February 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for February 2018

February 1: After yesterday’s full Moon dramatics the month arrives with a day of changing moods and tempos. While early birds feel thrilled at the prospect of a new day, just before dawn the Leo Moon goes void of course. Eager anticipation and breathtaking speed quickly dissipate into a more laid back pace. For some folks, their performance is lackluster, far short of their full potential. By late afternoon the Moon is established in Virgo. A late day rebirth includes new found diligence but a lunar square to Mars creates new challenges. Tempers can erupt as patience wears thin. Differences of opinion may also contribute to tensions. Set your sights on long term success. Anything of quality and lasting impact requires care and diligence. With the Virgo Moon also in trine to Saturn, listen to the wise words of more experienced hands.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:58AM-2:13PM Moon enters Virgo.

February 2: Here we are, about half way between the winter solstice and spring equinox. Who gets our attention but the lowly groundhog! I find it both strange and wonderful that this is the one day of the year on which we honor an animal. Our fellow inhabitants on this splendid earth sorely need our care and respect. As the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon attests, attention to detail, cleanliness, good nutrition and efficient use of resources is in everyone’s best interest. A midday lunar opposition to Neptune enhances compassion, empathy and psychic abilities. It can also make some pie-eyed folks more gullible. Be smart. If important details are missing or agreements seem fuzzy, get the necessary data and commitments in writing before proceeding.
Moon in Virgo.

February 3: Anyone in need of a personal care day, this one is for you! A void of course Virgo Moon encourages the giving and receiving of TLC. Put your living space in better working order. Clean. Floors, closets, shelves, the pictures on the walls, leave no dust bunny standing. Declutter. A fine sextile between Mercury and Mars gives ample energy for tackling more demanding chores, too. Wash the car or muck out the barn. Physical exercise is also supported. Once the chores are done a jaunt around town can be enjoyable. Come late afternoon the Moon is in Libra and a vibrant evening calls for all to participate. Because Venus is nearly in square to Jupiter, party lights take on an added glow. Have fun tonight but watch out for the tendency to overindulge.
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:07AM-4:47PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury sextile Mars.

February 4: A series of early morning celestial alignments keeps some folks laughing, loving and dancing until dawn. Sweet talk and planning for the future occupies the minds of certain night owls. By daybreak the skies grow quiet. Then, for most of the day the Libra Moon gracefully arcs into a splendid trine relationship with the Aquarius Sun. The harmonious aspect, exact tonight, supports basic decency and good taste. Partnerships, friendships and all types of group connections benefit. Broaden your social circles. Service to one’s community can be a primary motivation. Consider ways of improving team spirit as well as sharing visions of a more egalitarian culture.
Moon in Libra, Venus square Jupiter.

February 5: Between late morning and early afternoon moods shift from calm to edgy. The morning’s good vibes stem from a lunar trine with Venus. The Libra Moon is in agreement with her own sign ruler. Life flows gracefully. Tactful, heartfelt compliments easily come to mind. Change comes as the Moon next moves into an opposition with erratic Uranus. Logic may depart. Nerves become tense due to impatience or a real or imagined affront. Stay cool. Breathe. Don’t rush to conclusions. Assume no harm was meant. Unexpected events and hidden factors are likely reasons for bad behavior. Those who remain calm in the face of unforeseen complications shine. A lengthy void of course Moon period allows time to ponder and make additional adjustments. Plan to take it easy the second half of the day.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:46PM-10:56PM Moon enters Scorpio.

February 6: Today’s Scorpio Moon has a regenerative impact. A morning aspect to Saturn instills a disciplined, “can do” work ethic. What recently seemed lost is once again within reach. Use the early morning as a springboard to a productive day. Be attentive during the late afternoon hours. Distractions include the usual suspects but most especially, cell phones. Hang up and drive! Overshadowing all of today’s happenings is a sextile between Venus and Uranus. This token of friendship and affection is at a peak this evening. Dinnertime gatherings are gregarious affairs. Mix and mingle with pals as well as newcomers. There are no strangers, only friends waiting to be met. The dreamtime begins with an elegant invitation from mysterious Neptune. Dream deeply and well.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus sextile Uranus.

February 7: The waning last quarter Scorpio Moon is at odds with the Aquarius Sun late this morning. Stubborn streaks and hypersensitive behavior can be off-putting. Keep your own ego under control and work at cooperating with partners. Quarter Moons are motivational. Where two or more like-minded heads or hearts join together, the effort and results can be impressive. The afternoon period is exceptionally fertile. Any earlier friction contributes to late day momentum and success. The Moon’s late afternoon conjunction with Jupiter underscores the pure joy in winning, succeeding or connecting with partners on the deepest levels. It’s also an excellent reminder that we each make a measurable difference in the world. Celebrate gains and give thanks for unique talents, joys and blessings.
Moon in Scorpio, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 10:54AM.

February 8: Under a pensive void of course Scorpio Moon the day gets off to a slow start. Early birds may feel lethargic. By the beginning of business hours the cosmos presses the reset button as the Moon reaches friendly Sagittarius. The air clears. Moods lighten, but some thoughts and feelings linger. Don’t dwell in the past. Be aggressively pro-active and practice the art of positive thinking. For some folks that means acting “as if” they are successful. Convictions grow stronger late in the day. A pending lunar conjunction with Mars fortifies beliefs, inflames passions and encourages speaking plainly. Late night news and conversations are likely to be eye-opening.
Moo in Scorpio v/c 2:16AM-8:53AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

February 9: Make sure your morning maneuvers have the desired impact. A lunar square with Neptune creates confusion and may sow some doubts. Actions can be ineffective or words could easily be taken the wrong way. Slow down and get your bearings. Patiently take extra steps to assure everyone shares the same information, goals and agenda. By noontime minds are clearer. Communicating is suddenly a breeze. Meetings over lunch or during the early afternoon are upbeat, convivial and enormously productive. Wrap up workplace responsibilities ahead of schedule if possible. Before early evening upcoming weekend adventures are a distraction for many folks.
Moon in Sagittarius.

February 10: The morning stars ask us to break with convention and broaden our horizons. The Sagittarius Moon and Aquarius Sun occupy the two most freedom-loving of signs. A late-morning lunar trine to Uranus is both a “Don’t tread on me” message and a call to attune to one’s essential self. Many souls feel a need to explore new subjects, intellectually and spiritually. The Sun is also in a testing square with Jupiter, signaling an abundance of learning opportunities is available. Relax. There is no need to force anything. Be guided by your passions. By noon the Moon is void of course and when she enters Capricorn tonight she harmonizes with Venus, newly arrived in Pisces. This day ends sweetly, with smiles, hugs and loving vibrations.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:38AM-9:21PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus enters Pisces, Sun square Uranus.

February 11: With the waning Moon firmly ensconced in earthy Capricorn, tastes are notably conservative. Practical needs come to the forefront of thinking and planning. If you have chores that need tending to, tackle them during the first half of the day. A late morning lunar conjunction with Saturn strengthens dedication and resolve. Avoid a swing towards negativity or defeatism. The upcoming new Moon eclipses the Sun and much may soon change. However, at the moment responsibilities must be met, especially to family members. Pay bills and review long term investment strategies. Ever so gradually a more light-hearted element gains prominence. The evening hours feel much more relaxed. Put your feet up. Enjoy a good book, film or artful performance. A hobby or romantic interlude can be enthralling.
Moon in Capricorn.

February 12: Game faces are on as the new work week gets under way. The Capricorn Moon promotes diligence and efficiency. Her afternoon conjunction with Pluto gives rise to extraordinary efforts. Powers of deduction and concentration are enhanced. Resilience is another offshoot of the potent pairing. Make the most of today’s potentials by serving and working with others. Stay focused on achieving mutually beneficial accomplishments. By evening, the results may be impressive. Partners are appreciative. A celebration could be in order. If you happen to be out late tonight be careful. The Moon is testing Uranus, raising the risk of a mechanical failure or accident.
Moon in Capricorn.

February 13: The early morning period feels sluggish under the void of course Capricorn Moon. During mid-morning the Moon arrives in Aquarius. We are nearing the end of the lunar cycle and physical energy is naturally low. Use it wisely. There are some planetary fireworks to report. Mental Mercury is in a square with Jupiter. Conversations are wide-ranging but opinions may not be delivered with the usual tact. Avoid grandstanding. Be respectful if you want others to take in what you’re saying. The Sun is also in a sextile with Uranus. The alignment is exact tonight, providing a friendly atmosphere for casual, spur of the moment gatherings. Intuitive faculties may also be sharp so pay attention to hunches and gut feelings, no matter how fleeting they may be.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:43AM-10:11AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury square Jupiter, Sun sextile Uranus.

February 14: This final day of the lunar cycle is a prelude to tomorrow’s solar eclipse. The Moon is in forward-thinking Aquarius but at this phase it is better to complete works in progress rather than begin a new project. A mid-morning lunar sextile to Mars has an enlivening impact. Extend a helping hand or offer advice. In the spirit of friendly competition folks come together and work as one. A long lost pal could make a surprise appearance. The emotionally cool atmosphere does little for romance tonight. Many people want their space. Keep in mind that plans made today or this past week are subject to change. The eclipse could also bring news of a dramatic change in leadership or personal goals may be revamped.
Moon in Aquarius.

February 15: The stars are busy on this new Moon day. Around midday Mercury and the Moon are both in sextile to Uranus, offering hints of things to come. Networking is encouraged. Social media and other technological tools are indispensable assets. Late this afternoon the Aquarius Moon is new, coming between the Earth and Sun and blocking the Sun’s light. Significant revelations or a dramatic turn of events may occur. This is our celestial restart button, the time of month best suited for initiating new projects. However, there is a catch. Because of the solar eclipse goals and tactics are subject to change for at least the next week. With the Moon void of course this evening relax and enjoy a sextile between Venus and Saturn. The aspect brings comfort in the form of trusted loving ties and satisfaction via things that have been earned.
New Moon in Aquarius/Solar Eclipse 4:05PM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 4:05PM-9:42PM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury sextile Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn.

February 16: Extreme emotional sensitivity is one indication the Moon is in watery Pisces. Another is a wealth of creative ideas and yet another is rooting for underdogs. Mood swings can also be notable but this morning’s lunar sextile to Saturn has a stabilizing effect. Workplace routines are a safe harbor. Just before noon the Moon conjuncts Venus. Affections grow tender. Artistic talents flourish. The two stars appear close to Neptune in the sign of the fishes. This grouping is one of the best for enjoying an especially memorable concert or other artistic show. Magic and metaphysics can also prove compelling. However, the Moon is at odds with fiery Mars tonight so watch your tongue as well as your speed if you do go out.
Moon in Pisces.

February 17: First thing in the morning a tricky angle between Mars and Neptune increases certain risk factors. Inclement weather and poor judgment are among others. Soon after, Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun inspires some to hit the open road. A change of scenery will do many souls good so if you have the opportunity, head to the mountains for skiing or visit another part of the city. However, be careful if you’re driving or exercising, and pay attention to what foods you put in your body. Afternoon adventurers are buoyed by a soulfully stimulating trine between the Pisces Moon and Jupiter. By nightfall the Moon is void of course and an eerie quiet takes over. Mental Mercury changes signs tonight too, so indecision is likely. The winged messenger arrives in Pisces shortly before midnight, just in time for vivid dreaming.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:13PM-12:00AM, Mars square Neptune, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury enters Pisces.

February 18: This is a day of transitions. Shortly after sunrise the Moon enters Aries, the Zodiac’s starting point. This morning the Sun sits poised at the last degree of Aquarius. During the noon hour the Sun takes the plunge into Pisces. Hints of spring grow more numerous and obvious during the coming weeks. The lunar energies make many people eager to take on new challenges but the Sun has another, more subtle agenda. As the final sign, it governs completion and self-mastery. Because Neptune, Venus and Mercury are already in the Sign of the Fishes, we have a rare opportunity to make cherished dreams and ideals come true. The Moon’s evening square with Saturn is a reminder, Rome wasn’t built in a day. To succeed you’ll need to roll up your shirtsleeves and put in the required effort.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-7:05AM Moon enters Aries, Sun enters Pisces.

February 19: Fittingly for President’s Day, the Moon is in Aries, a sign of leadership. A late morning lunar trine to Mars lifts the spirits of parade goers and marchers alike. It also provides plenty of energy for athletes and exercise buffs. Opinions may be vigorously expressed and an inclination to hurry noted. Take it easy. This is a national holiday. The midday is relatively mellow. Later, during the evening, the Moon is at odds with Pluto. Courageous stands, spontaneous moves as well as motives may be questioned by more skeptical minds, especially those who control the pursestrings. Challenge the status quo if you must, but realize the very real costs involved.
Moon in Aries.

February 20: Early risers awaken with their minds and senses racing. The Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus, the pulsating planet of telepathy, genius and rousing invention. However, a lengthy void of course Moon period follows and earlier impulses are soon lost or forgotten. It’s best to “coast” most of this morning until early-afternoon when the Moon arrives in Taurus. Energy and focus then return. The pace during the latter part of the day is slow, but steadier and more methodical. The late afternoon hours can be quite productive. Moods are invigorated and minds quickened by lunar aspects to the inventive Pisces Sun and Mercury. Tonight’s conversations and intellectual activities are most satisfying.
Moon in Aries v/c 6:11AM-2:12PM Moon enters Taurus.

February 21: Love in its many faces finds expression today. Venus and Neptune are conjunct in mystical Pisces. From the most mundane “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” to the most exalted, unconditional giving without any expectation of return, we are bathed in the healing vibrations of compassion. Idealists, authors and other creative sorts also feel the inspiring influence. The Taurus Moon provides a fertile channel for innovative expressions. Bring those great ideas down to earth! Mercury and Saturn ably assist, adding a practical, experienced perspective, and thus helping to winnow out the far-fetched from the useful. Penetrating insights and fertile ideas float through the atmosphere well past midnight.
Moon in Taurus, Venus conjunct Neptune, Mercury sextile Saturn.

February 22: After a hopeful start, a lethargic, laid back ambience colors most of the day. From early morning until evening the Taurus Moon, not noted for speed under the best of circumstances, floats void of course. The disengaged orb slows many things to a crawl. Search for a lower gear and content yourself with gradual progress. The tortoise wins today’s race. Avoid making expensive purchases, important decisions or launching new initiatives. When the Moon enters Gemini after sunset there is renewed focus and intensity but the approaching first quarter phase can also feel stressful. There’s no need to figure everything out. Relax your mind and try to get needed rest.
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:46AM-7:07PM Moon enters Gemini.

February 23: The talkative Gemini Moon in turn tests the Pisces Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Venus. Under this series of grating square aspects nothing seems to come easily. Thoughts and feelings rarely come across as being in sync. As a result, communications require utmost consideration. Even with the best intentions and effort, misunderstandings are likely. After noon, the TGIF drum beats louder. For most, leaving the cares of the workday behind will be a relief. Even then, a late night lunar square to Venus, though it does encourage social leanings, can leave some folks feeling vaguely dissatisfied.
Moon in Gemini, First Quarter Moon in Gemini 3:09AM.

February 24: The first half of the day is gregarious. The friendly Gemini Moon forms a sextile with Uranus, the planet of friendship. This is a brilliant omen for get togethers of all kinds, but most especially for those groups that thrive on teamwork and community service. It’s also an alignment that supports the use of technology. If you’re in the market for a new piece of gear, set to it before the Moon goes void of course during the mid-afternoon. A lackadaisical period follows. Wander as spirit moves you. It isn’t until late tonight that the Moon recharges her batteries by entering her own sign of Cancer. Here she preaches the virtues of home and family. Plan to be close to your nest well before clocks strike midnight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 2:58PM-10:06PM Moon enters Cancer.

February 25: The stars are hyper busy. From sunrise until late tonight the celestial agenda is quite full.The waxing Moon is in Cancer. Home and family life is sure to be eventful and for the most part, satisfying. Early morning inspiration comes via a conjunction of Mercury and Neptune but Venus’ testing angle with Mars can leave some folks feeling anxious. Don’t attempt to do more than you can comfortably handle. The Moon is harmonizing with the Sun, Neptune and Mercury, making it easy to put one’s heart into work or play. Camaraderie is heartfelt. The Pisces Sun is also in a supportive sextile with Saturn, keeping everyone somewhat grounded, organized and on track, even if the pace is at times hectic.
Moon in Cancer, Venus square Mars, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Sun sextile Saturn.

February 26: Mixed messages from above make the early morning hours a matter of choice. Can you relate to the loving vibrations of the lunar trine to Venus or get hung up by the Moon’s opposition to Pluto? Of course, the opposition energy may also serve as a bridge, bringing partners closer. In that case the day gets of to an exceedingly good start. By midday the Cancer Moon is in a prospering trine with Jupiter. The world offers up her finest gifts and treasures. Sharing time and space with good friends is priceless. Further along into the afternoon new challenges arise. Unforeseen complications can be daunting. Keep your wits about you. Quickly adapt. Make alternate plans. Tensions ease as the Moon goes void of course in time for the evening commute. Relax and enjoy the ride. Home is a primary option tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 4:56PM-11:42PM Moon enters Leo.

February 27: An hour or so before dawn Venus forms a healing sextile with Pluto. Additionally, the soothing aspect may provide the gift of transforming a challenging relationship. Although there is competition from four planets in moody Pisces, the waxing Leo Moon is an exuberant and dominant force today. Close to its north node, the Moon calls for a celebration of self. It encourages acting without guilt or fear. Coming out of your shell to joyfully take a place on life’s stage. Share your talents and live a more authentic, innocent existence. Being in the spotlight may vie with privacy urges, but under the Moon’s steadfast glow the free expression of each individual ego is a healthy thing.
Moon in Leo, Venus sextile Pluto.

February 28: Sensitive spirits are already feeling the encroaching excitement of full Moon fever. Today, the waxing Moon is in Leo. A morning trine with Mars sets the day on its way at a gallop. Watch your foot on the gas pedal. Rigorous self-control continues to be advisable through the early afternoon hours. Plan a spontaneous gathering after work. Steer conversations away from the classically taboo topics of politics and religion. With mental Mercury testing Mars during the evening hours, tempers are quick to flare. Later, as midnight approaches, Mercury compliments Pluto. Discussions then have much more promise of bringing heads together to succeed in solving problems.
Moon in Leo v/c 6:13PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Mars, Mercury sextile Pluto.