Expanding The Horizon Of Healthcare

My daughter, Michella Brudner, producer of the Natural Living Expo, had emergency brain tumor surgery last September at Mass General Hospital on Labor Day (who knew brain surgeons worked on holidays?) to remove what turned out to be a large, but benign, meningioma. I was startled to learn MGH removes about 15 of these per week, just one hospital among scores in the country removing these tumors, about 95% of which are benign. I asked her surgeon, Dr. William Curry, a highly skilled specialist, whose giftedness as both a brain surgeon and human being are breathtakingly apparent, whether he thought there was any connection between these tumors and cell phones. He flat out said, “No.” When I had the opportunity at a different time to ask the same question of another MD who was part of the team, he said, “I don’t have any definitive evidence to prove the connection, but I am aware and concerned.”

Meningiomas, which are slow-growing tumors, are believed to be caused by ionizing radiation, the kind found in dental x-rays. Non-ionizing radiation is the kind emitted from our cell and cordless phones, microwaves and other devices. All objects, even our bodies, emit electromagnetic radiation, but the strength of the radiation depends upon the temperature of the object. Guidelines establishing safe radiation levels vary greatly from country to country and continue to evolve as we learn more about the ubiquitous EMF matrix we live within, and that lives within us, as technology burrows ever deeper into our bodies with implants of every kind imaginable.

Do cell phones cause brain tumors? Why doesn’t everyone who gets dental x-rays grow a tumor? Why are so many people developing brain tumors? The fact is that science cannot provide these answers, but our bodies know exactly the effects of cell phone radiation on our biology. The question is how do we access this information and what do we do with it? Science has discovered in the study of epigenetics that an individual’s unique genetic make-up is a biochemical fingerprint influencing what makes them sick and what makes them tick. The era of personalized medicine and drug therapy has arrived; scientists can even genetically modify your own immune cells to perform specific functions customized to fight your disease.

While Big Pharma has delved into the complicated and expensive business of nano-medicine, manipulating our genetic code with some impressive results, it has also left billions of casualties in the shadow of its pharmaceutical side effects, including addiction, debilitating disease and death. If science is manipulating your body to make it heal itself, this means that your body is already designed to do that in the first place. Healing is as natural to the body as sleeping, eating and breathing. Your body was born to heal and you are a natural born healer. If you were diagnosed with a brain tumor, there’s no better place to be than in the hands of cutting edge medical technology. But barring such extreme medical conditions, there’s an entire universe of healing options outside conventional “standards of care” that are life-saving, real and effective.

As science catches up with humanity’s evolving consciousness, the horizon of healthcare is expanding. Yingxing Wang reports in her interview this issue, “The Qigong Experience,” that within two to five years all citizens of China must practice tai chi and qigong as part of a new national healthcare policy to keep people healthy mentally and physically. In response, they are building tai chi learning centers all over the country, especially in outlying rural areas, as a way of providing affordable healthcare for over one billion people well into future. In a bold and visionary move, China has embraced its rich legacy of healing miracles and qigong masters to unleash a healthcare revolution in the 21st century. But it is not by magic that this policy will succeed. Only with mandatory daily qigong practice will the physical, mental and community health of the nation improve. As Yingxing notes, “Only China, a dictatorship, can do this.”

While China dictates its citizens learn inner healing qi practices to strengthen their immunity, the US mandates that every child receive 74 doses of vaccines by the time they are 18. This is up from 24 doses required in 1983, and the highest by far of any other country in the world. Yet we are the least healthy among the world’s wealthiest nations.

I like to think we all come into this life with an invisible expiration date tattooed somewhere on our person, and we’re not leaving this planet until that date arrives. However you choose to take care of your body during that time is up to you; whether you use alternative medicine or western medicine or no medicine, you’re going to be here until that date and your body will make do with whatever care you provide. I choose alternative medicine because I enjoy being in charge of my health and am regularly expanding my health routines with safe, effective treatments I can afford. We cannot have a great country if our citizens are unhealthy. Now is the time to expand the horizon of healthcare in America.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change Magazine. www.spiritofchange.org.

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