February 2020 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for February 2020

February 1: The Taurus Moon is a busy bee. Her post-midnight conjunction with Uranus ramps up intuitive senses but also makes some souls long to be free. Irony and humor help night owls cope with restrictive obligations. Calmer trends dominate most of the daylight hours but evening again sees tensions rise. The Moon is at odds with the Aquarius Sun, AKA the First Quarter Moon. Both signs are tenacious and can be stubborn. Lock horns with partners at your own peril. It’s far better to defuse stresses rather than add to them. Be aware of passive-aggressive tendencies. Focus on common interests and points of agreement. If you feel motivated, direct your energies towards constructive activities. Expressing understanding and words of concern soothe jagged nerves. A late night lunar trine to Jupiter helps keep communications flowing, offers hope and brings greater unity among friends.
Moon in Taurus, First Quarter Moon in Taurus 8:42PM.

February 2: Resting groundhogs and other earth dwellers are happily lost in dreamland early this morning. A sweet sextile between the Taurus Moon and Neptune brings peace, love and spiritual comfort to the land. Sleep is deep and not easily disturbed. Daytime finds folks feeling more motivated. Bargain hunters, researchers, healers and workout enthusiasts all enjoy the Moon’s energizing trine to powerful, perceptive Pluto. Follow your intuition. It’s okay to ask probing questions. Every day conversations tend to be deep under the influence. Negotiating can be fruitful. Evening lunar alignments to Venus and Saturn make this a good date night. Plan to spend time with dear friends and other special loves. Acknowledge and give thanks to stalwart guides, steadfast admirers and more experienced mentors. If you have a debt you want to repay, this is a good time to do so.
Moon in Taurus, Venus sextile Pluto.

February 3: The waxing Moon and Mercury are at odds just as both change signs early this morning. The Moon first enters loquacious Gemini followed ja few minutes later by Mercury’s dive into Pisces. Minds are active but likely to over-analyze. Callings of the heart may be overlooked or misconstrued. Inner confusion and uncertainty can complicate matters. Those folks attempting to convey a pointed message or complex feeling could encounter unexpected challenges. Before speaking or writing, carefully think out what you want to say. Make simple, clear statements. Fortunately, Venus is forming an exact sextile to Saturn this afternoon At the end of the day, after all has been said and done, love is a powerful unifying force, the answer to all questions and doubts. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:28AM-Moon enters Gemini 6:29AM, Venus sextile Saturn.

February 4: A harmonious lunar trine to the Aquarius Sun promotes a general sense of well-being as well as team spirit. With the Moon in upbeat, outgoing Gemini most folks are inclined to share their opinions and stories. Getting a word in edgewise can be a problem. Still, the morning hours are immensely enjoyable. After lunch there are new challenges as the Moon tests Neptune. Double-check messages for errors and omissions. Make sure everyone is on the same schedule, and shares the same agenda. The Moon is also moving into an opposition with Mars. Both disagreements and internal stresses are likely to increase during the second half of today. Work may require more effort than anticipated. Easy does it after noon.
Moon in Gemini.

February 5: Early birds are treated to visionary ideas and clever hunches. Mental Mercury is in harmony with Uranus, the eccentric planet of genius and invention. Respect your brainstorms! Many souls feel adrift and scattered by late morning when a void of Moon course period begins. Mid-afternoon sees the Moon arrive in her own sign of Cancer. Instincts quicken under a lunar sextile to clairvoyant Uranus. Focus on the path ahead becomes clearer as the Moon passes over her own North Node. This is a great time to consider new ideas and things. An impromptu after work get together can be a big, bonding success. Gravitate towards customary places this evening. Under the Cancer Moon, home is always a powerful draw. Expect family members to be in touch.
Moon in Gemini v/c 9:20AM-2:03PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury sextile Uranus.

February 6: Happy or sad, emotions swell as the Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter. The solar system’s largest planet has a knack for making all things big, and that includes over the top feelings as well as ideas. With waxing Full Moon fever on the horizon, it’s easy to go overboard with sensitivity, sympathy or nostalgia. Promises, spending and appetites may also be out of control. Some thoughts however, can be quite clever. A lunar trine to Neptune provides inspirational zeal that adds magic to a potentially delightful evening. Dreamers and artistic souls may be notably inspired. More sedentary types savor the usual comforts of home and hearth. Spiritually adept folks experience communion with Mother Nature or the deity of their choice. It’s a fine night to search the skies for shooting stars. 
Moon in Cancer.

February 7: Duty calls this morning. Tenacity is stoked up and sustained by a strong sense of responsibility. The Cancer Moon is at odds with Pluto and Saturn. Be careful not to push yourself or others too hard. Perfection is a worthy goal, but also rarely achieved. The Cancer Moon’s shift to void of course mode diminishes intensity and the pace by late morning. Relax, improvise, and go with the flow. There are way too many variables and unknowns to claim either defeat or victory. Evening sees the Moon enter playful Leo where she promptly forms a beguiling trine to Venus. Let weekend fun begin! Romance is in the air but a nighttime lunar square to unpredictable Uranus can be jarring. Surprises may be in store. Everything from a change of plans to an accident is on the table. Be flexible and extra careful while traveling.
Moon in Cancer v/c 10:43AM-5:45PM Moon enters Leo, Venus enters Aries. 

February 8: Although there are no exact aspects today, the high octane Leo Moon is very close to being full. In our corner of the galaxy life moves at warp speed. During the midday period the waxing Moon is also part of a powerful Finger of God configuration along with Jupiter and Neptune. The potent alignment directs attention to the joys of the heart. Happiness and contentment can be found in spontaneous play. Simplicity is the joyful essence of self-expression. The latter part of the day is Full Moon fever time. How we honor our unique personal tastes, quirks and talents with the counter need to fit in socially and feel accepted is a delicate balancing act. There are some good rules to follow. Be generous and kind. Share the stage. Every star needs an audience. Love and respect your admiring fans. For Moon watchers, this is a good night to party!
Moon in Leo.

February 9: Sleep may be challenging for mere mortals. During the wee hours of the morning the high octane Full Snow Moon in Leo is exact. Moon worshippers, owls and other nocturnal denizens feel invigorated by the opposing Sun and Moon as well as supportive aspects from spark plug Mars. Spiritualists as well as political junkies are passionate. The activated state persists until nearly midday, when the Moon begins a void of course period. Thus the morning is a good time to take care of any weekend chores you’ve been avoiding. The afternoon hours are perfect for go with the flow relaxing. The Moon arrives in Virgo this evening. With a late night lunar trine to Uranus lighting the way, make personal as well as professional plans for the coming week. Pay attention to hunches.
Full Moon in Leo 2:33AM, Moon in Leo v/c 11:08AM-6:39PM Moon enters Virgo. 

February 10: Take careful notes this morning as the detail-oriented Virgo Moon opposes Mercury in dreamy Pisces. The Winged Messenger is beginning to slow, preparing to turn retrograde on Sunday the 16th. Today’s thinking may change and more than one promise is likely to go unfulfilled. New information could surface over the coming week. Today’s hopes and aspirations are kept aloft by a string of captivating ideas. Many folks feel optimistic throughout the afternoon and evening. Free spirits feel swept up in an immense sense of creative possibility. Dream big but don’t ignore practical matters. A late night lunar opposition to Neptune stirs imaginations. However, avoid risks. Pay attention to valuables. Drive with extra caution if you’re out and about after dark.
Moon in Virgo. 

February 11: The morning hours are amazingly productive. The Virgo Moon makes supportive angles with Pluto and Saturn. Diligence, attention to detail and perseverance smoothly combine with resourcefulness. Make things happen. Tackle gnarly negotiations and other complex projects. Do research. Check information sources. The noon hour’s lunar trine to Saturn puts a fine exclamation point on  the morning’s achievements. Accomplishments feel very rewarding but the period after lunch sees turbulence, a possible slowdown and in some cases, a halt. The Moon tests Mars and then goes void of course until evening. Use the afternoon hours to consolidate morning gains. Keep the focus on work in progress. After sunset the Moon enters Libra. Turn your attention to significant loved ones and other essential commitments. 
Moon in Virgo v/c 1:26PM-6:37PM Moon enters Libra.

February 12: Due to a wee hours of the morning lunar opposition to Venus, a night of extravagant dreams, unrequited love and other forays of the heart is likely. The waning Libra Moon forms one other notable aspect today, an evening square with Jupiter. The daylight hours bring a spotlight to bear on relationships. Cooperation is always a good idea but synchronizing with partners requires fine tuning thought processes as well as how we communicate. Don’t expect others to read your mind. Clue them in!  A tendency to go overboard and say or do too much steadily increases during the afternoon and crescendoes this evening. Treat your mates to special delights but rein in spending rather than break the bank. Enjoy favorite pleasures and make every effort to avoid promises you or others cannot possibly keep.
Moon in Libra.

February 13: A conflicted Libra Moon keeps us busy. Her mid-morning square to Pluto can make the early hours feel like a grind. Be tactful rather than bossy, cooperative rather than critical or demanding. The period of testing soon eases as the Moon next trines the Aquarius Sun. This late morning alignment fosters pleasant social connections and productive teamwork. Mixed trends also dominate the afternoon. At odds with Saturn, Luna ushers in a period of quiet desperation. Carefully sort out priorities and act accordingly. The late afternoon’s lunar sextile to Mars eases logjams and re-energizes weary spirits. Pay attention during the evening commute as it unfolds during a lazy void of course period. After nightfall the Moon enters Scorpio. Late night frivolity or other break from ordinary routines is called for. Let your hair down and have fun!
Moon in Libra v/c 4:40PM-7:37PM Moon enters Scorpio.

February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day! On this day celebrating Love, the waning Moon occupies steamy Scorpio. The Moon in this thoughtful water sign steers many souls into intense personal encounters. Curiosity is piqued, making it quite natural to search for deeper meanings hidden in gestures, symbols and commonly accepted truths. Evening brings two harmonious lunar alignments with the communication planets, a trine to Mercury and a sextile to Jupiter. A discovery could be made. The upbeat aspects are also excellent auspices for a memorable date, party or other meet up. Intimate secrets and stories of life-changing events are shared. Given that optimistic Jupiter is working to brighten moods, many laughs, knowing smiles and warm embraces are also likely. 
Moon in Scorpio.

February 15: The waning Scorpio Moon puts a damper on some spirits but for those who have errands, lunar alignments to Pluto and Saturn keep the day moving busily along. The midday sextile aspect to Pluto is great for bargain hunters. It also facilitates heart to heart conversations. Armchair psychologists and students of human nature have all the answers. By late afternoon the Moon’s stressful Last Quarter phase makes its motivating presence felt. Don’t butt heads. Look for ways to be useful. Fortunately, Saturn helps direct potential stresses towards constructive activities. By nightfall the Moon is void of course, making for a more subdued evening mood. Mars is at the final degree of Sagittarius today, the sign of politics and religion. Dropping off-handed remarks can set off a firestorm so be aware of the company around you. 
Moon in Scorpio, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 5:17PM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:20PM-11:07PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

February 16: There’s plenty of astrological action overhead. Early this morning fiery Mars joins Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in ambitious Capricorn. If you enjoy a challenge, make ready for serious lifting. The Sagittarius Moon and Venus in Aries favor social get togethers and having fun. For able folks, hiking, walking and physical exercise may be better options than more sedentary pursuits. Communications can be difficult tonight. Mental Mercury makes an about face this evening and remains retrograde for the next three weeks. Now in Pisces and close to magical Neptune, the Winged Messenger deftly inspires vivid recollections. A voice from the past can be powerfully haunting. Visions of the future are also probable but words may fail to capture every emotion as the Moon and Mercury make a testing square. Be patient. Repeat yourself if necessary, until you’re understood.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mars enters Capricorn, Mercury Retrograde. 

February 17: An early morning square from the Sagittarius Moon to impressionable Neptune can put dream life into overdrive. It can also make shaking off sleep difficult. For travelers, the same alignment may present confusion or weather related risks. Keep an eye on valuables. Pay attention if you’re driving. Don’t test Mother Nature. The remainder of the day is relatively calm and relaxing. A pending sextile between Jupiter and Neptune inspires humanitarians as well as creative and artistic types. Inspiration can be found everywhere! Follow your heroes and Muses. Hit the trail, ski slope, beach or museum. The Moon is harmonizing with the Aquarius Sun, an excellent omen for sharing the day’s pleasures with friends and associates. 
Moon in Sagittarius.

February 18: Changes continue. Before sunrise the Moon enters dutiful Capricorn, the crowded sign already hosting Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. The morning hours feel super energized, fueled first by a lunar conjunction with Mars and later, a trine to Uranus. The three aligned stars bring excitement and favor bold, inventive initiatives. What once seemed like a wild idea may suddenly become a very real possibility. It may be helpful to compare notes with visionary pals. Things move steadily along throughout the afternoon hours. With the Sun at the last degree of Aquarius, a longtime friend could make a timely appearance. Input from experienced hands can aid progress. As if to remind us that winter will soon loosen its chilly grip, the Sun arrives in mutable Pisces just minutes before midnight, a fine omen for dreamers. 
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:03AM-5:37AM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun enters Pisces.

February 19: There may be too many options on the table today. The Capricorn Moon is at odds with Venus early this morning and in an afternoon conjunction with Jupiter. The former aspect engenders outgoing moods but also carries the risk of neglecting one’s personal needs. It may be difficult to set clear priorities as the demands of others weigh heavily. As the morning hours pass, auspicious Jupiter offers golden opportunities. Confidence grows. Successes feel especially sweet. A potent stellium of the Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn dominates the second half of the day. This is prime time for pursuing ambitions whole heartedly. Fully immerse yourself in whatever you do. The meaning and intention of every action is magnified, extending its impact into the distant future.
Moon in Capricorn.

February 20: The first third of today is dominated by the union of the Capricorn Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. These planets have not all been gathered in the Sign of the Goat since 1284, seven hundred and thirty-six years ago! Indeed, we are now granted an extraordinary opportunity to apply these rare planetary energies and change our world. The potential for personal transformations is also huge. What we do with the energies is a matter of individual choice. Honor your values while fine tuning your goals. Although the Moon is void of course by mid-morning, a sextile between Jupiter and Neptune highlights the importance of vision, wisdom and kind, humanitarian impulses. The afternoon entry of the Moon into Aquarius sets the stage for making changes happen. Many souls are ready to rock the boat.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 9:18AM-2:42PM Moon enters Aquarius, Jupiter sextile Neptune. 

February 21: An early morning trine between Mars and Uranus arouses enterprising spirits. Some may find themselves on the path to personal liberation. Others assume the role of social reformer or adventurer. Scientific and technological advancements help bridge the gap between the past and future. The Aquarius Moon is pointing the way to an as yet unrealized but better time to come. Those who mix courage with their convictions shine light on a more egalitarian tomorrow. Progress can be stunning. There’s time for fun and romance tonight as the Moon favorably aligns with loving Venus. Partygoers enjoy the nightlife but the Moon, now late in its monthly cycle, goes void of course well before midnight. After the busy week, rest is called for before clocks toll midnight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 11:08PM-12:00AM, Mars trine Uranus.

February 22: This final day of the monthly lunar cycle is a pleasant, low key, low energy affair. The Moon is void of course in Aquarius, not the best omen for making important decisions, investments or commitments. The Moon’s disengaged status can be a catalyst for inner growth as well as increased self-awareness. However, this morning the Pisces Sun is in a sextile to Uranus, the planet ruling community and friendship. Casual get togethers can be enjoyable. Stop to chat with a neighbor or call a friend. Browsing through websites and social media platforms may also be fun. Hold off on new projects. Things started the day before a New Moon rarely turn out successfully. Keep the focus on work already in progress and if possible, complete projects.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Uranus.

February 23: It’s New Moon in Pisces day, the final New Moon of the Zodiacal year. Winter is fading and Spring will soon arrive. As of late morning we are fully immersed in the transitional Sign of the Fishes. One fish eyes the future, the other the past. Fortunate lunar alignments incline most folks to contemplate the road ahead rather than dwell on might have beens and what went before. While most New Moons coincide with feeling a lack of energy, today features hopeful and empowering trends thanks to assists from Uranus and Mars. Set intentions knowing reliable friends will support your efforts. A midday square between Venus and Jupiter offers a festive but potentially over indulgent atmosphere. Counting calories and spending may be a good idea. Later today expect intriguing messages, many second thoughts and karmic reconnections as the Moon overtakes retrograde Mercury. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-1:37AM Moon enters Pisces, New Moon in Pisces 10:32AM, Venus square Jupiter. 

February 24: The time has come to put faith to the test. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune while both stars also sextile Jupiter. Creative work is inspired. People feel confident. Dreams seem to be within reach. Communities of artists and business people, as well as connoisseurs of good living derive material plane as well as spiritual benefits from the uplifting configuration. Draw on experience and apply proven methods when facing challenges. Feelings of abundance followed by deep gratitude are likely. A nighttime sextile between the Pisces Sun and Mars provides ample motivation and vibrancy throughout the day. Watch your speed. 
Moon in Pisces, Sun sextile Mars.

February 25: A mid-morning lunar sextile to Saturn sets the day off on a productive track. Most folks feel more than equal to the day’s challenges. However, the Pisces Moon is soon void of course. Focus and commitment waver. Do your best to keep up with ongoing projects. Don’t start new ones until mid-afternoon, when the Moon enters Aries. Tonight’s conjunction of the Pisces Sun with retrograding Mercury is an opportunity to review recent events as well as planned activities. One never knows how different things may look upon taking a second glance. Don’t be surprised if a change of plans becomes necessary. Some ventures may best be put on hold. Proceed with other projects but be prepared to apply work arounds and find alternative solutions.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:12AM-1:47PM Moon enters Aries, Sun conjunct Mercury.

February 26: A post midnight sextile between Mercury and Mars keeps some souls awake. Minds do tend to race, even though the Winged Messenger is retrograde. Retracing steps can lead to an epiphany and a new formula for success. The waxing crescent Aries Moon is also at odds with Mars during the overnight hours. This too can cause insomnia and evoke feelings of frustration. Daybreak brings calmer skies. Enjoy the relative quiet. The historic triple conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn is growing in strength. We all have to make adjustments in our thinking and lifestyles. Dare to dream of and work for a better, more peaceful future.
Moon in Aries, Mercury sextile Mars.

February 27: Lovers may be surprisingly bold this morning. The Aries Moon is forming a noontime conjunction with Venus. Impulse buyers may also be tempted. However, not so fast. The Venus/Moon duo is at odds with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. After midday, partnerships require extremely careful handling. Love is a game of give and take, and also good timing. Passionate advances could be met with disdain. Costs could be too great. However compelling, some urges simply need to be controlled. The need for tact, cooperation, honesty and decorum applies to both personal as well as professional relationships. 
Moon in Aries v/c 10:25PM-12:00AM.

February 28: The Moon enters Taurus during the wee hours of the morning. By the start of the work day Luna is in an electrifying conjunction with Uranus. Watch your daredevil speed. Expect the unexpected. Fortunate lunar aspects with Mercury and Mars suggest that many folks are in for pleasant surprises. Serendipitous meetings and other eye-opening coincidences can feel exhilarating. Loving Venus is locked in a square with Pluto. Insecure souls and those prone to jealousy may find the day’s cascading spontaneity disconcerting. Be considerate of more timid partners. The feel good evening hours are excellent for a party or informal get together.  
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-2:30AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Uranus.

February 29: As the weekend gets under way the waxing Taurus Moon expands peoples’ comfort zones. A lunar sextile to mystical Neptune eases stresses, softens hearts and opens the senses to uplifting possibilities. Inspiration can be found in everyday relationships, objects, routines and places. Mother Nature invites attention. The stars are conducive to enjoying hobbies, movies and creative activities. A lunar trine to Jupiter keeps good will flowing. This “happy camper” aspect is exact during the late afternoon. It fosters contentment and determination to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Sharing and caring are very much in vogue this evening. 
Moon in Taurus.