December 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for December 2019

December 1: As the Sun edges up over the eastern horizon the Aquarius Moon is in a testing square with fiery Mars. Easy does it. Rushing increases stress levels and the risk of an accident. Fortunately, a lunar sextile to the Sagittarius Sun quickly follows, restoring the sense that everything is moving smoothly along. Jolly Jupiter is at the final degree of expansive Sagittarius, poised to begin a lengthy stay in Capricorn. This is a fine omen for reviewing political positions as well as philosophical, religious and legal issues. Some views may have outlived their usefulness. Recently available news could prove some theories wrong. Keep your mind open. Listen willingly and learn.
Moon in Aquarius.

December 2: Shortly after sunrise the waxing Aquarius Moon begins a long void of course period. The unfocused, less energized spell persists until midnight. As loyal readers know, the void of course Moon supports projects that rely on creative and intuitive ingenuity. Introspective analysis and psychotherapy may be surprisingly healing. Practical matters are less certain. Postpone major business decisions, purchases and commitments for another day as future revisions are likely. The early afternoon sees Jupiter roll into Capricorn for a yearlong stay. Joining Venus, Saturn and Pluto in the steadfast Sign of the Goat, this new planetary placement puts added emphasis on material plane priorities and needs. With mental Mercury about to make the final of three sextiles to Pluto, trust your hunches.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 7:27AM-12:00AM, Jupiter enters Capricorn.

December 3: Pisces Moon days usually feature ceaseless mood swings and occasional lethargy but there’s nothing lazy or melancholy about today. Minutes after midnight Mercury is sextile Pluto. Insights penetrate deceptions and clear up any confusion. Intuitive faculties are razor sharp during the morning, which is also an excellent period for networking. Technology offers many concrete advantages. A notably warm social vibe is fueled by a fine sextile between Venus and Mars. A long ago love could be in the picture. In any case, love the one you’re with. Make beautiful art. The Moon joins in the Venus/Mars fun tonight, making gatherings effervescent. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-2:11AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus sextile Mars.

December 4: Nighttime restlessness could stem from the First Quarter Pisces Moon. Insomniacs may wrestle with a decision. The Moon’s late morning conjunction with mystical Neptune keeps some hopes alive yet deflates others. Get inspired but keep your feet on terra firma. Clear answers and pathways forward may not be apparent until after noon, when the Moon enters into a stabilizing sextile with stoic Saturn. This is a favorable time to make a serious commitment. The will to keep on keeping on persists long past nightfall, aided by another lunar alignment, this time with willful Pluto. Resourceful types may be surprised by their own resilience. A missing ingredient, item or critical piece of information could be close at hand.  
Moon in Pisces, First Quarter Moon in Pisces 1:58AM.

December 5: The day feels sluggish early on, thanks to a void of course Pisces Moon. Swirling emotional undercurrents fail to motivate or aid concentration but free-associating ideas can lead to a creative new approach. Ride the flow of mental images as best you can and if possible, hold off on demanding tasks. The mid-afternoon brings the beginning of the day’s second act. The waxing Moon enters Aries, jump starting ambitions and lighting a fire in competitive souls. However, the Moon is at odds with Jupiter. Energy may easily be scattered. Keep it simple. Don’t take on more than you can manage. Tricky trends warrant proceeding with caution. Restrain that Aries impulsiveness and direct your energy into constructive channels.  
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:15AM-2:44PM Moon enters Aries.

December 6: Plunging headlong into the day’s many challenges is tempting under the waxing Aries Moon. Enthusiastic spirits find courage and inspiration in a harmonizing trine between the waxing Moon and Sagittarius Sun. The energizing alignment helps offset a potentially distracting lunar square to Venus. While taking action is liberating, partners may feel they are bearing an unfair burden. Personal needs could also be neglected as the pace of work heats up. Do your best to strike the right balance between professional and personal life. In any case, speak frankly and the evening hours can be immensely enjoyable. Honesty is appreciated. Celebrate the day’s successes as well as the start of the weekend.
Moon in Aries.

December 7: An unresolved issue, perhaps from last night, may hang like a cloud over the morning. The Aries Moon is testing Saturn and Pluto. Household chores or a family obligation can also cause friction. Work with partners. If everyone pitches in, chores can be accomplished quickly. By late morning the Moon is traveling void of course. The Sagittarius Sun is nearly square to Neptune, the planet of dreams and other escapes. A lazy weekend day ensues. Relax. Put your feet up in a comfy chair. Catch up on reading. If you feel motivated, take in a film matinee. Follow your whims and fancies. Because outcomes are less certain, avoid shopping for big ticket items or entering into contractual obligations. Play it safe if you’re out late tonight and the weather turns nasty. 
Moon in Aries v/c 10:01AM-12:00AM.

December 8: The Sun’s square to Neptune dominates the very early morning hours. Dreams may be disturbing as memories can haunt sleep. Inclement weather may also  impact night owls. Be safe if you’re out and about before dawn. Bright ideas accompany the rising Sun. The Taurus Moon accentuates a fine trine angle between Jupiter and retrograde Uranus. The gift of prophecy visits some folks. Gatherings that support spiritual, environmental and progressive political causes are favored. Fortuitous reunions are also probable. Venus forms a sextile with Neptune this afternoon. The aspect brings tenderness to even the most jaded hearts. Simple wonders are captivating. All forms of creativity are facilitated. Pursue a hobby or attend an artistic performance. Enjoy your loved ones and savor the mysterious sweetness of life.  
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-2:29AM Moon enters Taurus, Sun square Neptune, Venus sextile Neptune. 

December 9: Mercury’s pre-dawn entry into Sagittarius has many minds walking down the sunny side of the street. Hope and optimism are nurtured. During the work day the waxing Taurus Moon forms a series of enabling and empowering aspects. Favorable lunar alignments with Neptune and Venus grace the morning with congeniality and empathy. The chummy atmosphere infuses all relationships with deep caring and warmth. There are also potential benefits that are more practical in nature. Teamwork prospers all parties. United efforts gain in strength and momentum after lunch. Diligence and persistence make the afternoon unusually productive. Attend to your most daunting tasks and with help from partners, success is achieved. The Moon goes void of course late this evening, allowing time to unwind after a fruitful day.
Moon in Taurus, v/c 8:12PM-12:00AM, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

December 10: The Full Moon is a scant two days away but Luna is void of course in Taurus the first half of today. The rising lunar tide spurs a frenzy of activity but it’s best to use discretion this morning. As with all void of course Moon periods, there is an increased likelihood of mistakes, omissions and lost items. Stick to routine tasks. Weigh options, review progress and engage in brainstorming sessions. By noon the Moon is in Gemini but at odds with mental Mercury. Lunchtime discussions see renewed passion and sharper focus. Naturally more curious, minds are prone to running through endless possible scenarios. Firm conclusions can be tough to come by. If you are uncertain, resist taking on new obligations. Words may be heated but heartfelt loyalties remain steadfast and true. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-11:47AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus conjunct Saturn.

December 11: Full Moon fever is on in full force. Loving Venus is conjunct sober Saturn early this morning. Partnerships face critical scrutiny. The shine on some relationships may be tarnished. Actions speak louder than words. It could be time to change the rules. Either commit more fully or end it. Financial matters may also warrant attention. A conservative approach is recommended. The waxing Gemini Moon is testing Neptune and the Sun. Inflamed emotions can easily get the best of logical minds. If you feel upset, count to ten and breathe deeply. View rumors, suspicions and unknowns with a “wait and see” attitude. Be relentless in the search for facts and reliable information. Take extra time and care to minimize misunderstandings. Weather permitting, the rising “Cold” Moon casts her bright, silvery glow around the globe. Everyday mystics feel inspired and purified.
Moon in Gemini, Venus conjunct Saturn.

December 12: Minutes after midnight the “Cold” Moon is Full in Gemini. Trust may be tested, making a leap of faith a necessity. Faced with unknowns and other mysteries, there could be no other choice than to carry on as best as possible. The Moon then embarks on a lengthy void of course period. Day breaks with a host of unanswered questions and unresolved issues. Relax. Stay focused on works in progress and other routine procedures. Put off major decisions, new commitments and projects until evening, when the Moon enters Cancer. It’s a fine night for a clan gathering of close friends and family members. Float adventurous ideas. Champion progressive causes. A dream may very well come true. 
Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini 12:12AM, Moon in Gemini v/c 12:12AM-6:23PM Moon enters Cancer.

December 13: A fascinating early morning dream can be a potent motivator. If destiny or a newly discovered sense of purpose appeals to you, go for it! Venus’ late morning conjunction with Pluto signals profits for some investors. Other souls encounter big dramas in their love life. The pairing can be the glue that cements a meaningful alliance and ingloriously ends a less fated one. In either case, handle significant partners with care. Don’t burn bridges if it can be avoided. Pluto has a knack for resurrecting dormant relationships, especially if a karmic debt exists. The now waning Cancer Moon illuminates the importance of roots, traditions and long term ties. Nighttime revelers may feel torn between cuddling up at home or going out on the town. Both options have advantages. Familiar, comfortable surroundings are best.
Moon in Cancer, Mars trines Neptune, Venus conjunct Pluto.

December 14: Early risers awaken with the Cancer Moon gamely opposing Saturn and Pluto. Do what you must. Be observant of boundaries. For unaware souls, projecting subconscious worries and fears on partners can be tempting. Criticizing or pushing others too hard can lead to an unpleasant, irreversible situation. Be kind. Moods lighten up by mid-morning when a less imposing lunar opposition to Venus evokes more loving, easier-going vibes. Despite the challenges, if the celestial energies are harnessed, the morning hours are best for getting things done. By midday the Moon is in void of course mode and remains so until late tonight. These more relaxed after noon hours favor walks down memory lane, routine household and organizing projects as well as connecting with longtime friends and family members.  
Moon in Cancer v/c 10:57AM-10:56PM Moon enters Leo.

December 15: Nighttime restlessness keeps some folks awake into the wee hours of the morning. Those who manage to sleep may be jarred awake well before sunrise as the Leo Moon tests Uranus. By morning a magical trine from Jupiter to Uranus offers fantastic possibilities. The alignment fosters exuberance, faith and optimism, as well as a sense of wonder. Something special waits around the next corner or bend in the road. Friendships are immensely enjoyable. Young and old are ready to play and create. Gatherings are boisterous. Everyone has opinions to share. Travel adventures are also encouraged and the Moon’s mid-afternoon trine to winged Mercury sees many folks on the move. Watch your speed if you happen to be on the highways late tonight.
Moon in Leo, Jupiter trine Uranus.

December 16: There could be a socially awkward moment early this morning. Physical clumsiness is as likely as a verbal gaffe. Gentle humor can be a handy ice breaker. Slowing the pace is also helpful. The afternoon hours bring smoother sailing. Harmony between the Sagittarius Sun and Leo Moon sees spontaneous outpourings of enthusiasm and encouragement. The pairing breeds confidence and a delightful sense of brave, heart to heart communion. Share your joy! Float ideas, dreams and ambitions. By nightfall the Moon is void of course. Those who have been basking in the limelight are ready for quieter personal time. The relaxed evening hours are quite wonderful for pursuing private interests, hobbies and other pleasures. 
Moon in Leo v/c 5:10PM-12:00AM.

December 17: During the overnight period the waning Moon enters meticulous Virgo. By early morning the Moon is part of an exhilarating earthy Grand Trine with Jupiter and Uranus. The quicksilver configuration supports invention, spontaneity and adventure. As you prepare to meet the challenge of the new day listen to your small inner voice as well as gut hunches and premonitions. If you need to fine tune your game plan there’s an excellent chance that the first idea that pops into your head is the best. The bulk of the day is quietly efficient and fruitful. Tonight may bring a period of indecision. Mental Mercury does have challenges this week. If you are confused, it is wise to wait on making a major decision.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-2:16AM Moon enters Virgo.

December 18: Dreamtime themes center on learning, travel and enlightening experiences. A mystical Moon/Neptune portal could set the subconscious to investigating the astral and spiritual planes. Attention turns to purely practical matters with the rising Sun. An energizing late morning lunar aspect with Mars signals a grittier, more grounded and productive period. The midday has a busy yet satisfying feel. With the Moon in Virgo it’s an auspicious day for improving efficiency and expanding skill sets. Make commitments with confidence. Tonight’s Last Quarter Moon sees stress levels rise. Balance your lifestyle between work and pleasure. Relentless perfectionism with no time for fun can be a bore. Relax. Replenish your energy and spirits.
Last Quarter Moon in Virgo 11:57PM.

December 19: Early birds find strength and resolve in Mars’ empowering sextile to Saturn. The predawn aspect promotes sustained physical efforts as well as thoughtful decisions. As the morning unfolds the pace of life picks up. The Libra Moon naturally sensitizes people to the needs of partners. Under a late morning lunar square with Jupiter the tendency is to try and please everyone. Expectations may be high but unrealistic. With mental Mercury also testing Neptune today, thinking is fanciful and the possibility of a communications breakdown is also elevated. No matter how much you want to help out a friend or associate, take things one step at a time. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Be on the lookout for misunderstandings, errors and oversights. 
Moon in Virgo v/c 3:07AM-5:04AM Moon enters Libra, Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury s square Neptune.

December 20: Venus’ post-midnight arrival in freedom-loving Aquarius encourages Universal, egalitarian love. Cool open-mindedness and acceptance of everyone arrives just in time for the holidays. The Libra Moon engages Mercury in a mid-morning sextile. The aspect facilitates the sharing of complicated feelings. If you’ve recently felt the need to clear up a misunderstanding, this is an opportune time to do so. Meetings and negotiations also go well. The afternoon is another story. Lunar squares to Saturn and Pluto can be challenging. A delay or defeat can be depressing. More experienced souls instinctively know to increase their efforts. Be patient and persist on this last full day of Autumn. Know when you have done all you can and be sure to leave workplace cares behind tonight. 
Moon in Libra, Venus enters Aquarius.

December 21: Today is Winter Solstice, the Sun’s arrival in Capricorn, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of the new season. It’s also a busy day. Early morning pleasures are keenly felt. Harmony between the Sun and Moon puts people in a positive frame of mind. The Moon shifts from Libra to Scorpio shortly after sunrise. A testing T-square dominates the morning. Because the Moon is at odds with Venus and Uranus, emotions can be extremely volatile. Some folks desire intimacy and intensity while others want their privacy and personal space. Pressing partners can be counterproductive. If you have to make an important overture or request, wait until more optimistic trends develop during the early afternoon. Plans may change tonight.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:45AM-7:57AM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice.

December 22: Relationships continue to be challenging as Venus squares unpredictable Uranus this morning. Friends may part ways, agree to take a temporary break or reinvent and improve their connection. Financial markets may also be volatile. Fortunately, much of the day sees a series of healing and empowering aspects. A late morning lunar trine to mysterious Neptune promotes love, empathy and understanding. The Scorpio Moon is also conjunct Mars. The two stars aid transformative process by virtue of sextiles to Pluto. Partners may share the sense of a dream coming true. Give and take discussions are healthy and fruitful. Avoid being overly demanding or using a strident tone tonight. Negotiate in good faith, sticking to a “two heads are better than one” approach.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 10:27PM-12:00AM, Venus square Uranus, Mars sextile Pluto. 

December 23: The working week gets off to a slow start. The waning, moody Scorpio Moon is void of course. Excitement is lacking, emotions flat the first half of the day. Folks may seem disinterested. Many are lost in their own private worlds. Shortly before noon a sea change occurs. The Moon enters Sagittarius. Spirits soon pick up. Hearts and minds feel enlivened and more engaged. Enthusiasm returns. Things again seem to be moving along. Holiday travel is facilitated. It’s easier to offer encouragement and receive uplifting messages. Afternoon meetings, planning sessions and other assorted seasonal gatherings occur under excellent auspices. The spirited Moon is in an exact sextile to loving Venus during the early evening. An after work dinner date or rendezvous with friends is a charming treat. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-11:34AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

December 24: Holiday spirits benefit from the Capricorn Sun’s exhilarating trine to Uranus. The angle makes many people more alert and looking to the future. However, the Sagittarius Moon is in a testing angle with Neptune, increasing certain risk factors. Take care and don’t get ahead of yourself. Stay fully present in the moment. Travelers take note, inattention can lead to unexpected complications. Errors in judgment and confusion are more likely. The weather gods can serve up treacherous conditions. Monitor forecasts and relevant websites for news of flight delays and possible detours. Luckily, the Solar trine to Uranus helps to offsets many potential dangers. One of its blessings is bestowing a communal sense that we are all in this life together. Besides promoting fellowship, it also smooths the way for social progress and visionary thinking.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun trine Uranus.

December 25: Today dawns under a waning, void of course Sagittarius Moon. This happens to be the final day of the lunar cycle, a time for conserving energy and resting in preparation for a new activity cycle. The subdued celestial mood is well-suited for slow-paced, relaxed activity. As Fate has it, tomorrow’s New Moon eclipses the Sun. Even amidst holiday observances, there is the sense that something important is nearly at hand. Eclipses often bring personal realizations or the release of previously unknown information. However, new projects and initiatives begun during an eclipse cycle seldom go as planned. It isn’t until nightfall that the Moon enters Capricorn. Once in the Sign of the Goat a lunar trine to Uranus adds new sparkle to the evening. The bonds of friendship are strong medicine, restoring weary hearts.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 6:18AM-4:45PM Moon enters Capricorn.

December 26: Today’s Capricorn New Moon is aligned with the Sun and Jupiter. The three stars all trine inventive Uranus. This is a wonderfully auspicious omen for a wide range of new endeavors. Artists, writers, reformers and spiritual seekers get a Cosmic green light. Also favored are idealists involved in humanitarian and environmental undertakings. Even as we may draw on the past for inspiration, modern technology offers vast new possibilities. With Saturn and Pluto well established in ambitious Capricorn, the Cosmic stage is set for strenuous activity in the coming weeks. For those needing a break from all the holiday hoopla, or just looking to enjoy a few leisurely hours, tonight’s harmony between the Moon and Neptune is a plus for escapists. 
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 12:13AM EST.

December 27: This is a topnotch day for conducting business and other important matters. The industrious Capricorn Moon provides a steady compass, guiding spirits through numerous challenges. A morning conference is likely to resolve more than one weighty issue. At midday the Capricorn Sun is conjunct optimistic Jupiter. Many people feel positive, quietly confident and immensely capable. A seriously good opportunity could present itself. Teaching, writing and publishing are favored. Business related travel is also supported. A late afternoon lunar sextile to spark plug Mars provides ample energy to conquer challenges. Cooperation is fostered but the Moon then goes void of course. A quiet spell takes hold. Plan to take it easy tonight. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:03PM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Jupiter.

December 28: The Moon enters Aquarius a few minutes after midnight. Night owls are prone to anxiety as a lunar square to unpredictable Uranus makes waves during the overnight period. Some insomniacs and those on the night shift may feel as though their world is coming unraveled. Take a few deep breaths and try to stay calm. Mental Mercury’s position at the last degree of Sagittarius can also contribute to the day’s uncertainties. Both recent lessons and long held principles may be questioned. Change can be unnerving as opinions evolve. Try to keep an open mind. Tonight brings cheerier trends. The Moon is conjunct Venus in friendly Aquarius, a sweet omen for romance, parties and other social get togethers.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-12:21AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury enters Capricorn.

December 29: The planets are taking the day off and I suggest you do, too. The Moon is in Aquarius. Thoughts can naturally drift to the future. The people we rely on to make our hopes and dreams come true may also command attention. In quiet fashion this is a good day for networking. Casual, organic get togethers are also likely. With the Sun passing over the lunar South Node don’t be surprised to hear from folks from your distant past. A long lost relative could make a surprise appearance. Given the comparative quiet and feeling of open space, this is a good time to relax and practice the art of listening to and following your intuition. 
Moon in Aquarius.

December 30: There could be a false start early this morning as the Moon is first at odds with Mars and then for several hours lingers void of course in Aquarius. Use this first part of the day to settle in, get comfortable and catch up with friends and correspondence. By late morning there is new momentum when the Moon reaches Pisces. Lunar enhancement of the Mercury/Uranus trine puts minds, senses and many activities into high gear. A burst of exhilarating activity may catch some off guard. Breakthrough ideas and scintillating coincidences can come at dizzying speed. Intuitive faculties are razor sharp. Be adventurous, open to new, untried techniques and experiences. Chance encounters can be delightful. The happily enthusiastic mood lasts well past midnight.  
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:24AM-10:41AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury trine Uranus.

December 31: This final day of the year brings many tender moments and poignant memories. The super sensitive Pisces Moon has some souls thinking about the past. Personal losses, disappointments and regrets may all be felt intensely. Other folks are eagerly looking forward to turning the calendar page to a fresh, new start. Keep in mind, we are in between two eclipses. Sure things are in short supply. Cultivate faith. Make ready to adapt to new realities. A positive attitude helps affirm a better future. With the year’s final aspect the Moon’s evening conjunction with mystical Neptune, many are ready to party. However, it is up to each one of us to envision a healthier, more ideal New Year. Use the power of imagination to dream up and create the life and world you’d like to see. Happy New Year!
Moon in Pisces.