Feng Shui and the Amethyst Geode

Dear Lynn,

We were gifted with a beautiful three-foot tall amethyst cathedral geode for our home. What properties does amethyst bring into the home? Is there any place in particular a large crystal would be best situated in a home or outdoors? Thanks Lynn!

Dear One,

The amethyst brings in a constellation of properties and is in itself a completely balanced expression of all five elements. Its shape, its color, the light it emits and the many little details of which it is comprised make it a special gift indeed.

Since it is three-feet tall you could definitely put it outside without it looking trivial, even if the space is large. What about using it to create and anchor a grotto? Define an area in which it can be the signature feature. Using the bagua in miniature place the geode in the love area — the right rear quadrant of the little grotto. What an enticing and inspiring embrace! Perhaps enclose it in a spiral pattern of flowers or a labyrinth.

The crystal as a whole was born of the earth so if placing it within the house, consider placing it in the love or knowledge zones — both earth dominant. You may decide to move the amethyst from outside to inside for seasonal reasons. Again I recommend placing it in the love or knowledge sector wherever it works out best. Shine on!

Dear Lynn,

I suffer from chronic pain and wonder if feng shui can do anything about this. Absolutely any advice will be appreciated. — Aching

Dear Aching,

Ouch. Without more information as to the nature of your pain I can’t be as thoroughly helpful as I’d like to be. Different parts of the body have their correspondences in the various quadrants of the bagua. In many cases clearing those areas and activating them can give remedial relief. But no matter where in your body the problem persists I’d advise you to fix everything that it is in your power to fix.

View your home as if it were a body. Imagine the windows as eyes. The framing of the structure is the skeletal aspect. The plumbing corresponds to your waterworks system. Doors are mouths of chi, the cosmic animator which dwells within us and in which we dwell.

The phrase “listen to your body” has gone mainstream and wouldn’t provide more than a roll of the eyes if said to someone in a lot of pain. Your body is just about the only thing you can listen to when in pain. It can be very difficult to pay attention to much else — especially if movement is restricted.

I propose another and rather immediately attainable expansion and refocusing. You’ve already listened to your body and its incessant demands. You’ve probably answered your body back with some fairly charged commands imploring for some systemic intervention. If your house could talk, what would it say to you? Listen as deeply as you can and try to satisfy its reasonable desires or laments. Comfort it as you would a loved one — and as you would most appreciate being comforted. In your conversation with your house determine where it is uncomfortable, perhaps even miserable. What heals your house heals you.

Seen through a heightened — or dimmed — lens, everything becomes more precious and more temporary and it can deepen your relationship to your surroundings. All the little annoyances in your living space become exaggerated when your health is compromised. When your activities are limited, your habitable world shrinks.

To achieve an acceptable endurance strategy, begin with easy adaptations. Consider color, scent, sound, things you love or that empower you and boost your energy a bit. An easel, a pad of paper, having anything on hand that will allow you to externalize and express yourself in the moment are some possibilities. Pain has given birth to a lot of brilliant artwork. Frida Kahlo took it to the max in the visual arts, for example. Many ingenious works of art were written by people suffering with long term pain. Great thinkers have produced some of their most famous treatises under enormous physical challenges. Pain can drive you to remarkable ingenuity! Find a creative outlet and make it as easy as possible to indulge.

Lastly, as you’ve probably already discovered, chronic pain brings the need for extra help from others. Keep those helpful people quadrants (front right) in tip top shape and try not to whine!

Dear Lynn,

I own a retail store and wondered if you can give me any general suggestions to help maximize customer interest, staying in the store and browsing (and buying!) for longer periods of time? The store is filled with beautiful gifts, clothing, gourmet foods and more. I’ve got a great Main Street location, have been in business over 10 years so I have developed some loyal customers, but how can I help on the inside of the store with feng shui? — More Success

Dear Successful,

Let’s start with the don’ts. Make sure there are no sharp angles or obstacles any place at all in the shop. If you have them you can soften them with floor plants and with your product arrangements. Eliminate every straight display row; any product corridor that’s in a line longer than a few feet.

It’s probably implausible to create wavy rows of possible purchases but arrange clusters of interesting purchaseables, perhaps by theme. Create some link between improbable items. It will be a mini-flow of sorts.

If you can, make a sitting space that could accommodate at least two people and have a little table or some surface people can set something down on. Maybe it’s just something they don’t want to carry while browsing or maybe it’s a purchase that they are considering and instead of putting it back in its place they put it down to keep shopping.

To the fullest extent possible playfully define the entrance to your shop. Flank the door with sturdy evergreen plants in large pots and adorn them with colorful cascading annuals when weather permits. If you have the space and permission to create a little outdoor seating spot — even if only for one — do it.

Another possibility outside the shop is to create moving attention. Banners, flags, anything that flows with the current breeze. Employ the colors that most delight you. Water and fountains both inside and outside are truly superb, but the ratio between maintenance and your precious time has to be seriously considered. The sound of flowing, gurgling water has been successfully used for years to encourage people to spend money.

Inside, a water feature would be best placed near the entrance or to the left middle and far left rear quadrants. These locations all generate cash flow. Be sure your cash register is securely positioned in one of the rear quadrants of your shop. Consider giving it a boost by elevating it just a bit with something underneath it. The most basic would be a piece of plywood cut to size but if you can get something more luxurious do so. Cover it with red fabric to further energize cash flow. Keep a plant nearby, one that is especially pleasing to you. Wishing you blessings of prosperity!

The late Lynn Taylor was a senior feng shui practitioner, teaching and consulting in the United States and Mexico for both business and home environments.