December 2015 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for December 2015

December 1: Having wrestled with questions about the murky past for several days, the stars now shine a light, helping to divine the future. A fire sign Grand Trine finds the Leo Moon and mental Mercury in alignment with visionary Uranus. The quicksilver configuration may overload some nervous systems with giddy excitement, or too much information. Dreams can be prescient and early morning hunches zeroed in, resonant with prophecy. An offhand remark could be precocious. A lively, socially comfortable, friendly atmosphere prevails into nighttime. Cultivate professional as well as personal connections. Conveniently, the Leo Moon goes void of course a couple of hours before midnight, ushering in a more restful, laid back dreamtime period.
Moon in Leo v/c 10:09PM-12:00AM, Mercury trine Uranus.

December 2: There's no dilly-dallying with the Moon in Virgo. While much of the day is productive, overlooked details may delay or possibly derail afternoon efforts. By then the Moon is opposing Neptune and activating the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square. Throw in the stressful energies of the imminent Last Quarter Moon and a number of evening challenges are more than likely. If work feels confining or consuming, take regular breaks. Stretch, go for a walk, take some breaths and relax your shoulders. While on the job, double check orders, instructions, measurements and all relevant documents. Be alert to other peoples' confusion, too. Extra care and caution are the best ways to counter potential Neptunian difficulties.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-5:09AM Moon enters Virgo.

December 3: During the wee hours of the morning a less than peaceful Last Quarter Virgo Moon finds the Moon testing the Sun and Saturn. Rest can be hard to come by. Fortunately, a lunar trine to Pluto dominates the second half of the morning. Clever thinking and astute assessments of people and situations equip many people with the knowledge needed to overcome challenges. An impression or gut feeling could be one key to overcoming a long time obstacle. Take things one step at a time after noon. As the Moon approaches expansive Jupiter spirits are lifted but a testing angle to mental Mercury could present communication problems or a lapse in judgment. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is just wishful thinking.
Moon in Virgo, Last Quarter Moon in Virgo 2:40AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 11:59PM-12:00AM.

December 4: Fasten your seat belt and be ready for a long, slow-moving and at times tedious workday ride. The day's bright spot, a hopeful early morning angle between mental Mercury and Jupiter can inspire but also promise far more than it is likely to deliver. Interesting ideas and foreign or multi-cultural solutions are quite worthy of exploration. For most of the day the Virgo Moon's void of course status diminishes focus and conviction. Many plans will be abandoned as new realities emerge and priorities shift in the next few days. Busy yourself with keeping things in order and cleaning the slate in anticipation of a busy and enjoyable weekend. Moods are more energized as the Moon arrives in Libra shortly after sunset.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-5:34PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury square Jupiter, Venus enters Scorpio.

December 5: Calming trends persist through the evening hours but a freshening storm wind is brewing. The Libra Moon compliments first Saturn this morning and then the Sagittarius Sun tonight. These stabilizing sextile angles assist level-headed pragmatists, peacemakers and diplomats. Minutes after the Moon/Sun sextile moods take a dramatic turn. The Moon slides into a tense, potentially explosive T-square, testing Pluto and Uranus while orbiting past Mars. A partner could become irritable, unstable, impatient or argumentative. It may be advantageous to do a serious re-evaluation of a relationship's direction and purpose. Frank discussions are informative but the truth may hurt. If you and a partner decide to make a change, keep everyone's best interests at heart and remember to be kind.
Moon in Libra.

December 6: Powerful but conflicted energies are in play. Fiery Mars sextiles the Sun while simultaneously testing Pluto. There could be a flavorful mix of some partners getting along famously, adventuring arm in arm or quite possibly, something very different. Short tempers and narrow mindedness can lead to impassioned but overly controlling or aggressive behavior. The early to mid-afternoon hours are likely to be the most troublesome. Put your "people" skills to good use and keep your distance from hotheads. Talk over the day's happenings this evening when the Libra Moon's sextile with Mercury soothes nerves, supports the free exchange of ideas and deftly facilitates travel.
Moon in Libra v/c 9:03PM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Mars, Mars square Pluto.

December 7: A midday conjunction of the Scorpio Moon and Venus bestows wonderful civility and honeyed affection at morning meet ups. Fondness is strongly felt, made more lustrous and endearing by a pending trine between the romantic celestial duo and mystical Neptune. Some attractions glow with otherworldly charm, other enticements are infused with magic. Creative, visionary and humanitarian urges pulsate throughout the day. Welcome your heart's inspiration, and be receptive to artistic encounters and brushes with spirituality that may come out of the blue, and catch you at an unguarded moment.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-6:26AM Moon enters Scorpio.

December 8: The Moon's ride through moody Scorpio makes feelings run deeply. Some patterns may seem as thought they are frozen in place, etched in time. A late morning lunar sextile with Pluto creates movement, and also directs attention to practical matters. Organize schedules and manage resources with a focus on efficiency and sharing responsibilities as well as rewards. The egalitarian spirit receives a nice boost when the Sun forms an energizing trine to Uranus tonight. Serendipity and synchronicity can be exhilarating, wonderful things to experience. Have a go at new technology or a previously untried adventure. There's a lot to learn and think about, especially things that exist outside of ordinary, every day experiences.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun trine Uranus.

December 9: This is one of the those Wednesdays requiring an extra push to get over the mid-week hump. The usually steadfast Scorpio Moon is waning and languishes void of course for most of the day. The lunar cycle is nearly at an end. The combination of factors drains physical energy and can weaken resolve. Emotional commitments may also waver. Mental Mercury changes signs tonight, complicating matters by adding indecisiveness to internal musings and deliberations with partners. As often occurs during void of course Moon periods, much that is said fails to bear fruit. This makes it best to take what you see, hear and even think with some degree of skepticism. On a more positive note, soul searching and inner growth work can uncover pearls of wisdom.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 1:39AM-5:25PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury enters Capricorn.

December 10: Challenges as well as exhilarating moments mark this day. The Sagittarius Moon is in shadow, and not quite ready to begin her new cycle. This balsamic phase typically provides emotional detachment and wider perspectives but lunar friction with Neptune and Saturn may bring morning worries and uncertainties. Pay attention to details. Carefully attend to chores and responsibilities. Respect rules and traditions. On the other hand, tonight's opposition between Mars and Uranus has the potential to instantly change hearts and minds as many folks contend with forces they do not control. The opposition may also unleash chaotic events in the world. Throughout the day's ups and downs, an imminent angle between Venus and Neptune chants, "All you need is love."
Moon in Sagittarius, Mars opposite Uranus.

December 11: Delectable dreams, clairvoyant impressions and a jaunty early morning New Moon in Sagittarius renew spirits and raise hopes. From now until Christmas Day the Moon is waxing, putting the holiday season in full swing! The morning hours feel quite busy at times. Be careful not to take on too many projects or overbook your schedule. A testing angle between the Moon and Jupiter inclines some folks to overdo, try too hard, spend too much or overstate what is already obvious. By lunchtime the Moon is traveling void of course. It's best to finalize business matters, make decisions and plan schedules before midday. Relax into familiar, everyday routines during the mellower second half of the day.
Moon in Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius 5:29AM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:06AM-12:00AM, Venus trine Neptune.

December 12: Thanks to the Capricorn Moon's conjunction with Mercury, early birds wake up assured that there's business to attend to and responsibilities to meet. After a hard working and productive beginning, a softer, more lyrical mood gradually takes command of the middle of the day. A lunar sextile aspect with Neptune puts some folks in a lazy mood. Watching clouds drift by may inspire the imagination. Long, leisurely lunches, daydreams and catnaps can also be fun. So too can visiting holiday art and craft fairs as well as other festive gatherings. Social inclinations increase as daylight fades and nighttime begins. Loving Venus is making her presence felt. Candlelit dinners in cozy hideaways are super romantic for lovers. Others enjoy feeling close to friends and family. Easy does it as the hour gets late. Coming on too strong can be a real turnoff.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-1:47AM Moon enters Capricorn.

December 13: Be extra careful if you're out in the neighborhood or long distance traveling this morning. While operating a car or machine, give it your complete attention, and slow down. The Capricorn Moon is at odds with Uranus and Mars, a harbinger of distractions as well as unexpected, sometimes unfortunate occurrences. Fender benders are among the possibilities. Life is mellower and more fruitful after noon. A holiday shopping expedition, visit to a museum or sporting event proves to be great fun. The evening hours are cozy but bring lower energy levels as the Moon goes void of course. Plan to stay close to the nest. Review your holiday travel and party plans and gift lists. Less can be more as the Sun prepares to test Jupiter, the planet of excess.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 6:07PM-12:00AM.

December 14: The Sagittarius Sun squares Jupiter during the late morning. The angle provides moments of delight, wonder and big-hearted generosity, all much needed in today's chaotic world. It may also lead certain well-intentioned folks to think too big, taking on more than they can handle. With the Moon in Aquarius and mental Mercury's sextile to Neptune, it's fine to dream and initiate progressive actions today but be realistic about time constraints and other physical limitations. Creative and emotional types may find it hard to keep their feet on the ground this afternoon. Midnight's lunar sextile to Saturn is a well-timed reminder to take things one step at a time.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-7:59AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun square Jupiter, Mercury sextile Neptune.

December 15: With the Moon in visionary Aquarius and waxing, it's full speed ahead into a future rife with unknowns and surprises. Lunar aspects to Uranus and Mars help speed the day along. Information travels swiftly. Computer technology and other labor saving devices minimize time consuming tedium. Put your tech skills to good use or, if you get stuck, ask a more knowledgable pal for assistance. A chance meeting early this afternoon leads to good things. Social media networking is also enhanced by today's stars. So too are innate intuitive abilities. As the day unfolds listen to the still, small voice within. Friendly, agreeable trends continue into the early morning hours.
Moon in Aquarius.

December 16: The void of course Aquarius Moon brings diminished energy levels this morning. Enthusiasm may be notably absent, too. Rather than start anything new, it's best to concentrate on unfinished business and work on projects already in progress. If an acquaintance is pushing an agenda at odds with your own, take a low key, wait and see approach. Shortly after noon the Moon settles into Pisces. Creative impulses may fire the imagination but, with the Moon moving into range of the tricky Neptune/Saturn square, some precautions are advised. Make sure your great idea, gut hunch or charity offers practical advantages, is legal, healthy, and easily explained to doubters. Another point to address is cost. Who foots the bill?
Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:17AM-12:45PM Moon entes Pisces.

December 17: For those who are receptive to Venus' loving vibrations, hearts glow with unusual warmth today. The Goddess planet is very active, making a healing early morning sextile to Pluto and aligning with the super sensitive Pisces Moon during the mid-afternoon. Adding to positive moods, the Moon harmonizes with mental Mercury and Pluto. All relationships stand to benefit from compassion and grace. Put your knowledge of what makes people tick to good use. Clarify and define shared goals. If there are financial matters to address, this is an excellent day for negotiating. In friendships, emotional awareness and intimacy are also served. Make meaningful admissions and agreements while hearts are open.
Moon in Pisces, Venus sextile Pluto.

December 18: This morning's First Quarter Moon in Pisces raises anxiety levels, mostly from trying to do too many things at once. Still, the early morning hours are the most fruitful part of the work day as the Moon languishes void of course after making its late-morning square to the Sun. Do your best to keep things simple, and stay on point while speaking. The Moon arrives in Aries as the Sun sets but once there offers little impetus to tackle new challenges. Care for your personal needs. Run errands or plan to take a time out from the holiday hustle during the evening hours.
Moon in Pisces, First Quarter Moon in Pisces 10:14AM, Moon in Pisces v/c 10:14AM-4:26PM Moon enters Aries.

December 19: This morning's activities receive a well-timed boost from the Aries Moon. If you have shopping or chores to attend to, do them first thing because the afternoon astrological weather is a different story. Mercury, the planet of intellect and the six senses, as well as quick trips to shopping centers and meeting places, is conjunct obsessive Pluto. The Moon nestles with quirky Uranus. These four stars are at odds with one another. Life can bring conscious awakening and/or chaos. Misunderstandings, missed messages and other communication breakdowns grow more likely. The chance of an accident increases. Slow your pace. Watch your temper. Respectful attitudes and thoughtful words defuse tensions. For tonight's party bound iconoclasts and irreverent thinkers, inventors and spiritual seekers, the quirky stars are a heaven sent gift.
Moon in Aries, Mercury conjunct Pluto.

December 20: Early risers may struggle to get their shoes on the correct feet. A second effort puts thing right. By sunrise more agreeable trends take hold. The Aries Moon makes a fantastic trine aspect with the Sagittarius Sun this evening. Much of the day whooshes by like a bobsled skillfully hurtling over an icy track. The speedy run could include difficult moments. Mental Mercury is testing Uranus. Normally cool and collected types can lose their composure. Hastily spoken words may prove regrettable. Computer problems are more likely, too. The planetary friction can lead to frazzled nerves but also notably ingenious ideas. The Moon's evening arrival in Taurus has a soothing impact. Slow down. Be methodical. Do your best to stay relaxed and keep your mind on an even keel.
Moon in Aries v/c 5:01PM-7:13PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury square Uranus.

December 21: The Moon is making her way through earthy Taurus. Along her pathway she encourages friendly behavior via aspects with Neptune and Pluto. An awareness of all that is sacred and magical in life informs the early morning hours. Some folks feel inspired to get busy creatively or make a psychic connection with a loved one. Think "longterm security" and practical decisions are easily made later in the day. Partners are cooperative. Tonight, minutes before midnight here on the East Coast, the Sun slips into gritty Capricorn, marking the start of Winter. The Solstice horoscope suggests that in the face of continuing political instability, safety and material plane well-being will remain primary concerns of everyday people. Applying spiritual wisdom to these worldly challenges can be helpful.
Moon in Taurus, Sun enters Capricorn 11:49PM, Winter Solstice.

December 22: The day has an exceptional beginning. The Taurus Moon is part of an exuberant Grand Trine configuration along with Mercury and Jupiter. "Keep looking up" say these stars! Make inquiries, suggestions and sales pitches at the start of the working day. The optimistic mood fades by late-morning when the Moon begins a twelve hour long void of course period. Because the Moon is nearly full, the loss of momentum may only seem slight. However, it's still better to hold off on major expenditures and critical decisions until tonight, when the Moon reaches Gemini. Today's planetary energies are great for organizing, making holiday preparations and quietly tending to routine obligations.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:26AM-9:31PM Moon enters Gemini.

December 23: The waxing Gemini Moon is an enlivening influence, leading minds into countless imagined scenarios and setting tongues to telling endless stories. The social atmosphere is thus a busy one but lunar tests with Neptune and Saturn are reason to be cautious. Incorrect information can easily be shared, or a secret unintentionally revealed. Think twice before speaking and be aware of eavesdroppers. Take steps to minimize any confusion. Repeat essential meeting times and places, so as to be sure partners are on the same page. Tardiness will not be appreciated this afternoon. Be on time. Tonight's social clime is excellent. Late night revelers share in a merry mood.
Moon in Gemini.

December 24: In the still quiet of the early morning hours Venus forms an uplifting sextile with Jupiter. The aspect between the two stars of good fortune augurs well for lovers, travelers and all those doing good in the world. The spirit of generosity is also well-served. As noon approaches lunar alignments with Jupiter and Mars build excitement and lend energy to a wide range of activities. Holiday planning proceeds briskly and decisively. It's best to complete demanding chores and errands before late afternoon when the Gemini Moon goes void of course until midnight. The latter third of the day is perfectly fine for putting the finishing touches on a project or having a gabfest with friends and family.
Moon in Gemini v/c 3:04PM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Jupiter.

December 25: Merry Christmas! The early morning Full "Cold" Moon in Cancer is a grand reminder of old-school values and family traditions. Enthralled, bright-eyed children of all ages feel many joys this Christmas morning. Magic and high spirits persist throughout the day. Mental Mercury's late afternoon trine to Jupiter fosters a nurturing atmosphere, rich with the sharing of good food, captivating stories and kindness. If you have a quiet moment, pick up your phone and touch base with loved ones. People will love hearing from you. Late tonight Uranus resumes forward motion, possibly triggering seismic activity and another round of political instability.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-12:26AM Moon enters Cancer, Full Moon in Cancer 6:11AM, Mercury trine Jupiter, Uranus Direct.

December 26: With the Cosmos serving up mixed trends, it's best to pay close attention today. The Cancer Moon is part of a stressful Grand Square configuration but also providing comfort and joy through more agreeable aspects with Jupiter and Venus. Challenges begin early. A lunar square to Uranus jolts some folks awake before dawn. However, much of the day is mellow, good for home based activities shared with family and close friends. Things get busy around sundown. The sparkling evening social scene is lively, but be on the lookout for hot heads and impatient souls. The day's finale, a lunar trine with Venus, brings smiles and affectionate feelings. Enjoy the healing power of love.
Moon in Cancer v/c 10:36PM-12:00AM.

December 27: The Moon is in the sign of creativity and self-expression, Leo. Ordinarily, we might expect a celebratory atmosphere, but after the recent holiday activities, excesses and stresses, and a lack of planetary aspects, this day is mellow. Go within, listen and follow your heart. Devote time to hobbies and other pleasurable pursuits. Court your lover. Look to children for inspiration in how to reclaim your sense of wonder. As evening falls attention turns to more serious matters, philosophical discussions, prepping for the week ahead and looking in on elders are among the many rewarding possibilities.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-5:31AM Moon enters Leo.

December 28: Excitement takes many forms this morning. The Leo Moon is nearing a midday trine with inventive Uranus. An exhilarating sense that anything is possible may be noted. Progressive sentiments, psychic impressions and clever ideas flood social media. Follow through on a hunch. It could lead you to the next big thing. The Capricorn Sun is also approaching a bi-annual sextile to Neptune, empowering humanitarian causes as well as imaginative and artistic ventures. With otherworldly forces in play, it's a fine day for flirting with the new and exploring the road less traveled.
Moon in Leo.

December 29: Dreams may stay in one's waking consciousness long after rising this morning. The Sun's sextile with Neptune inspires altruistic acts and opens gateways into the subconscious. In fact, the time is ripe for launching humanitarian aid efforts, and some dreams may be on the verge of fruition. Don't hurry, though. A late morning square between Mercury and Mars can complicate matters, exposing flaws in planning or raising timing issues. Be prepared to regroup, clarify ambitions and patiently soldier on. After a short midday lull the Moon enters Virgo. The afternoon is a good part of the day to reach out and acknowledge an acquaintance, friend or ally. Words of appreciation will be warmly received.
Moon in Leo v/c-12:38PM-1:58PM Moon enters Virgo, Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury square Mars.

December 30: Venus reaches Sagittarius during the wee hours of the morning and for many folks, loving more freely is an immediate effect. A pleasing angle between the Virgo Moon and the Capricorn Sun also enhances relationships between the sexes. There are pitfalls to avoid and differences to iron out during the late morning. Don't take a partner for granted. The risk of a misunderstanding or deliberate deception is elevated by lunar friction with Neptune and Saturn. You can minimize the risk of a loss or disappointment by painstakingly going over agreements, plans and schedules. Resolving issues of contention actually builds closeness and trust, which will be evident this evening.
Moon in Virgo, Venus enters Sagittarius.

December 31: We say goodbye to the old year with a stylish Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. Exact just minutes before high noon, the stellar pairing ignites optimism and inclines many folks to get into party mode. As Fate would have it the pair are conjunct the Lunar North Node, pointing the way to a brighter, healthier and more enlightened future. Those who are tying up loose ends also find the going productive. Minds are incredibly sharp tonight. The astrological omens support making New Year's resolutions, with wisdom, clear intent and and solid conviction. Revelers enjoy scintillating conversations and hearty merry-making into the early hours of the morning. Happy New Year!
Moon in Virgo.