December 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for December 2018

December 1: Retrograde Mercury backs into Scorpio early this morning. Thoughts may gravitate towards old hurts, regrets and other unresolved emotional issues. Don’t wallow in guilt. Think of haunting memories as opportunities to lay burdens down. Lunar harmony with Mercury and Jupiter suggest that peace offerings have an excellent chance of succeeding. The key is in overcoming inertia, opening channels of communication and keeping conversations going. Use whatever tools are available, text messages, emails, phone calls, and yes, letters. The Libra Moon ably supports peacemakers. It also supports local as well as long distance travel escapades. A pre-midnight lunar square with Saturn sounds a cautionary note. Slow down, get enough rest and abide by other common sense rules.
Moon in Virgo v/c 9:34AM-9:49AM Moon enters Libra, Mercury enters Scorpio.

December 2: Having been retrograde during October and November, Venus returns to Scorpio for the first time since Halloween. There may be a few deja vu experiences as well as other unexpected meetings that cause quickened hearts to take notice. The Libra Moon also fosters awareness of partners but this evening’s overriding solar square to Mars generates friction and confusion. Take a breath. Slow down. Passions and tempers need to be controlled. Hasty action or inappropriate language increases stresses on social ties. It may be challenging, but trying to work things out together is preferable to going it alone.
Moon in Libra, Venus enters Scorpio, Sun square Mars.

December 3: The waning Libra Moon is at odds with Uranus. Their early afternoon opposition is a harbinger of surprises and unexpected complications. Fate and other factors can intervene. Computers and other high tech gear are more likely to fail. Plans could suddenly fall through. It may be wise to take a siesta after lunch. A little down time can lead to valuable new perspectives on a daunting situation. Fortunately, the Moon in Scorpio is also conjunct Venus. Even unreasonable sorts are likely to sing a different tune by late afternoon. Find ways to renew your body and spirit tonight.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:16PM-2:55PM Moon enters Scorpio.

December 4: Trines from the Scorpio Moon to Mars and Neptune in Pisces imbue the day with energizing vision, passion and creative spunk. This is a fabulous time to go after or fulfill a dream. Look to Mother Nature, spiritual masters and your own best angels for inspiration. Do what you love. Follow through on charitable impulses. A random act of kindness puts capital in your karmic bank account and may also provide practical benefits. Some encounters are transformational. Healing sessions can be profound. Commit to personal growth and artistic endeavors.
Moon in Scorpio.

December 5: The outgoing Sagittarius Sun is in a testing angle with Neptune. Old patterns can feel like endless drudgery. Frustration with the status quo leads to wondering if “this is all there is?” Be careful. Unearned trust could be placed in a person or situation. As Fate would have it, the Scorpio Moon is conjunct mental Mercury. The winged messenger has stationed and will return to forward motion tomorrow. If uncertainties have you feeling confused, wait. Take a few more days to sort things out. Minds are likely to change as new information comes to light. At this late stage of the Moon’s cycle, it’s best to hold off on anything new.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:53PM-9:49PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun square Neptune.

December 6: The waning Sagittarius Moon makes a timely mid-morning conjunction with Jupiter. The exuberant pairing brings smiles to faces, builds confidence and raises expectations. However, don’t count your chickens just yet. Mental Mercury is changing directions today, resuming forward motion during the late afternoon. The shift can feel seismic, and easily produce confusion or second thoughts. The Moon/Jupiter tandem is also at odds with another planetary pairing, Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Haste makes waste under these influences. Mistakes are likely. Indecision could last into the night. Don’t rush. Take all the time you need to gather facts and make informed choices.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury Direct.

December 7: During the wee hours of the morning the Moon is New in Sagittarius. The union of the Moon and Sun marks the beginning of a fresh activity cycle but caution is advised. Mars and Neptune are also exactly conjunct this morning and at odds with the new Moon. This alignment holds the promise of making dreams come true but also presents certain risks. Look before you leap. A miscalculation or failure to accurately assess a situation could lead to a delay, loss or failure. Take steps to minimize errors. Know what you want. The more clear goals are, the better. Carefully map out plans. Prepare for complications. Then put your best foot forward and bravely get on with the day. Enjoy relaxing with friends tonight.
Moon in Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius, Mars conjunct Neptune.

December 8: Shortly after sunrise the now waxing Moon settles into Capricorn. Concerns tend to be practical and down to earth. Set to weekend chores this morning. Put your home in order. Tend to family matters. Shoppers enjoy a mid-afternoon lunar sextile with Venus. Hearts lift. Generous impulses may coincide with finding the perfect gift. Midday social gatherings are charming, wonderful affairs. The party-like atmosphere gradually fades during the evening hours. As midnight nears the Moon approaches a conjunction with dour Saturn. If you’re feeling tired, respect your physical and emotional limitations. Turn in early and get needed rest.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 5:00AM-7:01AM Moon enters Capricorn.

December 9: The waxing Moon joins Saturn and Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn. From the sign of the goat these stars send a stern reminder, the laws of Karma shall not be broken. We reap what we sow. Deal with what is. Fortunately, Neptune and Mars favorably augment the earthy trio. Get in gear. Roll up your shirtsleeves. Service to partners, especially those in need, or championing worthy causes provides useful channels for the formidable planetary powers. If you need to move mountains, this is the time. Artistic and inventive types find inspiration at each turn, from the mundane to the breathtaking glories of Mother Nature. Nourish and celebrate your creative fires.
Moon in Capricorn.

December 10: Memories and experience spill over into this morning’s activities. Strength and resolve may be enhanced by an innate sense of knowing or familiarity. A reconnection with someone from the past could be a valuable contribution to a current situation. Be receptive to suggestions from partners. The Capricorn Moon forms a cheerful mid-afternoon sextile to Mercury. A second set of eyes or ears can be most helpful. Conversations are instructive, midday meetings productive. The late afternoon takes a different turn. A lunar square with Uranus increases stress levels. Setbacks and sudden changes can catch folks off guard. If your day hits a glitch, stay calm. Tranquil trends soon arrive. After a short void of course period the Moon enters the friendly skies of Aquarius, a good omen for social awareness and community spirit.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:27PM-6:39PM Moon enters Aquarius.

December 11: Early birds may feel discontent. A pre-dawn lunar square with Venus can magnify unmet needs. However, moods quickly rebound. Aspirations and expectations are great as the workday begins. The waxing Aquarius Moon is harmoniously engaged with Jupiter. Life is good. Humor comes easily. Optimism feels justified. Social networking and other communications are satisfying as welcome news arrives. Travel is also facilitated. Mental Mercury’s position at the final degree of Scorpio affords everyone an opportunity to rethink long held attitudes. Reframe an issue and new possibilities emerge. An open mind works best.
Moon in Aquarius.

December 12: A soothing sextile between the Sagittarius Sun and Aquarius Moon brightens the work day. Inner ease is promoted. The impact can also feel liberating as these are the two most freedom loving of signs. It’s a good day to attend to a financial matter or clarify expectations with a partner. For the most part, daytime negotiations are friendly. Evening sees mental Mercury arrive in Sagittarius. There may be some momentary confusion or indecision so pay attention during the commute. Optimism and the love of life soon win out. Share stories and opinions with open-minded thinkers tonight. There’s joy in the telling.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

December 13: Keep a notepad bedside. A visionary idea could surface overnight. Shortly after sunrise the Moon arrives in mystical Pisces. Emotional and psychic sensitivities increase but be on the lookout for incorrect assumptions as well as faulty telepathic impressions. Because the Moon is at odds with Mercury and Jupiter, the empathic atmosphere can include a failure to accurately interpret signs and omens. Luckily, hearts remain open thanks to a lunar trine with Venus. Remember, many erroneous judgments create buffers and boundaries between people. Unity is achieved when minds are relaxed and connections happen on a heart to heart level. If your thoughts and words generate friction between partners, think again.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:20AM-7:40AM Moon enters Pisces.

December 14: The waxing Pisces Moon makes a late morning conjunction with mystery planet Neptune. The duo can have a variety of interesting effects. Daydreaming has its allures. Creative inclinations may also be strong, especially with Mars nearby in the sign of the fishes. Inspiration can lead some to forge a masterpiece. Others feel more socially aware, moved to help the less fortunate. Expect emotional responses to be strong today, in some cases, over the top strong. Keep a hanky handy. Be sure to factor in the the likely results of actions taken or not taken. Some souls are uncomfortable being the center of attention or the recipient of charity, no matter how well-intentioned.
Moon in Pisces.

December 15: Friday night into Saturday sleep may be a challenge as the first quarter Pisces Moon is in sway. The restless energy peaks just before sunrise. Regrets, longings and unresolved feelings may contribute to the edginess. By dawn the Moon is traveling void of course. The quiet ambience is great for chilling out but less supportive for tackling important matters. Reflect on the past but hold off on decision-making, buying big ticket items or entering into other major commitments. Direct your attention towards relaxing. Hobbies, museums, parks and concerts are good bets. This evening the Moon enters Aries, giving the day new life. A get together with family and friends delivers plenty of laughs and lively conversations tonight.
First Quarter Moon in Pisces, Moon in Pisces v/c 6:49AM—7:44PM Moon enters Aries.

December 16: Venus’ sextile to Saturn blesses peacemakers, diplomats and those seeking to shore up strained ties. It also reaffirms long time partnerships and enduring values. Take note of and compliment those who unerringly do the right thing. Inherent to all solid relationships is the understanding that one hand washes the other. The waxing, hard-charging Aries Moon faces mixed influences. A superb noon hour trine to Jupiter facilitates oratory skills. Broad world views and ambitious moves are notable. Leadership skills can appear impeccable but soon after, during the early afternoon, the Moon is at odds with Saturn. The ringed planet puts plans to the test. Be ready to define commitments and work on details during the second half of the day.
Moon in Aries, Venus sextile Saturn.

December 17: This morning, career demands and other responsibilities may have to come before preferred activities. The Aries Moon’s testing square to Pluto pits pioneering spirits against the entrenched powers that be. Because the Moon is drawing close to Uranus, patience is advised. Power struggles among upper echelons could leave certain position players feeling like exposed pawns on a chessboard. Unexpected realignments among top executives, changes of ownership and other surprises can lead to sudden hirings, firings and unforeseen complications. Be ready to adapt. Tonight’s trine between the Moon and the straight-talking Sagittarius Sun vastly improves moods. It also encourages loyalty to truth and speaking up for one’s beliefs. Look for hidden blessings in each challenging situation.
Moon in Aries, Mars sextile Pluto.

December 18: A lunar conjunction with Uranus occurs during the wee hours of the morning. Uranus, the eccentric planet of epiphanies and technological breakthroughs, has been called the “Great Awakener.” For some folks this can mean a sleepless night. Awake or maybe while asleep, a moment of self-realization could occur. By dawn the Moon is firmly ensconced in earthy Taurus, setting the stage for a calmer day. Shift gears and make ready for slow but steady progress. The Moon gradually eases into a nighttime trine with industrious Saturn. The fruitful alignment promotes professional gains as well as material well-being. Don’t expect miracles but perseverance will be rewarded.
Moon in Aries v/c 2:21AM-4:37AM Moon enters Taurus.

December 19: The waxing Taurus Moon instills deep appreciation for the fruits of the earth. Enjoy favorite comfort foods, music, clothes and friends. Relish small blessings from above as well as hard-earned material plane achievements. Lunar activity keeps the day bouncing along at a fairly even clip. From early morning inspirations to gritty late-afternoon victories, satisfaction comes in many forms. Inner strength and resilience can be impressive. A creative touch enhances lively early evening activities but then the Moon goes void of course. Use the less energized nighttime hours to rest and recharge your batteries.
Moon in Taurus v/c 7:42PM-12:00AM.

December 20: The day gets off to a slow start as the Taurus Moon lingers void of course. Getting in motion may take an extra effort but once under way, momentum surely builds. The waxing Moon enters Gemini by mid-morning and off to the races we go! A midday solar trine to Uranus is a clarion call to share the holiday spirit with friends and neighbors. Welcome the new. Keep an eye out for the unexpected stroke of genius and other enlightening moments. Despite skepticism from some corners, change is for the better! This close to the Full Moon emotions can cloud judgment. Think about what you’re saying as the temptation to go on and on is great, especially late tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-9:34AM Moon enters Gemini, Sun trine Uranus.

December 21: Most years, the start of Winter is a most appropriate time to turn inwards and conserve energy. However, this time around we are less than twenty-four hours away from an energizing full Moon. Irrepressible spirits resonate with a series of upbeat lunar and planetary alignments. The waxing Gemini Moon is nearly full and, while most of her aspects occur during the early morning hours, throughout the day she sparks curiosity and countless conversations. Minds and senses are super alert! With Mercury conjunct Jupiter, many folks are likely to say too much. Fortunately, Venus is also trine Neptune during the noon hour. Understanding is great and we are quick to forgive. However, it’s best to use self-control and remain tactful. The Sun enters Capricorn just after dark and Winter Solstice, with the fewest hours of daylight, is upon us.
Moon in Gemini, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Sun enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice.

December 22: Excitement continues to build this morning. The Gemini Moon, waxing full, is in a sextile to visionary Uranus. Anticipation for a weekend get together, holiday event, travel and perhaps the coming New Year can be tantalizing. Pace yourself. Take the day one thing at a time. By noon the Moon is in Cancer and at 12:48pm EST, completely full. The Capricorn Sun is widely conjunct Saturn, underscoring the seriousness of security issues. Physical, emotional or familial needs may be pressing but a well-timed suggestion from a perceptive friend could ease worries and save the day. Plan to relax during the afternoon hours. Stress levels will naturally diminish.
Moon in Gemini v/c 9:21AM-11:28 Moon enters Cancer, Full Moon in Cancer 12:49PM.

December 23: The Cancer Moon, Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces form a water sign grand trine around midday. The configuration bestows emotional strength and conviction. Those blessed with innate faith can feel as though they are walking on clouds. Loyalties are unshakeable, affection is keenly felt. Intellectuals may struggle to understand those who give their hearts completely. But, as I sometimes like to say, if you are going to be a fool, be a fool for love. Under today’s stars, love is the greatest treasure. It is in the giving that it is most fully enjoyed. Fans of art and music will relish visits to museums, concert halls and movie theaters. Homebodies experience deep contentment in familiar, everyday comforts.
Moon in Cancer.

December 24: Late morning sees the Cancer Moon in a stressful square with unpredictable Uranus. Be ready to handle emergencies as well as spur of the moment changes in plans. Last minute errands, overly protective family members and uncontrollable feelings can all add to tensions. After a two hour lull the void of course Moon sails into celebratory Leo just minutes before noon. Spirits feel renewed as the child within becomes more animated. Seek creative outlets. Play and regain lost innocence. The Moon’s sign plus Mercury’s square with Neptune help foster a happy, at times magical atmosphere but there are reasons to be careful. The same Mercury/Neptune square can also increase the risks associated with poor judgment, and absent-mindedness. Bad weather may limit visibility. Pay close attention and take care if you want to minimize mistakes.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:50AM-11:58AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury square Neptune.

December 25: Christmas morning begins brightly. Cheerfulness and goodwill are fueled by the Leo Moon’s trines to Jupiter and Mercury. Generous impulses and gifts large and small lead to broad smiles. Confidence, optimism and faith are rewarded. Overindulgence is tempting during the late afternoon as a lunar square to Venus makes some appetites insatiable. The deepest desire is to feel loved. Material things are no substitute for caring and kindness. Without heartfelt empathy and compassion, feelings of longing and emptiness will only grow. The quieter evening hours find thoughts turning to friends and future adventures. Telepathic communications bridge divides of time, space and dimensions. Stay tuned in and enjoy a merry holiday!
Moon in Leo.

December 26: Intentions are powerful tools this morning. A lunar trine to Uranus heightens precognitive sensitivities and powers of observation. Don’t rush. While Uranus is tied to the future, some things will take time to manifest. Also be ready for serendipitous meetings and surprise contacts with friends. At midday a void of course Moon period is wonderful for slowing down. Relax and enjoy lunch. Let your mind wander. By early afternoon the Moon is in diligent Virgo where she harmonizes with the equally industrious Capricorn Sun. Those who have chores or work to do are suddenly more productive. Savor the evening’s harmonious vibrations. Inner peace is reflected in friendly ties. Mates see eye to eye.
Moon in Leo v/c 10:36AM-12:50PM Moon enters Virgo.

December 27: The Virgo Moon follows a busy course, keeping the action hopping throughout the day. Early morning sees fond wishes and obligations vying for attention. With the Moon in Virgo it’s best to meet responsibilities head on. Noon brings a lunar opposition to Neptune. Again, escapism and “might have beens” are tempting but unproductive exercises. Second thoughts are abundant for the entire afternoon. Several worthy distractions may also arise. Those who manage to buckle down and stay on course have cause for celebration tonight. Intimate relationships grow deeper as the Moon harmonizes with both Venus and Pluto. Compare notes, share secrets and watch trust grow.
Moon in Virgo.

December 28: Steady as you go through this morning. The perfectionistic Virgo Moon is in a motivating opposition to impulsive Mars. However, guard against impatience, poor timing and the tendency to blame others if things don’t go as planned. Subconscious fears could cause sparks to fly between normally cooperative pals. A midday lull quells anxieties and affords a welcome cooling off period. The Moon is void of course. She stays that way until late afternoon when entry into Libra brings a second wind. Venus is also in a warming sextile to Pluto. Use every opportunity to make nice with partners and other associates. Abide by the old “two heads are better than one” adage and strained ties will quickly recover.
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:27AM-3:23PM Moon enters Libra, Venus sextile Pluto.

December 29: Overnight, the last quarter Libra Moon generates considerable  edginess. Some folks wake up feeling down or worried about a loved one. Fear of not measuring up to expectations can be haunting. A late morning “make it or break it” lunar square to Saturn signals a time of decision is at hand. Assess ambitions as well as current obstacles realistically. Use delays to clarify and refine goals. Fortuitously, the Moon is also making a favorable sextile with Jupiter. Inspiration can be gleaned from a worldwide range of wisdom traditions. A timely chat with a thoughtful friend or mentor can also be helpful. Stay open to possibility. An unguarded moment could bring the answer you’re searching for.
Moon in Libra, Last Quarter Moon in Libra.

December 30: Back in the 60s Mick Jagger famously crooned, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.” The Libra Moon’s afternoon opposition to Uranus suggests that many needs, regardless of how pressing, will lead to unforeseen complications. Fickle Fate is likely to intervene. Wisdom dictates that being content with what one has is a prerequisite of happiness. There’s always the chance of course, however slim, of succeeding. Whatever this unpredictable day has in store, hold onto a sense of humor, adventure and decency. So many times, not getting what we want turns out to be a blessing. After a relatively brief void of course period the waning Moon enters Scorpio. The more relaxed evening hours see a growing desire for peace, quiet and privacy.
Moon in Libra v/c 5:53PM-8:23PM Moon enters Scorpio.

December 31: Emotional tides are powerful today. Nostalgic feelings are stirred up by the Scorpio Moon’s sextiles to Saturn and the Sun, both conjunct in frosty Capricorn. A tip of the hat to an older friend, mentor or relative could be in order. The aspects also support reflecting on the past as well as thinking about wish lists and goals for the coming New Year. After sundown Mars pops into Aries, energizing the night’s proceedings. As midnight nears a lunar trine to Neptune helps put revelers into party mode. A little magic and mystery help create a memorable and for some folks, romantic atmosphere. Be safe and have a Happy New Year!
Moon in Scorpio, Mars enters Aries.