February 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for February 2016

February 1: The Scorpio Moon raises the emotional tenor of the day and with a series of fortunate alignments lighting the way, the time is ripe for clearing the air with honest and perceptive truth-telling. From early morning on through the early evening hours discussions are to the point, enlightening and informative. There are practical advantages to negotiating, too. Rework agreements to increase efficiency. Look for bargains and other ways to save money. Dinnertime conversations are especially fruitful and friendly as the Moon forms a sextile to jovial Jupiter and moods are more generous. Put your social charms to good use. A void of course Moon period soon begins and moods grow mellow as midnight nears.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 7:35PM-12:00AM.

February 2: Groundhogs and their two-legged prognosticator friends may find it hard to shake their sleepy heads awake. The void of course Scorpio Moon casts its own murky shadow over the morning. It isn’t until almost midday that the Moon shifts signs and revitalizes moods when it enters Sagittarius. The second half of the day is thus more productive but things remain fairly low key as there are no active planetary engagements. Pending alignments, notably between fiery Mars and Pluto and the Sun and Saturn, instill some motivation. Find the tempo that works best for you and proceed steadily towards your goals.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-10:50AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

February 3: Other than possible nocturnal restlessness or early morning confusion, today offers encouraging and empowering energies. The Sagittarius Moon is close by Saturn, the stoic planet of realism and necessity, while both stars harmonize with inventive Uranus. Objectives are clarified. Teammates are supportive. Networking with forward-thinking, technologically savvy allies maximizes progress, especially later in the day when the Moon is in an exhilarating trine with Uranus. Act on spontaneous ideas and hunches. Set up an adventure. There’s much to be said for being the first one to come up with an ingenious idea. Celebrate diversity as well as individual eccentricities tonight.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mars sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Saturn.

February 4: The waning Sagittarius Moon is void of course from midnight until evening. As a result moods today are pleasantly optimistic but expect hearts and minds to vacillate. There is little inclination to wrestle with difficult tests or intellectually challenging issues. As is often the case when the Sagittarius Moon is void of course, commitments may feel burdensome. However, thinking about past experiences can cast long ago experiences in a very different light. Political as well as social allegiances may shift in surprising ways. Hold off on major investments, purchases and decisions. Wait until tonight, when the Moon reaches pragmatic Capricorn, to make up your mind, enter into an agreement or assume a responsibility.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 5:04AM-7:44PM Moon enters Capricorn.

February 5: Venus passes by Pluto today. The ancient Greeks considered Pluto the ruler of the underworld, along with his wife Persephone the greeter of souls in the afterlife. Considering the number of beloved artists who have passed over in this still young year, it’s only natural to reflect on the ways that these public figures as well as departed personal companions have enriched our lives. With the Moon in earthy Capricorn favorably aligned to Neptune, feelings are tender much of the day. A kind word of concern or other thoughtful gesture comforts the pain of those feeling a loss. Imaginations are also powerful. Love heals and artistry inspires. Be careful about your desires tonight. Strive for physical, emotional and spiritual unity.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus conjunct Pluto.

February 6: Night owls may want to take the plunge and explore Jungian depth psychology, tantric yoga or some other profundity. The Moon’s conjunction with Pluto and Venus can rekindle the flickering flame of a great love and mend a broken heart. Love is consuming. By daybreak the celestial emphasis is on getting out and being on the move. Some souls feel like jumping for joy. This first half of the day is prime time for making social calls, running errands and booking travel reservations. By noon the Moon is void of course so finish your serious business before lunch. Evening plans can change at the last minute. Be ready to do something different.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:54AM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury trine Jupiter, Venus square Uranus.

February 7: An early morning square between the Aquarius Sun and feisty Mars can raise a few hackles. Don’t be annoyed. Instead, channel the considerable energy into a constructive hobby or brisk workout. A late morning sextile between Venus and Mars restores more peaceful and affectionate feelings. The waning Aquarius Moon is less than a day away from its new phase. This naturally quiet time of the month becomes more noticeably tranquil and sluggish after noon. Take it easy. Recharge your physical and emotional batteries. Give some thought to the seeds you want to plant with tomorrow’s New Moon but when it comes to taking action, be patient. This is the time for reflection or quietly renewing ties with friends and allies, but not action.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-12:59AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun square Mars, Venus sextile Mars.

February 8: The Cosmos is flashing a “great leap forward green light” signal, with some reservations. The visionary Aquarius Sun and Moon pairing, exactly conjunct during the mid-morning, is in a testing angle with fiery Mars. Overheated ambitions can arouse resistance, both from inner doubts and from unexpected external quarters. Plans may lack continuity, costs may be prohibitive or timing can be off, or a combination of factors could delay a launch. Because the Moon begins a rather long void of course period at the same time it is new, some undertakings may seem to teeter dangerously on the edge of a precipice. Don’t panic or give up hope. Savvy planning, patience and a solid commitment are all key to future successes.
Moon in Aquarius, New Moon in Aquarius 9:39AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 9:39AM-12:00AM.

February 9: During the early hours of the morning the Moon slips into lyrical Pisces. Here she finds herself making a day long approach to mystical Neptune. Psychic sensitivities increase. Dreamers, spiritually advanced and artistic souls, humanitarians and nature lovers, as well as those focused on more material plane pursuits, resonate with their ideals and imaginations. Symbols may take on supernatural importance and meaning. If you have never marched to the beat of a different drummer, this is the day to give it a try. An imminent and auspicious trine angle between Venus and Jupiter promises happy outcomes for many of today’s endeavors.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-3:31AM Moon enters Pisces.

February 10: Today begins with one of astrology’s happiest alignments, a trine between loving Venus and generous Jupiter. The auspicious pairing can keep some night owls wide awake, their minds filled with bright ideas and hearts bursting with joy but the Pisces Moon’s square to Saturn fatigues others. Daybreak sees the start of a busy string of energy-producing lunar aspects. There’s plenty of gusto, especially during the middle of the day. Look to broker a deal or shop during these fertile hours. Rely on past experiences and intuitive feelings. The latter part of the afternoon and evening feature many enjoyable social exchanges. Business and pleasure mix seamlessly. Enjoy time spent with vivacious raconteurs and students of life tonight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:25Pm-12:00AM, Venus trine Jupiter.

February 11: While the Moon occupies action-oriented Aries before the break of dawn, there are no exact aspects today. The absence of planetary engagements can leave some folks feeling directionless, wondering what to do next. Others are quick-witted and eager to fill the void with imaginative answers and solutions. Regardless of which approach you take, keep some basic principles in mind. If you have the good fortune to encounter a teachable moment, seize the opportunity. Help others whenever and however you can and lastly, do no harm. Good deeds bring lasting satisfaction late tonight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-4:55AM Moon enters Aries.

February 12: Allow extra time for getting ready and out the door to work or school this morning. The Aries Moon tests Pluto and conjuncts “anything goes” Uranus. The risk of a delay or an accident is elevated. Be ready to take a detour or revise your schedule. You may want to back up computer files and protect sensitive information. A secret revealed may cause a problem. Things are quieter after noon. The Moon and friendly Aquarius Sun promote tolerance, harmonious feelings and a general sense of well-being. The lustrous mood persists into the evening and grows more festive with each passing hour. Catch up with the latest news from friends and relatives in the know.
Moon in Aries.

February 13: Having finished his retrograde, mental Mercury returns to Aquarius and shines a spotlight on the future. As you consider your next moves, take note of a heart-warming, confidence-building, horizon stretching sextile between Mars and Jupiter. The two stars sound a call to action. With Jupiter close to the lunar North Node, some souls are ready to walk the wisdom path. Suitcases in hand, others are ready for a mid-winter vacation. Wherever you happen to be, look for ways to increase your knowledge. Under tonight’s sextile between the Taurus Moon and mystical Neptune, minds and hearts are quickly and easily transported to other realms. Enjoy artistry wherever you may find it.
Moon in Aries v/c 5:32AM-6:35AM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury enters Aquarius, Mars sextile Jupiter.

February 14: Restorative and celebratory trends carry us through much of the day. The stabilizing Taurus Moon is one corner of a fabulous earth sign Grand Trine, along with Pluto and Jupiter. Morning discoveries could include some wonderful bargains. A party-like party atmosphere grows more festive after noon with the lunar trine to Jupiter exact during the early evening dinnertime. There’s brilliant romance in the air but in addition to the candy, flowers and candlelight, sparks may fly. Astrologically, things are complicated. The Moon is also in an opposition with fiery Mars. Passions surge but don’t get pushy. Besides the volatile Moon/Mars aspect, Last Quarter Moon tensions are rising. Be gentle. Treat loved ones with care and respect.
Moon in Taurus.

February 15: A restless night gives way to a tranquil early morning. The Moon is void of course during the quiet early hours of daylight and arrives in Gemini by late morning. Inquisitive minds are sharp as tacks during the midday period, due to a lunar trine with mental Mercury. The aspect facilitates clear thinking and rapid as well as precise communications. Words are found for even confounding emotions. The lively atmosphere also favors amiable meetings and much lunch time small talk. Tonight is mellow. Escapism may be on some minds but for the majority watching a film or favorite television show or listening to music is highly entertaining.
Moon in Taurus v/c 5:54AM-9:35AM Moon enters Gemini.

February 16: Today is neatly divided into two nearly equal halves. During the first, the Gemini Moon tests Neptune and Saturn. Hopes may fade as morning delays and other, even minor adversities can feel crushing with the lunar opposition to Saturn exact just minutes after high noon. And then, true to Gemini’s mercurial nature, a giant mood swing occurs. Obstacles ease. Friends come to the rescue. Hearts feel lighter. A chance encounter, surprise phone call or text could be instrumental in breaking through the heaviness. A way forward becomes apparent. Roll the dice. Trust your intuition and envision a world where everything goes your way. Venus’ late night entry into Aquarius reinforces the advantages of friendship and teamwork.
Moon in Gemini, Venus enters Aquarius.

February 17: The Aquarius Sun and Gemini Moon are engaged in a mutually supportive trine this morning. Under the agreeable influence minds and hearts are on the same page. Thoughts are clear and communications flow effortlessly. Life moves smoothly. As noon nears the Moon goes void of course for a few hours. The day loses some polish as momentum fades and clarity is lost to second-thoughts. By mid-afternoon the Moon reaches Cancer and emotional needs assume a prominent role. Safety and security come first. Loyalty is prized. Remembrances of touching events and old loves stir deep emotions. Nesting instincts are strong tonight. Direct your steps towards home and settle in. There’s no place like it.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:37AM-2:24PM Moon enters Cancer.

February 18: Pay attention to the period between sleep and getting up. With the rising of the Sun a rich tapestry of vivid dreamtime excursions transitions into early morning reveries featuring psychic sensitivity, wondrous expectations and an affinity for Nature. A momentary lack of concentration may be a gateway to great things. Most of the morning and afternoon feels quiet. The Sun is preparing to exit Aquarius. The sense that fundamental shifts are under way can be hard to shake. Uncertainties increase during the evening hours when the Cancer Moon is at odds with both Pluto and Uranus. Real and imagined threats can disturb one’s inner peace. A family member may be grumpy. It’s a passing phase. Night owls encounter mellower vibes before the clocks toll midnight.
Moon in Cancer.

February 19: Just after midnight the Sun enters Pisces, a sure sign that winter’s icy grip is or will soon be relaxing. Sure, there may be inclement weather during the coming month but the Sun’s arc is getting higher each day and the hours of daylight are increasing. Spring can’t be far off. The Friday work day gets off to a brisk start, thanks to a lunar trine with Mars. Many folks feel eager to prove themselves. By late morning the Cancer Moon is void of course and earlier bravado disappears. In its place a far less aggressive and urgent mood prevails. Relax and go with the mellower flow. Home cooking and other familiar comforts are perfectly fine tonight. Settle into a favorite comfy chair, gather the clan around you and enjoy life.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:36AM-9:17PM Moon enters Leo, Sun enters Pisces.

February 20: The waxing Moon dazzles from the fun-loving sign of Leo. Lunar oppositions to lovebird Venus and mental Mercury are today’s main astrological attractions, but for those who like to put on a show and entertain, that’s more than enough inspiration. Everyone enjoys being noticed and appreciated under these stars. Let enthusiasm and generosity of spirit towards others light your way. Indulging in hobbies, games and expressive arts are satisfying ways of passing the afternoon. Some folks happily burn the midnight oil as the Moon nears a trine with enduring Saturn. Affectionate ties grow stronger with the advancing hours.
Moon in Leo.

February 21: Just a mere day away from being full, the Leo Moon’s impressive exuberance propels this day forward. The early morning could see the most rapid movement. Those who rise with the Sun are treated to a fire sign Grand Trine composed of the Moon, Saturn and Uranus. The dynamic configuration reminds us to live and love well, joyously and completely committing heart and soul to everything we do. Celebrate life! Don’t be concerned if you decide to sleep in, the good vibes are with you, regardless. There are challenges to navigate this evening when the Moon is at odds with Mars. A squabble could suddenly erupt. No matter the offense, invoke Leo’s regal charm and remain calm, dignified and loving. Any quarrels, jealousies or edginess quickly passes, as the Moon goes into a void of course lull.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:17PM-12:00AM.

February 22: Emotions run hot and heavy today. The Virgo Moon is Full at 1:20PM EST. Because the opposing Pisces Sun is conjunct Neptune, there are distinctive notes of magic and mystery surrounding today’s events. Don’t be caught unawares. Not everyone is honest or well-intentioned, Less evolved souls can use glamor or the cover of secrecy to promote selfish aims. With any Full Moon excess emotionalism may blind us to the light of reason. Hold off on making major decisions and commitments. Play it safe. The jury is still out and more information is no doubt going to be made available later this week. Those who possess unshakable faith may feel uplifted and validated by today’s mystical undercurrents. Midday meditation practitioners as well as brainstorming creative types could be the recipients of divine inspiration.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-6:24AM Moon enters Virgo, Full “Snow” Moon in Virgo 1:20PM EST.

February 23: Following yesterday’s soaring Full Moon energies, today’s stars bring everyone back to earth with a thud. The Virgo Moon’s midday square with dour Saturn is proof that worldly realities and responsibilities cannot be ignored for long. It’s time to chop wood, take out the trash and pay the bills. There’s nothing glamorous about it. You do what you have to do. But then, a lunar trine with Pluto signals a rebound. Drudgery gives way to increasingly satisfying and rewarding work. Partnering is notably engaging and the results are fruitful. A substantive turnabout is completed when the Moon passes by jolly Jupiter tonight. Morning’s worries are now distant memories. Celebrate international flavors in your merrymaking.
Moon in Virgo.

February 24: The verve and promise of the early morning fades away well before noon. After forming a motivating sextile with Mars, the Virgo Moon begins a lengthy void of course period, lasting until the early evening. However, this void of course Moon day benefits from a pending sextile between mental Mercury and serious Saturn. The aspect helps us maintain focus and clarify positions through much of today. Still, it’s wise to emphasize works in progress and regular routines rather than start anything new. After nightfall, when the Moon arrives in Libra, is the best part of the day for effective planning, discussing serious matters and making new starts.
Moon in Virgo v/c 9:22AM-5:41PM Moon enters Libra.

February 25: View it as a timely coincidence, divine intervention or the workings of the Cosmos, but no matter how you perceive it, today’s trine between the Libra Moon and loving Venus has the power to make things look and feel right. Social graces shine brilliantly. The common good is served. Activities that involve teamwork and cooperation between partners, whether design projects, important business negotiations or affairs of the heart, are favored. Be cautious late tonight. Don’t be pushed into any uncomfortable or compromised positions. True friends will respect your values and boundaries.
Moon in Libra, Mercury sextile Saturn.

February 26: The combination of a Friday and a void of course Moon can be a tough challenge. We’ve all been there, counting the seconds and waiting for the bell to ring at the end of class or a shift at work. Time can be elastic and with today’s Libra Moon offering little impetus to get anything done, the minutes may slow to a crawl. In contrast, explorations of subconscious realms can be delightfully marvelous. Mental Mercury is forming a sextile to libertarian Uranus. Express your unique skills and talents. Go further with your imagination than you ever have. Entertain “what ifs” and edgy, novel ideas. Give cutting edge technology a try. Tonight, prepare yourself for a quiet but magical weekend respite.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:18AM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Uranus.

February 27: The void of course Libra Moon period ends when the silvery queen of the night sky enters Scorpio at dawn. Emotional patterns may suddenly seem glacial, frozen in time. Freeing one’s self from the heavy chains of the past can feel like a Herculean task, next to impossible. A complete absence of planetary aspects does little to encourage enthusiasm. If you search out a deep place within you’ll find your own motivation. Quietly and earnestly go about your business. For those who have a hankering for a mid-winter vacation or “stay-cation,” this is a good time to start, but keep it relaxed. Lovers and art aficionados find the evening hours mellow and comfortably enjoyable.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-6:26AM Moon enters Scorpio.

February 28: Engaging trends conspire to make today an artistic triumph. From kitchen tables to churches, home offices to public meeting hall and theaters, people feel inspired. The Pisces Sun has joined up with mystical Neptune, exciting imaginations and rousing our Muses. Inspiration may come via a dream, a moment’s silence, the low hum of a machine or the din of a crowd. Social inclinations are strong. Meeting friends for brunch or a visit to an art gallery or museum may trigger provocative back and forth conversations. Words tend to be caring and concerned, rather than combative. Take a friendship to a deeper level and relish the process.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun conjunct Neptune.

February 29: Yes, 2016 is a Leap Year, with an extra day added to the end of February. Whether you are taking the lead and going it alone or forging an agreement among many, it is wise to respect today’s mid-afternoon conjunction of the Scorpio Moon and Mars. The powerful duo lends great strength, tenacity and will power to all endeavors. In solo attempts individuals do their utmost to succeed. Get in the way at your own risk. For couples as well as in collective activities, keeping unity of purpose requires the sensitive, skillful handling of diverse egos. The Moon goes void of course, making the late afternoon atmosphere less volatile. Later in the evening, a well-timed sextile between Venus and Saturn fortifies ties. Profess your undying love and loyalty, and voice appreciation tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 2:55PM-6:56PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus sextile Saturn.