February 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for February 2017

February 1: With mental Mercury and Pluto activating the continuing Jupiter/Uranus opposition, minds are hyper-alert and nerves may also be on edge. Debates can be fierce. Mind your tongue. Disagree if you must, but given current alignments, few folks are ready to change their thinking. Luckily, the Aries Moon and Aquarius Sun are in harmony through late afternoon. Their agreeable sextile angle helps foster good moods and tolerance but don’t push your luck. Late tonight the Moon is in a testing angle with Pluto. Words and actions are carefully noted. Offended parties inclined to hold onto information will do so, secure in the knowledge that some day they will get a chance to even the score.
Moon in Aries.

February 2: This being Groundhog Day, let’s take a moment to be grateful for all the animals that enrich life in so many ways. The morning hours are tremendously busy. The myriad messages to answer and tasks to perform require formidable juggling skills. Pay attention. Amidst the tumult some information may be lost or overlooked. Think positive and aim high but avoid over-reaching. Demanding commitments as well as unrealistic promises can quickly become unmanageable burdens. All the same, when midday nears, a lunar trine to Saturn gives a strong sense of accomplishment. The noon hour brings a major slowdown as the Aries Moon goes void of course. The quieter second half of the day affords an opportunity to reflect on recent events. After sundown the waxing Moon arrives in Taurus. Make yourself comfortable tonight and savor life’s pleasures, great and small.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:50AM-8:50PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury square Jupiter.

February 3: Regardless of what the groundhog said, Venus’ late morning arrival in Aries is a refreshing early taste of spring. The Goddess planet joins fiery Mars in the first sign of the Zodiac, stirring passions and enlivening partnerships. The Taurus Moon helps foster romantic fantasies via a sextile with dreamy Neptune. The mid-afternoon alignment also gives strength and substance to charitable as well as creative impulses. Others will experience the rarified energies as pure escapism. The weekend looms, but tonight’s taxing First Quarter Moon can throw a monkey wrench in party plans. Don’t stoically internalize pressures. Share concerns with partners and intimate friends.
Moon in Taurus, First Quarter Moon in Taurus 11:19PM, Venus enters Aries.

February 4: Don’t compromise principles while pursuing desires this morning. The Taurus Moon certainly promotes enjoying creature comforts and beautiful things, but each sensory experience and elegant item comes at a price. Contentment magically materializes when the creators of such delights are justly rewarded and the pleasurable experiences are shared. These principles are worth remembering as the morning hours pass. Later trends favor social activities. An afternoon shopping expedition with friends or a visit with the neighbors can be enjoyable. Art appreciation is notable tonight. Although void of course, the Moon and Venus are making nice. Keep it mellow and enjoy classic amusements, good food, music, movies, loving friendships and party lights.
Moon in Taurus v/c 5:42PM-11:44PM Moon enters Gemini.

February 5: The urge to get up, go out and be on the move is strong this morning. The restless Gemini Moon engages impulsive Mars. Words can pour out in torrents. Action may or may not follow follow suit as second thoughts can lead to a change of mind. Giant Jupiter is hovering, stationary and about to retrograde. The planet of philosophy, politics and religion will soon break a rare spell. All of the major planets have been moving forward since January 8th. As the first planet to reverse direction, Jupiter asks that we pause to rethink assumptions and beliefs. Political alliances may soon reflect these evolving perspectives. Because the Moon is in a testing square with Neptune this afternoon, don’t expect easy answers or immediate clarity. Keep an eye on valuables.
Moon in Gemini.

February 6: In the early morning stillness Jupiter stations and turns retrograde, ending a four week period with all the major planets in forward motion. The full impact of the reversal may not be known for weeks but at a minimum expect hardening positions from competing political and religious camps. More immediately noticeable, the Gemini Moon is making fast tracks through a succession of upbeat aspects. The harmonious energies enhance everyday communication skills. Midday meetings are energetic. Moods are outgoing. Laughs come easily. Inventive ideas open nimble minds to an abundance of hopeful possibilities. Late afternoon sees a decisive shift. The Moon nears an opposition to Saturn. It’s time to slow down and face facts. Relax tonight and let your thoughts wander, stream of consciousness style, while the Moon sojourns void of course.
Moon in Gemini v/c 5:53PM-12:00AM, Jupiter retrograde.

February 7: Mental Mercury makes an early morning entry into visionary Aquarius, directing thoughts towards future aspirations. The waxing Cancer Moon has a different agenda, raising emotional awareness in the here and now. Lunar squares with Venus and Mars leave some folks feeling dissatisfied, irritable and easily annoyed. Loyalties may be tested. Discord can be minimized by recognizing that some needs may have to wait. These challenging angles dominate until mid-afternoon. Be patient and watch your temper. Evening sees a more benevolent and soothing trine angle form between the Moon and Neptune. Edgy feelings give way to more loving ones. Reach out. Hug a friend or family member. Extend a kindness or offer a helping hand. Sharing and giving bring quiet joy and contentment.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-2:03AM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury enters Aquarius.

February 8: Brace yourself for a high energy but potentially challenging day. A powerful cardinal sign grand cross overlooks today’s events. The waxing Cancer Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus are the principle players, making a series of square and opposition aspects. Once again, progressive forces vie with reactionary authoritarians. Dramatic tensions play out in personal lives as well as on the international stage. Don’t get stuck in antiquated or idiosyncratic thinking. At least consider differing viewpoints. If you feel boxed in a corner, friends and allies can offer more balanced, broader perspectives. By evening the Moon is void of course and tensions ease. Retreat to the nest tonight and keep a low profile.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:00PM-12:00AM.

February 9: The undeniable, irrepressible beat of rising full Moon fever is with us. Now in Leo, the Moon helps set the tone for a socially active, fully engaging day. Midday alignments to Mercury and Venus bode well for friendships and fun. The festive mood enhances late morning and lunchtime meetings. Negotiations are friendly and fruitful. A late afternoon solar trine to Uranus infuses a sense of anticipation with visionary ideas. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality,” said an idealistic John Lennon. Seek the company of like-minded friends and make dreams come true. The surging lunar tide helps altruistic as well as adventurous travelers reach their goals swiftly.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-4:41AM Moon enters Leo, Sun sextile Uranus.

February 10: There are fabulous alignments today, including the full “snow” Moon in Leo. Besides opposing the Sun, the Moon is also one leg of a giddy fire sign grand trine, along with Uranus and Saturn. A world rich with possibilities unfolds. Mental Mercury is also in harmony with Venus, keeping moods spirited and communications easy and affectionate. The Moon however, is eclipsed this evening so there may be some surprising, even shocking revelations. For self-aware individuals a realization may be profound, while a controversy or confrontation could play out on the world stage. Keep in mind, things begun around the time of an eclipse rarely go as planned. Be flexible but persistent. An alternate route may turn out to be equally or more inspiring than the original.
Moon in Leo, Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo 7:33PM EST, Mercury sextile Venus.

February 11: Shortly after midnight the Leo Moon begins a void of course period. The mellower celestial vibrations offer a chance to unwind into deep sleep after yesterday’s full Moon dramatics. Rest up because the daylight hours feature a sparkling, eye-opening trine between the Aquarius Sun and Jupiter in Libra. The aspect encourages optimism, friendliness and good citizenship. The call of the road sets some folks off on an exuberant learning adventure. Others respond with increased spiritual curiosity. By late morning the Moon is in earthy Virgo where she leads health-oriented souls to renew their commitment to an improved physical state. Diet and exercise can be primary concerns and with the consent of the Sun and Jupiter, anything seems possible.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:52AM-8:52AM Moon enters Virgo, Sun trine Jupiter.

February 12: Dream states may be quite revealing or strangely disquieting as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune during the predawn hours. Insomniacs will find their Muses close at hand. As day breaks impulsive tendencies increase. Indecision may plague some folks as one good idea or worthy project is easily overshadowed by another. Those who hunker down and concentrate on a single or a select few undertakings stand to make excellent headway. Home improvements go well. Shoppers can find bargains waiting. Those who have settled into a routine, especially one devoted to refining a skill or bettering their personal health and well-being, make notable strides.
Moon in Virgo.

February 13: The day begins with a somber lunar square with dour Saturn. Necessity remains the mother of invention as well as the impetus to get going. However, the Moon is soon void of course and a lethargic mood persists for much of the work day. By late afternoon the Moon is in Libra where she injects some much-needed energy into the proceedings. With the Aquarius Sun nearing a sextile to Saturn a late second wind helps to sustain efforts and boost productivity. Dedication pays off. Satisfaction in a job well done is one of life’s best blessings. Mentors and bosses also appreciate tenacious souls who stay at a task long enough to succeed. Wise words inform and inspire tonight. Don’t overlook elders. They are a valuable resource.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:36AM-3:43PM Moon enters Libra.

February 14: Ah, Love! Just before dawn the Libra Moon aligns with Venus in an opposition. Cupid is testing his bow string and sharpening his darts. The aspect encourages fond desires. It’s a “reach out and engage others in loving and meaningful ways” kind of day. Because Venus is also close by passionate Mars, the stage is set for uptempo activity, ardent emotions, friendly competition and lively socializing. Midday may be the time when communications flow most easily. Attendees at business meetings and lunches have their minds on the future. The evening stars are less advantageous for teamwork. Treat loved ones with extra TLC tonight.
Moon in Libra, Sun sextile Saturn.

February 15: The early going could see some unexpected complications. Drive carefully during the commute. Check your route and travel connections on line before leaving home. The day takes a decidedly more effervescent tone by mid-morning. At midday the Libra Moon forms a “happy camper” conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of “can do” optimism. The late morning is a nearly ideal time to float big ideas, teach, learn or network. A steadfast work ethic continues until early evening. Meetings are friendly and, because folks want to get down to business, fruitful. The congenial mood also holds sway tonight. Dinners and other evening gatherings are great fun. The bubble bursts tonight when the Moon goes void of course. Enthusiasm fades and fatigue soon sets in so avoid burning the candle at both ends.
Moon in Libra v/c 8:54PM-12:00AM.

February 16: Today’s Moon in Scorpio leads many people to feel protective of their privacy. Reserved souls may seem secretive, uncommunicative or pensive, lost in their own world. Don’t ignore subtle or more obvious signals that you are intruding. Even though mental Mercury can be bluntly honest in Aquarius, revealing innermost feelings is rightfully a matter of choice. When it comes to worldly ambitions, this is a fine day for decision-making. Gentle persuasion is more successful tonight when the Moon approaches a trine to Neptune. It’s easier then to either open up and share feelings or listen from a place of sympathy and compassion. Artistic notions also find expression. Get inspired. Put on your creativity cap and make something tasty or beautiful.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-1:41AM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury sextile Mars.

February 17: Brush up on your speaking and writing skills. The Scorpio Moon is at odds with mental Mercury this morning. Extra concentration is required to find words that precisely convey feelings and intentions. Be patient and thorough. Facts may also require meticulous research but with the Moon in Scorpio, almost everyone can be a competent detective. By late-morning a collegial atmosphere finds partners and co-workers deftly divvying up and sharing responsibilities. Efficiency experts are delighted. The fruitful period lasts until mid-afternoon, when the Moon embarks on a void of course period. The latter part of the day is rather listless. The Sun is also preparing to change signs and moods may easily become either bored and/or restless. Take it easy tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 2:38PM-12:00AM.

February 18: Today starts off slowly. The void of course Scorpio Moon atmospherics are great for sleeping in or laying low. Take stock of your emotional and physical well-being. Catch up on rest, if needed. As dawn breaks the Sun slips into Pisces, the final sign of the Zodiac. Hearts and minds may nimbly shift from reflecting on the past to dreaming about the future. Spirits rise after lunch when the Moon reaches the lofty terrain of Sagittarius. The last quarter phase is quickly upon us. Feelings grow restive. Memories of past experiences may be haunting. Direct your energy and attention towards a repair project, skill enhancement, or helping out a friend.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-1:52PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, Sun enters Pisces.

February 19: An eminently satisfying late-morning trine between the friendly Sagittarius Moon and loving Venus fortifies hopes and warms affections. It may also stimulate appetites. The resulting party-like atmosphere is wonderful for brunching with loved ones, attending sporting events or embarking on a journey. Check out weather reports as a noontime lunar square with Neptune could be an indication of dangerous weather. Rain, fog and flooding can present particular challenges. Confusion, a misunderstanding or lost items are other potential hazards. Stay alert and take precautions before problems arrive. Conversations amongst night owls are an eye-opening hoot.
Moon in Sagittarius.

February 20: The morning hours hum with activity. The truth-telling, freedom-loving Sagittarius Moon makes fast tracks through a series of stimulating aspects. Minds are agile. Some folks want to tap their toes, feeling buoyed by good fortune. Friendships are especially warm. Welcome new faces and experiences. Things gradually slow and become more mellow during the afternoon. The Moon’s evening conjunction with serious Saturn brings a temporary halt to free rambling ways. Spirits flag as the Moon goes void of course for the rest of the day but a late night sextile between Mercury and Uranus sustains open-mindedness and the flow of provocative, evolutionary ideas. Take note of subconscious leanings, hunches and intuitive flashes.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 6:37PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Uranus.

February 21: The Moon reaches dutiful Capricorn during the wee hours of the morning and then launches the work day with a constructive sextile to the Pisces Sun. Creative solutions help make fast work of challenging chores. Mercury’s early afternoon sextile to Jupiter facilitates travel, and enhances thought processes and communications. The rush to succeed is great but with Mars about to square Pluto, there are risks in hurrying. Rules may be broken. A partner could feel overlooked or neglected. Keep others informed of your plans and activities. Welcome advice and be sure to let associates know their contributions are valued.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-2:08AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury trine Jupiter.

February 22: We’re in for a high stakes, high wire, high energy day. Mars’ early morning square to Pluto is the stuff of fierce and unyielding competition. Later in the day the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto, setting off a fresh round of contentious energies. Personal and professional partnerships may feel the strain. The challenging planetary configurations also includes Uranus and Jupiter. Philosophical differences are unavoidable but it is best to make adjustments and look for common ground. Emphasize mutual interests and concerns, and if possible, pool resources. Remember, bluster and bravado usually mask deep-seated insecurities. Stay calm and avoid overreacting. Today’s energies are formidable but used wisely, can still be a force for good.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:24PM-12:00AM, Mars square Pluto.

February 23: Motivation may be lacking this morning. Work can seem uninspired under the void of course Capricorn Moon. We are again late in a lunar cycle and between eclipses. Concentrate on works in progress. The Moon’s noon hour entry into Aquarius is a rejuvenating mood changer. Mental Mercury’s late afternoon sextile with Saturn is a clarifying force. As a result the second half of the day is far more productive. We feel more alert, decisive, and ready to get things accomplished. However, with a solar eclipse coming on Sunday, priorities may change unexpectedly. Hold off on launching ambitious new projects or making major investments for now.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-12:17PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury sextile Saturn.

February 24: Team spirit makes a welcome appearance today. The community-oriented Aquarius Moon is simpatico with Venus, Mars and Uranus. The powerful trio is holding forth in impulsive Aries. Touch base with friends. Networking is the best way to build support for projects and causes. Be open-minded. Consider fresh ideas. Plans will naturally evolve and may be substantially revised but thinking about the future is hard to resist. Social ties are warm and affectionate. A long ago pal could renew contact. Who makes the first move isn’t important. Impromptu, informal get togethers are fun tonight.
Moon in Aquarius.

February 25: The morning hours provide just the right amount of energy. The waning Aquarius Moon finds harmony with Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn, making activities fruitful and fun. Early risers find their intuition is sharp. At sunrise a lunar trine to Jupiter can launch some folks on a day trip. A constructive midday lunar sextile with Saturn provides a needed dose of realism. Try to complete important chores, shopping and errands by early afternoon, when the Moon goes void of course. The afternoon hours can feel lethargic, and with mental Mercury changing signs some confusion is likely. Evening sees the winged messenger arrive in dreamy Pisces and shortly after, the Moon also enters the sign of the fishes. Feelings are super sensitive and imaginations tend to run wild tonight. Relax. Immerse yourself in movies, music and fanciful flights.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 1:11PM-7:24PM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury enters Pisces.

February 26: This morning’s new Moon in Pisces launches a new lunar cycle. It is also a solar eclipse. With the symbolic light of reason blocked out, revelations are likely. Quiet and solitude increase the likelihood of a meaningful personal breakthrough but with Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, peace and quiet may be hard to come by. As with most eclipses, plans are less likely to succeed in their original form. With Neptune and Mercury conjunct the Sun and Moon, don’t count on wishful thinking. New information may soon become available. The best bet is to take your time and be ready to adapt to new circumstances. Minimize risk factors when possible and remember to watch your speed while driving.
Moon in Pisces, Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse 9:58AM, Mars conjunct Uranus.

February 27: Fiery Mars’ mid-morning opposition to Jupiter enlivens conversations but can also set off spirited disagreements. Volume, in word count and decibels, is not the essential core of effective communication. It’s the message that counts. Passions are running high, which is a good reason to take the time to think carefully before sharing your opinion. With the Moon in sensitive Pisces, feelings may be easily bruised. Coming on too strong during the morning can lead to a depressing loss or other setback later in the day. Come evening the Moon is void of course, ushering in a period of restful quiet and a chance to digest the day’s happenings.
Moon in Pisces v/c 6:08PM-11:52PM Moon enters Aries, Mars opposite Jupiter.

February 28: The Moon in Aries joins Venus, Uranus and Mars in the first sign of the Zodiac. Together these planets provide a wealth of high octane “get up and go” energy. Considering that the Pisces Sun is now flanked by Mercury and Neptune, there is a lot of concentrated star power in play. Before going into action make sure your goal or destination is clear. Because Jupiter and Uranus are locked in an opposition, instability is reflected in all walks of life. Even the best of plans is likely to change. Many friendships will be tested in the coming days. Tonight’s conjunction of the Moon and Venus provides a pleasant respite from daytime stresses. Enjoy flying solo or loving the one you’re with.
Moon in Aries.