August 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for August 2018

August 1: After a night of ambiguous emotional wanderings the Moon’s early morning arrival in Aries signals the start of a more focused and ambitious mindset. Lunar harmony with Mars provides plenty of get up and go but there are other considerations. The Moon is also in a testing angle with Saturn. Take time to consider the meaning of success. Going after something just for the challenge will fail to give lasting satisfaction. Make sure your goals are well thought out and worth the effort. Mars is also in a testing square with unpredictable Uranus. Control impulses. Watch your temper. Risks from fire, machines, falls and other accidents are elevated. Reduce your speed. Travelers are urged to proceed with caution.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-6:54AM Moon enters Aries, Mars square Uranus.

August 2: Cosmic voices are a mix of “can do” and “not so fast” today. Aftershocks from last night’s Mars/Uranus square continue to reverberate through the morning hours. Recent developments may require adjusting your schedule, route or destination. Input from a more experienced friend could improve outlooks. Because five of the ten major planets are traveling retrograde and the waning Aries Moon is at odds with Pluto, overthinking is likely. If you are facing a major decision take your time. Get the latest facts. Double-check sources. Tonight’s lunar trine with Mercury gives some welcome clarity.
Moon in Aries v/c 10:52pm-12:00AM.

August 3: The waning void of course Aries Moon holds sway until mid-afternoon. As a result, energy and enthusiasm are minimal. If you have the day off, relax and go with the flow. If work is unavoidable, do routine tasks and maintenance work. This is not the day for starting new projects or making major purchases. Mood swings punctuate the afternoon. The Moon’s arrival in Taurus activates the tense square between Uranus and Mars. Disagreements can happen in an instant. Evening travel carries increased risks. Don’t hurry. Easy does it. A profound realization is another possibility. Be receptive to new ideas, applied technology and teamwork. Where dreams are shared, progress can be remarkable.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-3:51PM Moon enters Taurus.

August 4: This morning the Taurus Moon puts many folks on a quest for comfort. Fully enjoy the early tranquility as tensions grow by midday. The first quarter phase of the Moon is the culprit. Testing lunar angles to the Leo Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio increase appetites but also raise the risk of over-consumption. Diets may be broken, and budgets, too. The costs of living well may keep some indulgent impulses in check. Temptations remain strong into the magical evening hours. There are certainly less expensive forms of entertainment available. At the very least, mother nature puts on a beguiling show. Venus is the evening star, always a pleasing sight. Jupiter, Saturn and Mars follow across the nighttime heavens. Films and musical performances also entrance.
Moon in Taurus, Last Quarter Moon in Taurus 2:18PM.

August 5: The Leo Sun’s approaching conjunction with retrograde Mercury sets the stage for long overdue side trips, grand excursions and reunions. Adding to feelings of wanderlust is an upcoming solar square with Jupiter. However, today’s Taurus Moon has a grounding effect. Travel won’t stop but it may slow down in order to better enjoy the scenery and other roadside attractions. Visit a local farmer’s market and stock up on healthy fresh fruits and veggies. An evening trine between the Moon and Venus enhances moods and fosters affectionate feelings. The atmosphere is perfect for socializing. After nightfall the Moon enters Gemini, sharpening curiosity and directing thoughts to future plans.
Moon in Taurus v/c 7:7:46PM-9:32PM Moon enters Gemini.

August 6: The waning Gemini Moon fosters a lively, cheerful atmosphere. Communication skills are good but with Mercury retrograde it may be more productive to first resolve lingering issues rather than address the future. One thing at a time is also a good rule of thumb while the Leo Sun is in a testing square with Jupiter. Don’t make matters worse by being scattered, haughty, stubborn or overly dramatic. Venus’ evening arrival in Libra is a timely reminder, keep the peace. Extend the same courtesies to partners that you would have for yourself. Because the Moon and Sun are in harmony tonight, relationships promise to be amiable.
Moon in Gemini, Venus enters Libra, Sun square Jupiter.

August 7: Changes continue. This time it’s Uranus, the eccentric planet of awakenings, revolutions and cutting edge technology turning retrograde. The direction shift may coincide with fluctuations in money markets, earth changes and other surprising uncertainties. The waning Moon is in Gemini and travels void of course from the wee hours of the morning until midnight. Attention may easily wander from one possible scenario to another. There’s no sense in worrying about things you cannot control. Try to stay relaxed, clear-headed, and move with the shifting tides. Fortunately, Venus and Mars are in a friendly trine. Even though this isn’t likely to be a super productive day, we can still enjoy the company of good friends.
Moon in Gemini v/c 3:55AM-12:00AM, Uranus Retrograde, Venus trine Mars.

August 8: The Leo Sun overtakes and passes by retrograding Mercury. Such alignments can trigger romps down memory lane, renewed passions or the return of a treasured pal. Always protective, the waning Cancer Moon offers surprising emotional detachment while the Sun/Mercury conjunction diminishes mental objectivity. Second opinions offered by friends and wise counselors are insightful. A major change in thinking or outlook may easily occur. A course reversal is another possibility. In any case, the appeal of spiritual journeying as well as intellectual expansion is enhanced by tonight’s lunar trine to Jupiter. The joyful alignment is one leg of a water sign grand trine that includes mystical Neptune. Heed your dreams, hunches, better angels, and spirit guides.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-12:01AM Moon enters Cancer, Sun conjunct Mercury.

August 9: By early morning the waning Cancer Moon is void of course. This is a low energy time of the month. The lunar cycle has run its course and the tide is at an ebb. It’s a good day to rest, regroup and prepare for planting new seeds and other beginnings. The next new activity cycle is only two days away but for now it is best to be patient. Today’s dominant alignment is a somber square between Venus and Saturn. The testing angle puts pressure on both hearts and purses. Spirits may feel deflated, relationships strained. It is precisely these times of adversity that show us the true nature of friends. If a parting of ways occurs, the relationship has outlived its usefulness. Such an ending usually means that a person is ready to seek a better, more loving or prospering situation. Take any losses knowing that as one door closes another opens.
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:20AM-12:00AM, Venus square Saturn.

August 10: Just after midnight the waning, shadowed Moon arrives in Leo. Night owls may catch a second wind but with challenging aspects to Mars and Uranus, the going can be unsteady. Sleep may also be restless. The pre-dawn hours bring a meaningful mood swing. A lunar sextile with Venus bodes well for an enjoyable day. Even with the low energy of the balsamic Moon phase, a plan or path forward could become clear. On the other hand, some folks can wrestle with too many choices. Put your personal creative touch on whatever you do. Rumors, facts and debates flow freely tonight. Bear in mind that tomorrow’s new Moon is also a solar eclipse. Plans are apt to change, new information come to light. Don’t be in any hurry to reach unalterable conclusions.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-12:18AM Moon enters Leo.

August 11: Today begins with retrograde Mercury backing into a square with Jupiter. Even the most stubborn people sometimes have a change of heart and mind. Breaking dawn brings the Leo new Moon, a partial solar eclipse. Morning meditations can be insightful. However, hearts may ache as a difficult situation enters into a new phase. Take your time making sense of changes. Secret negotiations and back door arrangements are likely to be exposed. Minutes after sunrise the Moon goes void of course. The laid back waking hours support creative endeavors, bold recreational activities and the pursuit of pleasure. Whatever your personal enjoyment may be, stand tall and celebrate your uniquely styled self.
Moon in Leo, New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse 5:58AM, Moon in Leo v/c 5:58AM-11:59PM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury square Jupiter.

August 12: The now waxing sliver of a Moon occupies the fastidious sign of Virgo. Pre-dawn trine alignments with Uranus and Saturn mark the beginning of a productive as well as socially active day. Early risers will no doubt feel duty-bound as well as motivated. Plan your day immediately upon rising. Conveniently, the earthy grand trine configuration favors decision-makers and anyone charged with a responsibility. Fiery Mars is also on the move. Retrograde since late June, the Red Planet leaves Aquarius and slips back into pragmatic Capricorn tonight. An overriding concern for most folks is their own welfare. Because five planets in total are retrograde, there is much to reflect on. Common sense and money trails lead fact gatherers to inevitable conclusions.
Moon in Virgo, Mars enters Capricorn.

August 13: Today’s Virgo Moon empowers caregivers and do-gooders. It may also profoundly energize diehard perfectionists. An early morning lunar trine to Pluto heralds an opportune time to offer advice if asked. Be careful not to rain on anyone’s parade. For some folks there is a tendency to grow increasingly controlling or critical. Discussing options is more helpful than barking orders. The spirit of helpfulness remains vibrant throughout the day. Late tonight a pending lunar trine with Mars leads night owls to burn the midnight oil. There is plenty of energy available. Use it wisely. Stay attuned to the wants and preferences of partners.
Moon in Virgo.

August 14: Early morning moods may be somewhat subdued. The Libra Moon is at odds with dour Saturn. Life can feel like an unending series of chores and tests but there’s no escaping pressing needs. Do what must be done. As midday nears moods are on an upswing. An early afternoon lunar conjunction with Venus transforms the day, a la Dorothy’s transition from black and white Kansas to the technicolor Land of Oz.  Relationships again sparkle, growing more lively and enjoyable. A smile, flirtation or successful shopping venture lifts spirits. Business meetings are productive as partners are quick to cooperate. Communications continue to be remarkably smooth long past twilight. Travel is also facilitated.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:37AM-12:57AM Moon enters Libra.

August 15: The waxing Libra Moon tangles with Pluto this morning. Direct confrontations are pointless. Stubborn sorts will only dig their heels in deeper. Put your intelligence to use. Carefully study your current situation and companions. Be approachable and cooperative, yet steady and firm. Solicit input from partners. Get to know their thinking and perceived needs. Together, identify mutual objectives. Successful cooperation requires tactful negotiating skills, patience and perseverance but is more than worth the effort. With the Sun and Moon in harmony, a well-earned payoff is likely before the afternoon is out. Be careful not to get too far ahead of current events. Do one thing at a time.
Moon in Libra.

August 16: The early morning brings a series of jarring tests. Nerves may get frazzled. Unforeseen events can disrupt previously made arrangements. It could be necessary to take an alternative route or mode of transportation. Calming trends build in during the late morning. The Scorpio Moon aligns with Saturn, restoring order in what seemed a few hours earlier to be a chaotic, out of control world. Check in with partners and solidify plans while the stars favor teamwork. Don’t sweat over every last detail. Agree on a few important points. With five planets retrograde there will almost certainly be opportunities to review and fine tune all agreements in coming weeks.
Moon in Libra v/c 3:56AM-4:54AM Moon enters Scorpio.

August 17: The waxing Scorpio Moon makes a nifty series of supportive aspects. The early morning is especially inspiring. A lunar conjunction with Jupiter fosters self-assurance, optimism and faith in others. Both stars are in a favorable trine to mystical Neptune. The portals to the worlds of imagination are wide open. Get inspired! Work that depends on creativity thrives. Humanitarian causes benefit from an increase in empathy and compassion. Group efforts are enriched by team spirit but some leaders may feel their authority is being questioned. Actions that serve the welfare of great numbers of people garner respect and accolades. Use your resources, knowledge, skills and social connections with conscious intent. Fragile egos may grow edgy late tonight as the First Quarter Moon nears.
Moon in Scorpio.

August 18: Early morning apprehensions could be a response to the taut energies of the first quarter Moon in Scorpio. It isn’t easy being the center of attention while also craving solitude. By daybreak the Moon is approaching an engaging sextile with Mars. Put the productive late morning energies to good use. Take care of chores, run errands and get in touch with relatives, neighbors and friends. A lovely Mercury/Venus sextile may bring pleasant news or revive ties with a long lost buddy. After a brief midday lull the Moon enters friendly Sagittarius in the early afternoon. Evening socializing is dreamlike. It’s a wonderful night for a party, concert or stroll. Expectations and mental agility may both be great as mental Mercury readies to resume forward motion.
Moon in Scorpio, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 3:48AM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 11:07AM-12:45PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury sextile Venus.

August 19: Just minutes after midnight mental Mercury returns to forward motion. Hints of what the future holds may appear in reveries and dreams. Jupiter is forming a heart-opening trine with Neptune. The expansive energies span the divide between the worlds of desire, imagination and spirituality. However, overindulgent night owls are urged to control their consumption of food, alcohol and drugs. Temptation will be great. The outgoing and outspoken Sagittarius Moon leads some to talk of any and all issues. During the midday period truth-telling is a good thing. Around lunchtime friendly ties grow warmer. The evening demands extra care. A lunar square with Neptune could lead to a disappointment or misunderstanding. Do what you must to minimize confusion and mistakes.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury Direct, Jupiter trine Neptune.

August 20: The lively, outgoing Sagittarius Moon launches the new week with talk of big ideas, dreams and high-minded principles. For the most part discussions are pleasant, far-ranging and informative. Listen attentively and learn. Be careful not to talk down to others. During the evening an effervescent lunar trine to the Leo Sun helps to keep the day moving along at a brisk and steady pace. Pride and passions are strong. Travel is facilitated. Sunset brings a void of course Moon period. Make your night a restful, low key one. Take time to reflect on the day’s events. A minute before midnight an energizing shift occurs as the waxing Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:47PM-11:59PM Moon enters Capricorn.

August 21: As dawn’s light breaks the Capricorn Moon activates the fabulous ongoing trine between Uranus and Saturn. The alignment affords unique perspective, an ability to bridge the past and future, the new and the old. Put experience and wisdom to work while also embracing the latest technological offerings. Be aware of universally shared needs. A fresh idea may come like a lightning bolt out of the blue. Welcome it. Explore all options. As the day progresses the Sun is having its final celebratory hours in Leo. Soon it will be time to think about fall and getting back into work and school routines. For now, thanks to the Moon, there’s ready progress to be made, whether on the job or on holiday.
Moon in Capricorn.

August 22: Some folks earn a leadership position the old-fashioned way, by hard work and solid accomplishments. Others feel born to play the role. With the Sun finishing its annual visit to regal Leo and the Moon in diligent Capricorn, we’re likely to see both approaches. Given today’s stars, gritty practical sorts have an edge. The Capricorn Moon is the far more active player, joining Saturn, Pluto and Mars in the ambitious Sign of the Goat. Close by Pluto, the Moon occupies favorable angles with Neptune and Jupiter. Work may be arduous but the morning and early afternoon hours can be incredibly fruitful. Many complicated issues yield to inventive solutions. Penetrating self-awareness and profound understanding of others is also supported. Good leaders have the interests of their followers at heart, and today they show where their loyalties lie.
Moon in Capricorn.

August 23: Minutes after midnight the Sun arrives in Virgo, heralding the coming change of seasons. Some folks feel a resurgent need to get the most out of summer’s dwindling days. Others look ahead to cooler weather, school and work. Motivation is fierce this morning as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Mars. The start of the day is the perfect time to face a daunting challenge. A midday void of course Moon period slows the pace. After lunch the Moon reaches Aquarius. Minds fathoming the future could face a reckoning. A late-afternoon lunar square with Uranus is liable to disrupt even the most carefully thought out plans. Be flexible and ready to make on-the-fly adjustments to your routines and thinking. Social circles could also be thrown into upheaval, requiring diplomatic skills and improvising.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:19AM-12:56PM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun enters Virgo.

August 24: The Aquarius Moon is growing full. Sensitive souls feel the ramped up energies. This is a good day to pro-actively nourish key alliances. Let others know you care. Get in touch with both local and long distance pals. Team spirit is strong. Review game plans and ultimate goals. Late day lunar aspects with Mercury and Jupiter fire up desires to be off on an adventure. A meet up or getaway with old friends, eccentrics and geniuses can be delightful but the Moon’s nighttime square with Jupiter presents an abundance of choices. Deciding on where to go, what to eat, etc. may take some negotiating. Luckily, as midnight nears a lunar trine to Venus promises that good times and happy outcomes cap off the busy day.
Moon in Aquarius.

August 25: The waxing Aquarius Moon is void of course for most of today. Long time readers know that both energy levels and concentration are lacking. This is not a favorable time for making important decisions, expensive purchases or commitments you hope will last. It is a fine day for following emotional whims and cavorting with pals. In an odd counterpoint to the Moon’s unfocused state, the Virgo Sun forms an impressive earth sign grand trine with Uranus and Saturn. This configuration helps clarify priorities. Some folks conceive ambitious schemes for healthier, more prosperous living. Like-minded people are inclined to join forces. Design and share grand visions but hold off on taking concrete steps for a few more days. For now, content yourself with dreaming, wondering and wandering.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:39AM-12:00AM, Sun trine Uranus.

August 26: The ultra sensitive Pisces Moon is full at 7:56AM EDT. Imaginations, feelings and intuitive gifts are hyper alert. Supportive aspects from Saturn and Uranus give form and function to inspired ideas. Interests may naturally include healthier, more efficient and productive living. Spiritually oriented folks discover a greater sense of self-mastery. Letting go could be the fastest path to both material plane progress and enlightenment. Holding a yard sale can be cathartic. Forgiveness works wonders. Because Venus is at odds with Pluto, purging and purification occur on many levels. Some souls are uncomfortable and resist moving forward. Others are more than ready for change.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-1:32AM Moon enters Pisces, Full Moon in Pisces 7:56AM, Venus square Pluto.

August 27: The Pisces Moon makes an inspiring conjunction with Neptune early today. The pairing may spur some folks to follow their dreams while others are content to roll over and catch extra sleep. Mars’ mid-morning return to forward motion is an attention-grabber. Having back-pedaled since late June, from visionary Aquarius into pragmatic Capricorn, the Red Planet now stirs ambitions. A project that has been stalled may be revived. Midday lunar aspects with Jupiter and Pluto bestow confidence and will power. Think big and, teaming with associates who share similar goals, make this a day of solid accomplishments.
Moon in Pisces, Mars Direct.

August 28: Mental Mercury’s wee hours of the morning square with Jupiter blows some things out of proportion, inclines some folks to boast and leads others to distraction. A few intrepid night owls, maintaining discipline and perspective, find their hopes renewed. The late morning is fruitful as the Pisces Moon aligns with Mars. Practical ingenuity is sparked. After a brief quiet interlude, the Moon enters impulsive Aries during the noon hour. Action is encouraged but with the Moon in a square to Saturn, it’s best to take a conservative approach. Forcing the pace can be counter-productive. Make sure plans are workable, adequate support is on hand, and the timing is right.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:54AM-12:35PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury square Jupiter.

August 29: Today is unusually quiet. There are no exact major planetary aspects. The robust but waning Moon is in the headstrong, independent sign of Aries. Freelancers can enjoy the opportunity to meet challenges solo. Too much independence does carry risks. Partners and co-workers may not approve of an overly aggressive move. The odds of overstepping boundaries increase as the day grows late. Before forging ahead, make sure you know which way the wind is blowing. Take time to be clear with others tonight. Explain your thinking. Money, power and control issues are likely to cause friction.
Moon in Aries.

August 30: The urge to reach out and get closer to a loved one is strong this morning. The Aries Moon is in a motivating opposition with Venus in Libra. The aspect is also a good omen for making peace or working to create order and beauty in the world. Follow through on all good intentions. As the day progresses tensions increase. This evening, when the Moon is at odds with fiery Mars, a long simmering resentment could lead to harsh words. A new rivalry could erupt. If you drive during the evening commute, watch your speed and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Things quiet down as the Moon then goes void of course but her post-sunset arrival in Taurus, where unpredictable Uranus awaits, bring new challenges. Stay calm and practice self-control.
Moon in Aries v/c 7:04PM-9:30PM Moon enters Taurus.

August 31: The electrifying post-midnight conjunction of the Taurus Moon and Uranus keeps some would be sleepers restless and wide awake. Bright-eyed insomniacs find the celestial pairing stimulating. By daybreak more peaceful vibes dominate. The sedate Moon is in harmony with Saturn and the Virgo Sun. The earthy grand trine configuration manifests as a steadying sense of poise and physical comfort. The morning hours are great for taking care of business or making last minute preparations for the holiday weekend. If you can, get an early start and beat the traffic. Relaxing trends grow stronger throughout the day. The Moon is nearing a favorable aspect to mystical Neptune. Mother Nature fascinates tonight. Look for inspiration wherever you may be and treasure the moment.
Moon in Taurus.