February 2015 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for February 2015

February 1: The waxing Cancer moon's early morning aspects are energizing to the point where they may cause a restless night. By dawn a lunar trine to Mars provides liftoff to greet the new day enthusiastically. However, most of today is dreamily and deliciously laid back. Well before noon the the moon goes void of course. Relaxing at home and spending time with close friends and family are most appealing priorities. A midday conjunction of Venus and Neptune ignites romantic and creative fires, but doesn't provide much motivation. Because the moon is nearly full there's enough momentum to thoroughly enjoy a special brunch, take in amusements with gusto or make something wonderful happen. It's best to put off those important purchases and decisions for another day.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:37AM-12:00AM, Venus conjunct Neptune.

February 2: Even groundhogs will be eager to leave their dens and go on an adventure this morning. The Aquarius sun is in sextile to Uranus, the planet of freedom-loving restlessness, genius and eccentricity. If ever there was a time to explore alternate realities and reinvent one's self, this morning is it. Shortly after noon the Moon travels from Cancer into Leo. The second half of the day feels substantially more grounded and in fact, now the stars ably support handling important matters and decision-making. Like a chess grandmaster, anticipate moves, keeping potential risks and consequences in mind as the Moon nears an evening trine to stoic Saturn. Second guesses can be problematic late tonight. Stay calm and on track.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-12:41PM Moon enters Leo, Sun sextile Uranus.

February 3: One way or another, we all face the spotlight's glare. Romantic lead, radiant ingenue, heartwarming showstopper, dastardly villain or one of countless nameless extras, everyone fits in someplace. Today's full moon in Leo brings greater awareness of the roles we play within our community of friends, neighbors and co-workers. With the moon close by expansive Jupiter and the sun conjunct Mercury, there will be much learning and plenty of dramatic, larger than life moments. Perhaps the most significant question is where are we going and how do we get there? Great theater requires a dedicated team of co-creators pulling together for the greater good. Some individuals may need to tame their ego to participate effectively in the ensemble. Define your role and play your part well.
Moon in Leo, Full "Snow" Moon in Leo 6:09PM.

February 4: This promises to be a classic, mid-week "hump" day. When I lived in the woods of New Hampshire, old timers spoke of "humps, bumps and heaves" on the back roads during wintertime. The first two were relatively minor inconveniences but a good sized heave could send a car airborne, and leave a driver fighting to stay on the road and avoid front end suspension damage. Because the Leo moon is traveling void of course all day, it will be relatively easy to get knocked off course. The pursuit of pleasure or daydreaming about a life of luxury are tantalizing distractions. Luckily, a pending sextile between Mercury and dutiful Saturn offers a steadying compass. Fantasize all you want, but be sure to meet at least the minimum requirements of your job.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:31AM-12:00AM.

February 5: With the moon in Virgo and Mercury forming a sextile to Saturn, there's serious talk early this morning. However, the moon is also at odds with Saturn so philosophical differences, worries and delays could prove problematic. Commuters do well to get an early start. A confusing afternoon lunar opposition to Neptune may cause some folks to throw their hands up in perplexed surrender. Seek a second opinion from someone well-versed in the matter in question. Keep documents and important items securely close at hand. Worries ease and the social atmosphere gets warmer as the hour grows late. If you're inclined to party or give generously, be sure to observe common sense rules. Don't spend or give more than you can afford.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-12:46AM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury sextile Saturn.

February 6: An opposition between the Aquarius sun and optimistic Jupiter raises spirits and infuses much of the day with infectious optimism. Many folks are inclined to take a larger, more enlightened and forgiving view of life. In contrast, the moon in Virgo has been known to dwell on the minutest of details. The Sun/Jupiter opposition acts as a counter-balance, keeping minds open to new ideas and broader perspectives. Friendliness abounds. However, patience may wear thin during the late afternoon when the moon is at odds with feisty Mars. Be sure to mind your manners during the evening commute. A relaxing cup of tea and other forms of soothing personal TLC are recommended as moods mellow out tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 5:09PM-12:00AM, Sun opposite Jupiter.

February 7: The day gets off to an uneven start. The Virgo moon is void of course so normal drive and determination can be lacking. Don't fight any sluggishness. Instead, relish the chance to enjoy a pleasantly low key morning. Putter around the house or attend to routine errands and other chores. Inertia and indecision give way to renewed focus and ambition during the early afternoon, when the moon makes a new home in Libra. There are excellent opportunities to restore good ties with friends and loved ones. Helpful lunar alignments with retrograde Mercury and Saturn, as well as a key sextile between Venus and Pluto, offer remedies for hurt feelings and wounded egos. Talk about misunderstandings. Explore disagreements. Find better ways to support one another and love more deeply. The healing possibilities are excellent!
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-1:44PM Moon enters Libra.

February 8: Day breaks with the peace loving Libra moon approaching her own north node. Devote some time and energy towards making your relationships stronger and your environment more beautiful. Working with partners in the spirit of cooperation is by far the best way to make progress in both areas. The relative calm is disturbed late this afternoon when a lunar opposition to unpredictable Uranus dictates we deal with an unexpected complication. Take special care of sensitive electronic devices and data. Handle disagreements tactfully. A subsequent lunar square with Pluto makes some folks more likely to overreact. Keep searching out silver linings and overlooked blessings. Sincere gratitude is easier to come by later tonight.
Moon in Libra, Venus sextile Pluto.

February 9: Whether awake or asleep, the nighttime features easy going with the Libra moon favorably aligned to both Jupiter and the Aquarius sun. Insomniac authors may produce great work under these auspices. Dreamers are also likely to be inspired by progressive and humanitarian idealism. By daybreak the Moon is void of course and she remains that way until well past midnight. As a result the daytime hours feel less animated. Easily distracted minds tend to wander aimlessly. Mental Mercury, retrograde the past few weeks, is slowing in anticipation of renewing forward motion this coming Wednesday. The winged messenger's station may prompt indecision or moments of incredible wisdom. However, this is not the day to act impulsively. Keep an important realization under your hat until more supportive influences develop later in the week.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:58AM-12:00AM.

February 10: Early this morning take extra care in planning your day, traveling and sending or receiving messages. The Scorpio moon is testing Mercury and with the tiny planet of all things mental about to change direction, the odds of a mix-up or delay are increased. After noon the moon receives stellar support from Neptune and still later tonight, from Pluto. These lunar alignments with the outer planets favor intuitive awareness rather than logic. As the American poet Theodore Roethke noted, "Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries." Let your usual mind chatter and linear thinking filters relax. Follow subtle cues from Mother Nature, the still, small voice within, or a compelling "gut hunch."
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-2:05AM Moon enters Scorpio.

February 11: Prepare to make adjustments on the fly. Mental Mercury's retrograde comes to an end during the late morning. The direction change can precipitate a reordering of positions, thinking or plans. With the moon in the tenacious sign of Scorpio, a turnabout could lead to some consternation, but don't be surprised if your boss or partner announces a new strategy. Changes are more easily put in place during the afternoon when a lunar trine to loving Venus facilitates cooperation as well as emotional flexibility and resilience. Tonight's last quarter moon phase may unloose a fresh round of challenging confrontations. Restrain any desire to have control over others. The freedom-loving Aquarius sun will brook no interference. If working in tandem with friends or partners is not an option, just do your own thing.
Moon in Scorpio, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 10:50PM, Mercury Direct.

February 12: Moods may be quietly pensive or downright brooding this morning. Rather than obsessing over things that happened yesterday, contemplate a brighter tomorrow. Shortly before noon the moon arrives in Sagittarius, setting the stage for a very different second half of the day. While serious Saturn lies waiting in the sign of the arrow slinging centaur, the moon is also harmonizing with mental Mercury. Stake out your positions and beliefs. Every last detail may not be entirely clear, but decision-making and commitments can now be made with greater certainty. When dealing with others, do your best to understand motives and set explicit, uncomplicated boundaries. Ideally, everyone involved is on the same page, knows what is expected of them and shares similar goals.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:32AM-11:46AM Moon in Sagittarius.

February 13: Fast-paced developments make wrapping up of the working week and transitioning to weekend fun mode a breeze. The sociable Sagittarius moon gets the ball rolling with a midday trine to adventurous Uranus. Throw the dice and learn about something new and different. Expand your social circles. Put technology to good use. It could lead to a fundamental shift in your thinking. The travel bug is also strong and an early evening lunar trine to garrulous Jupiter fosters a celebratory mood. Get the jump on Valentine's Day and celebrate cupid's heart stirring darts tonight. The festive party atmosphere lasts long past midnight.
Moon in Sagittarius.

February 14: Mixed astrological influences usually present choices. These choices in turn can lead to markedly different experiences. This morning the Sagittarius moon strikes happy notes with the Aquarius sun but simultaneously is at odds with feisty Mars. One alignment is a friendly, "hail fellow, well met" signature and the other may elicit cold stares and/or petulant words. Those souls lucky enough to have a sunshine filled disposition may barely notice any friction. By late morning the moon is void of course and any tensions will likely fade into the background. The void of course moon period lasts until early evening, when the moon enters earthy Capricorn. Romantic declarations, gifts, dinners and other expressions of affection are likely to be fairly traditional, but not without passion.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:15AM-5:24PM Moon enters Capricorn.

February 15: The Capricorn moon once again activates the ongoing chaos that is intrinsic to the square between Uranus and Pluto. Extra care ought to be taken while engaging in any physically demanding or risky activities, including driving. On the other hand, transformative processes, such as inner growth work, expressive art and healing, can make rapid strides. So much depends on intention. Pursuing selfish ends will almost certainly trigger a negative backlash. Courageously step away from isolating thoughts and obsessive emotions. Be helpful. Communicate with partners and loved ones. Heart to heart conversations may prove empowering and renew a relationship that has recently been a struggle.
Moon in Capricorn.

February 16: Morning confabs and social activities of all sorts are lively, warm-hearted affairs. Affection is shown with grace and charming aplomb while the Capricorn moon is favorably disposed towards Venus and Mars. The two stars are conjunct in Pisces., close enough to entrance and befuddle some folks. It may be tough to discern whether an attraction is a passing flirtation or if something more is going on. Take time to know him or her. A late afternoon void of course Moon period provides a timely breather. It's easier to come to one's senses tonight, when the Moon, now in Aquarius, joins forces with cooly logical Mercury.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 3:17PM-7:13PM Moon enters Aquarius.

February 17: The Aquarius Moon is aligned with both Uranus and Jupiter, two of the most forward-looking planets in astrology. These aspects direct attention to our communities of friends and what we can achieve together. Talk about your passions and your beliefs. Welcome the sharing of different viewpoints. The late afternoon and evening are best for visionary, mind expanding experiences. Ironically, we are at the end of the lunar cycle. Astrological tradition dictates this is the time to complete tasks rather than begin new ones. Welcome the far out idea, the brilliance of a well-timed, off the cuff remark or a possibly mind-blowing new take on reality. Just wait until tomorrow to set the wheels in motion on a new plan.
Moon in Aquarius.

February 18: The celestial tides are shifting. This evening the Moon is new, overtaking the Sun at the very last degree of Aquarius and initiating a fresh activity cycle. Barely three minutes later the Sun moves from cooly analytical Aquarius into the complex emotional straits of Pisces. It is this water sign that connects the old astrological year to the new. Our dreams always seem to become more active and telling this time of year, as if our subconscious selves are busy coming to terms with the past and preparing us for the future. Set your sights on great achievements, but be ready to improvise as the coming weeks bring much energy as well as great challenges.
Moon in Aquarius, New Moon in Aquarius 6:47PM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:47PM-6:48PM Moon enters Pisces, Sun enters Pisces.

February 19: There's a steadfast resolution to succeed this morning. Mental Mercury, still gaining momentum after his recent retrograde and now well-supported by Saturn, provides steely determination and clear-eyed focus on goals. The Pisces Moon increases emotional sensitivity and intense feelings may at times today seem to rob us of momentum. Persevere. Consistent efforts produce breakthrough results by late afternoon. Those who work into the evening will make impressive gains as fiery Mars enters his own sign of Aries. Even though the Moon is void of course tonight, many feel rejuvenated by the potent energy of the red planet.
Moon in Pisces v/c 6:01PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mars enters Aries.

February 20: Yesterday's arrival of Mars in Aries is echoed by today's entrance of Venus into the zodiac's fiery first sign. While Mars burns hot in his own natural element, the goddess of love and beauty is somewhat awkward. In Aries she takes on impulsive, at times even tomboyish characteristics. Because the Pisces moon is traveling quietly void of course until early evening, flirtatious impulses have little long term impact. Tonight is another story. The moon joins in the Aries party, already in full swing. Not only are Mars and Venus in attendance but also quirky Uranus and the lunar south node. Hearty reunions and strange bedfellows are in the making. Have fun!
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-6:13Pm Moon enters Aries, Venus enters Aries.

February 21: Night owls are privy to deep thoughts and the wisdom of the ages. By dawn the focus is more naturally on what has to be done, the more challenging the better. Gradually, over the course of the day, friendships and other social connections assume greater importance. It could take considerably more time and energy than it usually does to plan an impromptu evening get together. Don't be surprised if someone backs out at the last minute. The Aries moon is passing by Uranus and testing Pluto while she does. Any unpleasantness passes quickly. A lunar trine to Jupiter restores smiles to faces while overhead, loving Venus overtakes passionate Mars. It's a great night for romance and other fun indulgences.
Moon in Aries v/c 7:36PM – 12:00AM.

February 22: The void of course Aries moon is a big influence today. Imaginative ideas come in spurts that slow and then accelerate again. Take pains to stay positive or you could find yourself echoing Mark Twain's famous quote, "I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened." With the sun moving into a square with Saturn, worry can indeed make a person feel old. Conserve energy, money and time. The void of course moon also reminds us to go with the subconscious flow but shy away from making key decisions or buying expensive items. Evening brings a notable shift. The moon reaches earthy Taurus. Quieter, calmer moods take hold. Nestle in a favorite chair or sofa and make yourself comfortable.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-7:28PM Moon enters Taurus, Venus conjunct Mars.

February 23: This morning's square between the Pisces sun and dour Saturn can make this feel like an honest to goodness blue Monday. The square may also usher in foreboding feelings and insecurities, as well as actual delays and obstacles. There may also be regrets. The issue might be something that happened only yesterday or even eons ago, it doesn't really matter. The important thing is to learn from the past, resolve to do better and get on with living in the here and now. The stabilizing Taurus moon does its best to take us on a leisurely journey. Find your groove and simply decide to enjoy your day. There are discoveries to make and matters to discuss. This evening is a good time to look for a bargain or share an insight with a perceptive friend.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:57PM-12:00AM, Sun square Saturn.

February 24: Again we face a long void of course moon period. This one takes up all but the last six minutes of the day and occurs with the moon in Taurus, the earthy-crunchy sign of physical and sensorial pleasure. As usual, put a hold on major decisions and purchases. Time, energy and funds are better spent on routine work and projects already under way. A fine trine aspect between Venus and Saturn is the stuff of which lasting commitments are made, but this time around shoring up a partnership is preferable to tying the knot on a new union. Another appropriate option is savoring people, talents and possessions which enrich daily life.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-11:54PM Moon enters Gemini, Venus trine Saturn.

February 25: The ever-youthful, always curious Gemini moon takes a "follow the bouncing ball" journey across today's hyper-active heavens. This translates into a series of fitful starts and stops throughout this long and eventful twenty-four hour period. A potent trine between Mars and Saturn signifies that necessity and personal principles dictate many priorities, but the midday first quarter moon could bring indecision in the face of unavoidable uncertainties. With the sun making his annual flight past mystical Neptune, a leap of faith could most certainly be in the offing tonight.
Moon in Gemini, First Quarter Moon in Gemini 12:14PM, Mars trine Saturn, Sun conjunct Neptune.

February 26: As fate sometimes has it, the wee hours of the morning play host to the day's key astrological activity. Those folks who dream consciously surely have grand adventures to reckon with. The Gemini moon is in harmony to both Uranus and Jupiter. While most people sleep peacefully, group consciousness raising, spiritual study and astral travel are favored. Well before first light the moon is in void of course mode. As a result, the ensuing hours seem to meander quietly along. Distractions seems to multiply. Much that is said or heard will be of little consequence. Stick to routines and delay important choices and purchases until tomorrow. Relax your mind and senses tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 3:43AM-12:00AM.

February 27: Early risers awaken to a listless atmosphere. The mood changes shortly after daybreak when the moon enters her own sign of Cancer. Energy picks up and a sense of purpose returns. Care givers feel motivated. Close knit groups pull together throughout the day. There may be some sparks flying this evening while the moon is testing fiery Mars. Protective instincts compete with headstrong impulses. Slow down. Hurrying will make matters more difficult. Show compassion towards an anguished pal. A lunar trine to Neptune helps soothe frazzled nerves but someone could still be feeling edgy.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-7:50AM Moon enters Cancer.

February 28: Peace and harmony prevail at the very beginning of the day. Shortly after midnight the waxing Cancer moon is in an enjoyable trine aspect with the Pisces sun. Sleep can be blissful but potential trouble arrives with the morning light. Moving into a tumultuous square to Uranus and an emotionally intense opposition with Pluto, the moon sets off any number of possible crises and confrontations. Be quick to comprehend other points of view and if necessary, just as quick to adjust your behavior. When it comes to setting things in motion, don't rush, whether you're tending to chores or driving a car. The risk of an accident is higher than usual. Things simmer down after noon, when the moon goes void of course. Take it easy, and stay tethered, close to the nest tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:53PM-12:00AM.