Brilliant Banking Solution Eliminates National Debt

Who thought understanding the national debt could be so easy? Speaking April 27, 2012 at the Public Banking in America Conference in Philadelphia, PA, 12-year old Canadian Victoria Grant sensibly explains in 6 minutes how the private banking system around the world is robbing people of their countries’ wealth by charging them interest on their national debts. In a more sound banking model, each country operates their own public banks, redistributing taxes paid directly back to the people in the form of jobs, services and community rebuilding, instead of passing this money through private banks who loan back the money and charge interest, aka, the national debts.

Public Banking Institute notes that public banking already works in the United States — North Dakota uses a state bank very successfully to keep their dollars inside their state, and their state in the black — and 20 other states are considering some form of state banking legislation. Find out what’s happening in your state with this US state map.

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