December 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for December 2017

December 1: During the pre-dawn hours Venus slips into Sagittarius where she lightens hearts and encourages outgoing, friendly behavior. Venus isn’t the only early morning news. Pay close attention. Slow down. Mars is at odds with Uranus, increasing the risk of a speed-related accident or injury. The waxing Taurus Moon’s late morning opposition with Jupiter keeps conversations flowing and excitement levels high. Opinions are passionate. Business meetings, planning sessions and other discussions are fruitful. Pragmatic views come to the fore this evening, a good time to double-check facts and figures. The bullish Moon goes void of course and the day loses intensity. Plan a relaxing and restful evening.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:53PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Sagittarius, Mars opposite Uranus.

December 2: Poised at the final degree of Sagittarius, mental Mercury is hovering stationary. Closely conjunct Saturn, the Winged Messenger turns retrograde early tomorrow morning. With the Taurus Moon running void of course until late afternoon, some interesting realizations may occur. Minds are impressionable. However, decisions could lack certainty. It’s a good juncture for mulling over core beliefs about legal principles, politics and spiritual teachings. The Moon enters Gemini as the Sun sets, opening the curtain on today’s second act. The evening social scene is inviting. With Jupiter forming an exact trine to mystical Neptune tonight, folks want to be entertained. Dreams have magical powers and humanitarian efforts are likely to make headline news.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-4:21PM Moon enters Gemini, Jupiter trine Neptune.

December 3: Mercury turns retrograde during the wee hours of the morning. Perched at the last degree of Sagittarius and conjunct Saturn, reality makes a strong impression. Actions speak louder than words. Available evidence alters the opinions of even the most strong-willed people. By late morning the Moon is exactly full. Both the full “cold” Moon in Gemini and the opposing Sagittarius Sun are at odds with Neptune. Idealism enters into reflections and considerations. Some thought processes may be foolish, so avoid getting swept up in full Moon euphoria. The weather could force a change in plans. Keep your feet on solid ground. When the dust settles in a few days time, mistakes will be glaringly obvious.
Moon in Gemini, Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini 10:47AM, Mercury retrograde, Sun square Neptune.

December 4: The Gemini Moon’s energizing aspects to Uranus and Mars put the morning on a fast track. Make the best of the upbeat tempo but also be ready to shift gears and adjust plans. A midday lunar opposition to Saturn and retrograde Mercury can throw a monkey wrench into rapidly spinning gear wheels. Progress could be hindered by unexpected complications, poor communications or incomplete or incorrect documentation. Double-check appointment times, schedules and contracts. After a brief void of course period the Moon dips into fertile Cancer during the late afternoon. Feelings rooted in the past are a powerful influence, worthy of respect. Keep the home fires burning tonight. There’s no place like it.
Moon in Gemini v/c 2:13PM-3:37PM Moon enters Cancer.

December 5: Sentimental feelings are a big influence on morning activities. The Cancer Moon is part of an emotionally charged grand trine configuration, along with Jupiter and Neptune. It’s a great time to follow gut hunches and look out for less fortunate souls. As the day progresses into afternoon, vibrations shift. A lunar opposition with Pluto can reveal fissures between long time allies and partners. With retrograde Mercury nearly conjunct Saturn, listen attentively to what others are saying and more importantly, regard what they are doing. This evening it’s better to a be a pragmatic realist than a pie in the sky dreamer.
Moon in Cancer.

December 6: Once again the stars send mixed messages. Mercury’s early morning conjunction with Saturn demands a serious look at priorities and commitments. A nearly simultaneous lunar square to Uranus breeds impatience and rebelliousness. The Cancer Moon is also at odds with Mars, an explosive setup that invites discord. Relax. There are options, regardless of how confrontational or convoluted a situation may appear. Mars is also making nice with Mercury and Saturn. Old schoolers do well to consider new, progressive and egalitarian thinking. We all share far more in common than the news of the day would have us think. Pro-active, peace-making diplomatic overtures, kindness and respect help calm roiled waters.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:56PM-3:37PM Moon enters Leo, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mercury sextile Mars, Mars sextile Saturn.

December 7: We’re on a roll. A predawn lunar trine to loving Venus sets birds to gaily chirping and hearts to glowing. The Leo Moon’s midday square to Jupiter heralds a second look at the effect words and actions have on others. Build confidence and self-esteem by giving others due respect. Even better, make a move that empowers and encourages partners. Such generosity of spirit blesses all parties. Avoid acting pompous or self-important. The afternoon is a good one for making plans. As evening darkness gathers the Moon forms an uplifting trine with the Sagittarius Sun. Smiles abound. Feelings are warm and affectionate. Dinnertime discussions may focus on the news of the day but happy remembrances quickly come to mind, too.
Moon in Leo.

December 8: The waning Leo Moon serves as a consummate performer, cavorting from one cheerful alignment to another. Her trine to Uranus launches the day in effervescent fashion. Life feels dynamic, energy flows freely. Intuitive types possess unerring vision. During the noon hour a lunar trine with Mercury sharpens senses and makes minds quick and agile. Be sociable. Lunchtime conversations enrich, inspire, entertain and explain. Productivity remains high doing the afternoon. Lunar angles with Saturn and Mars provide discipline and energy to finish the work week with creative flair. A brief void of course period is followed by the Moon’s early evening entry into Virgo. It’s time for a healthy meal and a little extra TLC.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:40PM-6:09PM Moon enters Virgo.

December 9: Mars enters Scorpio early this morning, increasing passions as well as the likelihood of more controversies and discussions of sexual abuse. The Moon, now waning in Virgo, triggers challenging aspects during the midday period. A lunar square to Venus and opposition with Neptune increases appetites and puts some partners on edge. It may be wise to give your significant other extra space. Good intentions can easily be misinterpreted as meddling. If you can avoid misunderstandings, it’s a good time for shopping but watch your budget and your prized possessions. The late afternoon sees more forgiving skies. Good vibes replace earlier tensions. Emotional bonding and philosophical agreements come as a matter of course. Night owls gain a second wind as midnight nears.
Moon in Virgo, Mars enters Scorpio.

December 10: A restless last quarter Virgo Moon can rob some folks of a good night’s sleep. Mixed messages from the heavens continue into the morning. On a brighter note, Mercury’s trine to Uranus may be a stunning source of enlightenment, or a stroke of genius. Venus’ square to Neptune inspires artists, spiritualists and other visionaries but it can also be a harbinger of heartache. After noon and long into the night the Moon faces challenging alignments with retrograde Mercury and Saturn. Disturbing issues may reflect the past rather than the present. Fears and worries can be exaggerated. Contemplation is rewarded with fresh understanding of long-ago happenings. Be sure to think twice before making a judgment or reaching conclusions.
Moon in Virgo, Last Quarter Moon in Virgo 2:51AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 10:02PM-12:00AM, Mercury trine Uranus, Venus square Neptune.

December 11: The Moon is in Libra, where she highlights the need and benefits of good working relationships. It’s an appropriate day to go over the ground rules of cooperative partnerships. Address inconsistencies or dynamics that seem unfair but remember, all collaborations are two way propositions. Be accountable for your own role in creating existing situations. It always takes two. Saturn has reached the karmic last degree of Sagittarius. A look at beliefs is also warranted. In recent months accusations have been made about facts, religious convictions and who is telling the truth. Some principles of good behavior have endured for millennia. We find them in most of the world’s major religious teachings. Lying, murder, stealing are plainly wrong. It’s time to stand up for what you know is right.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-12:01AM Moon enters Libra.

December 12: Although waning, the Libra Moon charts a busy course. A testing lunar square with Pluto dominates the morning. Be ready to negotiate with co-workers and friends. Agreements may need to be rewritten. Calmer, more pleasing trends arrive after noon as the Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Mercury. Because the Winged Messenger is retrograde, restructured contracts and altered plans could work to everyone’s advantage. Review recent as well as long ago events this evening. History makes a fine teacher. New tensions emerge late tonight as the Moon opposes Uranus. If changes have already been made the impact is minimal. Those who stubbornly refuse to adapt or think outside familiar lines find the going most difficult.
Moon in Libra, Sun conjunct Mercury.

December 13: Morning begins with the Moon and Saturn in harmony. Necessity dictates plans and priorities. Most folks feel prepared to meet the day’s challenges. A brief void of course Moon period ends as the official nine to five workday begins. The Moon enters Scorpio and promptly joins forces with mighty Mars. Emotions are heated, passions simmer. Tempers can flare. The energy is powerful. Those who devote time and energy to assisting, healing and empowering others flourish. If the atmosphere grows too thick, take a break. A more detached, outsider’s perspective can be a refreshing breath of fresh air.
Moon in Libra v/c 7:27AM-8:59AM Moon enters Scorpio.

December 14: Today’s Scorpio Moon sings sweetly. Her early morning trine to Neptune fosters kindness and good will. Artistic inspiration is also boosted. Minutes before noon the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, the planet of all good things. Confidence soars as feelings of gratitude and contentment increase. Jupiter’s major fault lies in overdoing. Enjoy the company of exuberant pals but avoid eating, drinking or spending too much. Don’t be aggressively nosy or sharply opinionated. There are always multiple ways of looking at everything. Evening brings a lunar sextile to Pluto, a fine aspect for doing homework, research, resting or cozying up with loved ones. The Moon then goes void of course making tonight a low energy period. If you need a break from holiday hoopla, take one.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:42PM-12:00AM.

December 15: This void of course Moon Friday is an interesting proposition. Much feels as though it is in limbo. Initiative is lacking. Mercury’s retrograde carries the winged communications whiz into a morning conjunction with Venus. The pair contribute to a pleasant, chatty atmosphere. Niceties are shared but meaningful agreements are hard to come by. With the Moon in Scorpio, feelings and instincts are powerful. Many people simply want their privacy. For some, the weekend can’t get here soon enough. Well past nightfall the Moon enters Sagittarius, giving the day a belated but appreciated infusion of energy. If you enjoy the nightlife, new adventures await.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-8:07PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct Venus.

December 16: The Sagittarius Sun forms a brilliant trine with inventive Uranus first thing this morning. For early birds, the day is filled with promise. Spur of the moment decisions can lead to unexpected delights. Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled. The waning Sagittarius Moon joins Mercury, Venus, the Sun and Saturn in the sign of the archer. Aim high. Shoot for the stars. The boisterous celestial crew encourages movement, be it physical or intellectual. The holiday spirit is alive and well. Shop. Attend parties and other seasonal festivities. This evening’s lunar square to Neptune merits some caution. Look after valuables. Keep an eye out for inclement weather and dress appropriately.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun trine Uranus.

December 17: The darkened Sagittarius Moon energizes a stellium of planets in the sign of the archer, Mercury, Venus and the Sun. This final day before the new Moon is fertile ground for tying up loose ends and reflecting on historic events and pivotal personal experiences that have shaped feelings and thinking. Recent events as well as distant memories factor in to one’s morning considerations. Cheerful encounters grace the midday period. Brunches and lunches are happy occasions. A joyful reunion, planned or by coincidence, could be under way. It may be tempting to jump the gun tonight as the Moon trines visionary Uranus, but be patient. Wait until after tomorrow’s more favorable new Moon to launch new plans.
Moon in Sagittarius.

December 18: Not long after midnight the Moon is new in Sagittarius. The conjoined Sun and Moon are flanked by Venus and Saturn. The fours stars are aligned in a powerful trine with Uranus, the visionary planet of progressive movements and free spirits. A time of reckoning is upon us all. Are our laws capable of facing the challenges of today and the future? Does the thinking of our leaders need an upgrade? With Saturn positioned at the very last degree of Sagittarius, the wisdom of the past still has much to offer. The Moon’s early morning conjunction with the ringed planet conveys a strong sense of duty and responsibility. The Moon then enters resolute Capricorn. Talk is lively throughout the fruitful workday hours. This evening’s lunar sextile to Mars helps sustain focus and solidify agreements.
Moon in Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius 1:30AM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 8:10AM-8:33AM Moon enters Capricorn.

December 19: Put your heart into your work and this can be an exceptional day. The ambitious, sometimes crusty Capricorn Moon is set on getting things accomplished. Fortunately, rough edges are smoothed by lunar sextiles to Neptune and Jupiter. This hardworking Moon has ample room for compassion and kindness. Tonight brings a significant change. Just before midnight here on the east coast, Saturn, the diligent lord of karma finishes a two and a half year stay in Sagittarius and moves into gritty Capricorn. Individuals as well as leaders in business and government face important choices. Are personal objectives purely selfish or do they serve the good of all? Members of the ruling elite will face days of reckoning in the coming two years. Average folks may wonder what life holds, and redefine the meaning of success.
Moon in Capricorn, Saturn enters Capricorn.

December 20: While stoic Saturn solidifies his new found standing in earthy Capricorn, the Moon is at odds with the rule-breaking maverick planet, Uranus. A lunar square makes it difficult to maintain one’s bearings this morning. Unexpected disruptions and equipment failures can quickly complicate or play havoc with plans. Faced with uncertainty, nerves grow edgy. During the late morning the Moon goes void of course and stresses subside. By noon most folks are feeling mellower. As with all void of course Moons, avoid making major investments and purchases. Lovely Venus is moving into a scintillating evening trine with Uranus, a good omen for friendships and spontaneous social overtures. Keep it lighthearted, at least until the Moon enters Aquarius later tonight.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:37AM-9:29PM Moon enters Aquarius, Venus trine Uranus.

December 21: The Sun arrives in earthy Capricorn late this morning where it promptly conjuncts Saturn. The winter solstice is upon us with great seriousness and intensity. The conjunction can be a harbinger of great good born of wisdom or great trouble, if power and position are abused. It may also signify a cold winter. The egalitarian Aquarius Moon is in a testing square with Mars. Public will is not being fairly represented by the powers that be. Those who compromise principles in the pursuit of profits are likely to come up short. More fortunately, the Moon forms a late night sextile to retrograding Mercury. These later hours of the day are an excellent time to catch up on paperwork and correspondence. It’s also a good time to take note of how much has changed or been learned lately.
Moon in Aquarius, Sun enters Capricorn (Winter Solstice), Sun conjunct Saturn.

December 22: The waxing Aquarius Moon sets minds to envisioning what blessings the future holds. It’s a great time to work on treasure maps and vision boards. Many folks will be making travel plans or are already in route to holiday destinations. Complicating all matters of imagination and movement is Mercury’s return to forward motion. The direction shift can trigger profound thoughts but also bouts of indecision and confusion. Whether you are taking a long ride on the interstate or are high overhead in a plane or doing the daily commuter grind, pay attention. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The Moon forms an illuminating sextile with Uranus late tonight. Hugs and smiles all around!
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury Direct 8:51PM.

December 23: Under a void of course Aquarius Moon the early morning is sluggish, well-suited for catching up on rest or honoring personal idiosyncrasies and doing as you please. By mid-morning the Moon is in Pisces where she gracefully aligns with Saturn and the Capricorn Sun. Artistry and imagination smoothly dovetail, making the handling of practical matters and responsibilities relatively easy. If you still have holiday preparations under way, the midday period is especially productive. Moods grow quiet and more introspective by late afternoon. Spirits may bounce up and down. Staying in for the evening can be appealing one minute, going out on the town, the next. The best bet is to relax and go with the flow.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:13AM-9:42AM Moon enters Pisces.

December 24: Early morning dreams can be vividly prophetic. The Moon and Neptune are conjunct in sensitive Pisces and energized by Mars. Some dreams do come true. A multitude of errands and holiday preparations may grow daunting as noon nears. Take one thing at a time. After lunch the hours flow more fluidly. An uplifting lunar trine to Jupiter facilitates communications and travel. The trine also fuels optimism and generosity of spirit, enlivening joyful social gatherings. The uptempo mood continues well past sunset. Use the evening wisely. Follow hunches. Be alert to subtle signals from partners. A long void of course Moon period begins two hours before midnight. Relax and catch up on needed rest.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:48PM-12:00AM.

December 25: Merry Christmas! The Pisces Moon is void of course most of today. As with almost every void of course Moon period, relax and go with the meandering flow whenever possible. Think of it as a case of Cosmically induced ADD. Welcome surprising twists and turns. This holiday sees feelings more changeable and nostalgic than usual. Expect mood swings. Adding to sensitive emotions is Venus’ arrival in stoic Capricorn where the goddess of love enters into a conjunction with Saturn. The pangs of loss can weigh heavily on many hearts. Do your best to see that emotional and physical needs are met. This evening the Moon arrives in Aries, recharging energy levels and also stimulating the desire to comfort wounded hearts. Be gentle, and enjoy your holiday!
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-7:27PM Moon enters Aries, Venus enters Capricorn, Venus conjunct Saturn.

December 26: Just before dawn the waxing Aries Moon reaches the contentious first quarter phase, testing the Capricorn Sun. This energizing angle either confirms that current efforts are on the right track or need to be reappraised and refined. Luckily the Moon is also in an agreeable aspect with mental Mercury later in the day. Tonight their exact trine facilitates decision-making, informed discussions, fact gathering and planning. Words and actions easily and accurately convey feelings. The alignment is also a boon to weary holiday travelers as well as reveling vacationers.
Moon in Aries, First Quarter Moon in Aries 4:20AM.

December 27: In aspects to Pluto and Uranus, the Aries Moon stirs simmering differences of opinion, style and values. Pluto, slowly spinning across Capricorn, the conservative sign of big business and powerful institutions, has been at odds with evolutionary Uranus in pioneering Aries for several years. Although now separating, the aspect still holds a charge. The Moon’s mid-afternoon conjunction with Uranus, plus an imminent trine between Mars and Neptune, tilts playing fields in favor of dreamers and visionaries. Express your unique, true and unfettered self. Be open to fresh ideas and new technology. Camaraderie amongst like-minded people is powerful. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course and calmer trends prevail through midnight.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:57PM-12:00AM.

December 28: Mars’ post-midnight trine with Neptune motivates some folks to follow their dreams. The worlds of fantasy and yearning are surely active. A waxing Taurus Moon keeps the day moving steadily along. Shore up important ties first thing this morning as lunar trines to Saturn and Venus help friends and lovers bond. After noon, workplace activities benefit from a stabilizing trine between the Moon and Capricorn Sun. Taking care of business is a source of pride and contentment. The evening hours have their own special magic. Movies and other shows are entrancing. Late tonight brings a testing lunar opposition to Mars. There are folks who are quick to anger. Others hold their resentment inside. Tread lightly. Avoid unwise or unnecessary provocations and watch your speed on the roadways.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-1:23AM Moon enters Taurus, Mars trine Neptune.

December 29: The waxing Taurus Moon’s early morning aspects with Jupiter and Pluto infuse the day with both high hopes and gritty determination. Thinking is bold and some ideas regarding money, real estate or other investments can be quite clever. As Fate would have it, the Moon soon goes void of course. Certainty, conviction and motivation fade. Goals are not as clear. If destiny has you at work, stick to the early morning game plan for the rest of the day. As is the case with all void of course Moon periods, hold off on launching new plans and decisions or making major purchases. If you have the time and space, let your imagination wander. The late morning and afternoon hours move at a slow, even, relaxed pace. Take it easy tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:00AM-12:00AM.

December 30: The nearly full Moon enters Gemini during the early morning hours. There is a strain of full Moon fever going around. Minds and sensory perceptions are highly alert. Emotions feel strained. The amped up atmosphere leads many people to talk incessantly and rush to gather information. Things get tricky tonight as the Moon moves more tightly into a square with Neptune. Finding the right words can all at once be challenging. Assumptions may be off the mark, admissions taken the wrong way. Be ready to stem the tide of confusion. Make an extra effort in the interest of clarity. If you’re on the road take into account any nasty weather. Slow down and respect Mother Nature!
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-3:31AM Moon enters Gemini.

December 31: The nearly full Gemini Moon has many people excited and eagerly anticipating tonight’s New Year’s festivities. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself early this morning under a lunar opposition with mental Mercury. The alignment could prompt flurries of holiday text messages and emails to friends and relatives or trigger memories of old times. If thoughts come in bunches that are too many to remember, take notes. There are great communication opportunities later in the day, too. Spontaneous gatherings and celebrations are more likely to break out after noon when the Moon engages community-minded Uranus. However, a void of course Moon period begins this evening. Some plans fall flat as energy levels fade a bit. Check out the spectacular Moon rise, weather permitting. However you choose to celebrate, have a happy and healthy New Year!
Moon in Gemini v/c 6:38PM-12:00AM.