Energetic Knick-Knacks

Retro Orange Armchair, Vintage Wooden Light Blue Sideboard, OldHow many times do we make a mistake of falling in love with the wrong person? You’re attracted to someone, and feel an affinity or connection. Yet despite those attractions, the person’s not right for you and can even succeed in complicating your life immeasurably.

What’s not so well known is that many times we make similar mistakes with objects that are dear to us. Antique furniture or ornaments, an inherited dresser with sentimental value, a souvenir from a music festival you went to years ago, ornate ethnic masks or carpets from an overseas trip, second-hand jewelry or clothes — your relationship with any of these items could be causing you difficulties in your present life due to the subtle, yet invisible energies that they carry. Thus when decorating a home, one needs to be attentive not just to visual attractiveness, comfort, style, and compatibility with one’s sense of aesthetics; we also need to pay attention to energy.

What is this energy and what is the evidence for its existence? While there has been some moderate success with designing instruments to detect energy, by far the most effective detection device remains the human consciousness — ourselves. As humans we are always exchanging energies with the environment, giving energies off, absorbing them in and, if we are sensitive, sensing them.

Test yourself on the following: if you blindfolded yourself and put earplugs in your ears, would you “feel” any differences in the atmosphere (or “vibe”) of the following locations: hospital, library, nightclub, city neighborhood, suburb neighborhood, busy transportation hub, lush natural forest? How does each place make you feel? We are energetically sensitive beings, and for some, the quality of this sensitivity can be felt as acutely as the temperature of the external climate on the surface of the skin. This means we need to be very discerning about the objects we place in our living spaces which affect our moods, health and overall wellbeing.

Researcher Waldo Vieira, a Brazilian medical doctor who has been studying energy and consciousness since the 1940s, proposes that it is impossible for us to ever give off energy or have a thought or emotion in isolation. We always do all three at the same time: if we have an emotion, there is always some thought involved, and energy emitted. If we are thinking intently, we will still have a degree of emotion (no matter how small), and again we emit energy. Even when we are sleeping we give off energies permeated with largely unconscious thoughts and emotions. Thus over time our furniture, our personal effects, our home and our clothes will all become infused with our personal energetic pattern — energies imprinted with our thinking and emotional style. Likewise, the objects of others will be infused with their energetic patterns as well.

Reading Energy Patterns On Objects

We can now start to appreciate how this extends to the objects in our home. Take an antique chair, for instance. What was the quality of the energy that it had been immersed in before you acquired it? What did the previous owners do in the room where it was kept? Were they lonely or depressed? Did the family have any traumas or tragedies? Were the traumas short-lived or ongoing? These factors will determine the object’s energetic pattern, and when placed in your own living space could have an effect on your environment for better or for worse. Sometimes just by having such an object among your other items, and thus immersed in your own pattern of energies, its old energies will gradually dissipate. In other cases, however, it can take time for the old energies to be fully dissipated — even decades or centuries — so you need to remain attentive to all initial impressions you receive about an object right from the start.

This is how a competent psychic is able to shed light on the state or whereabouts of a missing person through psychometry. The psychic will usually look at a photograph or hold something belonging to the person to establish a strong energetic rapport with them. Once in contact with that person’s field of energies, they can decipher information about how the person is, their whereabouts, and more. You can use this same skill to identify the energetic quality of your objects, or even the quality of an object that you are considering buying. While you may not necessarily get such precise information as the psychic, you can still develop a very good sense of whether or not the object’s energy is harmonious with your own.

Have you ever entered a room and had a strong, immediate feeling about it? The source of this vibe may be a particular object in the room, rather than the room itself. To explore this further, you will need to focus on each object in the room piece by piece to determine precisely what is creating such a strong feeling. Start by moving an object away from its neighbors (whenever possible) and focus attention on it while staying relaxed. Pay attention to any intuitions and sensations at this time. Do you feel any heaviness? Do you notice any emotional patterns that seem different from your own? Do any ideas come to your mind or an overall sense that the object is positive or negative?

At this point you can start to send energies to the object, also known as donating or exteriorizing energy, to intensify the rapport between you and the object. Energy follows will, so don’t worry if you don’t feel anything at first; just continuefocusing on the object and the energetic sensations will follow. By sending energies, you will begin to form at least a preliminary idea as to the overall quality of the object’s energy.

Cleansing The Energies Of Objects

Once you’ve learned how to scan objects, you will have a sense of whether or not they are beneficial to your overall environment. The next step is to work with the ones you have doubts about to determine if you will be readily able to cleanse their energies, or if this is a process that might take weeks, months or even years. As mentioned above, with certain objects we might find that by surrounding them with some of our personal items, little by little their old energies dissipate and they will take on more of our own pattern. Monitor the progress of those objects periodically since this technique does not work in all cases.

A stronger approach is to use the donation technique described above. By sending energy to an object, you cleanse it by displacing the negative energy, replacing it with energy of your own. Beginners will find it helpful to donate energies from their palms since the chakras in that area of the body are very sensitive and accessible. Hold your arms in front of you with the palms facing outwards, and focus your attention on directing energies to the object. At first you may feel the same heaviness you noticed when performing the initial scan or a resistance to your donation, as though something were preventing the energies from flowing through. With persistence and practice, you may notice your energies flowing more freely which indicates that with just a few “treatments” you should be able to fully cleanse it. If so, you can safely keep the object around you, continuing with your follow-up work until the energy is fully compatible with your own.

Sometimes, however, you may continue to feel resistance as you donate. This can happen more often with older objects or much-worn personal items such as a watch, clothing, or jewelry. In these cases, persist for a few treatments, but if the resistance remains this indicates that it could take a long time to cleanse the object fully and the best solution may be to get rid of it. Ideally you would burn the object or throw it into the sea (if it would be environmentally sound to do so), since both approaches are extremely effective at dissipating harmful energies.

There’s more to creating a harmonious space than just having a good eye for beautiful things. Much like our romantic partnerships, attraction is not the only consideration. While we want to invest everything we can in making the relationship a success, sometimes it just won’t work out and we need to move on.

Energetic Knick-Knack Check List

  • Whenever possible, buy new.
  • Energetically check any second hand or old objects before purchasing. Also check second hand gifts or heirlooms you receive before bringing them into your living space.
  • Re-evaluate objects in your home, especially if you have noticed a change for the worse in yourself (health, allergies, emotions), a family member or the atmosphere since acquiring something new.
  • When in doubt, get rid of the object.

David Lindsay, LLB, BA, and Jane Lloyd, MA, are researchers and instructors with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), a non-profit education and research organization. They give courses and workshops on an ongoing basis about energy, consciousness, the out-of-body experience and human potential. To contact the International Academy of Consciousness call 800-7783778 or email boston@iacworld.org. Visit their website at www.iacworld.org