Author: Ritu Kapur, CYT, OTR/L

Create The Flow

Nourish and nurture your body in more than one way. Create a routine, eat healthy foods, read inspirational texts, watch nature happen. Step on your mat and allow yourself to flow. The rest will take care of itself.

5 Yoga Poses For Sciatica

There is a good chance that if you know someone who suffers from sciatica, or perhaps you have sciatica yourself, then you know that it is a real pain in the buttocks, both literally and figuratively.

Yoga For Arthritis

For the person with arthritis, yoga improves joint flexibility and range of motion, improves balance, increases oxygen to the muscles, builds muscle strength, and improves blood circulation to distant body parts.

Letter: Vision of Better Health

Hi Ms. Bedrosian,After I read your "Musings" entitled "Ready for a Flight Into Abundance" (Winter, 2010), I had to sit down and write to you.