Creating Sacred Space In Your Own Location

Titillating ancient secrets exist about creating sacred space. Everything is vibration and every vibration has a frequency, such as the rocks in the ground, mineral content of the soil, the presence of water in the air (or not). These things contribute to the “frequency potpourri” of a location. For example, reflect on the feeling of being in a desert and then near the ocean. The amount of water in the air makes a difference in the feel of a location.

We can notice how any space feels. For example, it feels better to visit Machu Picchu, a sacred site, than Auschwitz, the former concentration camp. The history of events at a certain location contribute to its feel. The crystal content in the soil, the type of rocks beneath the soil and the magnetic flow deep under the surface also contribute to the feelings emanating from special spots. Special places uplift people, increase their strength and healing.

People’s feelings and consciousness subtly float in the air around them. This energy is like snowflakes floating to the ground. Highly evolved people’s energy-droplets soak into the ground, for example, in places where people pray, and these places become peaceful.

The Four Directions

Each direction is associated with precise yet subtle feelings. Try it! Face north, south, east and west while paying attention to the tiniest feelings that you can detect. There are subtle differences in feelings although you must be quite intuitive to notice these variations. Applying this knowledge helped ancient people select a balanced location to become a sacred spot.

When the perfect site was not found, techniques were used to uplift the energy of an area. Spiritual leaders faced each direction and spent many hours singing vowel sounds to balance the feeling of each direction after experimenting to find a tone to bring harmony into the feeling they got from each direction.

  • In the east, vowel sound eeeee feels like air and uplifts the spiritual body
  • In the south, vowel sound aye feels like fire and raises the energy of the emotional body
  • In the west, vowel sound uuu feels like water and enhances the physical body
  • In the north, vowel sound ooo feels like earth and brightens the mental body

Crystals were also dug into the ground to lift any pockets of negative energy. Beautiful songs were sung on the low energy spots.

Ancient people sang their most uplifting songs to create sacred space. With prayerful intent and sound vibrations, strong doses of divine energy enter the air and settle in the soil. Musical repetitions are necessary as each time a song is sung one drop of positive energy is added to the location. Rocks also slowly absorb the singing and intent, adding to the permanent healing capacities of a location — an ancient version of a free health care center.

Sacred space is uplifting and transformative. You can create it in your location, uplifting not only yourself, but many others and Earth herself.

Jill Mattson — expert and composer in sound healing — has produced four books and eight CDs combining intricate ancient and modern sound healing techniques with original award winning music. Free mp3s are available at Her new book, The Lost Waves of Time reveals many ancient secrets. See www.ancient-music.

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