August 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for August 2019

August 1: The Leo Moon, new just yesterday, launches the month with a fabulous mid-morning trine to Jupiter. Moods are creative, spirited and playful. Confidence is high. Moral certainty is another strength. Many folks just feel lucky and glad to be alive. Passions continue to burn brightly throughout the day as the Moon next makes a late afternoon rendezvous with Mars. Be careful not to lord over less self-assured pals. An overbearing attitude could be a deal breaker. True leaders inspire by making others believe they too can be great. By evening the Moon is void of course and a more easy going atmosphere takes hold. Relax tonight, when a good time can be had indulging in favorite hobbies and personal interests.
Moon in Leo v/c 4:48PM-12:00AM.

August 2: The early going may feel labored as the Leo Moon orbits void of course and Venus tests Uranus. A strained relationship or an unforeseen expense might worry minds. Moods soon change. By late morning the Moon revives spirits with her entry into diligent Virgo. A desire to be helpful grows. In the interest of efficiency and the pursuit of perfection, everything has its purpose and place. This is a fine day to get organized or work at improving skills. A lunar trine to inventive Uranus graces the evening hours. Practical affairs may benefit from a novel approach. Don’t be shy, try new things. Whether planned or spur of the moment, tonight’s social gatherings are also lively.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-9:20AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus square Uranus.

August 3: This is one of those multiple mood swing, “follow the bouncing ball” type of days. Scattered energy can contribute to indecision early. It may be a case of wanting to do more than is possible, be in two places at once or escape to uncharted territory. Luckily, a motivating late morning lunar trine to Saturn clarifies priorities and helps in getting organized. Energy levels shift again after lunch when the Virgo Moon is at odds with Neptune. This can be a fabulous afternoon for a lazing in a hammock or a relaxing visit to the beach. Evening again brings a more serious “can do” attitude. Talks with partners prove fruitful. Mental faculties remain sharp after dark.
Moon in Virgo.

August 4: The void of course Virgo Moon offers delectable, easy-going early morning hours. Relax. Make personal TLC your mission. Catch up on sleep, reading, your unanswered correspondence, or listen to birds sing as you while away a few mellow hours. By mid-morning the Moon is in Libra, rejuvenating and motivating most folks. Socializing brings many smiles as the Moon spends the day in a tightening sextile to Venus in Leo. The heart-warming aspect favors sharing good times with special pals. Artistic endeavors blossom. Be inspired by creativity. Plan a visit to an art gallery or museum. Watch or participate in a friendly sporting competition. Shopping can also be fun. Romance may well be in the air late tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:27AM-9:30AM Moon enters Libra.

August 5: Moods are cheerful as dawn breaks and the new week begins. The Libra Moon is harmonizing with Venus, the Leo Sun and Jupiter until mid-morning. All systems are go. By late morning, things change. Smooth sailing becomes rough going. Sure things seem iffy. A lunar square to Saturn raises questions and obstacles. The Ringed Planet has long been associated with delays and obstacles. Be patient. Situations are likely to be more complicated than anticipated. The Moon is also moving into a square with Pluto. Plans may need to be revised and negotiations can be long and grueling. Remain flexible and cooperative but be true to your principles. Persistence pays off late tonight. When the Moon aligns with Mars in a satisfying sextile, you can get what you want.
Moon in Libra.

August 6: The celestial omens are conflicted. During the predawn hours the Libra Moon goes void of course. As a result the start of the day is sluggish. It isn’t until late morning that the Moon arrives in Scorpio, refocusing energy and providing a clear sense of purpose. An approaching trine between the fiery Leo Sun and Jupiter helps growing hopes and expectations. Something truly positive and great could be in the works. However, the Moon is also engaging unpredictable Uranus in a testing opposition. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Late day events may conspire to disrupt even the best of plans. Consult with partners. Be prepared to improvise and adapt to fast-changing  circumstances.
Moon in Libra v/c 3:36AM-11:31AM Moon enters Scorpio. 

August 7: Night owls and insomniacs enjoy the Leo Sun’s engaging trine with Jupiter. Hearts and minds feel inspired by truth and knowledge. The Scorpio Moon supports a serious emotional undertone throughout the day. Testing the Sun at the First Quarter phase during the early afternoon, many folks feel pulled in different, conflicting directions. Privacy urges compete with cravings for attention. The tension only lasts a few hours. By mid-afternoon the Moon is in harmony with Saturn, stimulating emotional wisdom and awakening maturity. We instinctively know the right thing to do. The evening hours bring a more mystical flair. Subtle signs may be noted in Mother Nature or one’s own intuitive leanings. Lean into you sixth sense tonight and watch magic happen.
Moon in Scorpio, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 1:31PM EDT, Sun trine Jupiter.

August 8: Today has a split personality. The first part unfolds under a tricky Scorpio Moon. An early morning lunar square to Mars can raise suspicions or make some folks irritable. Emotional states improve as the Moon nears a late morning trine to Mercury. Inner comfort is notable and feelings are more easily expressed. A midday lull follows as the Moon goes void of course until late afternoon. During this less energized interlude Venus forms an exquisitely optimistic trine to Jupiter. All you need is love and we have it in abundance. Personal relationships become more amicable and enjoyable. Many folks feel luck is with them. The Moon enters Sagittarius minutes after the trine is exact. Love, luck, gratitude, and a breath of fresh air create a sparkling evening atmosphere.  
Moon in Scorpio v/c 10:58AM-4:35PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus trine Jupiter.

August 9: Light-hearted feelings, an appetite for adventure and boundless generosity make this day memorable. The Moon is in Sagittarius and conjunct Jupiter, fueling optimism and faith, as well as feelings of abundance. A positive outlook attracts recognition, appreciation and new opportunities. Some may think an offer is the result of luck but in reality, it has been earned. If you receive a proposal that seems irresistible, mull it over carefully. Do some research but the odds are you’re onto something quite good. The uplifting trends peak tonight when the Moon trines both playful Venus and the fiery Sun in Leo. It’s a great night for a special date or a festive party.  
Moon in Sagittarius.

August 10: The waxing Sagittarius Moon’s square to Neptune stirs up deep subconscious memories during the post-midnight hours. These may impact night owls as well as the dreams of sleepers. Dawn sees an energizing lunar trine to Mars developing. The stimulating, action-oriented alignment leads some folks to great achievements. Creative juices flow freely. Opinions tend to be strong, well thought out and delivered with gusto. The energized period reaches a crescendo during the late afternoon. Mellower trends dominate the rest of the day as the Moon orbits void of course. Improvise as you will tonight. Go with mood changes and relax. You may want to touch base with a long time friend or relative. 
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 3:50PM-12:00AM.

August 11: This morning Jupiter, ensconced in mid-Sagittarius, turns direct after retrograding since April 10th. Tonight Uranus does an about face, turning retrograde in early Taurus. In between, mental Mercury enters Leo. This flurry of planetary activity raises expectations and also generates a good deal of confusion and controversy. The Moon gamely carries on in stoic Capricorn but there’s no avoiding the sense that some developments have a life of their own and we’re all along for the ride. Beliefs are in flux. Life changes may feel chaotic. Conventions are being broken. The calm wisdom of a more experienced friend or mentor can be reassuring. It’s steady on as the upcoming Full Moon is less than a week away.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-12:50AM Moon enters Capricorn, Jupiter Direct, Mercury enters Leo, Uranus Retrograde.

August 12: Early birds wake up with game faces on. The achievement-oriented Capricorn Moon’s conjunction with Saturn sounds the call to take life seriously, handle responsibilities and do your best. Priorities are also made crystal clear. The midday hours could see someone from the past resurface, as if by magic. A little levity helps ease tensions. Concentration remains focused into the early evening hours. If you can keep a positive attitude, this is a topnotch day for tackling demanding projects and thorny negotiations. There’s time for relaxation tonight as the the Moon goes void of course well before sundown. Be sure to leave workplace issues behind and get some needed rest. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 6:11PM-12:00AM.

August 13: The morning plays out under a waxing, void of course Capricorn Moon. It’s best to attend to works in process. Shortly before noon the nearly full Moon arrives in aloof but egalitarian Aquarius. Lunchtime conversations traverse a wide range of possible scenarios but probably fail to resolve a great many issues. Explore all possibilities. Consider revolutionary ideas and technologies. A lunar opposition to mental Mercury and square to Uranus stimulate imaginations but the aspects also make it difficult to put feelings into words. Minds may change quickly or be remarkably illogical. Fortunately, the Sun and Venus are nearly conjunct in Leo so hearts remain open and giving. Enjoy each other’s idiosyncrasies, irreverent remarks, and moments of genius.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-11:35AM Moon enters Aquarius.

August 14: Full Moon Fever is on the rise. The Aquarius Moon, full tomorrow morning, tests Uranus minutes after midnight. The resulting chaotic energy keeps some folks up until all hours. The nearly simultaneous conjunction of the Leo Sun and Venus leads lovebirds to smooch, smile, and feel immense gratitude. Joy may be irrepressible. An encouraging lunar sextile to Jupiter dominates the daylight hours. With the added energy boost of the Full Moon, this is a fantastic day for talks, traveling, networking and learning. There is a new adventure around every corner. Visionary thinking is impressive. Possibilities seem endless. Excitement levels stay high tonight. Sleep may again be a difficult proposition as the Earth is bathed in silvery pale light. Anyone for a moon bath? 
Moon in Aquarius, Sun conjunct Venus.

August 15: The “Sturgeon” Moon, in “live and let live” Aquarius, is exactly full at 8:29AM EDT. The opposing Leo Sun is part of a fiery stellium also featuring Venus and Mars. The heat of the moment is intense. We are called to express and cherish our unique qualities and talents yet respect our commonalities. Relationships remain deeply engaging as the Moon opposes Mars tonight. At times today, passions may be off the charts! If a partner is engaged in a project and you cannot assist, do not get in the way. After sunset the Moon goes void of course for a few hours, giving space for calmer, more reflective moments. Minutes before midnight the Moon enters mysterious Pisces. Listen to gut hunches and intuitive hints tonight. Dreams may be telling.
Moon in Aquarius, Full “Sturgeon” Moon in Aquarius 8:29AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 9:02PM-11:49PM Moon enters Pisces.

August 16: Mind chatter can be intense today as Mercury makes an early afternoon square with Uranus. Nerves may be on edge with indecision. Intuitive flashes are erratic and less than convincing. Try to relax. Deep breathing helps. Pay attention on the highways as the risk of accidents is also elevated. The now waning Pisces Moon may prove instincts are a more reliable guide than logical thinking. Tap into the wisdom contained in the cells of your body. Follow the yearnings of your heart. If something under consideration quickens your pulse and commands your attention, pursue it. However, Uranus is fickle. Goals and strategies will more than likely change. Be prepared to adapt, and don’t be overly stubborn.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury square Uranus.

August 17: Early birds wake up feeling motivated, on point and with a purpose. The Pisces Moon is in harmony with Saturn and come midday, conjunct Neptune. By all available means, make a dream come true. Repay a karmic debt, make good on a promise or return a favor. A mentor provides sound advice as well as timely logistical support. Spend the day productively. Errands and chores can be handled efficiently. The fruitful period extends into early evening when the Moon is sextile Pluto. Recreational interests are also served. If you need inspiration, or simply wish to recharge your batteries, the stars concur. Inner reflection, creative expressions and partnering can each be rewarding in special ways. Chill out tonight as the Moon begins a lengthy void of course sojourn.
Moon in Pisces v/c 6:34PM-12:00AM.

August 18: The void of course Pisces Moon holds sway over the morning hours. The languid mood and slow pace is unmistakable. Don’t fight it. Relax and go with the ebbs and flows of shifting winds, whims and fancies. During the wee hours of the morning fiery Mars enters fastidious Virgo. If you feel more picky than usual, hold yourself to the highest standards. Be careful not to direct criticism towards your close mates. There is always room for improvement. Kind and constructive comments have the best chance of being heard. During the noon hour the Moon arrives in Aries. The Moon’s sign change has an energizing impact. This afternoon or evening could be a good time for a drive or planning an upcoming travel adventure. 
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-12:33PM Moon enters Aries, Mars enters Virgo.

August 19: The waning Aries Moon sparks strong motivation this morning. Minds are decisive as a lunar trine to mental Mercury becomes exact minutes before noon. Planning sessions and other meetings go well. Travel is also facilitated. During the afternoon the Moon’s progress through Aries brings it into testing aspects with Saturn and Jupiter. The lunar square to Saturn depresses some spirits. Longtime insecurities and past failures may feel haunting. The Moon’s more optimistic early evening trine to Jupiter, on the other hand, invites intrepid souls to take a chance, move beyond old fears and soar into new horizons. Under contradictory influences, focus is paramount. Zero in on the callings of your heart and proceed accordingly. 
Moon in Aries.

August 20: Early this morning the Aries Moon is at odds with Pluto. Their testing square aspect can stir up deep-seated and repressed feelings. Self-aware types may recognize subconscious memories are being triggered. Others are prone to complaining and finger-pointing. In either case, emotions are sensitive. Remain kind and supportive, as best you can. Things settle down as the morning progresses. Harmony between the Leo Sun and Moon has a stabilizing effect. Folks feel better about themselves and self-confidence is reflected in words and actions. The agreeable atmosphere grows more playful tonight. A midnight hour lunar trine to Venus at the final degree of Leo evokes memories of happy times, enduring love and deep affection. It’s a perfect night for lovers and the young at heart.
Moon in Aries.

August 21: Shortly after midnight the waning Moon enters sensual Taurus, turning attention to material plane well-being. Just before dawn Venus transitions from regal Leo into Virgo. Here the Goddess of Love becomes more inclined to be helpful in down to earth, practical ways. Minutes after sunrise mental Mercury forms an optimistic trine to Jupiter, a fine omen for the new day. Positive thinking and trouble-free travel make the day appear rich with possibility. During the early afternoon the Cosmos adds a new wrinkle. The Moon forms a conjunction with Uranus, the planet of surprises, epiphanies and earthquakes. If Fate intervenes and your day takes an unexpected turn, relax and go with it. Uranus’ unpredictable changes almost always turn out to be for the better. 
Moon in Aries v/c 12:06AM-12:37AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus enters Virgo, Mercury trine Jupiter. 

August 22: The unwavering Taurus Moon provides inner strength, security and emotional composure. However, her mid-morning square to Mercury cautions against stubborn complacency. A partner’s observations may sting but also have some validity. The good intentions behind off the cuff remarks are soon more apparent. A noontime lunar sextile to Neptune provides emotional understanding. The midday break is an opportune time for a heart to heart talk. A small kindness soothes wounded feelings. The possibility of coming together and reaching an understanding remains strong throughout the afternoon. Meetings and discussions are productive. The Moon is also harmonizing with Pluto. Two heads are better than one. Practical solutions are within reach. Take time to relax this evening.
Moon in Taurus v/c 5:32PM-12:00AM.

August 23: Under a void of course Moon, things move slowly this morning. Overhead, the stars remain busy. Minutes before dawn the Sun enters Virgo. The earthy sign has long been associated with the transition from Summer to Autumn and harvest time. Shorter daylight hours are already apparent and local farm stands are filled with produce. Expect to see more hints of pending seasonal changes as we near the end of the month. The Moon is also active late this morning, ending a void of course period by entering Gemini. She promptly reaches the taut Last Quarter phase, testing the Virgo Sun. Nerves grow edgy. Doublespeak and contradictory messages can be irritating. Unmet needs add to tensions that don’t ease until evening. Seeing issues in a different light can be helpful. Starting tonight or sooner if possible, make a commitment to enjoy the weekend.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-10:34AM Moon enters Gemini, Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 10:56AM EDT, Sun enters Virgo.

August 24: Caring and helping are promoted by Venus’ early afternoon conjunction with Mars in Virgo. Paired, the Goddess of Love and impulsive Red Planet also stimulate a passion for living. Adding more zest to the alliance, both stars are also closely conjunct the Sun. Desires can be robust. Fortunately the trio is in a playful trine to Uranus. Engaging as well as enterprising spirits find numerous outlets for their enthusiasm. Flirtatious types are ready for fun. More industrious sorts are ready to put the world in proper order. During the second half of the day the chatty Gemini Moon faces challenges from Jupiter and Neptune. Some overtures may be taken the wrong way, or viewed as unwanted and inappropriate. Strive for clarity, simplicity and directness. Do what you can to minimize confusion.
Moon in Gemini, Venus conjunct Mars.

August 25: The stars are restful as the waning Gemini Moon travels void of course for much of the day. Take a hint from Mother Nature and go with the flow. Words may carry little conviction. Thoughts and intentions can also vacillate with the randomness of a gust of wind. Sight seeing and fact gathering missions prove agreeable but hold off on important decisions and purchases. Come late afternoon the Moon reaches Cancer. By evening many folks feel inclined to retreat to the safety of home and familiar environs. A healthy meal of vital vittles is called for as the nurturing Moon and Virgo Sun harmonize. Be open to unexpected arrivals and out of the blue ideas tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 2:58AM-5:05PM Moon enters Cancer.

August 26: In a note of beautiful synchronicity, the Goddess planet Venus is trine egalitarian Uranus on Women’s Equality Day! The Cosmos deserves a round of applause for its perfection. The late morning aspect casts an agreeable glow on the day’s events. Moods are friendly and upbeat. Feminine power is very much in evidence. Progressive causes are served. A late afternoon lunar opposition to dour Saturn could signal nap time, or bring more serious concerns. Delays may require a serious and concerted effort. Be prepared to put in extra time to complete a project. A late night trine between the Moon and Neptune elevates spirits, inspires artists and sends many souls happily off to dreamland feeling deeply content. 
Moon in Cancer, Venus trine Uranus.

August 27: With few planets in the late degrees of signs, there are long void of course Moon periods. Today begins under one. The Cancer Moon begins to travel void of course before sunrise and doesn’t enter Leo until after the Sun has set. As a result the workday hours brings ambiguous emotions. Motivation can be lacking. Things done during void of course Moon periods often lack staying power so hold off on major purchases, investments and decisions. Explorations into normally subconscious realms, reminiscing about the past and and creative work may be quite fruitful. After dark the Moon arrives in fiery Leo but a pending square to unpredictable Uranus continues the sense of uncertainty and fragility.
Moon in Cancer v/c 4:44AM-7:53PM Moon enters Leo.

August 28: Getting under way early this morning is complicated. The Leo Moon’s turbulent square competes with Mars’ exhilarating trine to Uranus, the unpredictable eccentric of the Solar System. Momentary delays can necessitate detours be taken but decisive, spur of the moment action is also greatly supported. Rein in your ego and team up with like-minded visionaries to make breathtaking progress. Put technology and elbow grease into the mix and miracles may happen. The Leo Moon then moves into an encouraging trine with Jupiter. The aspect isn’t exact until evening but it proves to be an uplifting, daylong guiding light. Hopes are justifiably raised. Confidence is resilient and faith is strong. The day concludes under a void of course Moon. Plan to relax tonight and catch up on rest.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:07PM-12:00AM, Mars trine Uranus.

August 29: Energy, initiative and focus are tested by the void of course Leo Moon, this being the final day of the lunar cycle and Mercury’s early morning sign change. The Cosmic tide is out until tomorrow’s New Moon. Concentrate on work in progress or routine assignments. Stick to fundamentals. The Virgo Sun is in an inventive trine with Uranus, tempting some folks to get ahead of themselves. Plan for the future but it’s best to resist starting anything new during the workday. Changes come this evening when the Moon enters Virgo and conjuncts mental Mercury. Thoughts about the future may quickly coalesce into detailed strategies. However patience is advised for the overnight period. If you want them to succeed, put new projects, large purchases and important decisions on hold until the morning.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-7:57PM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury enters Virgo, Sun trine Uranus.

August 30: The celestial reset button is pushed early this morning. Shortly after daybreak the Virgo Moon is new. Joining the Sun and Moon in a Virgo stellium are Mercury, Mars and Venus. That’s a lot of planetary firepower and an earth sign Grand Trine puts the new achievement cycle on firm footing. Basic practical concerns are paramount. There’s a push for a healthy environment, clean food, pure water and ethical employment. What a fabulous omen for the coming weeks when so many people head back to school and work. Testing lunar angles to Jupiter and Neptune suggest that behind the scenes, some political entities may interfere with seeing these common sense needs met. However, the more inclusive energies of Saturn and Uranus in trine to each other as well as the Virgo planets suggests that a popular progressive groundswell is under way. 
Moon in Virgo, New Moon in Virgo 6:37AM EDT.

August 31: We’re back in void of course Moon mode to close out August. The Virgo Moon, now waxing but barely visible, makes a predawn trine to Pluto and then travels without forming another aspect until evening. If you’re home, the laid back atmosphere is fine for doing household chores and errands. Given the Moon’s disengaged status, beginning a new diet or health regimen may prove to be a greater struggle than anticipated. It is wise to avoid making major purchases, investments or decisions today. There are pending planetary alignments that provide a pleasant energetic boost but mellow moods prevail. After dark socializing receives timely encouragement from the Moon’s entry into Libra. A relationship may soon assume a more serious level of commitment.
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:46AM-7:08PM Moon enters Libra.