Awakening To The Gift Of A Flower Garden

Steppingin Tonature Garden

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My grandmother had over an acre hillside garden filled with every flower imaginable. It was as if Mother Nature had stepped into my grandmother and come to life. As a child, that hillside was the most magical place on Earth for me. There was a river that ran through the property at the bottom of the hill and I would sit as close to the garden as possible, listening to the magical tingling sounds of the water and feeling happy. I didn’t know then the impact of the water and nature on my soul. 

Some of my most powerful childhood memories include when my grandmother would take me on a tour and explain the beauty. I wish that I would’ve paid more attention to her stories about all those flowers. As I became a young woman and set off on my own, I unconsciously re-created the safety and security of my grandmother’s garden. I always had a fish tank in my home where I would allow the water to flow much like the river I loved as a child. I surrounded myself with flowers and plants and was often my happiest transplanting things with dirt under my fingernails. 

Along the way, I got lost. During my marriage, gardening became a rule-following exercise. It no longer brought me joy to see the flowers all in little rows perfectly measured apart. They mirrored back to me how I was rigidly being held in an energetic space that did not allow me to flourish as my authentic self. 

The first thing I did when I separated from my husband and occupied my own home was to create a free-flowing flower garden. I got slips of plants from both of my grandmothers’ gardens and my mother’s garden and created beautiful flow and synergy throughout my yard. I spent many hours, again with my fingers in the dirt, intuitively moving a plant from one spot to the other that I felt would give it the support it needed at that moment. Over the years I sometimes found myself moving the same plant from one side of the yard to the other — allowing it, loving it, and supporting it in whatever way it and I needed in that moment. As my garden flourished and expanded, I healed and returned to my intuitive, free-spirited center. I added water fountains to my yard and home, and thrived.

I grew up in North Carolina until I was seven-years-old and always felt I was more a Southern gal. Eventually when I knew it was time for me to start my transition to move out of the Northeast, I moved with my plants to a beautiful townhouse apartment after I sold my home, as the first stop along my journey back to my roots.

Having my heirloom plants connected me to Earth and my grandmothers. The beauty anchored my energy, and I spent many hours with my hands in the dirt on my patio connecting to Earth energy while listening to the soothing flowing water of my fountains. 

When it came time for me to move south the timing did not appear that it would work for me to bring my plants with me so a friend volunteered to keep them at her home over the winter and I would get them in the spring. When the day came for her to help me plant them in pots so they could winter with her I was devastated. It became crystal clear to me how connected I am to the energy of these beautiful plants. Not only do they keep me connected to Mother Earth and provide joy with their blossoming beauty, they nourish me in a way that I did not understand until that moment. 

I could not imagine moving without them. So, I put my trust in my angels and guides that everything would be taken care of, that divine timing would support me and my flowers, and it did. Within a couple of weeks, I found the perfect little home in North Carolina and had a closing date. All unfolded beautifully, and my friend and I dug up my plants for the journey south.

It is the cycle of life and support with a deeper level of understanding and connection that sustained me during the move and settling in. Knowing that just standing for a few minutes by my plants would reset my energy, ground me, and connect me deeper to source energy made the challenge of an out-of-state move flow easier.

My plants are safely in my new backyard patiently waiting for spring to set in new roots. They continue to bring me joy even in the dormant period of winter. We await with anticipation the new opportunities for growth and expansion in our new environment. I feel their love and support and am grateful for my connection to nature.

Carolyn McGee specializes in amplifying your intuitive superpower to understand, trust and follow your soul’s path to live a joyful, abundant, and purposeful life. Helping you remember your intuitive connection enhances your ability to receive messages, and understand and trust your guidance 24/7 to take empowered action.