Bring More Natural Light Inside Your Home



You want your home to feel bright and welcoming, and bringing more natural light into your home is a great way to make that happen. Adding natural light to your home also increases your home’s resale value, and and might even help you lower energy costs. It can also make you happier and affect your health in positive ways.

Sunlight is known to increase serotonin levels that reduce stress. It also provides an important source of vitamin D, which reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain and some cancers. Bringing more natural light into your home can also ward off the impacts of seasonal depression.

Consider these tips to make your space light and airy, and reap all the benefits of natural light inside your home.

1. Add Mirrors And Reflective Objects

Adding mirrors brings in more sunlight, while making rooms appear larger by reflecting light. Hang them above your mantle or dresser, or create a gallery wall in your hallway. Mirrors also are perfect for that last-minute outfit check. Add other reflective items like metallic lights and faucets to spruce up your kitchen and add sparkle.

Here are a few more ideas to elevate your space with reflected light:

  • Silver photo frames
  • Decorative nickel cabinet pulls
  • Metallic finish on the ceiling

2. Use Light Paint Colors

Softer colors reflect light, while darker ones absorb it. Consider lighter tones for your walls, such as white, gray or tan. Also, choose light-shaded curtains to prevent blocking out sunlight. Painting your ceiling a pale hue like sky blue can help bounce light around the room.

Consider this strategy for dark spaces, such as basements: Remember to paint your exterior overhangs with shiny or semi-gloss paint to enhance the reflective properties. Look for colors with low volatile organic compounds; VOCs harm the environment and reduce indoor air quality.

3. Choose Light-Colored Furniture

Select a hue that matches the rest of the decor, such as a color from a rug. If you can only choose one item, make it the couch since it’s a large piece and can be an excellent focal point.

Shop at your local thrift shop to find deals and limit overproduction. You can add brighter accent items, such as pillows, throw blankets and artwork.

4. Choose The Right Flooring Material

Flooring is an essential part of home design. Use more reflective surfaces, like wood or stone with a polished finish, which tend to be better natural reflectors than carpets. Reflective flooring can increase your home’s energy efficiency by reducing lighting needs. Wood can also increase your home’s resale value and is an eco-friendly material. Go for light carpet colors, such as neutral tones.

5. Skip The Window Treatments

This may seem untraditional, but it can help the area absorb as much sunlight as possible. Also, not using blinds can make the room stand out and save money. Plus, it ensures you have a perfect view of your backyard.

If you have the budget, create a sunroom that doesn’t need window treatments. It can expand your living space and allow you to enjoy nature year-round.

6. Clean Your Windows

Washing your windows is a simple and affordable way to bring in more natural light, and prevent dust particles from blocking sun rays. Add this improvement to your spring cleaning list. Here are the steps to effectively wash your windows:

  1. Fill a bucket with cool water and add dish soap.
  2. Put a towel under the window to catch any spills.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface, starting from the top and working down.
  4. Spray the window with vinegar and water.
  5. Dry the window with a lint-free towel.

7. Install Skylights

Skylights are an efficient way to bring in more light. While the initial upfront cost of around $1750 per window is high, they can save money your utility bills, and also let in fresh air and improve ventilation. Skylights come in various sizes and work well in high-traffic rooms, such as bathrooms.

8. Add More Windows And Doors

Updating your windows and doors can increase your home’s curb appeal. Look for Energy Star-rated casements to prevent drafts and air leaks. Adding more windows can also increase the amount of sunlight in your home. You can also increase the size of your current openings if you’re on a tight budget.

Another trick is to add doors with windows, like patio entryways. It helps bring nature indoors and provides an excellent view in the summer.

9. Trim Your Trees

Greenery can elevate your landscape, but keep in mind too many plants can block natural sunlight. Trim your trees, especially ones near doors and windows. This also can keep your vegetation healthy and create a tidy-looking backyard. Try planting smaller flowers near doors and windows to add to your curb appeal.

Rose Morrison is the managing editor of Renovated, and has been writing in the home living industry for over five years. Her work has been featured on The National Association of Realtors, the American Society of Home Inspectors and other reputable publications.

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