Author: Lynn Taylor

Feng Shui Advice Soothes Grief

Dear Lynn,My husband passed away 2 months ago. I am here alone now in the home we shared. If you were living in this house under these circumstances, what changes might you make?

Feng Shui: Bedroom Doors Open Or Closed?

Dear Lynn, Is there any feng shui advantage to keeping bedroom doors (or other rooms) closed or open when not in use? I like to keep doors open but my husband likes doors closed. I appreciate any insight you can provide.

Feng Shui For Recuperation At Home

Dear Lynn,I need back surgery that will require an extended recuperation time at home. Is there any feng shui advice you can give me to turn my bedroom into a more healing environment? I have a supportive husband at home, so that is a help. — SJ, Beverly, MA

Feng Shui Your Closet Into A Personal Treasure Vault

Hi Lynn, I have a question that I am sure you can help me with. The wealth corner in my house [left, rear sector] is a bedroom closet that is mostly used for storage of items that are used infrequently such as holiday dinnerware, a massage table, some seasonal comforters.

Feng Shui House Lift

Hi Lynn,We live in a small condo and there is only one place for the couch — on the same wall as the entrance. It feels uncomfortable. Any ideas? — Snail Mail