December 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for December 2016

December 1: With the Moon, Pluto and Venus visiting industrious Capricorn, most folks are eager and willing to get down to business. A little extra time spent rounding up the team and reviewing the playbook is time well spent. Some individualists feel inspired to go it alone as Mars forms an exhilarating trine to Jupiter, but a well-organized collaborative effort holds the most promise. Students, story-tellers, athletes and people in sales, education and travel all benefit from the Jupiter/Mars trine. This is a good time to book holiday reservations. Optimism permeates the day and also raises the expectations of attendees at festive evening galas. Tonight’s performances are especially touching as the Moon aligns with mystical Neptune.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00am-3:52am Moon enters Capricorn, Mars trine Jupiter.

December 2: Focus and intensity are ramped up this morning. Keep your sights on the big picture. Some alliances may shudder under the weight of petty jealousies or more serious power struggles. Remember to accentuate mutual interests and when making suggestions, be diplomatic. Alternate points of view and pointed humor help defuse tensions at midday but indecision can soon become problematic. Mental Mercury enters Capricorn as the Sun sinks low in the sky. The Communication Planet’s sign change can add to confusion and with the Moon testing both Jupiter and Uranus it is probably best to put off weighty decisions until after the weekend. Cue up the casual weekend vibe and party with friends tonight.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury enters Capricorn.

December 3: After overtaking Venus in the predawn darkness, the Capricorn Moon goes void of course. The sweet celestial pairing may facilitate the simple but delicious enjoyment of a warm bed and/or a stalwart companion. The early morning hours also feature Mars in a sextile to Saturn, excellent incentive for those more motivated souls who have chores, responsibilities and workouts to attend to. By mid-morning the sluggish mood caused by the void of course Moon is undeniable. Relax and go with the flow. Mid-afternoon sees the Moon arrive in Aquarius and the ambience changes. Getting out and socializing becomes more appealing. If you’ve got shopping to do, especially for anything durable or expensive, wait until the day’s second act. The same applies for decision-making. A spontaneous gathering can be excellent fun tonight.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 5:16am-2:44pm Moon enters Aquarius.

December 4: A mellow day during the holiday season is indeed a gift from the heavens. Enjoy this one. The Aquarius Moon forms but one exact aspect, a soothing afternoon sextile with the Sagittarius Sun. These are the two most freedom-loving signs so don’t be surprised to feel the lure of the open road or some other far away, exotic destination. Harmony between the sexes may be notable but in truth each one of us is being granted an opportunity to be at peace within our selves. Share your contentment, faith and optimism with family, friends and strangers on the street. Sporting contests and games of chance provide great enjoyment. Hopefulness and good cheer increase as the evening hours grow late, another good period for stimulating conversations.
Moon in Aquarius.

December 5: The stars are busy while most folks sleep but by daybreak the Aquarius Moon is sailing quietly, void of course. The resulting absence of energy can present challenges, especially for those with big ideas, grand plans and pressing needs. As is usually the case under a void of course Moon, promises may be made but not fulfilled. Scale back expectations and concentrate on improving existing plans and ties. Invite others to your brainstorming party. Clever solutions and stimulating ideas may surface but wait, this is not the time to implement them or begin a new project. More supportive energies arrive shortly before midnight when the Moon enters Pisces. The sign change is a Cosmic green light to proceed with greater assurance.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:23am-11:31pm Moon enters Pisces.

December 6: Aided by mystical Neptune, the waxing Pisces Moon boosts both emotional awareness and psychic abilities. The ghosts of lost loves and guardian spirits reach out to the living today. Responsive souls may feel as though they are being touched and guided by angels. Hopefully, spirits on either side of the veil can find peace and comfort. The late afternoon may see some folks overwhelmed by emotions. Keep a tissue or hanky close at hand. The same forces could occasion an epiphany or grand inspiration. Tonight’s sextile between Mars and Uranus is today’s wild card, a liberating “X factor” inviting adventurous types to act on impulse, serve the greater good and seek out like-minded souls. Heart centered soulfulness, mental acuity and progressive social leanings make this a day of amazing potential.
Moon in Pisces, Mars sextile Uranus.

December 7: The early morning First Quarter Moon in Pisces contributes to a restless night. Roiled waters soon calm but the new day begins under a lunar square with dour Saturn, not the best omen for smooth or fast starts. Be patient and focus on essentials. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course. Many folks feel uninspired and performance may suffer. As is usually the case with the Moon void of course, things are said but follow-up action may be lacking. Take what you hear and see with a grain of salt. If possible, do not begin new projects. Instead, explore and follow the longings of your heart and imagination. Creative inspiration may strike at any moment. On a lighter note, Venus arrives in friendly Aquarius this morning, a plus for congenial holiday social events.
First Quarter Moon in Pisces 4:03am, Moon in Pisces v/c 9:05am-12:00am, Venus enters Aquarius.

December 8: The Moon enters impulsive Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, a couple of hours before dawn. The sign change has an enlivening effect, made more so via a cheerful early morning lunar sextile to Venus. Like roosters, and many folks feel they have something joyful to crow about as they prepare for work and school. Expect the day to be long, productive and busy. At most, pick a few projects and focus on them. This evening’s lunar square with mental Mercury could be distracting. Unfinished undertakings can quickly multiply. Second thoughts may add to frustrations. Breathe! Clear priorities and a simple “taking care of business” approach reduce the number of distressing diversions.
Moon Pisces v/c 12:00am-5:16am Moon enters Aries.

December 9: While not without its dramas, this promises to be a fabulous day. The Sagittarius Sun is about to overtake Saturn, the Lord of Karma. Their conjunction heralds an annual “reality check,” a chance to evaluate one’s standing, goals and performance levels. Fortunately, the Sun is also forming harmonious angles with the Aries Moon, Uranus and Jupiter in Libra. Upon review, many folks will find they have plenty to feel grateful for and cheer about. In fact, today’s stars offer a celestial cornucopia of blessings. The thorniest tests stem from the Aries Moon triggering an unstable cardinal sign T-square. Good social skills, respect for others and cooperation help ease potential tensions.
Moon in Aries v/c 8:06pm-12:00am, Sun sextile Jupiter.

December 10: Dreamland is a wondrous place to be while Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune during the very early morning hours. Then, in dramatic contrast, as day breaks the Sun and serious Saturn stand united in a conjunction. Do what must be done. Honor the truth as you know it, but it could also be time to let go of beliefs and commitments that no longer seem just or compelling. The waxing Moon’s arrival in Taurus soon heralds easier going. Lunar aspects with Venus and Neptune foster pleasant social ties, tinged with kindness and compassion for others. Afternoon errands and shopping are more fun with pals tagging along. Tonight’s entertainment choice is likely to be emotionally and spiritually uplifting so take in a movie or performance that is dear to your heart.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00am-7:41am Moon enters Taurus, Mercury sextile Neptune, Sun conjunct Saturn.

December 11: The waxing Taurus Moon is aligned with Mercury and Pluto this morning. Creature comforts are compelling attractions. Some will lean towards hedonism, but whether you find pleasure in your morning coffee, a tasty breakfast treat or shopping, thoughtful conversation makes it all more enjoyable. Thorough research can turn up bargains and other valuable information. A day trip to parts unknown can also be a thrill. A great many people are about to turn a page and give emerging new possibilities a serious look. The pending solar trine to Uranus excites the senses and entices minds with thoughts of breaking free from restrictive circumstances. However, some friction could surface late tonight as partners may disagree about how to proceed.
Moon in Taurus v/c 11:04pm-12:00am.

December 12: A late night reverie, a fleeting impression or dream could be the stuff of genius. Don’t discard an original idea, no matter how preposterous or far out it may seem. With the Sun in trine to Uranus, new philosophies and political movements are being born. The nearly full Moon enters Gemini during the early morning and the day is off to the races. The hours fly by. Meetings are stimulating. Camaraderie is warm and contagious. Ties grow stronger as evening nears. A flirtation could lead to something more serious but watch out for crossed signals as the hours grow late. Make sure you are understood correctly. Carefully assess people and situations and keep close tabs on mobile phones and other valuables.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00am-7:41am Moon enters Gemini, Sun trine Uranus.

December 13: Mixed signals make this day an intricate tapestry of thoughts, emotions and memorable “gourmet” moments. The chatty and always curious Moon in Gemini is today’s guiding light, launching myriad laughs, stories, and occasionally offbeat and bold ideas. Tonight’s Full “Cold” Moon, exact at 7:05pm EST, sees lunar oppositions to the Sagittarius Sun and Saturn, ample reason to pause and carefully consider one’s thoughts, core beliefs, words and priorities. Shy away from old school traditionalists. Concepts that have outlived their usefulness can now be let go. Moonrise meditations may be notably profound as spiritual awakenings are possible. The lively atmosphere carries through until midnight. Enjoy the company of talkative, witty, open-minded and provocative Moon-worshipping pals.
Full Moon in Gemini 7:05pm.

December 14: Following yesterday’s Full Moon dramatics comes a quiet void of course Moon night, well-suited for relaxing and catching up on rest. As dawn breaks Luna enters nurturing Cancer. Well-known haunts and faces, as well as time-honored routines typically provide the greatest ease and tranquility while the Moon visits Cancer. As feelings grow more sensitive expect instincts to be strong and nurturing tendencies to be pronounced. The urge to care for others and root for underdogs is particularly noticeable tonight as the the Moon forms a trine to Neptune. The heart-softening alignment also awakens latent creative impulses. Dial up your Muses and have a go at an artistic endeavor. In addition, soulful connections can be made and art appreciation, especially of music, dance and film is rewarding.
Moon in Gemini 12:57am-7:09am Moon enters Cancer.

December 15: Morning conversations naturally turn to emotionally charged issues. Do your best to avoid a confrontational stance. Instead, emphasize well-intentioned concerns and the wisdom of cooperating. The Cancer Moon inspires maternal instincts in many souls but the Moon is part of a powerful Grand Cross configuration, testing Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus. Instability factors can appear at any moment as an upset, harsh words or rash action. Peace may seem elusive, helping overtures rebuffed. Those who can harness the powerful healing energies are calming and nurture even the headstrong and unwilling. An unorthodox approach to living and problem solving is called for after noon. By sunset the Moon is void of course, making the evening relatively tame. Retreat to your home base and relish the nighttime quiet.
Moon in Cancer v/c 4:37pm-12:00am.

December 16: While calendars show there are no exact planetary alignments today, there is plenty to be aware of. The lack of celestial activity produces a relaxed atmosphere. Shortly after sunrise the Moon enters playful Leo and moods lean towards the creative and fun-loving. Let your inner child out to play. Co-workers and other associates are likely to happily reciprocate. Mental Mercury is slowing in preparation for a year-ending retrograde that begins Monday. Now in Capricorn and close to Pluto, the Winged Messenger invites serious reflection on weighty issues. If you find your mental gear wheels churning over and over in the same spot, apply the brakes. A simple suggestion to think along different lines can be freeing. Evening social prospects are excellent as the Moon nears a late night opposition to Venus.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00am-8:15am Moon enters Leo.

December 17: A jolly, frolicsome spirit informs this day. The Leo Moon awakens the child in each of us. Whether relaxing with a hobby or tackling errands and seasonal chores, it won’t take much to evoke innocence and wonder. Be spontaneous and pursue the longings of your heart, especially during the sociable afternoon hours when the Moon aligns with Jupiter. Sharing good times only increases the enjoyment. A fire sign Grand Trine graces the fantastic evening, bridging gaps between old and new, conservative and progressive sorts. People of all persuasions find they have more in common than they thought. Make yourself part of an eclectic gathering. The atmosphere is scintillating and intelligent. Informative conversations are sure to dazzle.
Moon in Leo.

December 18: Today is a twofer, with a Leo Moon holding sway during the morning and a Virgo Moon dominant soon after noon. Early risers awaken to a distinct sense of calm. The Moon and Sagittarius Sun are in harmony and all seems well. As the morning grows late a lunar opposition to Mars may ruffle feathers. Guard against impatience. Rather than rush to judgment, stay calm and assume no harm was intended. A friend may be wrestling with his or her own issues. After a noon hour lull due to a void of course Moon, the pace picks up after lunch. The Moon, now in Virgo, is nearing a conjunction with her own North Node, the theoretical point in space symbolizing the path ahead. It’s a good time to commit to a healthier lifestyle and the practical application of spiritual principles. With mental Mercury poised to begin a retrograde, a review of past successes and mistakes can be a helpful guide.
Moon in Leo v/c 11:55am-12:52pm Moon enters Virgo.

December 19: Two important developments occur early this morning. Fiery Mars takes the plunge into watery Pisces and mental Mercury turns retrograde. The Sign of the Fishes does little to support Mars’ aggressive and impulsive ways. Emotional turmoil may reflect or mask inner frustrations. Mercury’s direction shift complicates matters. It can be tough to see or think clearly. Some decisions may be reversed. If you feel confused, wait. Improving trends arrive during the late afternoon. The Virgo Moon aligns with Mercury and Pluto, sharpening perceptions and strengthening willpower. The latter part of the day is the time to face facts, use critical reasoning and make determinations. Gut hunches may also be useful.
Moon in Virgo, Mars enters Pisces, Mercury retrograde.

December 20: We are at autumn’s end and on the cusp of a new season. Today’s jousting Sagittarius Sun and Last Quarter Virgo Moon are both at critical positions. Each occupies the final and karmic degree of their respective signs. It may seem obvious. Some things are broken beyond repair. The testing square angle between the Sun and Moon gives impetus to break free of habits, rituals and attitudes that no longer satisfy needs or serve a useful purpose. In preparation for winter’s stillness this is a good occasion for a spiritual, mental or actual housecleaning. Light candles and purifying incense. Tune inwards. Create new ceremonies. There are opportunities to revisit long ago dreams and chart new pathways to reaching them.
Last Quarter Moon in Virgo 8:56pm, Moon in Virgo v/c 8:56pm-9:40pm Moon enters Libra.

December 21: Today marks Winter Solstice, the turning of the light. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, after six months of diminishing, the hours of daylight begin to lengthen as Winter begins. In this busy season of holy days, many tied to themes of light and rebirth, this Solstice is an astrologically quiet day. Aside from the pre-dawn entry of the Sun into Capricorn there are no other planetary alignments. A few minutes of quiet contemplation or meditation are appropriate. Cultivate your inner light, sharpen your vision and make ready for the building energies leading to more fertile future months. With the Moon in sociable Libra, an evening Solstice gathering can be pleasant.
Moon in Libra, Sun enters Capricorn/Winter Solstice, Winter begins 5:45am.

December 22: This first full day of Winter is a busy one. Until mid-afternoon the Libra Moon makes fast tracks through an array of planetary aspects. The very early morning hours can be challenging as lunar squares to retrograding Mercury and Pluto make it difficult to reach a consensus. Dawn brings soothing, as well as uplifting energies. Pettiness gives way to more loving and generous behavior. If you have last minute holiday errands to do, the Cosmos blesses your efforts. Moods are congenial, a plus for conducting more serious business, as well. The Moon’s final aspect before going void of course is an opposition to unpredictable Uranus. The alignment can be freeing, and help hasten travelers on their way but it can also disrupt schedules. Be on your toes after lunch, ready for anything. The late afternoon and evening see mellower times. Plan to relax.
Moon in Libra v/c 2:31pm-12:00am.

December 23: After a tenuous start under a void of course Moon, moods grow more resolute with the Moon’s mid-morning arrival into Scorpio. Trust your instincts and first impressions. Lunar harmony with the Capricorn Sun facilitates putting one’s priorities and schedules in order. To the untrained eye some leanings may seem illogical. Others are able to tap into a magical and mysterious guiding inner light, especially after noon when the Moon is in harmony with Mars, her own Nodes and Neptune. For those who are open and receptive, Spirit will definitely move them. If you can’t make your own dream come true, maybe you can help someone else realize theirs.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00am-9:32am Moon enters Scorpio.

December 24: On the eve of major religious holidays, the planetary fireworks heat up. Saturn forms a fantastic trine to Uranus today. Mythological adversaries since ancient times, the two stars now work to bridge gaps between the old and young, conservatives and liberals, traditionalists and progressives. If you’ve been trying hard to understand differing and sometimes conflicting viewpoints, today is a good time to make progress. Because the Scorpio Moon is in harmony with mental Mercury and perceptive Pluto, conversations may be full of surprisingly soulful insights and practical understanding and in the end, prove healing. The festive evening atmosphere could see minor strains develop when the hour grows late. Watch your consumption of food and drink. Be discreet. Save some revealing personal statements for another day.
Moon in Scorpio, Saturn trine Uranus.

December 25: On the celestial stage Venus is today’s leading actor. The Goddess of Love performs brilliantly, forming pleasing angles with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. Talk about good cheer, this morning moods are exuberant! Warm and loving feelings remain a powerful current throughout the day. The Scorpio Moon’s void of course status allows tender and normally unexpressed feelings to surface. Memories and other longings may catch some folks by surprise but my suggestion is to welcome them. Swirling emotions add nuance and texture to a charmed and relaxing day. Late tonight the Moon enters Sagittarius. Expect a flurry of last minute holiday messages and more than a few thoughts of far away people and places.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 2:22am-10:19pm Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus trine Jupiter, Venus sextile Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn.

December 26: It’s another day of celestial pyrotechnics. The Sagittarius Moon is at odds with Mars and Neptune while an even more potent opposition between Jupiter and Uranus sparks talk of revolution. The worlds of technology, politics and religion are all subject to unexpected changes. Opinions may be over-sized and outlandish or breathtakingly brilliant and fresh. Be alert to ulterior motives and nefarious plots especially during the afternoon when the Moon squares Neptune and cool judgment is likely to be hampered by hypersensitivity. Calming trends arrive tonight on the heels of a sextile between mental Mercury and Neptune. Spiritual understanding, compassion and creative solutions help calm edgy nerves.
Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter opposite Uranus, Mercury sextile Neptune.

December 27: From the start this day moves smartly and swiftly. A post-midnight solar sextile to Mars fires up night owls and insomniacs. If you are sleepless, put the nocturnal energy to good use. Network, meditate, or improve your artistic skills. Be open-minded and spontaneous during the middle of the day. Follow intuitive flashes, consider alternative views and realities. A foreign or unfamiliar idea may resonate with truth and also offer practical advantages. After work and dinnertime gatherings are friendly affairs. The Sagittarius Moon is in harmony with Venus in Aquarius. Moods are light and breezy and genuine affection is evident. The waning Moon goes void of course this evening. Plan to retire early and catch up on needed rest.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 8:45pm-12:00am, Sun sextile Mars.

December 28: With a tired waning Sagittarius Moon void of course to start the day, the early hours pass slowly. This is the final day of the lunar cycle. The Cosmic tide is out. Completing things rather than beginning them is always preferable during this particular lunar phase. By late morning the Moon arrives in gritty Capricorn and dedicated souls discover new motivation. Momentum builds during the second half of the day. The Sun, Moon, retrograde Mercury and Pluto are conjunct while forming an enlivening sextile with Pisces-based Mars and Neptune. Rethinking tactics and repurposing items can yield impressive results. Today’s planning may well lead to future gains. The fertile “seed planting” time of the imminent New Moon is in play tonight. Dream big dreams. It’s safe to launch new ventures designed to make those dreams come true.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00am-10:12am Moon enters Capricorn, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury sextile Mars.

December 29: The New Moon in Capricorn, the year’s last, occurs during the wee hours of the morning. Ideas that percolate through sleeping minds may lay at the heart of many New Year’s resolutions. Another big push for progressive thinking comes with rebellious Uranus’ return to forward motion. The Zodiac’s true maverick has been on a backwards track since summer and is now prepared to make life more lively and unpredictable. Uranus is locked in an opposition to Jupiter so we can expect traditions, laws and rules to be challenged again and again in coming weeks. In our personal lives it’s an alignment that launches leaps of consciousness and truth seeking adventures. Stay tuned in and be open to heart and mind-changing experiences. Physical travel may also be weighing on many peoples’ minds.
New Moon in Capricorn 1:53am, Uranus Direct.

December 30: The week concludes with a rather lazy Friday. The Capricorn Moon is sailing void of course most of the day. Concentration and incentives are out the window. A timely sextile between the Sun and Neptune adds depth and quality to inventive daytime reveries. Empathic tendencies are strong. Creative impulses are fired up but the laid back atmosphere is less than ideal for translating visions into concrete reality. Still, it’s worth noting fleeting thoughts and random impressions. One or more may prove to be useful. The Moon’s evening arrival into Aquarius favors informal get togethers of friends and like-minded dreamers. This evening’s Sun/Neptune sextile is 2016’s last major planetary aspect. Dream on!
Moon in Capricorn v/c 3:07am-8:29pm Moon enters Aquarius, Sun sextile Pluto.

December 31: There are no exact aspects on this final day of 2017. The Moon is making her way through Aquarius, the sign associated with friendship and forward-thinking, egalitarian values. Aquarius is also the sign of the future so it’s quite natural to think about the upcoming year and what the days and months may hold. As we make ready to welcome 2017 a potent aspect is forming. Fiery Mars is overtaking Neptune in Pisces. The pairing is both a siren call to idealists as well as a note of caution regarding the consumption of food, alcohol and drugs. Risk factors are on the rise as midnight nears so if you are out and about partying, be sure to call a cab or designate a driver. Make it a rule tonight, err on the side of caution. Have a safe and Happy New Year!
Moon in Aquarius.