mercury and Venus suggests that a well-timed note or conversation will be an effective tool for building friendlier ties and profitable partnerships.
Moon in Pisces.

August 10: The Pisces Moon has her issues today while four other stars enhance hopes and buoy moods. A worrisome mid-morning square to dour Saturn is the Moon’s final aspect of the day. Void of course, she continues to wend her way through the constantly fluctuating emotional realities of watery Pisces. Creative minds are set free to roam as they will. However, staying focused can be problematic. With Mercury and Venus happily aligned, and the Leo Sun and Jupiter also making nice, roaming is encouraged. Turn off the GPS, put away the maps and let yourself wander, literally or figuratively. An unplanned day trip or flight of fancy is perfect medicine for bodies, minds and spirits.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:38AM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Venus, Sun sextile Jupiter.

August 11: The waning Moon arrives in impulsive Aries shortly after midnight. Luna’s location plus the Sun’s proximity to Mars may incline some folks to spring headlong into action. However, there are no exact aspects to report and mental Mercury has stationed in Virgo, readying to turn retrograde tomorrow. Hold off on a major move or commitment for now. Additional fact-finding and planning is recommended as many changes of mind and status are in the celestial works. Make this a relaxing day, taking advantage of the approaching heart-opening trine between Venus and Neptune. Enjoy all types of friendship, romance, the visual arts, as well as music, movies and the great outdoors.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-1:22AM Moon enters Aries.

August 12: Venus’s post midnight trine with Neptune is the stuff of fairy tales, idealized love and other sweet dreams. As dawn breaks the Aries Moon is locked in a taut grand cross with Venus, Pluto and Jupiter. There could be morning after regrets but the afternoon hours offer a chance at making amends and setting things right. Mental Mercury is also making news, officially turning retrograde this evening. The winged messenger is in his own sign of Virgo, and nearly opposite Neptune. Confusion is likely today, as are changes of heart and mind. Powers of analysis sharpen in the coming weeks. Don’t be overly critical. Practice self-help. Give some thought to integrating recent developments and improving your own performance.
Moon in Aries, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury retrograde.

August 13: An early morning jolt of energy may rouse some sleepyheads before the sun has risen. Shortly after dawn the Moon enters Taurus, making creature comforts and other pleasures priorities for the remainder of the day. Grab a few extra zzz’s on a soft pillow if you can. Once awake, savor simple things, a morning coffee, sunlight through the trees, the scent of flowers, the sound of a birdcall. Today is also a good time to catch up with friends, the news, household paperwork and neighborhood events. The Leo Sun’s late afternoon trine to Saturn is a timely reminder to act responsibly, with long term commitments in mind.
Moon in Aries v/c 4:01AM-6:40AM Moon enters Taurus, Sun trine Saturn.

August 14: Today’s complicated stars are curiously divided. A pair of grand trine alignments are all about ease and the dazzlingly deft use of skills, talents, and social connections. These quicksilver configurations help make fast work of tedious tasks and daunting challenges. More than one troublesome problem can be solved. On another track, the Taurus Moon is at odds with Mars and the Sun in Leo. While persistence is often a part of great success, stubbornness has its risks. Rather than brusquely going it alone or pushing others out of the way, engage partners in a polite and pleasant manner. “We can work it out” crooned the Beatles, and indeed, with the right attitude, you can.
Moon in Taurus, last quarter Moon in Taurus, Moon in Taurus v/c 9:15PM-12:00AM.

August 15: Much of the morning moves as slowly as molasses due to a void of course Taurus Moon. During this lethargic period Venus forms an exact opposition with Pluto. The alignment raises sensitivity levels and increases the tendency to project one’s subconscious onto partners. Relations tend towards extremes, either exceedingly close or impossibly difficult. In the latter case, the void of course Moon may actually be a help. It’s harder to take things personally and easier to shrug off bad behavior when Luna is disengaged. The late morning brings an invigorating breeze. The Moon enters Gemini. Senses are stimulated. Minds quicken. Awareness becomes more acute and attention spans return to expected norms. Hold significant meetings and vital conversations during the second half of the day.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-10:06AM Moon enters Gemini.

August 16: Getting up to speed takes an extra push early this morning. Vitality is sapped and concentration wavers as the Moon tests Neptune. If you happen to be on the road, pay attention. A shifting Cosmic pattern soon fosters rapid progress, mental clarity and growth. By late morning the change is noticeable. Schedules may suddenly seem quite full. Expect a rush of messages, invitations and requests. Cram as much as you can into the afternoon hours. The busy, fertile period lasts through the evening. A dinnertime rendezvous dazzles with scintillating conversations, knowing smiles and laughs. If you feel fatigued when the Sun goes down, you may want to turn in early. However, with Venus moving into a testing angle to Jupiter, burning the midnight oil is tempting.
Moon in Gemini.

August 17: The first thing this morning, set your sights on what you hope to accomplish. The Gemini Moon is harmonizing with visionary Uranus, making the future look bright with clear promise. Networking and planning are favored. If you have a trip in mind round up the gang and book reservations. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course. Relax. Coast for a couple of hours. Just after noon the waning Moon arrives in Cancer and the day gets back on track, although with a decidedly more emotional undercurrent. Be mindful of personal needs, preferences and essential interests. Remember, this is eclipse season, and Mercury is retrograde. Even the best laid plans are likely to change.
Moon in Gemini v/c 9:38AM-12:13PM Moon enters Cancer, Venus square Jupiter.

August 18: The Cancer Moon follows an uneven course today. The going is smooth and fast during the morning. Lunar alignments with Mercury and Neptune facilitate easy travel as well as imaginative thinking. Feelings grow increasingly sensitive after noon. Affections can be achingly sweet but nurturing tendencies may also meet with rejection. To better communicate, a shift in focus and approach may be necessary, or delicate feelings could be bruised. Be diplomatic. Try meeting others on terms that are comfortable for everyone. Tonight’s atmosphere is festive. The Moon moves into a heartwarming conjunction with loving Venus as the two stars test Jupiter. The result is an inclination to live large and party heartily. As midnight nears affections grow stronger.
Moon in Cancer.

August 19: The weekend officially begins under an excellent post-midnight omen, the Cancer Moon’s cheerful conjunction with Venus. By daybreak the sweetness is diminished as a lunar square to Uranus is felt. Nerves grow edgy. Friendships can reflect the strain. Impulses compete with cautious, protective leanings. Safe harbors may appear to be few, and far beyond reach. Relax your mind. Breathe. Retreat to your home base or another familiar safe place. The energy levels shift as the waning Moon goes void of course before noon. After a couple of mellow hours a new, revitalized phase begins with the Moon’s arrival in playful Leo. Put your talents to use. Express yourself. Make having fun your priority.
Moon in Cancer v/c 11:17AM-1:55PM Moon enters Leo.

August 20: Here we are at the end of another lunar cycle, usually a harbinger of a low key, low energy day. Curiously, today’s stars have other plans. The noon hour’s energizing Mars/Jupiter sextile sets a lively pace. Everyone has a mission, something to say or do. Many folks are eager to on their way, whether tackling a challenge or embarking on a summer travel adventure. Thousands have combined the two, traveling to photograph tomorrow’s “great American eclipse.” The joy-filled, swashbuckling atmosphere lingers well past nightfall. Late tonight the Leo Moon overtakes Mars and also sextiles Jupiter. The confidence building alignment is a convincing reminder that horizons can be limitless, with strength of heart and faith in our own abilities.
Moon in Leo, Mars sextile Jupiter.

August 21: Today’s much anticipated total eclipse of the Sun occurs simultaneously with the Leo New Moon. It is the Moon that blots out the light of the Sun. Like all eclipses, this one brings its share of inner revelations, secrets outed and other surprises. It may also correct or even expand out-sized egos. For those faced with launching new ventures, caution is recommended. When begun around the time of an eclipse, the best of plans may need revision, or fall through entirely. Quite fortuitously, the Sun/Moon tandem is one corner of a righteous fire sign Grand Trine. However complex or convoluted the path forward gets, follow the true north of your heart’s compass.
Moon in Leo, new Moon in Leo/solar eclipse 2:30PM, Moon in Leo v/c 2:30PM-4:25PM Moon enters Virgo.

August 22: This morning’s fiery trine between Mars and Saturn offers pure energy that can be skillfully applied and directed. Efficiency and good judgment are facilitated. With the Virgo Moon and Mercury opposing Neptune, there can also be doubts. Hold on, don’t give up. Take enough time to master the details. Extra persistence may be the missing ingredient, the one thing that puts a project over a final hurdle and on to completion. Initially at the last degree of Leo, the Sun is in transition today. As a result there could be a sense that certain situations have run their course. The Sun’s evening entry into Virgo heralds the coming change of seasons and renewed interest in healthier living. Review and refine your bucket list of ambitious dreams, mandatory obligations and worldly goals tonight.
Moon in Virgo, Mars trine Saturn, Sun enters Virgo.

August 23: For starters, the Wednesday “hump’ may feel insurmountable. The Virgo Moon is square Saturn early this morning, and nothing moves easily under this somber influence. As the morning hours pass there is a notable lightening of hearts. A late afternoon lunar angle with Venus is a major mood enhancer. Loyal associates can be trusted. Motivated by well-intentioned concern, partners voice care and approval, and offer helping hands. Take an evening break as the Moon goes void of course. Luna’s entry into Libra later tonight finds some minds contemplating ways to make the world a more beautiful, harmonious and peaceful place.
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:02PM-9:05PM Moon enters Libra.

August 24: The Moon is passing through Libra, the sign of relationships, including those who get along famously as well as bitter rivals. With Venus forming a square to Uranus, many partnerships are in flux, some possibly on the brink of a breakup. Agreements may be restructured on surprising terms. Financial markets can also be wildly unstable. The Libra Moon supports peace and calm but she too faces challenges. A looming lunar square with Pluto increases the odds of friction between partners. Tensions increase as the hour grows late. Saturn has stationed in Sagittarius and is preparing to resume forward motion tomorrow. Stay true to your principles and you’ll minimize both complications and future regrets.
Moon in Libra, Venus square Uranus.

August 25: Saturn in Sagittarius returns to forward motion this morning. The Ringed Planet has been retrograding since last April. Now stationed in the sign of philosophy, law, and knowledge, there is no better time to clearly state what you know and believe to be true. A late morning conjunction of the Libra Moon with Jupiter echoes the sentiment, truth be told! Optimism and faith are also encouraged by today’s stars, as well as loyalty, respect for traditions and following the dictates of heartfelt desires. Life takes unexpected turns late tonight. Stay alert if you’re out and about or driving a car.
Moon in Libra, Saturn direct.

August 26: It’s a busy day. Venus moves into fun-loving Leo just after midnight, putting night owls in party mode. With a cantankerous lunar opposition to Uranus there will be numerous night owls and insomniacs as many folks find it difficult to sleep. By sunrise the Moon is in Scorpio. Memories of an old love preoccupy some minds. The day takes a more optimistic trajectory during the late morning. The Moon finds harmony with the Virgo Sun, which is overtaking retrograde Mercury. The empowering alignment encourages fact finders and those seeking self-understanding. Reflections on the past may be profound. Armed with detailed information and sharpened awareness, communications are expressive and pithy. Shoppers make good choices. Stay emotionally tuned in to partners and loved ones tonight.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:39AM-4:53AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus enters Leo, Sun conjunct Mercury.

August 27: Right off the bat Jupiter’s morning sextile to Saturn is a firm reminder to be fully prepared, organized for efficiency’s sake and always do the right thing. These two key planets, of principles and necessities respectively, now support making healthy choices with long term security interests in mind. Today’s alignments also favor the forging of new alliances, transacting business, gaining recognition and shopping for practical items. Roll up your shirtsleeves. Homes, offices, workshops, gardens and other spaces benefit from a little extra TLC. The late afternoon brings a mellower, less ambitious mood. Relax, enjoy a seventh inning stretch and recharge your batteries the rest of the day.
Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter sextile Saturn.

August 28: It’s a morning of sputtering starts, moody introversions and apprehensions. It adds up to a less than enthusiastic start to the new week. The Scorpio Moon is void of course, a lunar timeout that lasts until mid-afternoon. Concentrate your morning efforts on staying caught up with errands, work and communications. Familiar routines are safest. Avoid taking unnecessary risks, buying big ticket items or making important decisions. Late afternoon sees the Moon arrive in Sagittarius. Many contacts remain tenuous as a lunar square with mental Mercury muddles both minds and transmission channels. Strive for clarity. As midnight nears love answers all questions. Hearts beat as one. Life’s fineries are deeply appreciated and smiles grace many faces.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:38AM-3:48PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

August 29: Coming out of eclipse season, the early morning’s first quarter Moon in Sagittarius affords an opportunity to review ambitions and adjust plans. It can also cause sleep to be fitful. Confusion may persist much of the day as both the sparring Moon and Sun are also at adds with nebulous Neptune. Keep your spirits up. Find something inspiring to cheer about. Be patient. Mercury has another week of retrograde motion. It is wise to put off major decisions. Some things will continue to be unknown or undefinable. As much as possible, deal with folks you know you can trust.
Moon in Sagittarius, first quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

August 30: The Sagittarius Moon takes us through a variety of changes. Her late morning conjunction with perfectionistic Saturn emphasizes the effects of karma, the needs to learn, grow, study and play hard. The conjunction is part of a hot burning fire sign grand trine alignment. Mars and Uranus are the other members. Energy is dynamic. Surprising displays of leadership motivate and encourage less courageous souls. Welcome news arrives by late morning and events move at a fast tempo during the afternoon and evening hours. Interesting plans are hatched tonight as many folks feel a roll of the dice is warranted.
Moon in Sagittarius.

August 31: Today brings two important shifts. Before sunup the void of course Moon arrives in stodgy Capricorn. Feelings remain extra sensitive despite crusty outer appearances. Kindness and a little extra consideration soften guarded hearts and make a lasting impression. Later in the morning, retrograde Mercury backpedals into Leo. A late July development may again be on many minds. In any case, hindsight is 20-20. Take a few midday minutes to reflect on recent events and the possible choices that have since become available. The second half of the day is quite productive. Harmony between the Sun and Moon puts folks at ease and also encourages excellence in both professional activities as well as personal affairs.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:42AM-4:18AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Leo.