Feng Shui Advice: Bring That Job Right Through Your Front Door

Dear Lynn,
I’ve been looking for a job for over a year. I’m trying to stay positive, but the silence from all the calls, emails and resumes is deafening. The outlook seems bleak! Is there any feng shui advice that might help me in getting a call back, something to help my professional fortunes shift? Thanks Lynn.
— CSW, Sterling, MA

Picture the bagua diagram imposed over your home from above, with the career sector lined up with your front door.

Dear CSW,

Well then. Before we delve into how you feel about this situation, let’s deal with what you can do about it.

It’s time to open all the valves. Begin with your main doorway. This would be the one the architect intended when the building was built. In a condo, your main entrance is the door to your unit. Remove any and all obstructions behind, in front or alongside it. Be sure it freely and fully opens and is in excellent repair.

From the outside, assess the cleanliness and attractiveness of your doorway. Give it a fresh coat of paint, perhaps a color that charms or somehow amuses you (without being a rude or garish gesture that neighbors must endure).

One door does not a major commitment make. After the main door, assess every single door within the house. Remove any obstructions or clutter that have accumulated. Anything that can create a blockage or difficulty moving through the doorway should be removed.

Begin to activate and use the front or main door, even if you usually don’t use it. This creates and activates an opening and overall emphasis on flow. If it is just impractical or too expensive to use the front door because it is too dilapidated or dangerous, see what you can do to clean or enliven it in some way. One potted plant can do wonders, especially if it is blossoming and colorful. Find some way to improve the appearance of your front entrance so positive opportunities can find you! If furniture blocks the door, see if there’s an adjustment you can make. And don’t dismiss the significance of a back door — indirect opportunities. Give it your attention as well.

Let flow be your guiding theme. A fountain feature could be introduced either indoors or out. This will also allow you to hear the water, which can be very stimulating and reassuring that indeed things are moving. Indoors, you may also benefit from the ionization of fresh water flowing, subtly uplifting you.

This concept of flow can be achieved in other ways as well. Depending on your space outside you could introduce flow with a curving path of solar lights leading to your front door. Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, also create a quality of flow.

The other element greatly needed in your situation is wood. Plants — both indoors and out — gardens, flowers, column-shaped structures, such as wainscoting, a grandfather clock and trees themselves are very active generators of growth. In the house consider new plants that you can watch develop as they begin to mature or try enjoying some fresh flowers weekly.

Major space clearing is indicated. Clean, clean, clean!! The bustling energy needed to thoroughly clean any space provides momentum in reaching goals of any kind and profound refreshment for your soul in both the doing and the achievement.

If you have a basement see what you can get rid of. It’s something of an anchor to the past and both heavy and precious patterns are held there. You may be living out of a trailer and a footlocker could be your “basement.” Sort through, cherish or eliminate this stuff from the past. In its place leave a consciously created foundation. Assess, re-appreciate and make clear decisions about what to keep and what to let go. Clean until you collapse into the essence of non-attachment.

Move up to cleaning the baseboards on ground level. Wash windows. Coax fresh energies and ideas into visible and invisible quagmires that have manifested in your environment.

Try bringing in some uplifting energy with essential oils. Investigate at your leisure with your own nose if this is of interest to you. For a quick pick-me-up and space recharging just peel an orange even if you don’t want to eat it. Consider diluting the juice of a freshly squeezed orange with pure water and spritzing it around your space with an atomizer.

Your current situation is earth-dominant, and stability is great, but you need to downplay earth features now. Eliminate sedentary browns and surround yourself with greens, aquas, blues, turquoise — wood colors — which uproot earth and challenge its stillness.

Picture the bagua imposed over your home from above, with the career sector lined up with your front door. Notice where the fame sector falls, which is the central rear area in your home and the rooms that fall within that space; also the central rear area of your property. Expend energy keeping these areas in tip-top shape. This corresponds to your reputation (how you are perceived by potential employers), your status, how seriously you are taken, the quality of recognition you command.

This sector corresponds with the fire element so using colors in the fire spectrum here are optimal. Keep your potential contributions fully recognized by keeping this area alive with light and upward-moving energies. Think sun!

Wear red in interviews and try to sit in the most commanding position available — one with the support of a wall behind you is good. Sitting with a window behind you puts your profile in relief and lowers the ability of the interviewer to even really see you.

No one thing will nix your landing of a job, but intentionally selecting some things you can do to help will get things moving. It will certainly get you moving!

The late Lynn Taylor was a senior feng shui practitioner, teaching and consulting in the United States and Mexico for both business and home environments.