February 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for February 2019

February 1: There is one daunting aspect to be aware of today, tonight’s square between Mars and Pluto. The alignment often signals trouble. Desires and competitive urges must be tightly controlled. Inattentive and less evolved souls are more likely to act aggressively. Tact and diplomacy are keys to defusing tensions, keeping the peace and turning potential liabilities into forces for good. Patience, pragmatism and an unrelenting commitment to share rewards and resources can lead to glorious results. Even the most challenging of planetary energies can be directed towards positive ends. Put your smarts and talents to good use. Reciprocal relationships help end the work week on a high note.
Moon in Capricorn, Mars square Pluto.

February 2: Coming off a late night lunar conjunction with dour Saturn, groundhogs and early risers may at first feel sluggish. The waning Capricorn Moon is late in its cycle so many folks are naturally inclined to take it easy. As midday nears momentum builds.  However, competing forces are in play after noon when the Moon sets off a taut square between Pluto and Mars. As you go about your business pay attention to temperamental types. A minor transgression may be blown out of proportion. Luckily, loving Venus is making a fabulous trine to Uranus this evening. Social butterflies are ready to take flight. A dinnertime gathering of friends is enormously enjoyable. Cupid’s arrows may strike unlikely targets. Energy is in short supply so expect a quiet night.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus trine Uranus.

February 3: Some pre-dawn dreams may be unsettling. If you wake up suddenly, sit with any unrest a while. You may begin to understand ways in which you are holding back from pursuing an ambitious goal. The Moon enters Aquarius and by mid-morning calm returns. This final day of the Moon’s cycle is low key, best used for completing projects rather than tackling new ones. Mercury is in an optimistic sextile to Jupiter. Afternoon adventures, reunions and informal soirees are enjoyable. Loving Venus enters pragmatic Capricorn as the Sun sinks low in the western sky. Tip your hat to reliable friends and steadfast lovers, as well as loyal mentors and teachers.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 5:53AM-8:03AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus enters Capricorn.

February 4: Energy levels tend to drag during the dark phase of the lunar cycle. Within the quietude is an opportunity to rest and recharge weary spirits and set clear intentions for the coming New Moon. The lunar driven game of life begins anew this afternoon when the visionary Aquarius Sun and Moon form an exact conjunction. It’s again time for action, provided preparations have been made. Know what you want. Think and dream big about the future. The Sun/Moon duo are in harmony with optimistic Jupiter. Social networking, hanging out with friends, making travel arrangements and other escapades deliver eye-opening pleasures. Enlarge your world view from now until the Full Moon of February 19th.
Moon in Aquarius, New Moon in Aquarius 4:04PM.

February 5: The mid-morning sextile between the Aquarius Moon and Mars starts the day with gusto. Friendships and gatherings of like-minded souls have much potential. The simple joy of camaraderie is keenly felt. Mind-expanding ideas, many coming through passionate conversations, stimulate intellectual curiosity. A discovery could lead to an entirely new life path. Moods remain vibrant throughout the workday. Spontaneous gatherings of pals brighten the effervescent early evening hours. The Moon then goes void of course, marking the start of two quiet hours. Head for home and unwind from the busy day. Tonight sees the Moon arrive in Pisces, increasing the need for privacy as well as the tendency to drift and dream.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:59PM-9:02PM Moon enters Pisces.

February 6: This rather quiet day is presided over by a waxing crescent Pisces Moon. Minds may be more reflective than usual. Deep stirrings of the subconscious self are probable. Flights of imagination as well as emotional sensitivity lead some folks to express their inmost feelings through poetry, art and music. Other souls experience unexplained mood swings.  As evening falls the Moon draws near to mystical Neptune. Get inspired. Commune with Mother Nature. Take in a movie, show or concert, or just relax with a good read in a cozy arm chair. Tonight’s dreamtime promises to be rich with archetypal symbolism.
Moon in Pisces.

February 7: In meditative fashion, today is quietly fruitful. The Moon continues to make her way through Pisces. Bright ideas are plentiful this morning. There are more than can be pursued or acted upon. Carefully sort through the options and then choose your path. The Moon’s late afternoon alliance with Pluto confers tenacity and strength, always a plus when the Moon is in creative Pisces. A pair of helpful evening sextile aspects, one between the Sun and Jupiter, the other involving Mercury and Mars, provide confidence, energy and enthusiasm for meeting challenges head on and overcoming them. Many folks are inclined to raise the bar, and strive for something great.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:13PM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars.

February 8: Under a void of course Pisces Moon the early morning could bring a brief  bout of inertia or a fog bank of uncertainties. Make sure you have all necessary items before heading out the door. By mid-morning the Moon sets up shop in Aries. The energetic uptick is moderate. The ordinarily feisty Moon is at odds with Venus. Independent operators face a hard reality, no one is truly free to act solo. Every move has an impact on those around us. There are consequences. Take the preferences and needs of partners into account. Those who cultivate good relations stand to reap many blessings and in the process find this an enjoyable day.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-9:34AM Moon enters Aries.

February 9: The afternoon’s lunar square to serious Saturn puts the kibosh on some plans. It may be impossible to ignore a responsibility or a friend or family member in need. Pressing duties have to come first. Curiously, mental Mercury’s stimulating sextile to Uranus directs some minds towards the far reaches of possibility. Untethered or unhinged, thinking and conversations may venture into uncharted yet entertaining territory. When two strongly divergent trends are in play at once, we are free to choose either path. It all depends on one’s awareness and intentions. My suggestion is this. Handle your obligations, then get ready for a splendid night of fabulous fun.
Moon in Aries, Mercury sextile Uranus.

February 10: Mental Mercury’s predawn plunge into Pisces puts imaginations into overdrive. Sleepers can have strange dreams. Early birds may sense things to come. Pay attention to unexplainable hunches as well as premonitions. As the Sun rises the day has plenty of gusto. The Aries Moon is joining forces with spark plug Mars and Uranus, the quirky planet of surprises. Excitement levels reach the stratosphere late this afternoon and evening when the fiery trio favor bravery, vision and ingenuity. Some breakthroughs are breathtaking in their audacity. Unwise risks may also be taken. The combination can be explosive. Don’t take unnecessary chances as accidents can easily happen. The Moon’s post nightfall arrival in Taurus helps slow and calm the hectic pace.
Moon in Aries v/c 6:48PM-8:28PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury enters Pisces.

February 11: The waxing Taurus Moon favors enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Surround yourself with beautiful things and people. Feather your nest or buy new clothes. An early afternoon lunar trine to Venus inclines some to spend freely. Others find companions much to their liking. Lunchtime meetings are friendly and productive, as well as delicious. Life proceeds at a measured but steady pace during the second half of the day. Tonight brings a growing sense of wonderment. Allow time and space for mystery, imagination and creative self-expression. Lose yourself in a book, TV show, film or music. Good wishes and healing intentions radiate from caring hearts.
Moon in Taurus.

February 12: The morning and early afternoon hours are the most productive part of the day. Take advantage of the fertile trends. The Taurus Moon is handily aligned with Pluto, the resourceful planet of power and problem solving. Cooperative efforts increase the productivity of people who pool their resources. Put the talents and expertise of associates to use. Two heads are better than one. Joint efforts are best. Tensions increase as the late afternoon First Quarter Moon phase awakens the stubborn streak in some individuals. Impatience can get the better of certain folks. Although the Moon is void of course by dusk, a pending conjunction of Mars and Uranus poses risks from speed-related accidents. Stay calm and steer clear of dangers. A good first step is slowing down.
First Quarter Moon in Taurus, Moon in Taurus v/c 5:26PM-12:00AM.

February 13: Nighttime restlessness could be fueled by a volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction. Some souls feel emotionally raw. Others find their nerves are on edge. If you’re out after midnight be careful driving or using machinery. Restlessness eases by sunrise. The Moon is in vivacious Gemini. Senses become more alert. Curiosity is rewarded with ideas that come in bunches. However, a mid-afternoon lunar square to Mercury can confound minds and muddle communications. Indecision is also more likely. Double-check meeting times and travel schedules. A conversation could be a time saver.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-4:32AM Moon enters Gemini, Mars conjunct Uranus.

February 14: Mars’ early morning entry into Taurus energizes folks who pursue financial rewards. Sensual desires are also fueled. For those with traditional Valentine’s Day expressions of love and affection in mind, the lines of communication are muddled. The loquacious Gemini Moon is at odds with both Neptune and Jupiter. Finding the right words, the right tone, or the right gift, can be challenging. An overture could be taken the wrong way. Although it may require a second or even third try, take the time to get your message across. Kindness and generosity of spirit come across this afternoon. Tonight’s more easy-going trends make for charming dinner dates and cheerful social interactions.
Moon in Gemini, Mars enters Taurus.

February 15: The early morning flow is fabulous. Minds are sharp. Traffic moves freely. Many are already thinking about plans for the weekend. Things change by mid-morning. The waxing Moon’s sign switch brings a shift in focus. Leaving cerebral Gemini and moving into the more emotional environs of Cancer, family loyalties and responsibilities become prominent concerns. Home maintenance and security may require attention. A lunar sextile to Mars gives a nice push towards getting things done. Trust your instincts. Pay attention to your body’s energy and excitement. Follow enlivening impulses. Tonight is fairly mellow. Home is always a great place to be under a Cancer Moon. If you venture out, don’t wander far afield.
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:48AM-9:03AM Moon enters Cancer.

February 16: This can be a fabulous day to tackle a home renewal project. Imagination and practical realities merge seamlessly, producing inspired design plans. A renovation or clever repurposing could save both time and money. If you happen to be on vacation, don’t neglect your own well-being. The Moon is in the naturally nurturing sign of Cancer. Our physical and emotional bodies need TLC, too. An approaching sextile aspect between Venus and Neptune casts a magical aura over tonight’s activities. Hearts are open. It’s a fine night for a winter soiree. Lovers are starstruck by the bright entrancing light of the waxing Moon.
Moon in Cancer.

February 17: Against the backdrop of morning routines, the possibility of a secure, kind and love-filled future is tantalizing. However, the notion of lasting stability may be fleeting. After touching her own North Node the Cancer Moon tests erratic Uranus and then feisty Mars. As a result the stressful, action-packed midday hours can be deeply unsettling. Life may appear to be out of anyone’s control. Cherished plans can be dashed. Be prepared to improvise. Fortunately the period of potential chaos is short-lived. By mid-afternoon self-assurance returns. Friendships are nicely supported by harmony between the Aquarius Sun and Uranus. A planned or spur of the moment reunion could unfold, much to everyone’s delight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:17AM-10:21AM Moon enters Leo, Venus sextile Neptune.

February 18: Venus’ conjunction with Saturn can sometimes symbolize the end of a partnership or the beginning of a meaningful new alliance. Mentors, students, and karmically connected souls often meet under this alignment. This evening the Sun arrives in mysterious Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. We are nearing the end of the astrological year, a time to assess where we stand on life’s journey. The Cosmic situation is complex. The Leo Moon is nearly full. Emotions are charged up. A lunar trine to Jupiter holds the promise of complete fulfillment. Evening gatherings are joyful affairs. Mental Mercury is nearly conjunct Neptune. Expectations may be so great as to be unrealistic. Don’t make matters worse by the unwise use of alcohol or drugs. A test of faith could be under way.
Moon in Leo, Sun sextile Uranus, Venus conjunct Saturn, Sun enters Pisces.

February 19: Excitement and motivation are intense. As the Sun dives more deeply into Pisces, the visionary Sign of the Fishes, the Moon gets busy. Luna starts the day in regal Leo. By late morning she’s in diligent Virgo and exactly Full. Mental Mercury is conjunct mystical Neptune. Both stars are in harmony with pragmatic Saturn. Merely talking or dreaming is not enough. We are tasked with healing our selves and the Earth, and making our fondest dreams come true. Some work may be completed but more projects await. Tonight is a good one for planning and other mentally demanding tasks.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:51AM-9:47AM Moon enters Virgo, Full Moon in Virgo 10:54AM, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Mercury sextile Saturn.

February 20: The Virgo Moon makes a string of aspects from mid-morning until well after nightfall. The morning’s lunar opposition to Neptune spurs some folks into action while others are content to idly dream. A relaxed morning might actually be healing. Midday brings a renewed sense of diligence. The noon hour is highly favorable for both making and keeping commitments. A busy few hours follow under a quickened pace. There could be too many frying pans on the fire. Stick to essentials or risk being overwhelmed by the non-stop action. Early evening gatherings offer a chance to talk about the day’s developments and share stories with co-workers. A positive, can-do atmosphere holds until after dark when the Moon goes void of course. As night deepens, energy levels sag. Plan to rest up tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 8:51PM-12:00AM.

February 21: This day without any exact planetary aspects is very low key. The Virgo Moon is void of course until the start of business hours. As a result, we can expect an unhurried start. By mid-morning the Moon is in diplomatic Libra where sensitivity to the needs of others contributes to the sense of decorum. Good listening skills are useful. Take into account a mate’s agenda. Tactful concern can be a useful ice breaker or helpful negotiating tool. Those who work at covering the bases with associates can set up unlikely but very fruitful alliances.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-9:17AM Moon enters Libra.

February 22: The first half of the day can at times feel like a long slow climb. The Libra Moon is in a testing angle with Saturn, the planet of delays and obstacles. Bear down and put in the necessary work, one step at a time. A quick turnaround occurs after the early afternoon square is exact. Far more uplifting trends take hold and the work week concludes on a positive note. Tonight’s social scene is busy. Leisure activities are enticing but costs may quickly mount. With Venus conjunct Pluto, some folks are counting more than money. If you give, give freely, without expectation. This who keep a detailed list of of everything they have done or offered are setting themselves up for a major disappointment. True love doesn’t presume and demands nothing in return.
Moon in Libra, Mercury square Jupiter, Venus conjunct Pluto.

February 23: The morning hours may see unexpected complications and detours. If you’re operating a car, keep a safe distance between your own and other vehicles. Wayfarers may stumble upon intriguing garage sales and flea markets. Even conventional markets are likely to be running special discount promotions. A fine evening trine between the Scorpio Moon and Pisces Sun promotes peace within as well as congenial relations. The period of ease becomes an afterthought when the Moon opposes fiery Mars later tonight. Behave. Don’t provoke an argument. Let a real or imagined slight pass by, without taking it personally. Time alone can be delicious.
Moon in Libra v/c 10:10AM-10:56AM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury sextile Pluto.

February 24: The waning Scorpio Moon keeps some folks busy with private matters. Some concerns are financial, others are more psychological. Personal space can be quite a nice comfort zone. Homebodies may find themselves cooking up special fare. Hobbies and creative interests are favored by an afternoon lunar sextile to Neptune. Inspiration can be had at any gallery, museum or performance venue. The natural beauty of the outdoors is another good stimulus for the imagination. Tend to weightier decisions and concerns during the late afternoon. A timely late night aspect between the Moon and Pluto is a reminder that physical and emotional needs also require attention. Be sure to get enough sleep.
Moon in Scorpio.

February 25: Up and away we go, buoyed by the Scorpio Moon’s favorable alignments with mental Mercury and loving Venus. For early risers, all is right in the world. Then, just as the work day is getting started, the Moon goes void of course. A still, quiet mood descends. Enthusiasm falters, energy goes flat and momentum seems lost. Fulfill routine obligations. Show up on time. Put off new initiatives, important decisions and major financial outlays until late afternoon. That’s when the Moon enters Sagittarius. Listless moods grow animated. Serious introspection gives way to happier, more outgoing and expressive encounters. Evening conversations help resolve any lingering issues. Speak up. Share your truth.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 7:14M-4:19PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

February 26: The Sagittarius Moon is usually a clear cut, refreshing mood elevator. Today there are complications. This morning’s lunar square to the Pisces Sun, AKA the Last Quarter Moon, may leave some folks wondering if the truth can be found. Emotional unrest can make logical thinking difficult. Taking the high road is tempting, but glossing over complex feelings brings little satisfaction. This is a recurring theme today as a subsequent late day lunar square to Neptune stirs up more confusion. Simplify. Stay on point. Respect the feelings of sensitive and needy souls. A kind word or loving gesture helps soothe hurt feelings and restores wounded pride.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mast Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

February 27: The day is off to a fast start. Confidence and enthusiasm are empowering assets. Under the auspices of the conjoined Sagittarius Moon and Jupiter, positivism is a guiding light and in many cases, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Those who expect good things to happen are more likely to have a notable success or receive marvelous news. As morning turns to afternoon there is a tendency to juggle too many things. There’s no need to say yes to every request or distraction. Use self-control. The Pisces Sun’s fertile sextile to Mars in Taurus generates plenty of energy. Still, it’s wise to stay directed. Focus your attention on just one or two top priorities. That’s the most likely way to achieve desired results.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun sextile Mars.

February 28: A waning but industrious Capricorn Moon holds forth today. Traditional approaches and values, loyalty, a solid effort, persistence and patience lead to rewarding career advances. Momentum builds throughout the day. Energy levels don’t peak until well after dark when lunar alignments with Mars and the Sun favor those inclined to put in extra hours. For the most part, evening get togethers smoothly blend business and pleasurable interests. However, a looming square between Venus and Uranus cautions against bucking protocol. A social faux pas may do more than raise eyebrows. There could also be financial consequences as well as awkward feelings to contend with.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 1:17AM-1:48AM Moon enters Capricorn.